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Lets have a State/Province/Country (for you...
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Lets have a State/Province/Country (for you euros) thread. List two great things about your place, and then two bad ones.

Plenty of fishing all year round, you can basically walk 10 miles in any direction and hit a body of water.
Storms are fantastic spring through summer, nothing like sitting on the porch listening to the tornado sirens while watching a twister rip up the landscape a few miles away.

Unfortunatly, all the rivers are polluted to hell and back, so things like swimming or eating fish you've caught can get you violently ill.
The storms in winter are cruel and brutal, -60F with 8ft of snow and 4 inches of ice on the streets is the norm.
>-60f with 8ft of snow regularly
citation needed
>-60F with 8ft of snow and 4 inches of ice on the streets is the norm.
That's bullshit and you know it.
I live here too bruh
man everything about your post is exaggerated to hell

KS here
God tier gun laws
Cheap cost of living

Everyone is on meth
You're in Kansas
Great pike/perch fishing
Good salmon/trout fishing
Great hunting boar/moose/ other elkish stuff
Tons of woods, rivers and lakes, and ofc sea everywhere
Many different landscapes, from "central-european" type, up to arctic
Moderate, coldish climate
Allowed to camp wherever we want whenever we want, fishing mostly the same except for private waters
Everything is clean and fresh, you can dring water from whichever river or lake you want with no fear of chemicals

Cons would be highly regulated hunting, as in you have to own or hire forest to hunt in it, and 3+ months wait for weapon license. Vast distances could also be a con.
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Washington state.

Pros: most beautiful variety of nature in a 50 mile radius from lakes rivers mountains waterfalls forests to snow, caves, and ocean coast, both sides of the puget sound and Olympic Peninsula. Wildlife at every outing.
Same as Sweden but better
also you have some elk that we don't, isn't it right? vitsvanshjort
How much fjäll is there in Finland? :)

Now now, Europe. Let's keep that hostility aimed at us here in the U.S. we don't need you getting all squirrely on us.
hostility? I'd give my left arm to live in USA and be able to /out/ in those beautiful landscapes of yours
If you're not creepy, I'll let you crash on my couch and go hiking/backpacking if you come visit.
Israel here

2 good things are:

- an incredibly huge variety of terrains (desserts, mountains, valleies, woods and more) considering this is a small af state
- Biggest Makhtesh in the world is here (its a crater that has been formed not by impact of meteor but by flowing water.

Bad stuff about this place:
- public transportation is a big problem, so getting from your city to X in order to start a hike can take lots of time.
- out gear is expensive here..
The Netherlands

Pros: ...
We have weed

Cons: All the nature is artificial
You cant wild camp
No Guns
No hunting
Always raining

Im sad that I live here, the only way to go /out/ is to leave the country
>Ontario, Canada
-best country in the world

-Indians literally everywhere, even in the smallest rural towns
Tbh, you have more epic nature, but its Hurt to admit:(
West Virginia
pros (this is hard)
1.Lots of ATV trails
2. Decent place for hunting and fishin

1. Coal companies dump their toxic shit on everything
2. Most people are tight assed, religious conservatives (though they're usually pretty friendly as long as you pretend to agree that Obama is a soulless nigger terrorist nazi muzlum commie bastard who is trying to make coal illegal
> Antwerp - Flanders - Belgium

> the weather in belgium sucks most of the time
> flanders if flat
> the largest forrest in antwerp is not much more than a square km
> i have to sit 3.5 hours on trains to get to some "decent" forest in the south of belgium
> still cant walk more than a km straight without walking in a paved road
> still cant walk more than 300 meters straight without bumping in a forest road
> nowhere wild camping allowed
> nowhere and never fires allowed

> nothing good to say, maybe only that the netherlands have it worse probably, but thats about it, these are the two worst /out/ countries in the world, prove me wrong...

Fuck this shit i need to leave asap

but at least they have weed
it seems like a lot of our European brothers have a difficult time finding wilderness. I've seen a lot of UK sc/out/s say this too.

Is it just all overdeveloped? When I think of Europe, I think of castles and forests and coastal cliffs, etc. I'm not saying it's all that way, but if figured it's obtainable within 1-2 hours from most locations.

Also, a lot of survival/bushcraft youtubers seem to be from over there, so whats up with that?

What difficulties other than development is there?
Good weather all year round
Great Beaches
Some nice green areas up north

Really small
90% chance you always find someone in almost every /out/ place

>pic related
>Allowed to camp wherever we want whenever we want
This is such a nice thing, man, are other europeans allowed to do the same there, or it's only for locals?

If I had land up there I would not like much having people in my woods though.
AK here

>365 million acres of public /out/
>Great fishing inland and offshore
>Great hunting for all sorts of ungulates
>Everyone you meet is fairly capable /out/
>Beautiful scenery
>Dat free oil money

>Moose the size of trucks all over the place
>Bears the size of cars on all good salmon rivers
>Weather can go crazy and kill you
>Gasoline $6/gallon unless in town
>Want to go next town over? Hire a plane.
NSW Australia

extensive coasts great fishing and diving opportunities
Australian alps
Awesome landmarks
Easiest mountain to climb if you're doing the seven summits

Heavily restricted hunting, fishing, camping
Drop bears

Sometimes it doesn't snow
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>Northern California
>sonoma county

+It's absolutely beautiful around here from late September- Mid June, the flora and fauna are gorgeous and full

+Lots of parks around here, with huge diversification in species. An hour one way and you'll be in the redwoods and ferns, an hour another way you'll be in desert forest that is reminiscent of the savannah or the outback. We're also less than an hour from the coast and about three to five hours from Tahoe.

-The only places you're legally allowed to camp are 30x30 lots off to the side of the road in most places.

-There aren't woods like there are back east. Everything is too developed. If you find some wilderness off a back road, there's bound to be a farm, factory, or neighborhood within a mile.

It's different further north, but in my area, there's only a few good places.

Pic related, off trail in Armstrong woods, no filter.
Its minnesota dude. Maybe not -60f, thats a little extreme. But the point is that it gets extremely cold.
>Diverse landscape, unique biomes (sonora desert, tonto national forest, ponderosa forests, mountains)
>Hiking, Mt biking trails everywhere
>gun freedom, OC and CC without permit

>wetbacks (chandler and all of phoenix)
>white trash (mesa and apache junction)
>summer heat
Everyone does, swedish or not!
Well yeah but the law says you can camp at any property as long as you don't disturb the owner. So no camping in someone's garden without permission, but if you asked I'm sure they would let you. No shitting, no sawing down trees that aren't yours etc. /Out/doorsy people know the proper etiquette, I believe, so it is really no problem.
There's a great place where I live called Hjörnered, some lakes with islands etc, and the owner always leaves some wood ready to set a campfire for all the /out/ folks. He even takes a canoe to the islands and leaves some wood there so that canoers can camp on islands.
Otago, NZ
>reasonably mild weather
>central Otago is wonderfully warm in summer, beautifully frozen in winter
>beautiful lakes and rivers for kayaking, swimming and trout fishing
>lots of day walks and 2-5 day trips with good hut facilities, but still a good variety of wild-ness
>good skiing/boarding in winter
>alpine and glacial terrain (check out Siberia Valley)
>temperate rainforest
>native bush feels prehistoric sometimes
>nice beaches, for the 3 months or so they're warm enough to enjoy
>rabbit, deer, tahr, goat, chamois, wild pig and duck all available for hunting
>hunting culture is based on tracking and stalking prey, not sitting in a blind jerking off until a deer walks into your field of view
>coastal fishing
>no ticks, no poisonous animals, only two kinds of poisonous spider found in specific places, no predators

>although weather is mild, it tends to change quickly- always pack wet weather gear and one more warm layer than you think you'll need
>gear is a bit expensive compared to overseas
>so is petrol, often biggest cost of trips unless you're taking quite a few people
>the "Great Walks" are expensive tourist traps
fuck west virginia. unhappiest state in the country

diverse variety of wilderness
robust /out/ culture throughout the state

rampant meth addiction
lots of tourists/indians/people who disrespect the land
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From today's hike
File: WP_000335.jpg (1 MB, 2592x1944) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>people who disrespect the land

You sound like a faggot. I'm going to bring household garbage and Mercury thermometers to my national forest and scatter it around in your honor.

Forests forever
North of portland is very sparsely populated.
Lots of freshwater springs, lakes and rivers.
Rural coastlines allow for great oceanside camping.
Many hidden gems that many people don't know about.
Four seasons worth of activities.
Very lax gun laws.

A lot of the land is privately owned by people from away who don't allow any use at all.
More and more wind farms often ruining scenic views. (that could be argued both ways tbqh)
Not far enough away from Massachusetts so their filth spills over.
Spooky Stephen King stories.
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Pros- lots of lakes and rivers the further north you go, Great Lakes are great for fishing and sailing, the forests of the UP are large and great for hunting and camping. Mackinac island is probably the most beautiful spot in the Midwestern U.S. Also got 'dem dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan

Cons- the lower peninsula is really urbanized near the Port Huron and Detroit ( but still a lot of rivers for fishing and canoeing)

Not OP but:

Ontario(SW), Canada:

-800 km trail from Niagara to Tobermory.
-Hardly any dangerous wildlife. A few black bear sighted now and then, no fuckhuge spiders, only one type of dangerous snake(which is only present on the Bruce Peninsula), no ticks (but they are supposedly coming).

-No mountains.
-Suburban sprawl spreading like cancer, cities filled with immigrants. The 401 into GTA is the busiest highway in the world.
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Whats the job market like in Alaska?
>illegal to camp
>illegal to make a campfire
Far north QLD, Australia

Lots of space.
Diverse ecology.
Near the sea. (if you'd risk swimming)

Hot as fuck in summer.
Hot as fuck in winter.
80% humidity 80% of the time.
No fossils.
Gets cold here, and lake effect snow is no joke.
Had drifts of ~7 feet two years ago, made it a bitch to feed/water chickens every night.
>illegal to camp
Just find a quiet place and you'll be fine

>illegal to make a campfire
You don't need it desu
The UK has been farmed for centuries which means that a lot of the lowland has been cleared of forests and is mainly farmland. Upland areas (Peak district, Snowdonia, Lake district, Dartmoor, Cairngorms) are generally devoid of anything other than heather, bracken and short grass due to hiil farming of sheep, burning of grouse moor and deer stalking. There are still forests of course, but because of the farming and the size of the country they are fairly small. Castles and coastal cliffs are plentiful.
ITT exaggerating the conditions where you're from to sound cool to anonymous internet strangers.
not specifically out related but don't they have weird laws about beer on tap in Utah?
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Massif des Bauges.jpg
1 MB, 2133x1403

_Very diverse places with moutains both high (Pyrenees, Alps) and low (Massif Central, Vosges); beaches with white sands (Corsica, Provence, even Brittany with a whole different climate) or "regular", with rocks, good to swim or with huge cliffs (Etretat) ; forests (Brocéliande, Landes forest), hills (sleeping volcanoes included), plains (Beauce), canyons (Gorges du Verdon/Tarn/Ardèche/Bourne), plateaux (Larzac, Aubrac), caves (Aven-Arman/Proumeyssac/Padirac etc) and many more.

-Also diverse climates since the country is right between the north and south of the continent and borders an ocean and 2 seas.

Cons: As pretty much everywhere in Western Europe even though there are tons of beautiful places it's really hard to go somewhere truly "wild". So it's safer to roam but seeing human traces when you're trying to get away is annoying.
And beware it's full of French
Honestly, it's not that polluted. Maybe there's some pesticides but nothing a normal human being can't stomach. That really grinds my gears is the insurmountable amount of fudd lore people seem to hold onto here
Is Maine more affordable to live in compared to Mass and Connecticut?
>-60 is the norm

>-60 is the coldest temperature ever recorded in the state

Not really supporting your point there m8
>full with French
French people are fine, disgusting kebab terror cunts are the problem
Portland is really expensive and coastal houses are millionaire status. Once you leave those areas the prices drop greatly.
Any eastern PA bros around? Looking for some sweet hiking spots
I live in northern Minnesota and we do get a lot of snow, but 60 below with 8 feet is a stretch.
God tier hunting and fishing
Huge tracts of national forest
Some pollution in the Gulf (mostly cleared up)
Ungodly hot and humid in the summer
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