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Let's get another /out/ feels thread
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Let's get another /out/ feels thread

>tfw live in city and rarely go fishing or /out/ anymore
>tfw no one to go /out/ with
>tfw school and work will get in the way of going /out/ for a couple more years

Someday soon
>work ten hours a day to pay for that truck you're restoring so you can go /out/
>working ten hours a day six days a week cuts into your /out/ time
>Be me
>Work 64-80 hour pay periods
>Bay 10 minute drive from house; fish at least twice a week
>Mountains / desert 45 minute drive in either direction
>Can choose from chaparral, forest or desert biomes
>Every other weekend off to do some overnight dispersed camping

Everything went better than expected.
>be 23
>live at home
>live in desert no where to go
>no job
>watch tv all day
>going traveling with some friends to Louisiana
>next month needs to come faster
>tfw you live in a shitty suburb and can't afford to move to a rural forested area
>move from FL to GA for grad school
>finally, surrounded by interesting outdoors areas!
>I live in the only /out/-starved part of Georgia (NE), where the only decent backpacking spots are at least 1.5hrs drive away

At least I have 4 day weekends this semester. Can't wait until it warms up.
>tfw work at an outdoors shop and can get all kinds of gearwhore goodies for cheap
>don't live near any really good /out/ areas
>"thousands" (i get 60-80% off retail price) of dollars worth of top quality outdoor gear that I rarely get a chance to use
>flexible work hours, no study, no gf holding me here
>don't have the balls to just up and leave to travel around my country for a month or 2
>be in good shape
>great state park 15min from me
>none of my friends work traditional schedules
>none of my friends can hike, bike, or camp with me
>fat fiance who won't be /out/

>being alone in the wilderness isn't too bad
>finally get to move /out/
>rural farm. live in basement
>go from out to /x/ in 4 months of winter
>see aliems
>move back
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>fishing trip
>religiously check the weather in both your town and destination twice a day leading up to the trip
>all clear and sunny predictions, no rain on radar
>drive 5 hours to get there
>starts raining the very minute you show up
>rains on and off for the next 3 days
>read countless innawoods stories
>go /out/ constantly in hopes of encountering a wendigo, skinwalker, tommyknocker, etc
>enjoy living in Colorado regardless of the lack of /x/ in my life
>feels alright, man
I feel you, bruh.

I've heard of some spooky shit near Cheyenne Mountain.
>want to live in awesome city
>80 hour/week job prevents all city activities
>quit job and go /out/ for 2 months walking across the United States
>hate cities because of NO place to sleep at all with tents
So many conflicted emotions gawd dammet
>Nowhere to go
>Outdoor thread
U wot m8?
Please tell me about Cheyenne mountain.
>tfw I live in fucking Buenos Aires
>tfw no damn forest to hike in near
>tfw I have to travel 1500km to reach the Andes

It's just so expensive, but I'll move out once I can
camp on roofs if your dead set on tent sleeping

also: there is always greenspace you can find, I rarely have problems when I do this.

>find restaurant
>wait till they close
>climb ladder onto roof
>camp on roof

whoa, roofmind
where do you work m8

i need gear
>tfw girlfriend used to be scout and knows her /out/ stuff
>tfw she's also a nurse
>tfw went togheter on a 7 month trip through Argentina, Bolivia and Peru

>feels good man
You saw an ayy lmao?
>sierra de la ventana, sierras de tandil, delta del tigre, isla martin garcia
>cordoba has also decent hiking trails
>tfw want to LARP
I can get my /out/ and /tg/ fixes all at once
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>ftw no qt3.14 trap camping buddy
Fish bite best in the rain, at least they do where I live.
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proceed with your story.
>want to hitchhike around the western US to see amazing nature
>afraid I wont be able to conversate for hours with strangers
thats why you travel brother. The more you do it the more stories you will have to tell new people.
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>be me
>still in gymnasium
>just moved away from home this summer
>in a tiny village far far north in norway
>have no gear
>have no money to order cool shit online
>only outdoor gear shop sell only clothes
>no car
>no gf
>no money from parents
>no job
>school takes all my free time
>want to go outing so bad but i cant
atleast my millitary service is coming up in a few months, then i'll get to play in the woods
I'd go with you bud.
anon I am terrible with talking to people and I did/do this with no problems

it's different when you're far away from home, you fall out of all these self assigned roles you didn't even know you made for yourself
>tfw you're walking back up the trail
>tfw back to reality
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>start to hear cars on the highway.
I don't get the 'is that a black person?'
Is it because black people don't go hiking?
I honestly haven't seen a black person anytime I've gone /out/ and I live in the US
I've literally never seen anyone who wasn't pasty white on the trail
I run into black folk now and then while out hiking, they're almost always fishing though not camping or backpacking or anything.
>living in the city far north for uni
>used to live in the country down south
>I miss walking near foot in the grass for long walks
>would look up and see a blanket of stars
>I would listen to the sound of the evening and feel good.
>my walks now all take place on city streets.
>I can't see anything but the red haze of the city night sky
>all I hear is traffic so I put head phones in and listen to music
>it's too cold to casually hang out outdoors
>everyone here just wants to stay inside all the time

Or playing MTG >>450041
Oh, I had wet weather gear and did alright fishing, just the whole aspect of camping for multiple days in the rain being miserable, trying to keep a fire going etc. Wasn't fun but no way I was going home after the long drive.
>just set up camp after a day hiking
>everything hurts
>sit on a small stool I had lugged for the whole weekend
>stool collapses, I fall on my ass
>have to carry a broken stool on my back for the rest of the weekend
>tfw I just lost my dog to lyme

That's rough, anon. I hope you feel better soon.
> tfw only great outdoors buddy movies across the state
> tfw when only remaining outdoors person doesn't even like the outdoors, just has nothing better to do
> tfw not hiking mountains because always get bailed on
>tfw week long snowshoe trip in two weeks
>tfw 4 exams in between now and trip
Where are you going to in Louisiana?
Go by yourself, Its what I have resorted too.
>find outdoorsy qt3.14
>she goes to national parks alot
>invite her camping
>only does built up spots
>Later ask her out
>does not want to be in relationship while in college
>constant tease in actions
>at least will still go hiking now and then
got skype anon? :3
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Thread images: 7
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