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The most feeling car post ever written will...
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The most feeling car post ever written will be made in this thread
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>Drive boy dog boy
>Dirty numb angel boy
>In the doorway boy
>She was a-lipstick boy
>She was a-beautiful boy
>And tears boy
>And all in your inner space boy
>You had hands girls boy
>And steel boy
>You had chemicals boy
>I've grown so close to you boy
>And you just groan boy
>She said come over come over
>She smiled at you boy
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>tfw you don't even get a kiss goodnight and this happens
*kisses you*
Thanks anon, but I've gotten plenty of other kisses since that happened. It was just shitty to be driving home kicking myself for being so beta and promptly getting hit-and-ran by some ass in a pickup truck.
>tfw no qt car
>my dad died in the car i was driving him in
Prob an unmolested Foxbody Mustang or almost anythign with popups and a decent bodystyle/engine
The last driving feels moment I had:

>Driving home, late night
>Been raining all day, now it's just really cold
>No other cars
>Dark as pitch outside, total overcast
>Driving my worn out '86 Mazda
>Took all the money I had left
>I patch it together every weekend to keep it running
>Haven't spoken to another human in days
>The Cure on the radio
>Realize I will die like this, one the road, alone and forgotten
>tfw just have to keep driving
Do you have a picture of your car anon? :3
>driving Hemi through hills late at night
>grill i met 20 minutes before
>rumbling exhaust and broken window
>40 minute drive turns into a lifetime of what ifs and good nostalgic thoughts
>gf cheated
>start up big block truck
>let it idle up to op temps, pondering the journey ahead
>quick check of phone gps tells how much longer
>670 miles
>nice damp spring morning in New England
>chirp the tires on the way out with link related playing

I was in vehicular nirvana.
>So ur with ur honey and yur making out
>wen the phone rigns.
>U anser it n the vioce is "wut r u doing wit my daughter?"
>U tell ur girl n she say "my dad is ded".
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>you are back to being 18 and the only way to get out of your shitty life is through school
>you got back results that your test scores are not good enough for good colleges
>youre now going to have to go to a low state school or community college
>youll have to be a pizza guy
>You now have to drive home in your 250,000 mile plus 1999 subaru outback with problems on an empty dark mountain road to tell your parents of the horrible life to come
>mfw this is my life
Never in my life have I read something so painfully millenial
>Mommy , Daddy
>I have to go to a state University with all the PLEBEIANS

fuck off m8
>"Mom, dad, I'm not getting into Harvard"
>"Is that all, sweetie? I wish you'd just told us that on the phone earlier. We were so worried when you wouldn't tell us the bad news."
>"Yeah champ, don't sweat it. You really should have just spent the night with your friend in town and driven back in the daytime instead of going through the pass in the dark, though."
>be me
>summer before senior year
>don't have many friends
>one happens is a qt, year older than me
>she appreciates cars but doesn't know much about them
>me and dad are fixing up a 70 nova ss
>396, some 4 speed, runs flawlessly
>interior is slightly not aids, replaced seats and installed modern headunit
>body is aids. rusted patina green
>arrange with qt to chill
>drive nova to her house. she knows about it but has never seen it
>roll up to her house and ring doorbell
>she answers, sees nova on the street
>"omg anon is that your car? Its so cool! what car is it? can we go for a drive?"
>already overjoyed she can look past the shitty body
>we get in the nova
>"anon this reminds me of my grandma's car, its like a firebird or something"
>start her up, glorious big block rumble
>first time using headunit, que brown eyed girl on phone
>speakers are shit, clearly havent been replaced since the 70's
>never in my life have I heard a more beautiful combination of sounds. Brown eyed girl on shitty 70's speakers, the V8 roar and the laughter of qt was nothing short of sublime
>drive around the neighborhood, letting glorious 396 sing whenever possible
>had the biggest fucking grin on my face
>get back to her house
>"that car is so cool anon!"
>play games and watch movies until like 10 pm
>drive home
>realize that was the most fun I've had with a girl
>realize I probably won't experience anything better than that
>realize she doesn't love me and never will
I really liked that nova
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>meet this nice girl at a buddy's party he had to beg me to come to.
>"Wait, you have a cool car? You gotta drive me home anon!"
>After it end we begin to leave and she see's my 240.
>"Cute car anon, this is type of car you have sex in!"

Took her out to food and then dropped her off. 2 days later I learned she had a boyfriend and I
Girls will flake on you man, but /o/ has tough me your car will never cheat on you, is just as high maintenance as a girlfriend, and you can race in it, can you race in a girlfriend? case in point
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>hanging out with my buddy
>decided to go to new thrift shop that just opened up
>decide to take a back road since rush hour just started
>it starts pissing down the rain
>we get on the back road
>the rain almost completely stops
>decide to have a bit of fun in my new '98 FWD shitbox I got a while back
>we were flying down this back road with a river on one side and a mountain on the other
>suddenly 90 degree turn
>enter it too fast
>completely lose control
>we were heading toward the river when I got some control back
>steer back the other way
>slide into the mountain
>airbags deploy, car comes to a dead stop in the road
>put my hazards on and help my friend out
>it's dark, raining, I just totaled a car I've only had for 3 months, and I nearly killed my best friend
>stand in the rain hugging my best friend and crying

>pic related, it's the car
Have fun fucking your tailpipe
had that moment with a best friend in an s13 except i was the passenger, we were just happy that eachother was okay, wear seatbelts
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I still haven't driven up that same road since then. I've learned to slow way the fuck down though... much to the annoyance of the old rednecks who need to get to the bp station because "HURRR MUH TRUCK N' DIESEL, ROLL COAL WHEEEU". Not as bad as the tourists from Florida though.
Being someone from Alberta I am very familiar with what you are saying about buttmad truckfags. It's very amusing living here, during a dry sunny day in the winter they all drive generally pretty normal. But as soon as it starts bilzzarding, raining, or is otherwise a dangerous driving condition, the dickwaving/who can die the fastest contest begins. Suddenly you have brotrucks passing you going 40 over the speed limit in a blizzard with no visibility. I have no clue why people do this, but it is really amusing
I bet you fucken ruined it with a bunch of big and some kandi applez paint, and chip foose rims.
>Thinking rusty patina is AIDS.
Sounds like that girl knew better.
>Father past away in the super duty I inherited
I kind of ktf bro
>tfw dirty gassers take your diesel pump
What is it with people wrecking shit boxes on dirt roads. I swear I pull one out of the ditch on my road every month. Even my roommate has eaten shit in his caviqueer 1 turn before my house. Stop pretending you're a racecar driver on my damn road if you can't handle your shit.
when my GF dumped me I just sat in my room and huffed spray paint for like two weeks straight, glad to see you handled it ok
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When you boost by gear




He peacefully slipped away when i was driving him home. I thought he was so drunk he fell asleep in the car. Didn't realize he died until i got out of the car and tried to wake him up
That's a better death than many
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>tfw you know that no matter how bad life gets and no matter how many people let you down you can always get in your car and leave

when you boots in automatic

>press gas
File: 1377827636743.gif (2 MB, 240x182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 240x182

more like automagic
TFW your first kiss turns into a lifelong obsession with the past and the thrills you had with your first.

TFW the majority if the time you spent with her was in your car.

Then you find out the whole time she's cheating on you, and you're mad, so you steal some things, get caught up in a felony charge at 18.

You find out you'll never be a doctor, or a pilot, or have a respected career.

You wageslave until the end of time. Your parents won't help you go to college because they think you won't find a career even with an amazing degree.

All because of cheating and shoplifting $240.

I can't even look at the car anymore it houses so many bad memories...
Email the car to me, Ill take it.
>thinking autotragic its better than manuel
>You find out you'll never be a doctor, or a pilot, or have a respected career.
Wait, in the US you cannot have a doctors degree or enter the USAF if you have a felony charge? i thought they would still take you
For maintaining boost pressure, he's right. That's one of the few areas a slushbox has a manuel beat.
Maybe college, but most military wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole. I was cited with misdemeanor assault for a school fight when I was a minor and USAF wouldn't even consider me. It's hard to even get a job if the first things they see is you have a felony. Fucked up system and I feel bad for people who have repaid their debt to society and still get fucked over.

Btw, whos first instinct when they're mad is to steal things? Lol.
Forgive me for being a skeptic, but i always thought the rule for the pentagon was that they didn't mind who was a former felon as long as it wasn't anything major.
Sounds ideal for a car boosting more than 3 bars but as a decent to mid hp car it has to be boring.
The military is overstaffed right now, they can be picky about everything.
>source: EX-navy, booted because I suffered from depression. Entire career plan down the tube.
We just need another war, and for trump to win
Top kek.
Favorite post in a long time.
Bless you,kind sir.

Sorry I missed your post. Hope you see this.
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>how many people you let down

File: -6.jpg (48 KB, 700x464) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>getting my first diesel this week

>diesel is now more expensive than gasoline

you will never be dagumi enough to earn tsuchiya's respect or approval
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