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Bug Out Bags GHB Edition
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Old thread hit its bump limit here >>642341

BOBs have been analysed to death, but what about INCH and Get Home Bags?
What is too much to carry around in the car/at work to get home to your BOB?
What is too little in an I'm Not Coming Home bag?

>Pic related. My GHB.

Really should post pics of what's in the bag.
Thats very tactical
buy more shit
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The bag itself, for those who haven't seen one. The strap can be unfurled and used as a waist belt or attached to the 'D rings' on top above the grab handle and used as a shoulder strap.
File: 100_2141.jpg (1 MB, 3472x2604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Canteen, cup and cover, water purification tabs and small pot scrubber in side pocket.
Map case with compass, waterproof notebook, pencil, biro, pencil sharpener, rubber. Obscured are other maps behind one being viewed and pocket magnifier in pad.
File: 100_2144.jpg (1 MB, 3472x2604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3472x2604
Front pocket: Rifle/pistol cleaning kit, spare mags.
Main pocket: Spare woollen socks, zip-lock of food (stew and instant mashed potato, soup with noodles, muesli bars), folding knife, fixed blade knife with sheath and steel, headlamp.
Front pen holders: Flashlight and laundry marker.
Both the sheath knife and canteen cover with ALICE clips can be mounted to the belt for easier carrying, better balance and to create more room in bag.
File: 100_2145.jpg (1 MB, 3472x2604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3472x2604
Left pocket: Tinder kit, compass, matches, bic, feral rod, spare boot lace and whistle
Right pocket: FAK, bandaids, dressing pads, alcohol and iodine wipes in ziplok, saline, roll bandage, tape, super glue, space blanket, nitrile gloves, shears, triangle bandage.

I know I'm carrying 2x compasses, but where I am I'd prefer a bit of redundancy on that and fire lighting.
Any other comments appreciated.

Have you ever thought that maybe you would have a better chance of survival if you stay in your car and just drive home rather than trying to play survivalist in the forest?
>stay in your car and just drive home
Where I live that's not always possible. If I have to walk out I've got this, a tarp, groundsheet, twine and woollen blanket that I can tie up into an easy to carry bundle. With all that I've got the 5 Cs covered.

However feel free to live your cityboy life the way you want, each to their own.
I completely agree. Why would you want water, shelter, food, cookware, a way to start fire,and first aid supplies, if you've got a car?
And the idea of having a map and compass so you can see if there is a better alternative to staying with your car is obviously frivolous as well.

>Stay with your vehicle, its what ALL the experts do.
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>Where I live

It sounds like he is concerned about driving home from work and getting stuck in snow...on roads that he drives at least 10 times per week.

Have a blanket in your car. Keep your car filled with gas if there is a storm forecast. Then stay in your car.

>what about weather protection
last time I drove my car 70 mph on the highway in rain I did not get wet or cold.

>what about coldness
you have a blanket. If it gets too cold still turn the car on for a few minutes

>but muh gas.
reread from the top

>but my map and my compass
roads driven 10+ times per week

Also, your 7-11 big slurp and king size snickers bar should keep you hydrated and fed for a few minutes.
Why don't you just try letting people do what they enjoy rather than being judgemental.
>on roads that he drives at least 10 times per week.
Nope, not a city boy. Try a road I drive once every week or two into town to get supplies. Or the forestry and linesman roads I drive along for work, which might have someone come along it in a month or two if I hang around.

Snow is the least of my worries. Fallen trees and washouts after big storms, mechanical problems or getting bogged out in the middle of nowhere, that's what'll give me problems.

But you just do your twice a day big city commute and I'll carry on with my life. If I ever see you broken down on the side of the road you might be glad to see me, though you don't sound like the sort that enjoys life enough.

Makrov....my niggah.
Purpose of GHB = to get home

How does a pistol and four mags help you get home?

Why is there no cash in your ghb? Cash is THE MOST USEFUL item to have - it can be traded for anything.

Also I'd include a poncho and a watch cap, that way if you do have to hoof it you'll be dry and warmish

Also no mention of where you keep this bag?
>How does a pistol and four mags help you get home?
dindu chimpouts
what this guys says +
how the fuck do you not have this in a GHB? It is the single most important tool you can have in an Urban situation.
Where is your chainsaw and gas can then?
makes thread, about 7 or 8 posts in says he is remote.

GHB is pretty specific to urban situations. You would need you BOB 100% in your situation.
the thing is that you can say that about so many things
first you add a prybar, the bolt cutters
maybe a lockpick set and so on it goes..

you just can't prepare for every event or else you'd have a gigantic backpack, it's best to just trim it down to basic survival items and keep it simple imo
You're doing it all wrong. You just need three mags but each one has to be interchangeable, and be in one pistol each, same model and size and caliber. Your welcome...
Cash isn't really useful when you're thus remote. Not much to spend it on.
My PPE bag has a raincoat and leggings in it. I also keep a sweater and jacket in the vehicle where I keep the bag and always have a hat.
I've got one that size and bigger in the vehicle as well. Not usually something I'd need if I had to walk home, but possibly useful in an urban environment.
In the chainsaw box. You get some big trees out here though, so not always big enough.
If I can walk home in 24 hours, I've got all I need. If I was further out then I'd look at carrying more.
Exactly right. GHB should be light, easy to carry and remove as many problems as possible without going overboard. I think >>658704 >>658706 and >>658708 are confusing a GHB with an INCH. Maybe they didn't read the OP.
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1 MB, 2592x1936
Well it seems that you've got everything covered in my opinion, except for enough water. I absolutely hate bladders... They bust and are a bitch to clean innawoods.
Try and bring something to entertain yourself. Harmonica? Cards? Something stupid... It helps when you get your camp up and you have extra time to twiddle your thumbs.
Other minor things to me are
-more cordage
-cut down to two spare mags then use the space for ammo
-waterproof watch
-spare batts for flashlights or add a handcrank
-way to derust your knife (steelwool)

I really like your kit by the way! It's very much my style. Very conservative on the space (maybe weight too) you'll cover more ground by cutting down. I try to stay away from naming bags (ghb, inch bag, bug out bag) it's all just stuff gear we sling in rucks we like. Doesn't really have to be named a special name if your trying to carry more gear. I don't mind carrying more gear if it will show value. Maybe I'm ranting lol. Good gear!
Water isn't much too a problem round here. If anything there's too much and most of it is potable untreated. That said, if it was looking like life or death I'd use the purification tabs when refilling.
The knife is stainless, but the pot-scrubber in the canteen cover will clean it up Ok if need be.
Got a good watch and lots of twine, also have a whistle in the ziplock in >>658172.
Hammocks are a fad, like hiking poles.

Good thinking about the spare batteries. I'll throw some more in there for the headlamp.

Thanks for the comments. Feel free to throw up some pics of yours.
General question:
>how much does your pack weigh and how far do you expect to carry it?

I've been onnamountain recently hiking through snow (8-16 inches) with 20lbs on my back and another 12 in my hand (rifle)... It's hard as fuck.

I guess it doesn't help that I was at over 8,000ft about sea level.

I see some of these xbox hueg bags and wonder if anyone has ever carried it further than their car.
Cyka Blyat
Just as long as you feel your good on water. Lol. Shoulda read all the way on the whistle thing.
Hammocks are nice if the ground is uber fucked and you don't seem to have much better grounds coming. I live in Florida so I run into this a lot

Cash is super useful. A couple of bills weighs almost nothing and if you do run into anyone you can use it to barter - this is a get home bag right?

If you're stranded you barter a ride for some cash. etc etc.

I also see no lighter and no cordage, two more lightweight super useful items
>I also see no lighter and no cordage
The lighter is in this pic >>658172, along with the matches and feral rod. There's also a magnifier in the back of the pad in >>658161, but as I said it was obscured. I've always got twine in the wagon along with several lighters and always have one on me.

My wallet lives in the vehicle too, not much crime out here. It's also handy to have it there as there's nothing worse than getting into town and finding you've left you cash at home.

Don't get me wrong, these are all valid ideas and getting them raised is the whole idea of this thread. In different circumstances, there are different needs.

It'd be good to see some more pics of how people handle this in other areas.
GHB to my BIL is 12.5 lbs, nothing major. This bag still has 72hrs food/water and could function as a BOB but it's definitely more urban oriented and eschews spare clothes and some other BOB basics.
>Have you ever thought that maybe you would have a better chance of survival if you stay in your car and just drive home rather than trying to play survivalist in the forest?
I guess you're too young to remember the 1989 and 1994 California earthquakes.Not very easy to drive home when the freeways are in ruins and millions of other people are trying to get home.
>and feral rod
Ferro rod. As in ferrocerium rod.
But I like the idea of a feral rod, I just wouldn't stick it in my pocket.
>But I like the idea of a feral rod, I just wouldn't stick it in my pocket.
People might think you're glad to see them?
Different bags do have different purposes.

Hiking bag: camelbak + tabs, trail bars, Mylar blanket, hand warmers. I could suffer through the cold with this for a few days if I got lost on a hike.

BOB: three days' calorie dense food + mess kit, camelbak + filter + tabs, bivvy + liner + thermals + GI poncho, a few hand warmers. I could hike about 60 miles to my safe point where I have more food and more adequate shelter with this quickly and easily.

Camping bag: basically BOB plus real tent, sleeping pad, real sleeping bag, hammock, more flavorful food, first aid kit and usually a either a fifth or a half-rack of beer. I could hike out a few miles, then drink with my friends all weekend with this.
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File: Baling-twine.jpg (248 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
248 KB, 960x960
Baling twine. 1001 uses and free once someone has fed out the hay.
>12 pound rifle

What in fuck are you lugging around?
1/2 an M60?
A 3.81X25.5? Sweet!

I spot a kiwi.
Nice Mak, I don't have the b cat atm..

What hood are you in?
I'm based in Greymouth.
Dick Gripssssss
Cant count how many times i've done this.
also nice bulge
Another Coaster. I'm on the map in that post.
File: image.jpg (113 KB, 880x660) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm currently in the process of putting together a Get Home Bag.
I'm using a 5.11 Bail out Bag with the following contents

-Sawyer Mini water filter
-Dextro sugar tablets
-chemical hand warmer
-Lock picks
-jiggler set (great for wafer locks found in cabinets, lockboxes etcetera)
-4 point water tap key (triangle, small&big square, circle with 2 protrusions)
-small multitool
-binoculars (I might remove these)
-4x AA batteries
-2x AAA LED light
-jailbroken iPhone 4S with TomTom offline GPS
-Powerbank and charging cable
-Mains AC USB charger
-small notebook with local frequencies and other info
-cash money
-Acoustic earpiece for Baofeng
-small tin with the following first aid items (pls rate)
--superglue (to glue cuts)
--7x Diclofenac 12,5mg
--6x Ibuprofen 400mg
--6x Acetaminophen 500mg (paracetamol)
--tiny roll of gauze
--tiny roll of medical tape
--tiny shears
--4x bandaids

I'm currently waiting on a package with my new Baofeng UV5R with 6x AA batterycase.

Other things I still want to incorporate/fit in there:
-IFAK with Israeli Bandages, QuickClot and stuff like that (anything better than that kiddie FAK I got now)
-a map
-Some chemlights

gun? No gun since cuckistan Yurope
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Used innawoods for ideas and planning
File: image.jpg (157 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157 KB, 800x800
I also forgot I really want to get some nitrile/latex gloves and a N95 face mask in there.

Maybe a pair of workers gloves too, if I still have room left.
>pic related, that water tap key
File: innawoods.png (5 MB, 1377x2324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 MB, 1377x2324
muh innawoods
short term (~3 days) winter edition
not in the picture: my shotgun

in/on the pack:
Survival knife and multitool, leather belt
drinking bottle and 1.5 L water in the pack, purification tabs, energy drink tabs and various hot drink mixes
food: freeze dried food, canned food, various energy and protein bars, trail mix
steel pot to boil water in, drinking cup, eating utensils
tarp and bivvy bag, sleeping bag, mat, thermo liner
extra clothes: long wool underwear, wool sweater, wool socks, extra gloves and a buff
basic first aid kit, painkillers and athletic tape
various rope and cordage, gorilla tape, steel wire
fire kit: matches, lighter, ferro rod, candles, tinder
head lamp and torch
misc stuff: pen and paper, whistle, mirror, 2 compasses, map, binocular, toilet paper
and I forgot to mention, the clothes in front of the pack are a polyester underwear shirt (which is almost as good as wool in my experience), a fleece sweater, beanie and gloves, that goes on my person of course.
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Hi, I'm about to be homeless and I want /out/ to judge my urban bug out/homelessness bag for survivability. I'll post the list after this. This is just a post to make sure I don't pussy out of posting it.
File: IMG_0382.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
Bag: Orange Teton Sports scout3400
Wallet: EBT card, Drivers license, expired military ID, Sam's club/BJ's card (paid for by mother), various reward cards
Sleeping bag - Compact series +30*F/-1*C (Current temperature here is 29* and the low will be 20*)
7/8 empty can of lighter fluid
24 oz Steel Cup
Bic Lighter
Generic Lighter
Zippo Lighter (toss)
1 lb of various crystals/minerals (moss agate, quartz, herkimer, etc)

Pencil Sharpener
2 Military can openers
Smith's knife sharpener (how-to-use)
Folding steel utensil with spoon/knife/fork/knife/corkscrew,
Steel and flint
Leather sewing needles
Flashlight (risky, but keep)
Safety Orange MOrekniv
Survival Rescue blanet
1curad alcohol swab

20ft or so red paracord, small (shoestring size)
Red sewing thread
Fountain pen in cartridges
Fountain pen (not currently included)
Straight razor and razors (outdate, now have a Norelco PT730 for keeping my head shaves and hair presentable)

Phillips earbuds
Vapur Collapsible water canteen
4 inch square of woven stainless steel (for camp cooking platform)
Aluminum Trail Messkit (plate,pot,pan; very small)
Red bandana for filtering water
10x8ft green tarp (the quiet, nylon kind)
1 Red potholder (2 available)
Collapsible mesh handbag
Fake fur hat (obsolete, have a Eddie Bauer hat now)
Blue mittens w/ thinsulate which pull back to reveal fingers (might keep, also have gray thinsulate gloves but honestly neither are very warm, suggestions?)
2 Outdoor products 2L camel (another one in the bag also)
Brown 151 Paracord
First aid kit (steri-strips, bandaids, 1 pair of plastic gloves, 1oz Triple antibiotic+pain relief gel 1oz, 2 alcohol swabs)
6 rolls of duct tape rolled around paper about 20-30ft each
3 more rescure blankets

Collapsible pillow
U-Dig-It pro folding shovel
Face bug mask
Laplander Bahco folding saw
1 Emergency filter straw
1Badger wetshave foaming brush (obsolete)
Box of 200 Alcohol prep pads
Spool of twine/string

File: IMG_0383.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
(cont. 2/4)

Spool of twine/string
10 steel tent pegs (for tarp and cooking over a fire was the original intention)
A BUNCH of cotton balls for starting a fire with that + flint/magnesium
8 pairs of nitrile gloves for not getting hands dirty in the woods (I really needed this review)
1 Potable Water thing (17% Tetraglycine Hydropeiodide 82% other, the label wore where it says how many tablets to add per Liter. Could be 1 could be all 50. I don't know)
packet of 5 charcoal tablets
4 mini hiking hooks (don't know what they are, not carabiners

That's all of the stuff in my bag some obvious things to get rid of or downsize jump out but advise i very much needed. This is what I got for being a forest hermit but I'm realizing I'm more likely to be homeless in the city (North Carolina)

Pic: Eddie Bauer coat, hat, gloves, scarf (breddy warm, acrylic)
(cont. 3/3)

Here are all of the possession I have that may be able to add in whole or small amounts
1 8oz bag of charcoal powder (for brushing teeth, its what I use right now, very lightweight and cheap)
Jumbo cotton balls
Hand mirror (definitely adding)
8oz of african black soap x2 (1 8oz block pictured, in the baggie)
4oz bottles of essential oil (Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Myrrh, Peppermint, Frankincense, Lemon, Cedarwood, Cinnamon Cassia, unpictured shipping in from Amazon (clove, eucalyptus, basil)

That's everything. Help me be homeless successfully please. Also welcome any firsthand sources for information on not dying urbanly.
File: IMG_0384.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x2448
forgot the pic
Everybodys shit is different. This is what works best for me. And its been put the the test on multiple spontaneous invites to places. Kept in the jeep most of the time.
clothes/extra warm layer (black bag)
5hr energy
matches candle
water bottle+filter
udap spray cuz you never know bruh
first aid kit
x2 lighters
ferro rod
wooly bankie
cellphone charger battery thing
(not pictures id batteries and gameboy)
Another one here too. I agree, OPs pistola is tidy.

My A-cat expires this year (time flies!) and I was gonna go for E-cat when I renew. Don't know if I have enough free time to get the B, but I would really like to.
Best bet is join a pistol club. They will walk you through the safety side of things, give you the references and protocols for getting your B cat. Costs no extra to get E cat at same time. Just a bigger safe for E, which can also be used for B.
Only time taken up is 12 visits to the pistol club a year. Once a month, or every day for 12 days. Surely you can do that?
I appreciate this isn't /k/ but any questions about B and Es just ask or post a question on /k/ and link here.
judging from your pic I'd say your a fellow aussie.
File: DSC_0137.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x1836
1) waterproof Navy shipping crate
2) 3x ratchet straps
3) 100ft 2500lb mule tape
4) 100ft nylon multi-purpose cordage
5) 50 pack zip-ties
6) 100ft of hempwick
7) 18 chopsticks zip-tied together, for eating or emergency kindling
8) Hammer
9) Handsaw
10) 21” Gavilan cane machete
11) 18” Gavilan standard blade machete
12) 27” handle axe
13) Roll of camo duct tape
14) Folding shovel
15) GI Canteen
16) LED lantern
17) High-powered LED flashlight (not sure of the watts)
18) Low-power 3w LED flashlight (for situations where a lot of light is not required, 11 day batt life)
19) Small thermos
20) LifeStraw
21) Multi-tool
22) Toiletries – toothbrush, floss, 1 half roll of toilet paper, travel toothpaste
23) Emergency blanket
24) 2x emergency poncho
25) 3 Sage bundles for mosquito repellant at campfire
26) Assorted single-use hand sanitizer packets
27) GI issue mosquito netting
28) Dumb phone, for 911 calls only
29) Quick-action JB weld
30) Electrical tape
31) Tube of superglue
32) 20 twist-ties
33) 4 multi-purpose shop rags
34) USB car charger (in case I ever lose my current one), with 4 short microUSB cords
35) Key/match/lighter floater
36) 2 carabiners
37) Boxcutter
38) 2 Djeep butane lighters
39) 1 Zippo lighter
40) 7 microfiber towel pack
41) 12 small gauze rolls
42) 50 2”x4” bandages
43) Altoids tin
44) 2 cans of green beans
45) 5 assorted flavor Ramen packets
46) 1lb beef jerky
47) 6 cans of Campbell’s chicken soup (not pictured)

Anything else I should throw in there? This crate sits in the bed of my truck, strapped to the end that meets the cab.
Oh forgot my knife and flint/magnesium starter.
Looks pretty complete. Just a couple of questions though.
Whereabouts are you? Judging from your kit somewhere warm with mosquitoes and not much rainfall.
What sort of events is this designed to get you through?
Is the green bundle with the red cord the mosquito net?
If you have to abandon the truck do you have a backpack to carry what you need?
>1lb of minerals
Seriously hank?
I live in Oklahoma. I do need to add a tarp and a sleeping bag but it isn't a big priority right now because I can sleep inside the vehicle, and don't expect to have to abandon it.

The mosquito netting is a MUST here. They will swarm you in minutes of leaving your home, its awful. I also do have a waterproof coat but it is not in the kit yet, along with a portable battery jumper and a gas tank.
>and don't expect to have to abandon it.
I'd still recommend a small pack of some sort. If flooding or a landslip blocks the vehicle and walking is your only option it will make carrying what you need a lot easier.
I've been in situations where bridges have been out to vehicles but you could walk across them. A few hours walk versus staying in the truck for a day or two makes the walk worthwhile.

That said, you can also use a pack to help keep everything sorted out in the crate. Put the small things into it, such as one of the tape rolls, chopsticks, one of the flashlights, lifestraw, toiletries etc in the bag ready to go. It'll tidy things up a bit, I'm sure.
What's this bag brand/name, mate ?
Its an old german military rucksack there super cheap and hold up really well plus theres a lot of repos of them in different camo pattern's and they have a waterproof liner amazing bags for less than 40 bucks
Very true. I'll look into picking up a pack at my local army surplus. Already have a harness for canteen and knife carrying, wouldn't hurt to have a pack.
Yes, I suspected it was some military surplus. I hope to find a similar bag here in Belgium .
File: surv.jpg (5 MB, 6500x3898) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 MB, 6500x3898
All my gear. Do you want details? I'm missing a couple of things but I'm going to have all of it soon.
How did you lose your feet?
I did a 720 noscope
What's the spiky thing next to the backpack?
SAS survival bow. 55 pound draw weight version
Why the fuck would you? Standard recurve breaks down smaller/same and is lighter and a better bow.
I think the cast iron skillet could be replaced with something lighter
i don't see any tape either

not sure why you'd need binoculars

is this bait?
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