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Greetings gentlemen. Today, i am going to...
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Greetings gentlemen. Today, i am going to pass down to you, knowledge that my father's father passed down to him.

You all talk about the "jews" being the enemy, when it's far more complicated than that. If you look to the right, you will see this infographic. While crude, it explains it quite well.

Let's start with facts.

>All 3 abrahamic religions originate from the middle east
>All 3 are the same cancer, just in a different form. Christianity is just as bad as judaism and both promote the exact same tenets as islam.

At this point, you will say

>b..but muh christianity, we're peaceful unlike those sandnigger muslims
>b...but muh judaism, we just want to do our own thing and not be persecuted

WRONG. Your book promotes the same kind of violence. You are just as bad as the Muslims who lie about their religion being peaceful.
We all know it's a lie, but you see the exact same lie reflected in the other 2 and ignore it?

Now, following this, we can easily establish that the desert religions are a cancer to be avoided. But, why is Christianity pushed so avidly as "white man's religion"?

It's easy.

The lie that Christianity is a white man's religion is a simple subversion by foreign invaders. They tell us to accept their hordes, with loving arms.
It, along with the other 2 books of the desert trilogy, have stolen pagan traditions and buddhist tenets in order to create a sado-masochistic relationship with god.

This is all in order to destabilize white men (and women) and make them conform to the enemy's ideals.
I come from a land of driving snow, howling sleet, in the far north and my ancestors fought. They fought for what they wanted and won it with honor. They built with pride.

Yet, christianity portrays pagans as uneducated savages. Vikings as simple marauders? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our celtic, anglo, germanic, scandanavian brothers, we are all white at heart and have something to be proud of. Gentlemen, you have thousands of brave warriors behind you, who fought for you. They fought to bring you into this world and they would be ashamed to hear that the bards have stopped singing of their tales.

They would be ashamed to see that a cult from a far-away land has subverted the pride of their ancestry. Fed you all lies like sheep.

Christianity talks about how it built europe and uses that to convince you that it is white man's religion. Paganism and HONOR are our true religions, my brothers.


Please, take the time to educate yourself and take a look. We had poets, warriors, we built castles and great mead halls to celebrate our victories. We understood and respected science instead of fearing it, researching astrology while the christians hung galileio hundreds of years later for "heresay".

All of this has been forgotten, due to an extensive propaganda regimen. But now, we live in a beautiful information age. Where we can learn about anything just by googling it. Please, learn about your ancestors. Shake off the lies. You have ancestors to be proud of. Ancestors that the middle eastern hordes would need ten men just to fight one of our own.

Pagan gods were not some fairy tale, they were a symbolic gesture of respect for the natural forces of the world we live in. And that's a hell of a lot more tangible than some sky-man.

I mean no offense to christians, but your religion is not the true religion for us of the cold north.

We should not be welcoming your kind with open arms. I only pray that a few of my brothers will listen to my words and learn about their true history.
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>inb4 le reddit fedora may may
If you truly consider yourself white, take heed of my words.
We are not as numerous as the foreign hordes, but we are just as smart if not ten times smarter. We are ten times more valiant and ten times more cunning.

We need to band together and instead of fighting eachother, or simply saying it's the jews and then taking the side of the muslims (or the other way around) we need to simply accept that all foreign peoples are the enemy, should they choose to invade us.

This does not mean to fill yourself with hate, just to know thy enemy.

If anything, paganism is closer to agnostic beliefs.
The worship and respect of freja for example.

Paganism did not fear science, however.
This is the biggest red flag of the desert cult's evil.

And like a hydra, it takes many forms.

Kinda off topic but assuming you actually are from the Faroe Islands what's it like there? Do you guys have a stupid immigration policy and loads of fcking muslims too?
The Koran isn't part of the triology. That's like saying some deviantart tier furry fanfic is part of A Song of Ice and Fire
Same god, same cult. Same behavior.

Christians, jews and muslims are all as bad as eachother.

Very small, muslims don't like the cold.
When the information from various sources are put together, a picture of a diverse cuisine, with lots of different ingredients emerges. Meat products of all kinds, such as cured, smoked and whey-preserved meat,[93] sausages and boiled or fried fresh meat cuts, were prepared and consumed.[94] There were plenty of seafood, bread, porridges, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts. Alcoholic drinks like beer, mead, bjórr (a strong fruit wine) and, for the rich, imported wine were served.[95]

The Vikings in York mostly ate beef, mutton, and pork with small amounts of horse meat. Most of the beef and horse leg bones were found split lengthways, to get out the marrow. The mutton and swine were cut into leg and shoulder joints and chops. The frequent remains of pig skull and foot bones found on house floors indicate that brawn and trotters were also popular. Hens were kept for both their meat and eggs, and the bones of game birds such as the black grouse, golden plover, wild ducks, and geese have also been found.[96]

Seafood was an important part of the diet, in some places even more so than meat. Whales and walrus were hunted for food in Norway and the north-western parts of the North Atlantic region, and seals were hunted nearly everywhere. Oysters, mussels and shrimps were eaten in large quantities and cod and salmon were popular fish. In the southern regions, herring was also important.[97][98][99]

Milk and buttermilk were popular, both as cooking ingredients and drinks, but were not always available, even at farms.[100] The milk came from cows, goats and sheep, with priorities varying from location to location,[101] and fermented milk products like skyr or surmjölk were produced as well as butter and cheese.[102]

Food was often salted and spiced with spices, some of which were imported like black pepper. Home grown spices that were used include caraway, mustard and horseradish as evidenced from the Oseberg ship burial[95] or dill, coriander, and wild celery, as found during the archaeological examinations of cesspits at Coppergate in York. Thyme, juniper berry, sweet gale, yarrow, rue and peppercress were also used.[92][103]

Vikings collected and ate fruits, berries and nuts. Apple (wild crab apples) plums and cherries were part of the diet,[104] as were rose hips and raspberry, wild strawberry, blackberry, elderberry, rowan, hawthorn and various wild berries, specific to the locations.[103] Hazelnuts were an important part of the diet in general and large amounts of walnut shells have been found in cities like Hedeby. The shells were used for dyeing and it is assumed the nuts were enjoyed as well.[92][100]

The invention and introduction of the mouldboard plough revolutionized agriculture in Scandinavia in the early Viking Age and made it possible to farm even the poor soils. In Ribe, grains of rye, barley, oat and wheat dated to the 8th century have been found and examined, and these are believed to have been cultivated locally. Grains and flour were used for making porridges, some cooked with milk, some cooked with fruit and sweetened with honey, and also various forms of bread. Remains of bread from primarily Birka in Sweden were made of barley and wheat. It is unclear if the Norse leavened their breads, but their ovens and baking utensils suggest that they did.[105]
>The Koran isn't part of the triology.

Entire sections are copy-pasted from the kike source material.
Sports were widely practised and encouraged by the Vikings.[106][107] Sports that involved weapons training and developing combat skills were popular. This included spear and stone throwing, building and testing physical strength through wrestling, fist fighting, and stone lifting. In areas with mountains, mountain climbing was practised as a sport. Agility and balance were built and tested by running and jumping for sport, and there is mention of a sport that involved jumping from oar to oar on the outside of a ship's railing as it was being rowed. Swimming was a popular sport and Snorri Sturluson describes three types: diving, long-distance swimming and a contest in which two swimmers try to duck one another. Children often participated in some of the sport disciplines and women have also been mentioned as swimmers, although it is unclear if they took part in competition. King Olaf Tryggvason was hailed as a master of both mountain climbing and oar-jumping, and was said to have excelled in the art of knife juggling as well.

Skiing and ice skating were the primary winter sports of the Vikings, although skiing was also used as everyday means of transport in winter time and in the colder regions of the north.

Horse fighting was practised for sport, although the rules are unclear. It appears to have involved two stallions pitted against each other, within smell and sight of fenced-off mares. Whatever the rules were, the fights often resulted in the death of one of the stallions.

Icelandic sources refer to the sport of knattleik. A ball game akin to hockey, knattleik involved a bat and a small hard ball and was usually played on a smooth field of ice. The rules are unclear, but it was popular with both adults and children, even though it often led to injuries. Knattleik appears to have been played only in Iceland, where it attracted many spectators, as did horse fighting.

This anon knows. It's all copypasted crap designed to get you to accept invasion.
Both archaeological finds and written sources testify to the fact that the Vikings set aside time for social and festive gatherings.[106][107][108]

Board games and dice games were played as a popular pastime, at all levels of society. Preserved gaming pieces and boards show game boards made of easily available materials like wood, with game pieces manufactured from stone, wood or bone, while other finds include elaborately carved boards and game pieces of glass, amber, antler or walrus tusk, together with materials of foreign origin, such as ivory. The Vikings played several types of tafl games; hnefatafl, nitavl (Nine Men's Morris) and the less common kvatrutafl. Chess also appeared at the end of the Viking Age. Hnefatafl is a war game, in which the object is to capture the king piece – a large hostile army threatens and the king's men have to protect the king. It was played on a board with squares using black and white pieces, with moves made according to dice rolls. The Ockelbo Runestone shows two men engaged in Hnefatafl, and the sagas suggest that money or valuables could have been involved in some dice games.[106][108]

On festive occasions storytelling, skaldic poetry, music and alcoholic drinks, like beer and mead, contributed to the atmosphere.[108] Music was considered an art form and music proficiency as fitting for a cultivated man. The Vikings are known to have played instruments including harps, fiddles, lyres and lutes.[106]

>Funny, seems the vikings were a hell of a lot more cultured than the desert religions would like you to believe.
Since you bring up food I kind of want to ask. Do you guys seriously eat Puffin out there? Is it any good?
In England the Viking Age began dramatically on 8 June 793 when Norsemen destroyed the abbey on the island of Lindisfarne. The devastation of Northumbria's Holy Island shocked and alerted the royal courts of Europe to the Viking presence. "Never before has such an atrocity been seen," declared the Northumbrian scholar Alcuin of York.[129] Medieval Christians in Europe were totally unprepared for the Viking incursions and could find no explanation for their arrival and the accompanying suffering they experienced at their hands save the "Wrath of God".[130] More than any other single event, the attack on Lindisfarne demonised perception of the Vikings for the next twelve centuries. Not until the 1890s did scholars outside Scandinavia begin to seriously reassess the achievements of the Vikings, recognizing their artistry, technological skills, and seamanship.[131]

If you read this, you will see the glory and honor our white ancestors wrought on the traitors.

Had them scared shitless for over a thousand years.
The vikings are not the only whites that were far more amazing than you would believe, nearly all white nations up north were very advanced and civilized.

But now, they're forcing this concept of white guilt down your throats?
Be proud of your ancestors, not fucking ashamed. Your ancestors fought hundreds of men to win a woman and bring your great great great grandfather into this world.

Do not let foreign hordes pretend and steal your ancestor's accomplishments. Be proud.
It sounds great there, *sigh*.
book of mormon is more like fan fiction
Its presented as an extension to the bible.

Like a directors cut or something.
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I like this guy.
Depends how it's eaten, but fuck, it's great.
I think they're endangered now so they're more like a treat.

Don't be sad anon, just think of your ancestors. If there's 1 thing you can do to fight, it's to make sure your brothers are not made to fall for "white guilt".

We must fight this hydra and we cannot forget our fallen brothers.

go fuck a seal mongol
>muslims don't like cold
You have no idea
Our ancestors were brave in battle and fearsome warriors, but as i have shown you, they were also brilliant strategists and artists.

The same goes for you. You have amazing ancestors down your family tree to be proud of, not ashamed.

They would look upon you and smile if they saw you making sure your brothers and sisters do not fall prey to the fallacy of foreign indoctrination.

Information can be strength too, make sure to educate your brothers and sisters. If just 2 people take that away today, i have done my job.
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