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Times you've revealed your power level
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>be me before I into /pol/
>already don't like Israel
>hanging out in a small group in class
>friend telling a story about how her and her sister made clay penguins
>they put them in the oven and they exploded because they weren't the right kind of clay
>"musta been jewish penguins"
>one girl in back busts out laughing with me, everyone else silent
>"Anon, I'm jewish"
>Talking to friend's dad
>Friend's dad brings up new Iraq resistance
>I mention we should just cut support from Israel
>He's quiet
>I say we should force them to open their borders and embrace multinationalism
>He ends up completely agreeing with me

It could have gone horribly wrong, glad it didn't
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>hot slav girl at school
>"I'm can't wait to go to Jewish Camp!"
>"I heard those weren't too fun..."
>constantly talk about jewish conspiracies but make it sound like i think it's a joke
>a bunch of my friends and i look at each other and go full handrubbing jew mode whenever we hear something subversive of "progressive" during lectures and class
Pretty much it
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I don't. I don't actively hide my beliefs and am not afraid to defend them.

If you're afraid to let people know how you feel, you should reconsider why you believe it
Pretty much this. Most people just don't know what to do when you casually mention something that's well-sourced and correct.

Once in a while, some of them come back later on to ask if you know other interesting things, and then you can share information and learn things you didn't know. It's kind of fun, and it sure beats boring smalltalk.
Enjoy your watchlists, being threathened to be esxposed as a antisemitic nazi whenever you try to change the politic's status quo, everything you say or write spun into something that has nothing to do with your original message but that attracts other's ire like honey to the flies and not be able to get a job or if you start a independent career (dentist, etc) to be boycotted by everyone and their mothers and their dead cat too.

Remeber: in this society (as: the world's society) there are two type of beliefs: the approved ones and the ones you are not allowed to have.
You're on a list anyway. Who cares?
What in gods name country do you live and what job do you hold. If you hold almost 80% of the views discussed here you could be outed as a social pariah and terminated immediatly.

Do you think most employers will allow you to talk about mechanization of labor, global zionist bullshit, blacks or mexicans taking over america, liberals trying to ban logic, and gays will control all breeding rights come 5 years?

Holy fuck are you dense? You can never speak you mind about anything in these dark times be they these issues or others far more tame.
You're not though. Or rather, there are different priority lists. Everyone posting on /pol/ is probably on a relatively low-priority list, then if you bring it into the real world, you get flagged for special attention. Then if you go into the media or politics, like Kevin MacDonald, Nick Griffin etc. you get put on the WATCH THIS GUY 24/7 list.

Everyone is on a watch list you fucking dolt.
You sound like a masochist.
>they persecute me because they don't understand glorious national socialism so must hide my beliefs at all costs.
A treasure hidden away is worthless.
>If you're afraid to let people know how you feel, you should reconsider why you believe it

illogic, you has it.
Let's have a quick reminder. I thought trolling was long dead in 2014.

And then ISIS comes along and MURDERS PEOPLE BY THE HUNDREDS AND BRAGS ABOUT IT ON YOUTUBE. Holy fucking kek. Nobody knows what to do about it. The entire civilized world just got #rekt.

Stop being such a faggot. I don't have to go in the media or the politics. Fuck that noise anyway. You want "special attention" no or you want it later? I don't break the laws and I don't go to jail. I have friendly relationships with pretty much everyone I talk to.
>Stay at home friends mom was saying how her husband is getting tired of working all the time and doing everything
>>Muh patriarchy
>I cant believe you look at this yard it looks so nice I do so much around here
Feminists man
The key is to not be fucking retarded. Know your shit. Don't pick fights you can't win. If you're not fucking autistic, you're fine. You remind me of a friend of mine.

>be me (mexican)
>have friends (all mexican)
>have one white friend (white)
>start making jew jokes, wring hands, call people jews when I get mad at them
>no one gives a shit
>white friend gets extremely buttravaged
>claims she can't do that because "libruls" will come after her
>whines about how whites are constantly persecuted
>almost cries when I imply its white people's fault for not defending themselves

White people are fucking pathetic. Too fucking scared to defend their own dignity, out of fear of some imaginary liberal boogieman.
>If you're afraid to let people know how you feel, you should reconsider why you believe it

Except those two things don't have anything to do with each other. Example: Religious persecution of the past, holding a certain belief would have you killed, more current example: being gay in Saudi Arabia can still get you executed.
Current western example:

Rich old white guy says something negative about brown people on a private phone conversation and loses everything.
It's not that bad here yet by a long shot. You'd better enjoy laughing at dead people and summer on 4chan while you still have it.

And, in the meanwhile, you can be really very gay and nobody's going to hang you or shoot you in the head.
I'm libertarian leaning, but I believe in race realism and understand the benefits of a homogenous culture.

Let me explain why you are wrong. You are under the presumption that everywhere I go I shout out my beliefs. At every chance I get I interject some sort of snide political or ethical question in normal conversation. And that this is somehow being politically active.

I don't actively walk around waiting to shout out my opinions at every opportune moment, I'm not a splerg. Few things in your daily life require you to delve into political debates.

There is a time and place for politics. But when directly challenged on my beliefs I have nothing to hide.
As for the gay arabs, the right thing to do would be to either leave that nation, become not gay, or force the nation to change to suit you. If you can hide what you know to be true, you don't really believe it do you.
>It's not that bad here yet by a long shot.

Well it's certainly building up speed.
If a belief requires you to die for it to properly abide by it and you won't risk your life for it, you should question if you truly believe it.
>liberal boogey man

Yeah it's called your administrator who went to a libtard school and can get rid of you because you married a woman.
I don't know what kind of world you live in where people have the money to just uproot to a new country.
You fucking shills need to stop trying to get people to ruin their lives over social stigmas.
>Yes goy, hide your beliefs from the world
>They are not enlightened enough to understand
Buried treasure has no value
>Told someone most pedophiles don't even try anything with children
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how is revealing your racism revealing your power level?

a power level should be a positive thing. everyone is racist. you are not special, nor do you have a high power level OP.

u are an edgy teeniebopper.
>Buried treasure has no value
Yes it does you fucking mongoloid.

Why do you think treasure hunting is a goddamned profession among some people.

fuck your analogy sucks ass
Not that guy, but the implication is that once uncovered, the treasure is o longer buried and its value can be realized.


And I mean I don't even hate jews, or even dislike them. Zionism is another story.
The most worrying thing about this post is how retarded the parents of your supposed friend are. His opinion is likely based on the assumptions of someone from the double-digit lower class.

And somehow he agrees with YOU
A belief is useless if it is just circulated around people who believe it.

"Hiding your powerlevel" leads to people like you acting like they you autism shouting out
>hilter did nothing wrong
at inopportune moments because you treat your beliefs like it is worth hiding because you are this enlightened individual that thinks people just don't understand you.

If you can't understand the right time to talk about politics and ethics;
And if you can't explain your belief with confidence;
You are doing more harm than good to the belief.
>"i think black people should be killed"
>why wont anybody hire me?
>why is the general public against me?
nice strawman.
read the post above yours
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>Be American
>Go to Yurop
>Quickly hate gypsies
>Go back and say I hate gypsies
>I thought it was just a term for fortune tellers and scammers, not a race

>Im the racist guy now
Who cares? She can't take a joke?
It's not racist to hate gypsies. It's common sense. Why do you think we have words like "gyp"? That doesn't mean they're not human beings, but good fences make good neighbors.
Holy shit, I thought I was the only one who did this.

Last year in High School I was in class with a bunch of /pol/tards, I knew they knew of /pol/, but they didn't knew I did.

I fucked over a /pol/tard in my class and he got suspended from school, before he left the classroom as I fucked him over I stood up, started to rub my hands, and started laughing while saying ""Who is leaving now? Who is being uprooted?, who is forced to leave? Hahaha" I wasn't sure if they knew about that video but luckily they did.

When one of the other /pol/tards confronted me about it I denied everything.
There is a difference between having an opinion that differs from the general public and having an opinion that is seen as wrong and sick by the general public.

I think Jews should be gassed, how do I go about telling my opinion without being fucked over in life, because being racist isn't acceptable.
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>compare annoying SJW girl to malignant brain tumor
>this discussion is being had with a friend with a brain tumor and I forgot
>he just says "that's not funny" and I swear to god he probably thought I had meant to say it deep down and I really didn't, I was just that much of an obnoxious retard
>[spoiler]he's dead now[/spoiler]

I forgot this feel. We hung out still after this but I can't believe of all the things I could have come up with, it was a thing he had. I could have said she was asscancer or dengue fever but no.
It's not racist to gas the kikes. You have to think ouside of the jew box.
That sucks bro. My best friend in the whole world is dead in part because of me. But that's life and you're meant to learn from it.
>I don't. I don't actively hide my beliefs and am not afraid to defend them.

This. By candidly talking about what you think, instead of being 'shamed' into keeping your opinions to yourself, you are infact doing the kikes work for them. Openly talking about these things, and explaining why you think the way you do, will do wonders.

Note: If you have a job as a copper, you might want to be silent on the 'niggers and jews, bad news' stuff, it's a question of tact, just point out the facts about blacks commiting more crime, the israeli lobby, etc..and let the truth defend itself.

Note2: NEVER get caught into the 'but anon, that's culture' bullshit, tell them culture is born of blood, that it's a manifestation of blood.
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Oh, jesus fucking christ, can your pre-prepared, rant.

I'm a goddamned dyed-in-the-wool neo-imperialist.

> this enlightened individual that thinks people just don't understand you.

I couch my views in more palatable terms because people are understandably upset by fairly jingoistic statements.

I know my viewpoint is pretty damned cruel to some, and distasteful to many others.

People understand exactly what I believe in, it's just that I'm tactful enough to not autistically blurt out my war-boner.

Here's the kicker - if it weren't for a twist of fate, I'd be a victim of my own policies.
The truth is, the time isn't right for these opinions to be held by people with something to lose, teachers etc..

The best that can happen is for us to throw these opinions and watch them catch on (and i guarantee they will) race consciousness, nationalism, etc.. it's dormant in every white person, we just have to bring it out. Once most people hold those views, it will be safer for those in office/something to lose to voice them. Until them, keep painting these opinions all over.

You must have noticed right? You must have seen comment sections of NATIONAL newspapers, with comments similar to what you would find on /pol/ or stormfront. The change is happening, hence the panic over the rise of the right in europe, and their criminal attempts to deal with it.
I sure hope you're a cop in my part of the world. You guys do a hell of a lot of good and put up with a hell of a lot of shit. I'm also really glad none of you ever shot me in spite of the strange situations we were sometimes in.
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similar story

>be american
>go to europe
>saw gypsies panhandling, then signaling other gypsies to pickpocket people
>i had heard what they were like, but didn't think it would be that bad
>hatred for gypsies cemented forever
>if the topic comes up, i openly tell people that i hate gypsies because their entire culture is based off of theft and freeloading
I cant remember all of the specifics but there have definitely been a few times while I was drunk and came a bit too close to revealing my true power level, especially at family gatherings (at 27 I am one of the youngest in my family so there is often a fair bit of drinking involved at these events). Definitely some of my liberal SJW friends and extended family members are a bit suspicious of me. I can talk a bit openly with my father, although his power level is not as strong as mine so I restrain myself.

The truth is that I need to be careful because it could hurt my career. I will fully unleash my views once I am older and retired like pic related.
>be me
>watching tv with family at christmas
>carol service comes on, official shit with the queen there and everything
>choir is full of little niggers and sandniggers
>"they could have at least found some British children to sing the carols"
>"you fuckin wot anon?"
>pic related
Nationalism is bad. There is no inherent genetic propensity for me to go back to being tribalistic and retarded.

Weird you mention that though because just this morning I did think to myself, "what if white people were exactly as you describe"

are we all some kind of alien sleeper cells?
It seems I have pinched a nerve.
There was nothing prepared about this.

I just have the ability to articulate my beliefs
>At the time when some retarded social warrior happening in Norway
>should doctors be allowed to refuse to do abortions?
>liberuls go all hay wired yelling that it's a female/human right to have an abortion
>media takes it even further
>arrive at a party
>not interested in revealing my power level
>introduce myself as I knew only the hostess
>get people talking
>then one of the guys in the group starts talking about politics
>he ends up saying, at least we're all for abortion in here
>I look at him and calmly say that I don't
>whole group is shocked and asks me why
>tell them about the demographic problem we're facing. Dying out because not enough births
>tell them that a record amount of people in this age aren't even able to have children, so there's no point if abortion even if you don't want the child as it's far more beneficial for everybody to adopt the child away (when you're white)
>tell them I'm all up for abortion where birth rates are high
>mfw most people agreed with me after explaining this to them
The good part was that those places with high birth rates are nignog places. You have to speak like a Jew.
> It seems I have pinched a nerve.

Nah, you're not that special, I'm just pretty vitriolic and cynical regarding politics, and yes, I actually enjoy getting mad. If I were a tripfag, I'd be the angriest.

> I just have the ability to articulate my beliefs

I live 10 miles from San Francisco. Articulating my beliefs simply isn't good long-term strategy.

Though, roundabout conversations about how we're all benefiting from the fruits of neo-imperialism regardless, certainly make a mark.

Must feels bad /b/ro, I know this feel although.

I'm always kiddin' about blacks and, sometime, a black motherfucker say me "Man, I'm black" and I'm like "O sheet sorry bro I didn't notice"
>I live 10 miles from San Francisco
>muh victim mentality
There is a difference between shouting "hitler did nothing wrong, ebin powerlevel" and being able to express your opinions in a political discussion.

If someone questions your beliefs and youre afraid or unable to retort properly, why do you even hold those views?
>>muh victim mentality
>There is a difference between shouting "hitler did nothing wrong, ebin powerlevel" and being able to express your opinions in a political discussion.

Yes, there is, hence why I said:

"Though, roundabout conversations about how we're all benefiting from the fruits of neo-imperialism regardless, certainly make a mark."

> lrn2read

I'm fully aware of what I can and cannot say, and my desire to annex mexico and canada isn't something that can be said, let alone what I'd love to do to the Chinese government.

Also, for certain crimes, I'd love for them to bring back public executions, and I know that shit don't go over well.

>If someone questions your beliefs and youre afraid or unable to retort properly, why do you even hold those views?

There's a little thing called an ideological difference - most of the people I converse with see any kind of military action as wrong, and wish the military didn't exist. The fact that I carry a pocketknife (2.5 inch, folding) scares some of these people - 'why do you need that?'. Be honest, do you really think you could get out of a conversation with such people?

I can respond to their allegations just fine, but you need to understand that this shit runs Israeli-Palestinian deep. Half of these people are so fucking 'scarred' from Vietnam (despite never even leaving the Bay Area), that it's nigh-impossible to even promote any military action outside of WWII, and even that's a stretch.

I hold these views because I plan to further them in a way that matters, and that doesn't include convincing random people in political debate.
>Nationalism is bad. There is no inherent genetic propensity for me to go back to being tribalistic and retarded.

>implying nationalism is retarded

Look up the etymology of nation.

>are we all some kind of alien sleeper cells?

'Pure bloods' are exactly as i describe. Han chinese, identify as a race, Japs also, it's only mongrels that think 'Hey man, race doesn't matter maaaaan' and so on.
I almost said nig nog in a casual conversation at work today...
can the jews of today really be so buttblasted about an event which didn't affect them?
can't they determine an amoral joke from an anti-semitic comment?

Is the right response.
I'm carefully planning for the day that I will say nignog at work. It's going to be glorious. It was deer in the headlights time when they asked me about the "desert question"

Holy fuck what do you think I'm going to say when you call it the desert question?

Common sense forgoes all toxic ideologies. This is just outside of London, where it is 95% White/British and people are tolerant of everyone who believes in the British ideal.
You speak like a Jew, you never queue.
ISIS is allowed to do that shit, they are mudslime clay being used for a greater purpose, you are not. Remember that goy.
I wouldn't hang out on /pol/ if you guys didn't have soem brains.
File: 1402641741655.gif (980 KB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you were picking on a white female....
easily the weakest species of female on this planet.

>surprised when you can crush her mental stability so quickly.

shiggydiggy mexibeany
>be in high school
>teacher shows us a documentary on the holocaust
>get suspended for laughing
We only had 2 jews and my school and they got ripped on all the time, to be honest though most of it wasn't even witty, more just distasteful.

Difference between a Jew and a pizza type stuff.
You only had TWO JEWS because that's all they WANTED YOU TO SEE

actually, never
Nobody knows
No, it was a catholic school.
The Jew parents still tried to cry all the time and play money games though.
File: 1400649701713.gif (605 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I hang out with a good group of guys/gals and we have some pretty deep discussions about society. We only have one semi-radfem friends, and it's hilarious to watch how tense she gets when we talk about what's wrong with feminism. Most of my guy friends are army, it's great how straightforward and unaffected by bullshit they are.
>Hanging out with my cousin and some friends in his room a few days ago
>Cousin went to college for three years, completely indoctrinated in the ways of the lib
>tries to argue with me that race is a social construct
>I explain him to if it's a social construct why would his body reject an organ from a black donor
>everyone else thinks I'm talking out of my ass
>we google it
>learn about how there's different tissue types between different people
>"oh that's cool I didn't know that"
>yeah that's right you didn't fucking know that did you?

I'm slowly fixing him, but I don't really hide my power level around him anyways.
>Last year in High School
underage reported
This is what I do. People know I am a raging conservative. I still have extremely liberal friends, muslim friends and even gay friends. As long as one can back up arguments in sensible manner, it doesn't seem to matter. Things I've done openly:
>questioned holocaust
>pointed out jewish influence in media and liberal agenda multiple times
>argued that illegal immigrants should be likened to invading enemy force and shot at border
>argued that islamic emigration to Europe must be stopped
>ridiculed feminists on multiple occasions
>told my gay friend that while homosexuality might be natural we humans should strive to be better than animals
>bashed multiculturalism on every occasion it comes up
>defended christianity's importance in schools
>sided with Russia when outrage over homopropaganda laws was raging
>openly admired national socialists on many occasions
>argued that cultural diversity is best preserved with multiculturalism demolished

It's just the matter of coming out as sane with proper arguments. In this day and age, if managing to back up all that, people at worst call you "quirky" or "intresting". If accused of racism, just admit it, say that word lost meaning a long time ago, and then ask to keep on subject. Works every time. The moment you admit you are, they can no longer seek to make you appear like one in discussion and you gain upper hand by forcing them to lose political correcteness advantage.
>loses everything
dude made $1.8 billion
File: 1292137159670.jpg (54 KB, 432x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be on /pol/ for the last few years
>not a nazi, don't take most of it seriously, except for the anti-SJW stuff
>have dental surgery next month where I'll be under general anesthesia
>scared I'll blurt out 'nigger' in my drugged state
how can I prevent this, /pol/?
Nothing you can do, man.
Don't worry, if you're not a total sperg or violent racist skinhead most of the time people will just attribute it to the drug and laugh it off.
Worst case scenario, people make a few jokes about it now and then.
Donate to Israel.
Fear is the mind killer. No one gives a shit.
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