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I am fascinated by Wyoming for some reason....
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I am fascinated by Wyoming for some reason. I want to do a week long road trip out there in the spring. Does anybody know anything about it out there? Where are the best spots for /out/?
Tetons are breathtaking
Yellowstone is fantastic if you go in the back country and stay the fuck away from tourists
Laramie is also known as Laradise for a reason
Bighorn Mountains are amazing
Devils Tower is a sight to see and climb
Thermopolis has some nice hot springs
I wanted to stay a night in laramie and then do a day hike in Medicine Bow forest/mountains. Is this is a tight spot?

I keep hearing about The Grand Tetons. Are Grizzlies a major concern if I go hiking there? Also, is it better than checking out maroon bells in Aspen, CO?
Fun fact: Wyoming is the tenth largest state but has the least number of people (<600,000)
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That's one thing I find fascinating about it. I know that I am going to drive to Wyoming, and there will be nothing but /out/. I will hardly even see people. It's going to be fucking rad.

Is Wyoming as good for /out/ as other states though? I could also drive to Idaho/Colorado/Utah instead.
Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Utah all have different flavors of /out/
It depends on what you're in to

You might want to check what sort of weather Wyoming has when you are planning on visiting. Spring comes to different places at different times
Yeah I know snow and cold weather sticks around longer in WY. Can you tell me the differences between the states? I've hiked New Mexico and thought it was incredible, and I've driven through Colorado.
>anything in Aspen
Wyoming sounds dope, but all of those Colorado yuppie resort towns are awful. I like Breckenridge because it was a lot of younger people and not all uptight, but that was a few years ago. It's probably worse now. Vail and Aspen were horrible.

Anybody familiar with Colorado, what are some good mountain towns that are currently like Breckenridge was 10-15 years ago?

>captcha: select all mountains
I really need to get back out west. I have lived in flat places my entire life. Colorado was the one place I really enjoyed going to on vacation with the family when I was younger. You go out there and do stuff, not just sitting on the beach.
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If you have never been to southern Utah, and like weird rock formations, I'd recommend it. (pic)
It might be warmer in the spring but I'd check the data
Colorado has >50 14ers but they're probably still under snow in the spring. Bring your ice axe. I think there is even a road that goes up to 12,000ft
Idaho is sort of like Wyoming in that it is the second least populated state. They have loads of gems and Craters of the Moon is awesome. I've only been there twice, but maybe some friendly Idahoan can comment.
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Lived out there for a few years (Laramie, Evanston... travelled all over the state).
Was there 8-10th, then drove back through on the 15th.
>Medicine Bow
>pic related

Won't have phone service unless you're on an interstate highway or near a town.

I-80's windy as fuck. Rock Springs is a shithole. Evanston's a great place for porn/booze/fireworks.


>maroon bells
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>Wyoming as good for /out/

Like Yellowstone, Wyoming as a whole has a some cool features separated by miles of road with nothing to see inbetween.

>pic related, was out there last week
Fun fact, saw a wolf between the two fingers of trees just past the meadow on the right.
Also two avalanches in that photo.
>tfw taking next week off work and riding there again
Oh yeah actually Moab, Canyonlands Utah is on my list of places I want to hit. Do you know anywhere else in the area that is a must-see? I really like badlands-ish type places and crazy rock formations/canyons.

Okay so medicine bow may not even be melted by the time I get out there. I may want to pick somewhere else then. I am definitely interested in the Bighorn mountains too.

Yeah the main thing about Yellowstone/tetons that freaks me out is that dangerous wildlife is going to see you. Like 100% guaranteed.

I also hate Vail/Aspen. I think have a bad taste in my mouth for Colorado because those are the only places I've visited. I know it must get better than that. I keep reading that Maroon Bells is a really sick hike though, so I was thinking of camping out near aspen and doing a day hike on that trail anyways.
Colorado has lots of great wild places.

Check out all these great photos that are almost all in Colorado:
I'm working near Vail in Avon and I gotta say, I do not like it either. Oh it's gorgeous out here, but between the horrid rich stuck up tourists and the DUDE WEED fuckheads I'm at the end of my rope. Places like Boulder give Colorado a bad name too. A lot of people here seem really self absorbed.
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