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Hey /out/doorsmen. I was wondering if you...
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Hey /out/doorsmen. I was wondering if you could help me decide between these four tents. They're all 2 man tents of similar price (though i get a discount which is why I want this company). I'm going to be wild camping in the Scottish highlands. I really can't choose.

I'm mostly leaning towards the Blade or the Banshee.


Also how much of a difference does it make if the tent has only one pole rather than two?
fewer poles mean lighter, but you need to be able to stake it better, which may prove challenging if the soil is very loose or stony.

versatility of tent placement is why i'm a big fan of sucking up the extra pound or two for a free standing dome tent. are the ones your showing your only options?
They're not my only options. I have a discount with Vango though. These are just the main 2 man tents. I'm going solo but i don't want a 1 man or a 3 man.

There's the Tempest, but i feel like i don't need all that porch.

And the Mirage, but it seems complicated.
just glancing at the options, i prefer something like the zephyr or halo. free standing, stick it anywhere, don't have to worry about staking. don't know how pricing compares, didn't see them readily listed.

i agree with getting a 2 person-versatility and space is worth the weight and price premium for a general use backpacking tent.
I have the Helix 300. Its good, although a few issues to consider:

> It's bad with condensation. But that's probably because I'm in Australia. You probably wont have an issue
>The tunnel design is a pain to get in and out off. I feel like the zenith or banshee side door would be nicer.

The deciding factor for me was weight and packaged size. the Helix was the best on that basis out of the tents available in my price range. But I was looking for a three person

I have a Banshee 200 which I'm currently trying to sell for a Blade. For a "2-man tent", the Banshee 200 is pretty cramped. The Blade has a porch where I'd store my bag.

Both those tents are like twice as expensive as the ones OP lists and much heavier. Those tents are 4+ season tents. OP has listed all 3 season tents.
I'm not sure the banshee would be easier to get, you seem to have to slot yourself in sideways.
I'm leaning towards the blade, but you have to set up the inner then put the outer on after. Whereas the banshee is all connected, just put the poles in and you're done. Seems like a more efficient pitch.

The Banshee is easy to pitch. It's spacious enough you can crawl in and sit-up inside; you'd have to crawl into any of the tents to mentioned. You don't have to shimmy sideways like a fish out of water.
+1 for the Banshee

I've also got the 2 man version which fit me and a mate cosily (no homo) for a long weekend without any major issues. The storage parts at either end don't have a groundsheet attached, but they're perfect for boots as you can access them from outside as well as in.

My one complaint is the lack of a porch, though you can easily fit your gear inside, I still haven't worked out a way to get in without getting your hands dirty.

Overall, 7.5/10, would recommend.
I own the Blade 200 and my mate owns the Banshee 200.
If you actually want two people to use the tent you need to go the Blade 200. Its not even a question.
If you are alone I'd actually consider the Blade 100 over the Banshee 200. The Banshee 200 doesn't offer significantly more room and weighs 0.55kg more.
I want a bit of room, so i want a 2 man even though I'm going to be alone. I don't like 1 man tents, they're kind of like being in a coffin.
All of them are tube tents, not freestanding, so you'll need to stake them all equally good.

Poles will add weight, and likely add interior space.

Of those, I would get the Zenith, I haven't looked at their store pages, but the design looks to me like it'll be lightest, and I like side doors with decent vestibules like that for cooking. You might be lacking interior space, but if its nice out you can sleep with just your feet in the tent (in case of surprise rain) and if it is hella cold you'll keep it warmer inside because you'll be heating a lower volume of air. Unless you literally can't fit, or most camp as a couple, I'd probably go for a one person tent that had a similar design.

BUT I haven't looked at the specs on the store page so I could be wrong about that model.
I have the Banshee 300 and it'S shit I must say.
The outer tent touches the inner tent with only the slightest of air breeze, causing it to let drops of moisture and rain falling on me while sleeping. I tried to adjust tension in every possible way but nothing worked. I'm very disapointed with the product. My 100€ noname brand tent from the supermarket I used for years was even better.
The Zenith seems a bit too tube like. But I really like the idea of a single pole set up.

Well that throws me.

I still don't know which one to get.

I've never had the chance to use my Banshee 200 (Always end up taking the hammock) but I know other people with the Banshee and I've never heard >>681488's complaint before; the inner seemed well far enough away from the outer for it not to be a problem.
Yeah, I'm starting to lean towards the Banshee, again, it was my first choice originally.

The Zenith actually has two "uprights" that need to be placed at each end, so its almost 3 poles, not one. If i have to mess around doing uprights i might as well just have the two pole Banshee. The Banshee and Zenith both can be pitched with the inner already attached, which is good in bad weather, so it doesn't get wet, or the outer won't blow away while trying to extend it over. The Blade has the most room and i really want that, but don't want to have to attach the outer sheet afterwards, if it had a connected outer sheet like the banshee I'd go for it i think. The Helix just seems unnecessary.
Bought the Banshee.

We'll see how it goes.
I use a hilleberg akto, which has a similar sortof design to it as the zenith amd the uprights at the ends are a very minor problem at their worst, they also add almost no weight compared to the regular poles (doubly so if it has fiberglass poles instead of aluminum ones)
My advice: Consider a 4-man tipi and bring a portable woodstove. You can pack both of these things only adding 7lbs to your kit. Take a look at this setup below; video is part of a play list.


The stove in that video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfW1CcLVESE

He has a newer video too with a different stove you can see too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6y_PpN7SytU&index=3&list=PL66_bYgZpf7Krx9kf_olV9mdUaV-X-bU_
being as you are going into the highlands I would go with the banshee. it seems it has less flat surface for the wind to catch hold of in a good gust.
go the banshee anon
thanks for posting this. ive lurked on 4chan for like almost 10 years and ive probably commented less than 10 times. cheers
Not a problem; I aim to please.
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