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Hello /out/
I'm gonna backpack and travel through India in about 2 weeks, I'm gonna buy a 60-70 liter backpack. What should I fill it with? Recommand me some useful gear from your experience preferably In India.
Btw ducks from a ducks store in Amsterdam.
Make sure to bring toilet paper.

And get your traveler's diarrhea and cholera vaccination. You should already have your hep shots.
Came here to say this
Also baby wipes and a box of those blue gloves from cvs

Some generalized phrase book so you can point at sentences instead of words - pen and paper too.


>This phrasebook covers: Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Marwari (Rajasthani), Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

If you know what language they speak in the specific areas you travel to, there's probably a phrase book for that language too.
Water filter so you don't get giardia
Generally you should only be drinking from bottled water. I always buy big bottles of water whenever I get the chance from those little small convenient stores and fill up my camelbak. I recommend the ones with flat dark earth insulation on the tubes, they aren't as touristy looking as the standard exposed blue tubes. You only really need a camelbak if you are gonna go hiking though, so ymmv.

I also have a steripen for sterilizing tap water, but I've only used them in South America, I wouldn't trust indian tap or stream water, even if it looks clean. Always boil your tap water.

Make sure to secure your valuables and documents. I always carry a decoy wallet when I'm abroad, filled with some old expired credit cards and cancelled bank cards with a decent amount of local money and about 20 USD in it. There'a also nothing wrong with a travel money belt.

Experiences may vary since I don't know which part of India you'll be going to, but a shemagh or a mesh scarf may be useful for covering your head and neck, I always pack one.

Carry extra batteries, and a small battery charging pack for your phone.

I would advise against bringing too much gear, it'll attract unwanted attention, anything more than a multitool is overkill, and you can buy many things locally, and for extremely low prices so that you can ditch them when you are on the move, the less you need to carry the better.

General tips:
As a rule, only eat local food. By that, I mean just eat what the locals eat, don't get home sick and go to some Italian restaurant for comfort food. A friend of mine got food poisoning in Bangladesh from eating at a fried chicken place, and I got food poisoning from the one time I went to a nice Italian restaurant in Chile, while two meals before I ate a giant plate of raw snails and clams at a small corner shop with no problems at all.

Keep your head on the swivel, if you look alert and focused, you'll be less likely to be targeted by muggers.
> Dutch duck store

Be nice and bring a few Dutch ducks, change some poorfag kid's life with a cheap gift they will never forget!

> literally Dutch ducks from China

Maybe some small Dutch flags?
bring antidiarrheal medicine. you will need it

India is one of the only places I would use this shitty meme item. I've seen Indian "showers" and they are a joke even on the off chance they work.

Sanitation and health need to be your first priority as I've never heard of someone traveling to India without getting sick.
Thats a big bag. I'd suggest something more like 30-40l so you'll be able to keep it with you all the time. Too big of a bag and if you use trains/buses/rickshaws you're gonna have a real problem manoeuvring with it and will be forced to be separate from it - I would NOT want to leave my bag in the bottom section of a coach when in SE asia.


-First aid kit including immodium, anti-bacterial, toilet tissues
- A sleeping bag liner to sleep in if you're in, unless its super clean I'll use it whether its a hostel, hotel, or roughing it.
- An AA or AAA format torch
-Money belt or neck pouch for your passport etc
-A universal plug adaptor as there are usually a few formats being used depending on the age of the building
-travel mosquito net. A life saver.

What are you planning on doing there that dictates a lot. And where about?

But if I were going back and intending to travel the country a bit I'd be packing super minimal. One change of clothes, hat, travel towel, no computer, nothing expensive other than my camera, a pair of sandals or flip-flops and a regular pair of shoes. I practically lived in flip flops even in the winter.

I lived in SE Asia for a year went to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia and Nepal.
If you think wipes are a meme you simply fucking retarded and obviously don't have hair on your ass.
Backpacking first time I assume, you'll find out soon that a 60-70l bag filled with useless stuff is a total overkill.

Get a backpack that fits your bodytype, don't mind what size aslong as it fits. Buy a lightweight sleeping bag with compressing pouch, such a thing that takes least possible space. Get some sandals, or better yet use the ones you already have.
A meshnet for mosquitoes is a good idea.
Don't ever drink water that is doubtfully in cleanliness.
Pack 5-6 pairs of thin socks only of you plan on hiking in boots. If you go the sandal way it will save you on laundry, weight and space.
Few pairs of underwear, a few t-shirts, old and tramp like is okay.
One pair of pants is enough, though packing an extra pair is fine for laundrying the ones you wear.
Shorts isn't considered a viable piece of clothing, wear long pants even when it's hot.

Other than that, don't drink yourself wasted as a drunk disoriented european backpacker is like taking candy from a child.

Use condom. Don't pay for sex. Keep smart and don't think you've figured everything out. Learn and experience as long as you're there.

Be safe friend.
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