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Hey, /out/. Long time lurker here. I don't usually see all that many urban exploration threads, so I thought I'd make one.

As a complete beginner to this, I'd like the more experienced folks to give hints, suggest locations, books, and tools. Maybe also talk about the ethos of urban explorers, and stuff like that.

Feel free to contribute with what you've got.

>lights in the storm drain

I don't know what that is, but it isn't a storm drain.
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Shameless self-bump.
for me the way is to be homeless and wander around a city looking for forgotten and ignored looking places to sleep in.

necessity creates motivation, sleeping in gives depth to the experience.

ethos: be a shadow, leave no trace.

tools: screwdriver to open doors/windows. mask to stay anonymous in case of cameras. light to conquer darkness.

keep your eyes open.
Would totally ride a bike in that thing.
anyone want to contact the chinese tourism ministry to set up ubrex trips in their multiple ghost cities?

Your mothers vag.
Given the hard hats, and the temporary lighting and ventilation systems, I'm willing to bet it is a storm drain that is under construction.
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Been there done that. Pic related.

>hints, tools, ethos
Well about that.
Easiest part first, ethos.
>Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time.
Srsly dont break shit or sth like that, that only gets you prosecuted if you get caught.

> >how not to get caught
Well, dont get seen. Duh. Easier said then done though.
Dont "go in" spontaneously. When you pic an "object", do recon first. Inconspiciously drive or walk by, whatever is feasible. Take pictures from the outside from all the angles you can get. Do this during the time of day at which you plan to go (and if necessary under more optimal lighting conditions) so you have an idea what you'll be looking at during the real deal.
Then go home, open up google maps, get a sat pic of your ops area. Correlate your pictures with the sat pic. Figure out where there are good points of entry (broken windows/doors/walls, open sections of fence, whatever applicable). Take into account what visual concealment there is on your way to, and during entry. Ideally, try to avoid getting into moments where you need to gather (NEVER GO ALONE DIPSHIT) and figure out what to do, but if these have to happen, try to make it so that you are in concealment at the time.
These moments will inevitably happen once you get through the first door or window that you could NOT see through or behind from the outside - but then, seeing what is right there where you couldnt see before is the whole point, right?
"Plan your work, then work your plan" also applies here - but of course once you go through that window, or door, you cant really plan ahead. You need to be, or have with you, the kind of person that can improvise if needed.

Now this is where opinions differ.
What I usually bring is

backpack for stuff I need to carry
chestrig for quick access stuff

food and water for at least the night and half the next day - we usually go in in the evening, check the perimeter once in, find a corner to snack, then explore the details like basements
cellphone for emergency call (duh)
your map
depending on where you are, gps - not so necessary when innacity, but innanevadadesert is a different story.
flashlight & batteries (dedicated, not your cellphone)
spare batteries
spare flashlight
spare batteries for the spare flashlight
srsly you cant have enough of those
a length of rope, maybe 100 ft or so in case you need to improvise a ladder down a hole (yea had to do that) or a handhold up a steep grade or something
utility knife (nothing big, I use officier suisse usually)
camera (dedicated, not your cellphone)
spare batteries for your camera
srsly bring spare batties for EVERYTHING
clothes that can get dirty/that you dont mind getting ripped/contaminated with asbesthos/radiation/stolen/...
proper boots with ankle support
face mask / gas mask because old buildings sometimes have stuff in the walls thats not very healthy - think asbesthos, rocket fuel, weird paint, that kind of shit.
keep in mind that some old (milsurp) gas mask filters may have asbesthos in them themselves so that kinda defeats the point
geiger counter (lol jk)
some sort of first aid. this may vary on your approach to the whole thing. my buddy brings desinfectant, tons of sterile bandages, pills against everything from influenza to cancer medication, sterile scissors, i cant even. I usually bring vodka, gauze pads, super glue and duct tape, and aspirins or Ibus. When you hurt yourself, patch yourself up so you dont contaminate the wound further, and then exfil immidiately and go see a doctor. Dont fuck around with this, and dont try to be a field medic - you cant bring an injured back to 100%.

I think that should be it for stuff to bring.

>attitude/what to do if you get caught
Well step one, while its cool (and I do it, but I and you probably shouldnt) dont look like the Strielok. (In case you dont play that vidya, dont look like an edgy teen in milsurp gear)
The idea is to look as harmless as possible if you meet someone, be it the cops, homeless or drug dealers. In case its the latter two, excuse yourself for intruding (in case of the homeless it might literally be their living room, and thats, well, rude). If you got balls, you can try to strike up a conversation (you'd be suprised how interesting random people you meet can be), otherwise (recommended) gtfo. Cool pics aint worth getting shot or stabbed.
If its the cops (theyll probably yell at you) most importantly DONT RUN. Depending on your jurisdiction, that might be a crime like resisting arrest or something.
Be very still - in case they dont mean you, this keeps you hidden, and if they do mean you, it keeps you from getting shot. (Cops, r8? assuming yank cops) Also keep your hands in plain view.
Theyll probably approach you and ask wtf you are doing. Explain to them in the most harmless manner possible that you are just taking pictures, cite the aforementioned codex, show them the cool pics you have already taken. As I said, you need to appear harmless and there's a good chance they'll send you away. This is also the reason why you shouldnt dress like the Strielok, because that makes you look kinda suspicious.
Over here in Kraut country, they'll tell you to gtfo because abandonned buildings are dangerous and you could hurt yourself and if they dont tell you to get out they could be responsible. Kek.
VERY important: even if they tell you to, DONT DELETE YOUR PICTURES. Thats destroying evidence (of you trespassing) and thus a crime. Bad idea.

(cont once more)

Oh yeah one more thing and arguments for and against it.
If you got a gun you could CC, well. You could do that so you feel better if you meet hoboes or druggies. On the other hand it will of course make you look less harmless and more suspicious if you meet cops.
Cant make that decision for yall.
Since carrying a gun is mostly illegal in my country, that decision has been made for me (unless I really want to look like a criminal), and honestly I feel confident to not have to anyway, but if you live in a country where you can do that, give it some thought.

I think thats all the advice I can think of now, but I'll stick around for a bit. Got any questions, shoot.
>absolute blither

tacticool kiddie try a light pack with water a snack, flashlight and gloves

You can start by telling us where you are so experienced urbexers can give you pointers on your locale.


Possibly a storm drain. At first I thought it was one of the new X-Rail tunnels, but it looks too big.


Ignore this retard. By opening doors and windows with a screwdriver, you are breaking and entering, which most urbexers are strongly against. Not only do you leave a mess by jimmying open doors and windows, if you get caught on site or even off site carrying a screwdriver, you can be arrested for "going equipped."


Pay attention to this person, they know what they are doing. I don't see the need to point specifics, read, read and read again.

Do you have a dog? Walking a dog is a great excuse when you do close recon somewhere you should not be. Don't have one? Walk your parents / nans / neighbours etc.


Again, pay attention to this guy. The equipment depends on where your going. Common sense is important here - extra gear you won't use just weighs you down.
What resources do you all use to find cool places for urbex?

I'm lucky enough that my job means I drive all over the South West of England so I am always on the lookout.

Join and become an active member of urbex forums to find places that others have already discovered.

Check local papers and news sites for businesses etc. that are closing down.

Most importantly, talk to your friends and colleagues about what they do / used to do as a job. I have found out about several locations this way that no one else really knew about.

I forgot to mention to go to your local library and check out old maps, they hold a wealth of information.

Also check out your local utility companies.

This is taken right from my local companies website:

"The location of every public sewer, disposal main or lateral drain which we are responsible for or have agreed to adopt is available for anyone to view on a map on a PC monitor at our Head Office..."
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