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Self sufficiency
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Alright /b/ros. Usually a lurker, but need some advice. I currently live in Colorado, USA, and I'm considering moving to bumfuck nowhere Siberia so I can live off the grid (kinda). I know nothing about Russia or living off the grid, but really would like to get the fuck outta dodge. I would like to boat there, as you can't take a lot of the shit I will be taking on a plane. So I was going to just stick to the coast on the way up there.
>pros and cons of Russia
>shit I'll definitely need (price is not the biggest issue, but not looking to spend a ridiculous amount.)
Well you'll need a permanent resident visa, and those aren't really easy for Americans to get. Especially if you don't have any professional skills and don't intend to have a job.
ask napoleon about the cons
So you have no skills of knowledge of any kind, and want to move to what is possibly the most remote aRea of the planet and expect somehow to survive?

Christopher Mccandless 2.0
I figure that's what most of these hermit/runaway threads really are, elaborate suicide attempts.

Mods, can we get a "cry for help" sticky going?
You do know there's plenty of wild places in the western mountains of Colorado where you can live off the grid in remote areas that people almost never visit.

Just because you've never been more than a few miles off a road in Colorado before doesn't mean it can't be done right there.
We're already full. If OP wants to leave, let him leave.
>The women. I can't stress it enough. Russia has amazing women. If you want sex - go to clubs, if you need wife-material, look outside Moscow and St. Petersburg - they've got a lot of gold diggers
>Moscow and St. Petersburg alone can make any list because of their architecture. Seriously, there are several eras immortalized in buildings
>There's zero tolerance for bullshit among people. No fake smiles, no peer pressure, no prejudice (except for gays, maybe). We have "Live and let die" policy
>Emphasize on "you can be free." You can be the most ractist guy in the world and you wouldn't be shunned. You can fuck other people's wives - that's your business. Just keep it to yoursefl and share it only with friends. They will always support you
>If you manage to get a job where they pay you in dollars - that's terrific, you'll be instantly high class
>If not, don't worry, you don't need a lot of money to live here
>Real estate is cheap. Like 140k$ for 2 room apt. in Moscow cheap
>Many ways to make money without a degree
>Fastest internet in all Eastern Europe
>Cheap food
>Cheap public transport
>Biggest country in the world, we've Northern Lights and we've got nightless nights (google it, it's cool) - you name it!
>Diverse scenery
>Moscow and St. Petersburg are becoming accepting of immigrants (save for "friends" from Middle Asia)
>Once you figure it out, you will find out that in your day-to-day business/life, Putin is not affecting you. Live and let die.

>I won't hide it - Russia HAS a crisis in its government. Most people who become politicians do it for stealing money, so don't be expecting help from the gov't
>International stigma of being "America's next top Hitler"
>Not everyone speaks English in Moscow
>There's a dismal difference of quality of life in Moscow and everywhere else, really
>Pace of life is really fast, almost NYC fast
>Dem world famous Russian drivers
>Can be difficult to earn the trust of people here (but once they open up - you'll be as thick as thieves)
>If you're gay - don't be flamboyant about it, Russia has plenty of fags but before of the military, they don't take kindly to anyone different
>Might be difficult to adjust to the Russian mindset (but I say it's worth it)
>Ruble is collapsing, if you're living in Russia and get paid in Rubles - be prepared to get frugal if you want to travel (for example, before the sanctions my salary was 1400-5000 $ per month - I'm a freelancer, hence the difference - but now I earn 750-2600$, which is MORE than enough, believe me, but it's a palpable change) or not, if you get a decent working position, I have no idea
>Moscow and St. Petersburg are relatively safe, but in other cities the crime rate is higher

Cost of living:
Food + rent in Moscow is about 450-800$. That depends if you want to co-share an apartment with someone or have it all to yourself.
500$ is frugal mode, 1000$ is comfy mode.

Last good thing about Russia
>Scientology has lost its licence as a religious organization and being buttfucked by countless lawsuits since 2015, it's hillarious to watch
>The women. I can't stress it enough. Russia has amazing women
This times a million. Dem fucking titties.
as a Russian, i must say this is all correct, you have good observation skills, hamburgerbro.
Since my gran has a house in the country side might as well add my topping to this thread.
Pros for rural Russia:
>cheap property
>you can fuck around a lot, grow weed, shoot with guns, ride on your motorboat without any permissions, as long you stay lowkey and not plan to become the next pablo escobar
>villagers are friendly and will gladly trade good with you example onions vs goat milk etc.
>You can hire workers from the village for cheap to construct your house
>You might find a nice grill to marry
>Dont worry too much about gopniks, the mafia, and other bullshit, in villages people know and greet each other, youll be surprised how calm everything is

Cons for rural Russia:
>some of the villagers are alcoholics and or junkies watchout for them, its good if you look like you can stand for yourself
>Logistics ... long-ass-tiring travels get used to them.
>If you really want to get the genuine russian village experience go to a place where there are no villas and expensive daschas, it wont be much of a solitude if some oligarchs kids are riding on quads infront of your house all the time
>Fucking winters, some roads are blocked because of the snow, some trains/buses wont operate, your water pipes will burst if you dont buy the proper ones, do get winter clothing expect something to -30 degrees
>The roads are fucked up, youll need a jeep to travel
>Supermarkets only have basic shit like milk, bread, toilet papper, maybe some sweets, you can forget about the variety of snacks/foods you have in us

how much money do you have? what exactly do you plan to pull? i mean rural Russia is nice, i like visiting my gran and fucking around there ... if you dont plan to stay there forever, might as well do some wwoofing or rent a cabin or smth.

pic related some youths chilling by the river, favourite pasttime in Russias countryside

You're basicly in bum fuck nowhere. Join a commune and have crazy hippie sex
> plan

Op has no "plan" and will never get anywhere close to Russia!

But I have enjoyed the first hand accounts!
Too soon
Napoleon was just an idiot, not preparing his troops for winter.
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>American moving out of America
>to remote Russia

Get your affairs in order
OP here most helpful sir. I plan on using mine and my wife's tax return to purchase the proper wilderness survival gear. Any chance of just slithering into Russia by river? Without registering myself with the government?
File: Idk_61d9cb_761853.jpg (48 KB, 750x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why are you being purposely retarded? If it's wilderness you want your country has it in spades. If its Russia you want, and have any sense at all, you'll get the proper visa and not be a dirty illegal immigrant that'll have no rights, no knowledge of the country or the outdoors in general (apparently if you have to ask for a gear list, kek!), and will most likely end up stranded and/or dying of retardation.

Lets put this in perspective. Your plan is sneak into Russia by river. I mean .. wat?
the locals would eat you alive and throw your bones to their pet bears.
you did not think this through.
>Any chance of just slithering into Russia by river?
>Without registering myself with the government?

You'll probably be caught and thrown into prison on suspicion of being a spy at some point.
>mine and my wife's tax return

I'm guessing there's an ugly divorce on the horizon.

Probably because she discovered how much of a faggot OP is
>telling me how little I am prepared and how little I know
>is asking for advice and already admitted I have no knowledge.
I know I'm ill prepared, which is why I'm reaching out for advice on how to pull it off. I'm willing to get my visa and shit, just seeing if it was avoidable.
i'm telling you the real problem is not the cold and bears and customs.
the locals will not take you in.
without their help you won't survive for long.
and if they decide to kill and rob you you can't stop them.
> I would like to trade you a goat for your daughter
> where to start?
> what is the Russian word for "I"?

I can see a problem with your "lack of planning".

Maybe you should try the Navajo Rez first? They (mostly) speak English and have better food.
You asked for help and advice, so here's some help and advice.

Your plan is stupid and dangerous. A better plan would be to become a hermit in your own country.

The best plan would be to man up and face your problems instead of trying to run away to the woods like a scared adolescent.

Life is hard cupcake, deal with it.
Why Russia ? just go to Alaska if it's no live in the wild
Je pense que troll thread.
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