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My son has shown interest in being a farmer, and his school district doesn't offer agriculture courses or FFA anymore, so I've been on the hunt for online courses for him. However, the luck hasn't been good. Any ideas guys?
Self bump sorry guys
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this board's slow as shit, no need to bump.

here's my suggestion
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I'm taking Ag and Hort classes at my local community college. How old is he? I would recommend starting a small raised bed vegetable garden in your backyard. It could be a really cool learning and bonding experience for yall

This is a very slow board. Topics tend to stay up for some days if not longer. So no need to bump.
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don't bother, whether you do courses or actually go to school for it makes no difference, it's both lacking in technical analysis and realism.

go to a farmer that has years of experience, you'll learn more that way.

either way you need naturalist Intelligence for it, learning to understand how thinks work isn't as good as understanding them instinctively.
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and please don't start with shitty raised beds and do something like a hugelkultur instead.

unless your aim is to be average or below.

Who needs a course, its not like you need a degree to be hired as a farmer.

Just torrent relevant texts that cover the topics he's interested in.

Go on amazon, find a textbook that suites you, and then go on http://gen.lib.rus.ec/ and download it for free.

Other than that, if you're looking for something that takes more of a lecture format, check out websites like udemy and other online course websites.
>its not like you need a degree to be hired as a farmer.
you do in western europe.
Try Coursera?
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OOoooh my Doge!!
,your just in Time!, Classtarts on February 2!
,, http://www.periandsons.com/about-join.php
,,Feb 2 is general inroll date,, and they MUST take you First. USA USA!, maybe learning Fieldwork ,unless, you have Driverslicense,, then you get 15$hour learning, "Tractor Husbandry".
,,, and that raised bedstuff??, MILES of it,, allorganic!
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just a 5 minute bike ride to "home, BLM., Check that Highmeadow east of Yerington!, "Home!
pic>graffitity, Kickit Over!
, theres also an Actual extension of UNR here for that Booky feel.
,,, Warn him abouthe dangers of the KIT KAT Brothel,, HOT babes!, pricey drinks,, fully tested and run by LyonSheriffs. never a trap.
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>bike ride
but why Bike? when you can,, FURY ROAD!! WITNESSSLUT!
,, thats right, if you can startit,, you can Driveit!(on BLM), dogsled? GO!, horse? GO!,,tanks? goslow., flameing triengine turbo batmobile with spikes?? GO ! GO! GOOO!
,, for saftey concerns, the flameing part, should be curtailed in brushy areas.
,NO license required/
Contact your local state/ISDA extension officem the best go to source for all things agriculture related, and it is all paid by your tax dollars.
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I really like ur posts!
> fucking juvenile hero worship bullshit

You hate your dad, don't you?
That's officially the dumbest thing I've read on out. Holy shit. Really? You have any idea how many farmers in the US would be totally fucked if they needed degrees? I live in a rural southern state and most farmers here barely graduate high school before inheriting their parents farm land and doing what they were raised to.
> mfw Western Europe imports more food than they grow

So, no.
>America is The Bread Basket of the Workd.

Ya'll yawl can eat bread. I will eat Tewas beef, Virgina ham and wild salmon from Alaska!

> fucking doughies
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50, days, till spring!
,,,50,,Bonus prep days! HAnds UP!,, streeeEEETCH!,
,can you guess the rainfall to come?, what will the price of onions be?,, can lawyers stop the flow of Ag pumps?,,, can you shoot a lawyer at 100 yards?, soil status?
, Anywho,, first year lesson is, Weeding, bugs and dripline fun.
,second year lesson is, Purchasing farm,, with moneys from first year.
>puts corn syrup in bread
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Texas A&M extension has some courses available IIRC. Google 'em. I hate the hell out of Aggies, but I do respect that system.
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It might be a good idea to learn a bit about unconventional farming as well.


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Jobs,, exces jobs.
,,, and Farmy Law lets you camp in Whatever you bring or build.
, or, Just Camp BLM!

,capcha> chose,, wheelchairs
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what huh hay who.jpg
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horse trailer.jpg
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work 012.jpg
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36 days, till SPRING!,, oil up!
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some farms "Hire during the winter,, to insure theres not enough USA workers,, so "Must hire Greencards!,
, getyour applications in NoW!
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>My son has shown interest in being a farmer

Do you have an abundance of land or money? If not teach him to garden and don't get his hopes up.

4H, at least were i live, is shit these days.
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americans heep.jpg
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front brakes.jpg
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How the fuck was that the grand champion market lamb? Are there no sheep in Nevada?

Its a good lamb, but it should never win best in show.
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sheep here,, are bred, to a diffeerent standard., docile in bed while maintaining an elfish gleem in the eyes .
,, OK! what needs to upgrade?, justo thin?,,neck length?
,,, its a small race,, i "BlueRibbon Squash",,, i guess were the special olympics, of Farmy.
Why not let him work on a farm? It's hard work but if he's okay with that everything else will come naturally.
My brothers and I worked on a farm in the summers so my parents didn't have to pay for a babysitter... such is life in WI.
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rescue GOAT!.jpg
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4 hourses.jpg
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log art.jpg
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don't listen to this guy

If you don't already have land it will be hard for sure however not impossible, I have just bought a small farm in Wales, like your son it was my dream to have a farm, I grew up in the countryside but my parents moved to the city when I was young teenager, always wanted to return, so went after high paying job instead of the agro courses and lived a very cheap life, fast forward 10 years and I own my farm, its hard and long road but holy shit am I happy.
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Do listen to that guy because I am fucking right. I've grown up watching my family pretend to be farmers. If you don't own land,your boy will never be a farmer. Somewhere down the line your family may become farmers,but for now your boy will never be one.

There is nothing wrong with not being a farmer, i've been a farm hand since I was in middle school. It is hard brutal work, you destroy your body, and the pay sucks.

Meanwhile my uncle is a fucking school teacher who will tell anyone within earshot about his "farm" and will invite you over on the weekend to see him dressed up in overalls and muckboots while feeding his milk goats. As much as I hate people like him, he really is doing it right. He has never stood on the back of a hay rack in 105F weather, his livelihood isn't tied to the weather, and he still gets to post on Facebook about how much of a "farmer" he is.

To summarize
>your boy will never make a farmer
>your boy will live in or slightly above poverty trying to get enough land to live off of
>your boy will destroy his body chasing a fools dream
>your boy CAN be a "farmer"
>your boy CAN own a "farm"
>your boy CAN live a good life without killing himself along the way

Buy him a cow and till up a small garden.
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3hose pastulipa.jpg
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WOOOOooHO!,, just pullup there!,
,,any "Farm",, IS, FARM!,, bean sprouts ismall.
,most farm land is Leased from owners,,, theres LOTS of land just sitting., water is Key., lease your neigbors lawn,, withose rights.,
>high paying job instead of agro
>10 years and I own my farm
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Kale at 15$pound?,, window box JOY!
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ranch 007.jpg
3 MB, 4608x3456
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lamma herd.jpg
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lama cria.jpg
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If you don't think putting in 10 years of effort to follow a dream is worth it then so be it, however I did and was well worth it now sitting cozy with 48 hectares of mixed grazing(sheep) and crop land, with enough in investments to not worry too much. Some people aren't cut out to follow their dreams I guess.
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i LOVE you!
,, what im saying is anyone can just go out and start Farmy., may not pay for CRAP!, but you can start cutting your food bill and eating better.
,,a "Real" farmer has Lawyers, Farmhands, drivers, meteoroligists, hydrologists, dentists, doctors, politicians, statisticians, jesters......etc. on the payroll.
, Big Farmy mind is OVERLOAD!
,,,, small farm is heaven.
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you can sign up for a free month of all the courses available on The Great Courses website. they have 2-3 growing/gardening courses on there that stream for free
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soil massage.jpg
361 KB, 1095x594
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Twooooooo weeeeeeks. 2 weeks? TOOWEAKS!
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The Martian,, gets it easy on Mars, growing potatos.
,,,Try HardMODE!, Nevada.
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Wilson Crayon.jpg
497 KB, 1517x798
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onions infinite.jpg
1 MB, 2144x1608
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4am till 7pm.jpg
528 KB, 2241x1076
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RIP in Peices.jpg
185 KB, 765x437
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Do you ever take your helmet off?
If I take off that mask, will you die?
File: BLM.jpg (1 MB, 2805x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2805x1600
it would be,, very painfull,,,,4U.
File: BLmeer.jpg (870 KB, 2151x1192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
870 KB, 2151x1192
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741 KB, 2407x1250
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555 KB, 2237x1076
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>KIT KAT Brothel
a bastion of Debauchery!!,, cleanat a fair price.,
,,LAST weekend!, almostime to Putup, or just stay home another year.,
,,, sure you can work harvest,, but Spring is where the fun starts., and it starts soon.,
,howill your farm Gamble?, plant for drought?,,ride the purple carrots craze?, fuel price low?,, water?,,,,WATER?????!
do, "position applied for>All".
File: brushoff.jpg (700 KB, 1629x1417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
700 KB, 1629x1417
bring your camera.,,
, gethe shoots i cant.,, deepunderground, in the Hugh caverns, HUGH!,, rocky steep gorges bristling with Quartz., the high medows full of antelope.
,,, my pics dontalk of the true /out/ here.
,isolated feeling?,then bug Out to Tahoe,, for a show!,, KitKats is on the way home., What? , just a drink!, i swear.,mmmm Dem Tittys!
File: tonto.jpg (495 KB, 1667x1403) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
495 KB, 1667x1403
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457 KB, 1437x1078
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munch train.jpg
1 MB, 2144x1608
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Mc Donalds look.jpg
396 KB, 1373x837
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Mc Calf.jpg
490 KB, 1933x837
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fine wine.jpg
1 MB, 2141x1301
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704 KB, 1853x681
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What the fuck is this thread?
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a response, to the endless,,>NOLIFE threads.
,,Farmy!, you may have to, fly in PIC.
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Hireing season is short,,, and Early!
,, NOW! is the time to Apply.
,,, 10$ hourstart weeding., 15$ driver.,, 100$ Photographer< OOPS, too late! MYJOB!!
Pure gold, anon.
.999 pure gold.
Look into permaculture. It's a a form of sustainable agriculture that can be done on any scale. There's a few courses out there, and a growing community who are very eager to share information. Alternatively he could take a horticulture based course. Farming is just horticulture on a large scale, the crop side of it anyway. Learn how to grow plants and your half way to becoming a farmer. He can also use this to make a decent living and save up for a mortgage with some land. There are lots of non farming horticulture jobs anywhere you go. If he can get a government job in something like a parks department he could even make a pretty decent living before starting his farm.

Good let these annons bring your hopes for your boy down. If he's determined he'll find a way
wew lad, all these horsies starting to turn me on!
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I live in Florida, and permaculture is all the rage. Listen to this anon.
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what the fuck am I seeing here
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Avoid horses at all costs unless you're comfortable with, at best, making even on your investments. There is next to no money in keeping them if they're yours, and there's more profitable things to do with empty pasture than board other people's animals.

Of course if you've been bit by the equestrian bug then you're going to get some because you want them, regardless of whether or not they'll make any money. And there's nothing wrong with that. But from a business perspective, horses are not worth it.
Sunday,,, time to kiss Mom bye.
."will i ever see you again?"
,,,"what does your heartell you?"
Why do you type like an autistic spic?
thanks,, /out/,, for not slaping the tard tomuch.
,Farmi,, the wayof love.
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