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Is abandoned structure photography completely...
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Is abandoned structure photography completely overdone? I have a lot of abandoned homes photographed, but I'm leary about posting any of it online because I think it might be cliche at this point.

A lot of instagrammers like "Tonydetroit" made urbex mainstream, and then it seemed to become oversaturated from there.

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Image Number101-0342
Everything is completely overdone.
So if everything is overdone, then nothing is more overdone than anything else?

I personally enjoy some minimalism photography, and am sometimes surprised how a minimalist image can pop out at me. I also enjoy the fuck out of ALL landscape photography. I don't care if it's the Teton mountains or a flat field.
I don't think it's the subject so much as the execution that is cliche. And that applies to any subject matter. You generally find that urbex seems to have crushed blacks and over-saturated colours, street is, more often,than not, black and white and slightly out of focus while landscape is shot with the widest fucking lenses money can buy.

I think the reason for this is because so many people go on forums like /p/ and plebbit and ask questions like "I want to try my hand at _____ (insert genre), what lens shall I buy?" They then do what the loudest echo in the chamber tells them to do and everyone ends up following each other like sheep.

So, do it but try something different.

There are 80 million photos uploaded to instagram each day. Are you looking for the genre that only has 1 million photos uploaded a day? Even if it was 100,000 photos a day, that'd still be over 1 a second. Is that obscure enough for you?

The point is that you shouldn't be afraid or leery of doing something because someone has already done it, or because it's already popular. If you believe that your work is good, you should do it. Unless you're James Franco then never mind.
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its cool so it doesnt matter
"Urbex" was mainstream long before Instagram even existed.
I'd say the actual activity was, but urbex being the subject of photos wasn't as mainstream
From a money making standpoint? Just don't be a professional photographer and be happy with life.

From just a hobby standpoint? Do whatever the fuck you want.
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I think it's always fun to share photos. I started off with urbex which transitioned into me taking photos of the places I went to and saw here in los angeles. Now it's more about just taking photos of what I see or my travels. It's more of a hobby. Sometimes I get paid gigs from it, but for the most part I post whatever I want.

Don't ever call your stuff cliche. The moment you start putting labels on your work is the moment you start limiting yourself. If sunsets are your thing, do it. If abandoned places are your thing, do it. Post whatever you want, man.

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No, it definitely was. You just lack the age, experience and historical perspective to know this.
photography is over done, most art is for that matter but photography especially since digital created the perception of affordability to the average Joe has gone over board.

is that one of the old BC hydro plants?
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