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I'm on a gap year and I want to travel...
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I'm on a gap year and I want to travel around. I like seeing new places and I'm tired of sitting around. Obviously, I cannot afford to stay in a hotel every night, so I'll have to be sleeping in my car (an SUV.)

I have no idea how to properly go about doing this, though. I grew up in a wealthy family that was too afraid to leave the air conditioned household, and "travel" to them was waking up at 6am, cramming all the major landmarks of a place into one day, and then leaving.

I bought a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag and threw them in the back of my car, but that's all I have so far.
For starters, what continent are you on?
North America, U.S. northwest.
Walmart allows overnight sleeping and campgrounds run pretty cheap ($10-$15 a night) if you need a place to sleep. You can get a shower at some campgrounds and truck stops have showers for $10. Buy some baby wipes to wipe your ass down in between showers. If you don't plan to eat out then a gas stove is a must. Bring piss bottles with you and take your shits at gas stations or if you're out dig a hole and shit in that.

That should cover the basics
Doing the same thing but on my motorcycle. Been doing some test runs, about 4 or 5 hour trips every chance I get. Testing what gear I can and cant leave.
OP here, I was actually considering doing it on my motorcycle as well. I've got a 94' Yamaha XT225. It's a little beat up, and I'm too lazy to put some saddlebags on it, but I should. The only downside is that I cannot go to certain places in winter.

I didn't realize how much I enjoyed riding motorcycle until I started driving a car regularly. It's just not the same.

Is that a Grom?
This may sound silly, but money for eating/drinking actually really isn't an issue. I could eat out every day, the problem is where I'm going to sleep,
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final moto trip.jpg
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Nah its an Fz8, groms are tiny. Where in the states are ya, im in Florida and plan on leaving in June.
Better pic of the bike with bags.
Currently southeast Washington state.

What do you bring with you on these journeys?
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For the US cross country journey Im still working out what I what vs what I need.

Tent getting a eureka spitfire or taking my little pup tent because the one in my previous picture is way to small and i like to be able to sit up in my tent, Sleeping Bag, Navajo Blanket, (Ive been leaving my sleeping pad behind I prefer the blanket), cooking stove aka. pocket rocket. cooking set, and some cheap untencils. head lamp, solar powered radio, very small hatchet and knife and other essentials like matches.
Clothes- 3 jeans, 4 shirts, 5 underwear, 5 socks, converse since i can squish them down, sandals because i enjoy chilling out barefoot and sandals are the next best thing, and some combat boots for riding. Gonna get a black pair of boots because I honestly hate the way my tan ones look on me while riding, Im a fag with the way I look on my bike so my gears gotta match, Nice old leather jacket ive had since forever, baseball cap, sunglasses that are polarized.
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Misc- Go pro, cheap point and click camera. tiny fuel canister since my bike has shit range of 180 miles from full. phone, phone charger. small first aid kit with baby powder and other medicine like tylenol. Tire repair kit. Oem tool kit plus some chain lube and other tiny tools that i could fit in the case. A small lunch box to keep frozen drinks whenever possible for those hot days,
There are some things I really should take but dont want to out of comfort, like a hydration pack, its great but i hate having a hydration pack on me and having to dry it out and clean it. Would rather just take water bottles and take a break from riding. Will probably pick up a good pepper spray or some bear mace since I cant conceal carry my hand gun in most states, alot of states have iffy laws regarding storage even though the FL. conceal carry license is one of the most recognized.
Ive got at the moment about 2k put aside for the trip but would like more, doing it as cheap as possible. My parents offered to help pay for the trip but I dont wanna be a fucking mooch and just feed of of them so working construction at the moment. $4,000 should be more then enough, only 3-4 months of travelling at most.
Id love to do the trip with my best buddies but theyre unwilling to do it in car or motorcycle, sucks i gotta do it alone. Every once in a while my buddies flirt with the idea of driving the trip and being a support vehicle but I feel itll be done alone.
>gap year
Confirmed for mommy's boy
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Could be he just finished college, thats what im doing. Just finished and want to do the motocamping trip before I go to do my masters and enter the work force. Ive been dreaming of this trip since highschool so figured now or never,

sleeping bags are retarded

cant sleep with arms locked tight
its unnatural and feels like shit

if you are scared of getting a little dirt on a cheap wool utility blanket you bought from ebay, then you really dont belong /out/ in the first place
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Navajo blanket I got when camping out in NM they are the shit you should get one, I like my sleeping bag gives me the option of opening it up or if its cold to sleep in it. Mine isnt tight enough to constrict me so either your sleeping bags are too small or your a land whale. Im not out enough to just use a tarp and sleep directly on the ground, I really enjoy my tent.

there is no sleeping bag which doesn't constrict your arms, mate

i like to switch up my positions
sometimes i like to bring my arms over my head, this happens naturally when you sleep.
you cant roll on your stomach then onto your side in a sleeping bag without feeling like a retard

sleeping bags are a retards prison
Just fucking with him. If I had the chance and the money would do the same. I keked with your pic, anon. Btw, have a nice trip yourself, m8.
Welp, I find them easy enough to sleep in. Have you ever tried a larger sleeping bag? Ive been in sleeping bags that can almost fit two people. Did some camping out in Tennessee and my cousins had these awesome sleeping bags, heavy as shit but awesome to sleep in them since it was cold.
How do you find places to camp?
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National Parks are free to camp, areas off the beaten path (i.e fields and wooded areas away from public eyes), simply asking someone who has a large portion of land. Ive asked a couple of times if I may put a small tent on the edge of there property and have never been told no. On the big cross country trip im gonna try to make it from national forest to national forest as its free to camp anywhere in them. Couch surfers good every once in a while. Truck stations and camp sites offer showers and most couch surfer hosts will let you shower.
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