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Finally got some snow in upstate New York and got yo put some miles on the sled. Any one here like to snowmobile? If so what do you have? (pic related is mine)
Fuck yeah snowmobiling! Finally got some decent snow here too (estonia). Can't wait to go riding with my dad.
Awesome! what kind of snowmobiles do you guys use out there?
Platts-fag here. Where are you?
I am thinking of getting snowmobile, never rode one (only road ATV/dirtbikes) any recommendations for beginner snowmobile?
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>be me
>just get back, unloaded, and online from a week innacabin innamountains sledding
>see snowmobile thread

Photo dump coming when I get settled in.

Still on my '12 Pro 800.... probably be my last year on it.

Nice gear... they were one of our sponsors. Rockin Klim again now.
Also nice, did some work with them a few months ago. Good crew over there, but I'll be going through a friend who's got a vinyl sled wrap business when the time comes.
Where/What type of terrain?
>Mountains? Trails? Crossover? Utility?
Brand loyalty?
>Do you do the work yourself? What brand has a good dealer network/parts supply near you?
>Probably not applicable to your situation, but do you have tools/parts for a specific brand already?
>What do your friends ride? Do you have friends that can wrench, that you can learn from so you don't go broke paying a shop to fix your shit?

If you just want to bang around on trails, you don't really need much. Spend some money on good gear, then pick something up cheap on craigslist.
If you're a little more serious about it, spend some money on gear and do a little more research into what you want.... then get it set up for you (Suspension, accessories).

Carry a decent toolkit, spare belt, know the basics of the machine, check your shit regularly (bolts, fluids, wear items). If you're in the mountains, wear/carry avalanche gear and know how to use it (this goes for your friends that ride with you too).
I live in Kansas, and planning to ride in Colorado (I am still looking at places to ride in CO)

When I was younger, I started wrenching on cars. I know my way around a engine, I just started flipping ATV. I won't be riding until next winter though. I want to get a ATV, and go to sand dunes later this year (little Sahara in OK)
as far as brand loyalty, I don't really have one, but I do notice I mostly buy honda (TRX 400ex, trx 450r, crf 450r) Im not actually hardcore to a brand.
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Again, trails or mountains?
Get a machine that suits the majority of the riding you're doing. Don't buy a mountain sled to rip down trails all day, don't buy a crossover if you're spending most of your day in deep powder.
That said, I've knocked out 100+mi trail days and raced snocross on my mountain sled... They'll do it, and a capable rider can get it done regardless of the machine, but having the right tool for the job makes the ride a lot more comfortable.

Get avalanche gear/training.
Watched a couple clowns highmarking on their late-90s sleds right next to a recent slide monday or tuesday. One hill that slides regularly let go between when we rode by it in the morning and back again that afternoon.
Here in the Rockies, you're in avalanche terrain before you even leave the truck. Don't get fooled into thinking "that only happens to other people", or "i only ride trails, I don't need that stuff". Riders get killed on the trail almost every year out here.

I ride Polaris, have for years... Know the machines and their quirks, and I "get" the way the chassis handles.
Spent some time on a '16 doo earlier this year >pic related, and its handling reminded me of my old '06 sled.
I also have a bunch of parts/tools for them (primary/secondary clutches, clutch press & spider nut tool, springs/weights, gears, A-arms, etc) that wouldn't do me much good if I switched brands.

If you're somewhat mechanically-inclined, sleds aren't that hard to work on. Just a big two-stroke twin. But dealers will rape you on labor because it's a "toy".... $100+/hr for basic maintenance is about average around here.
>Trails or mountains

Most likely trails. Might do mountains, too. Hmm, any snowmobile that can do both? or is it, one or the other?
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There's "crossover" sleds, but ... they kinda don't do either one very well imo.

Other alternative, and it's a good alternative if you're not riding often enough to make owning one worth it .... rent when you do get the chance to ride.
>On modern equipment every time you go
>Don't have to store/maintain/insure it
>Probably won't have to trailer/haul it, or need a tow vehicle/trailer/ramp to get it from garage to trailhead >pic related
>More cost-effective for 2-4 days/season
>Lets you try different brands/models to see what you want
>Downside, can't really set it up for you/your riding style

Also look out for dealer "demo days", usually more towards the spring. Dealers will take a trailer full of sleds out and let riders try them for an hour or two.

And like I said, find friends that ride and see what they do and have.
My dad's got a Skidoo, 2stroke 600cc if i remember correctly. Racing snowmobile. As money's tight I have yet to buy me a snowmobile. Soon.
Ah sheeit Im up in St regis falls been doing a lot of snowshoeing lately no sled but I got friends to ride on nice we finally got a few inches up here to stay and actually see some cold weather
I had a Lynx 600 ace but i sold it and now i only have my Yamaha CS340L 1982 LOL. But im looking to buy a Lynx boondocker in the very near future, 600 or 800ccm. There really isn't much diffrence, only that the 800 starts going faster when you hit 120km/h.
very nice! IMO I prefer 600cc engines just because that is what every person I ride with has.
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image1 (2).jpg
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couldnt see shit going down the trails because it was snowing so bad
>upstate Jew York
Enjoy your moguls and mud.

NY is shit for sledding. Ya'll niggahs go out and ride on 4" of powder and then complain that the groomers aren't out. Any non-privately owned trail is complete fucking trash because Jew York doesn't get shit for snow and every time a flurry falls everyone and their brother rushes to Tug Hill and Old Forge to ride in the mud.

>tfw I just moved to Colorado and my sled is in Jew York still
Can I get a suggestion on some waterproof windproof gloves?
Not for snowmobiling but dirtbiking in snow same concept, I may just need a bit more dexterity
>NY is shit for sledding

how do you mean? I've been riding the trails around tug hill all my life and they have always been great

You just have to not be a dumb ass and look at the conditions before you head out
all of my riding gear is FXR, Klim is also goof as well as 509
Exactly what I said. NY has shit sledding. Especially in and around Tug Hill for the reasons I listed.

NY simply doesn't get enough snow to support the amount of snowmobiles it has.

Go north into Canada for real sledding. Or out west.
but I just said I have never rode on bad trails (unless its very early in the season) so you saying that we don't get enough snow to support the amount of people is wrong.

I do the majority of my riding south of tug hill area but will trailer up there on occasion
If you think Tug Hill has good trails, you've never ridden good trails. I've been going up there since 2002 or so until recently and it's always been shit. If you can get there in the middle of the week, immediately after a good storm, sure it's "good" for about 4 hours. The only time you can ride out there is between 1am and 7am.
>waterproof windproof gloves?
No such thing. They all suck, some just suck less than others.
Most of the time I wear lighter gloves... even down to Mechanix in the spring. There's some mesh street bike gloves I buy regularly that work well in both snow and dirt.
>Not for snowmobiling but dirtbiking in snow
Start with grip heaters. I put the high-output grips on my sled, used the ones that were on my sled on my bike. Wired to the battery through a big toggle switch on the bars.
Snowbike guys do the same thing.
The "heated grip" bike-specific kits are retardedly expensive for what they are.

>Or out west.
>tfw I live "out west"
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Thread images: 8
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