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Hey /out/, headed to Iceland for a week.
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I will be going to the following things:

Golden Circle
Þingvellir National Park
Blue Lagoon
Solheimajokull Glacier and the South Shore

I need to know what clothes to buy cause it will be next Autumn and I plan to do as much as possible. Also what should I do in Reykjavik?
Late answerm I know

Go for a double-layer of softshell.. Went to Iceland last year in september, the temperature was okay, 5-8C, but the wind was a frickin killer. The native clothes are also awesome, a felted shirt which keep the wind and cold out. If you're going innawoods, remeber that offroad-driving is strictly prohibited, and they'll fine you for it. Scarf, beanie and softshell
One good pair of long john silvers should do you
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MGTOW freeman.jpg
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The funny thing about iceland is that the women are total whores for american men.

The big problem though is that this makes the men a nation of total cu'cks.
They will blame you for this even though its not your fault you fucked their hot women .
Protip: they dont even really have marriage over there.
The men have given up.
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MGTOW cathedral.jpg
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Cuckjavic is a teenage drunken pukefest on the weekends.
No one ever goes out till midnight then they are puking drunk by 2am.
>let me tell you about my cuck fetish
You will need the following:
>Black jeans
>Black a-shirt
>Combat boots
>White facepaint
>Black facepaint
>Scandiboos like you are scum and should be eliminated
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>the wind was a frickin killer

I was there in May 2007. I experienced wind, rain, sleet, sun, snow, wind.

If you are going to be outside a lot, were a cotton baselayer. Do not wear cotton pants. I have some quick dry Columbia pants that worked great. They are not windproof though, thus the baselayer to hold in some heat.

Similar for the top. Don't pack a parka. Be sure to bring a waterproof light jacket and wear layers underneath it.

It is too windy for an umbrella.

Pic is blue lagoon
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Also, you should see 'Old Faithful - Iceland edition' They are less clever and just named it 'Geysir'
Know how the currency converts. Everything you think is cheap is actually expensive as fuck. their biggest income is tourism so steer clear of gift shops and buy handmade junk
Where the fuck is Iceland
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You called?
I ate almost nothing but pickled marinated herring the whole time I was there .
Cheap and super high quality
Lmao Ameritard detected
The funny think is that you're talking out of your ass. All of the arctic countries hate ameros
Right next to greenway which it is often confused with
You mean Greenland you fucking amerifat?
Love the scandis
>. All of the arctic countries hate ameros

The men do yes, the women secretly want to bang us.
This is why they yell "whore" and the women seen talking to americans in public.

I LOVE watching them get angry.
The best part is they want to kick my ass but all you have to say is "hey man I dont want to fight" and they walk away with head down.
You are so full of shit.
No one there likes the brown american mutts.
Citation needed
Where the fuck is greenway?
Citation is that is where I used to play when I lived in NYC
You could get a round trip ticket for 200 bucks from JFK
Had trouble getting laid in new york back then.
Had ZERO trouble in cuckjavic
Next to Iceworld, with which it is often confused
Dude, google "picking up women in iceland"
In the 90s its where american men went for their bachelor parties.
Unless things have changed drastically since then, its just about the easiest place on planet earth to have sex with a beautiful woman without paying for it.
I will admit though that I have not been there in over 10 years.
I hope things have not changed.
Best one night stands of my life TBQHWY
No. You are wrong. No one wants half breed mulattos or fat white ameritards.
Hmm you seem to young to have been cucked by an american... is it possible your father was an american tourist and your mom never even got is name?
How old are you?
Wouldnt it be crazy if I was your dad?
Are you between 13 and 19?
ITT: daydreaming fat ameriburgers with a cuck fetish
Well I can tell you that Iceland is any cuckers dream come true.
All the children are born out of wedlock and have been for generations.
No one really knows for sure who their father is .

>No one really knows for sure who their father is

actually its pretty easy, just look at their last name you dumb american
Yes but even when the last name is Flujenkraapen, the actual father is Jeremy Smith from Minnesota


if you're going to shitpost at least do your research

icelandic surnames are patronymic
Whatever you want, cuck.
Please share more.
Do I, as a latino handsome man, have a chance in fucking some ice pussy?
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>be me early 90s
>go to Iceland to see my bro who is stationed at Keflavik Air Station.
>get laid 3 times by random sluts in 7 days.
>Couple years later see bjork on tv
>realize my american dick has been inside an icelandic national treasure.
How was night parties?
How did you approach them?
Do they speak english there?
Most of them speak perfect english, better than an american from a southern state.

Bars on the strip.
Dont even bother going out till midnight.
By dawn those fuckers are puking in the street. They have a machine like a tiny zamboni that cleans puke off the sidewalk.
Driving drunk was not really illegal last time I was there, everyone was doing it.
And yes I think they will fuck a latino as long as he presents well.
Seems pretty nice.
I will go with a white friend, I'm afraid going there alone and get bashed by some native for this. If we don't score, is prostitution illegal there?
Also, I'm not actually a "mexican latino" type.
Actually a "mediterranean caucasian" latino type.
Happy new year, american buddy.
You will do fine, they are actually looking for men that dont look like all the men they have known their whole lives.
They are not at all racist like the shitposter in this thread seems to imply.
Even if a viking wants to fight you, they will only engage if you are into it.
They would never just give you a beatdown , there is almost no crime there.
Wow, what a beautiful and touching story.
4chan bringing father and son together after all these years.
And the stupid media still thinks this is a place only for serial killers and paedophiles.
Thank you american bro.
Cuck meme jokes aside, I will do my best to breed icelandic pussy with my seed.
Maybe I can make the next national treasure, just like you with Björk.
Damn, I can't wait till november vacations.
You are way better off going in spring or summer.
The rut is off the hook
Which months are the best mont?
I was planning to go late in the year.
Also, do you know if prostitution is a legal thing?
I dont think there are any hookers because so many give it away for free.
Go to amsterdam for amazing hookers,
Any time from late spring through the summer is nice in iceland.
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2 MB, 3264x2448
American semen is the national treasure of iceland.
They gather it up in underground ice caves and wait for the MGtOW apocalypse
Iceland is one big meme
going there will be a big let down
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Thread images: 10
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