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>get to class 5 mins early
>sit in the back by myself cus autist
>pull up /o/ on phone and wait for professor to start professin
>8.5/10 qtbooty comes in
>open seats everywhere
>decides to sit next to the autist browsing /o/
>looks over, see me lookin at /miata/
>"are those miatas? those cars are so cute"
>"yeah they're pretty cool"
>she introduces herself and i do the same
>"so what kind of car do you drive, anon?"
>98 mustang
>"oh wow, that must be fast"
>"yeah it's alright"
>fast forward
>"want to give me a ride around in your mustang, anon?"
>hooning but avoiding turns
>3rd gear
>miss 4th
>hit 2nd and tragedy ensues
>rip engine
>emergency flashers, pull over, call tow and wait
>she calls her dad and he picks her up
>she never talks to me again
>this happened
Cool story, bro
haha ebin
>98 Mustang
>missing gears

You deserved it
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Wrong board pal?

Yeah, this being /o/ he clearly meant to say "autistic works of fiction" but typo'd.
Yeah, that sounds a bit more accreate
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Would have gotten laid if you only went automatic.
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>mustang owner
Are you new to manuals?
You're a dick
Manuals make no sense
By shifting wrong I can blow up my car? Nobody on o can drive manual judging by the threads . You guys can't even work out stopping
more like autostic hehehe

fuck me with a jackhammer
It was an honest question, the way you shifted from third to fourth probably while high revving shows you're not familiar with manual transmissions.

Don't blame the car, you knew this could happen when you bought a manual.

I'll give you a discount though because you probably from the USA and got your license in an auto.
Honestly it takes like a year for a person to be fully comfortable with manual trans, but once you get the hang of it you will know it's truly superior.
*from third to second

wow...........no way that actually happened. if it did might as well die because thats unbelievable.

i would kill an entire village to be in a situation like that and you monumentally fucked it up worse that i could ever imagine. i'm truly floored.
You're fuckin pathetic
Seriously, 3-4 is the easiest goddamn shift there is, just palm it backwards.
yeah, but apparently for some people it's hard.

OP you should practice driving under pressure
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>Honestly it takes like a year for a person to be fully comfortable with manual trans

It takes 2 months tops if you aren't retarded. granted, mustangs are known for having really touchy clutches. I learned in an old beat to shit S10 pickup.
>Miss 4th
>Hit 2nd
Holy shit bro. I have LITERALLY never had this happen. I don't see how you could do it. Miss 5th hit 3rd, MAYBE, but 2nd is such a completely different motion than 4th I can't see how you managed to cock it up. Good job.
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you guys want feels? i'll tell you a story

>be 10 or 11
>likes cars a lot, can tell all the makers and lotf of models
>guessing many of you an/o/n started out this way
>dad also liked cars, taught me so much
>one day, no one pick me up from school
>somehow get home anyway, not sure if some friends parents gave me a lift
>dad is sick
>dad is very sick
>dad had blood poisoning (unsure of the english term)
>killer bacteria was about one inch from his heart
>hosptalized for almost half a year
>somehow survives, this is very uncommon for someone with this disease
>decides to buy a "real car" due to having shit cars all his life, now that he realized how short it could be
>one day he comes home, and says "anon, i've bought a car, wanna come down and have a look!"
>go outside house, and before me i see pic related, mint 1999 BMW M5, in a pearlescent black color i've seever seen since
>i grew up in that car, long journey around the country, visiting relatives going on holiday and whatever, that M5 took us everywhere
>they day comes and i can start practice driving
>not allowed to drive the M5 straight away because dad was afraid i'd kill the clutch
>drive some crossover for a few months and then get to drive the M5
>its the best thing ever, dat V8, all dem hp, all dem torks
>get my license after only one lession, due to all practice in the car
>everything was good

not like it was gonna be like that for long. cont
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if only you knew.jpg
41 KB, 550x512
>about a year ago
>dad has very aggresive cancer
>doctors say three- six months
>dies in october this year
>his will gives my sisters and my brother most of the money he had left (not much)
>i get to keep the car
>that car is just so much more than a car at this point
>its the one thig in dads life that never failed him
>the one thing that that never let him down
>i get too keep it
>i am a student, so can barely afford it
>somehow manage and get double jobs, including one at McD
>whatever, it pays
>manage to keep the car, but money is not enough for anything else really
>found a girl a few weeks ago
>date last friday, pick her up with the M5
>it was cleaned out perfectly, it had new oil and i spend about a weekend cleaning out the engine bay and reconding most of the leather
>grill gets in
>we drive along
>some small talking, i manage to keep most of the spaghetti inside my pocket
>get some food have a good night
>driving her home, we are both happy, really like her
>suddenly, she starts speaking about the car
>its a really nice car anon, can you afford it
well, barely. it has some years behind her
>hmm, okay. but anon, do you know what this car feels like?
no, but i feel you gonna tell me. what does it feel like?
>it feels like an old mans car
i-it kinda is. o-or it should be

i tried really hard not crying for 15 minutes, i think she noticed
Forget about that slut.
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she didnt know at the time. i dunno man, i dont think me ment it in a bad way
a good woman wouldnt say stupid shit like that, out of nowhere, shes no wife material bro.
>it feels like an old mans car
imagine a guy would say shit like that...spagethis everywhere.
you should have told her she has no idea about cars.
by the way shes gona dump you for someone with a shinby blink blink car, you know that ... but keep her as long as u can...
Great story anon. If she's worth a damn, be straight up with her and explain how much it meant to your dad and now how much it means to you. Appeal to emotion. If she doesn't get it, forget her. Never sell that car!!!
i get what you say. but she was like the only grill who has respected a car properly (or it feels like that now anyway), ever more so than many of my male friends

>said herself that you shouldnt eat in cars
>no feet on dash, she spun 90 degrees and put them in my lap instead
>doesnt slam doors or bootlid
>likes the noise it makes
>likes a bit of going fast

>Never sell that car
better believe it, i lost almost 10lbs due to not eating enough because i kept it. easily worth it.

also, i think you have a point, i'll talk to her. thanks anon
>feels like an old man's car

It was, baby. *sniff* It was. Now git out.
Shit anon, why the fuck did you cried? It was your dad's car, anything ANYONE can say shouldnt mean shit to you. Should have said:
>well bitch it was my dad's car and he passed it down to me before his death, ether like it or get off right now
I makes me mad that you are a little bitch, did your dad raised you like that?
I hope only the best for you, anon. I hope you and your pop's M5 keeps going strong for many years.
there i a lot of feels involved in that car, and i just came to sudden for me. easy to be wise after it happened, but thats the way it played out for me. maybe it wasnt the best thing to do, i dunno.

i'll do all i can. gonna be okay for a while, its not even over 100k miles actually
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Similar stories so here I go

>grew up in a 1973 F-100
>rust here and there, worn out bench seat
>dad drove it everywhere
>to and from school, scouts, t-ball, everything
>got a used '99 Silverado from his brother to replace it in 2001
>gave old '73 back to his dad, the original owner

Jump a few years

>be 2007
>grandpa calls, says he doesn't need the '73 anymore
>"do you want it?"
>beg dad to keep it for a little longer, I'm about to get my permit and I want to learn to drive this thing with him
>meet grandpa half way and pick the old girl up
>she looked as pretty as ever

Last fast forward

>summer 2008
>grew extremely attached to this rusting out '73
>washed and drove it every single weekend with my dad, taught me how to drive in it with my permit and eventually license
>fantasized about restoring it
>spent the summer camp counseling, on our off-weeks I stayed with my cousins' family
>met some of my cousin's family friends who own a detailing shop for GMs (basically take stock GM Suburbans and trucks and reupholster, make them more "luxury")
>the owner of this company is gigantic, fat, loud-mouthed asshole
>I'll never forget he wouldn't shut the fuck up about his new radio on his new Grady White
>"Hey, Anon, don't you have an old '73 truck laying around that you wanted to restore?" cousin asks
>fatass fuckface: "Oh yeah? What is it?"
>me: "1973 Ford F-100"
>cuts me off at "Ford" and lets out this gigantic laugh
>all his work friends join in
>completely start shitting on my truck, giving me the usual Ford acronyms and shit
>16 year old me can barely take it, end up leaving and walking away for a few hours, visibly angry
>eventually broke down and cried for a solid 10 minutes thinking about my truck, my dad, and all the memories

The old girl eventually kicked the bucket around a year or two ago. She was rusting and deteriorating entirely, too much money (in our circumstance) to keep her running .I'll always keep her in my memories.

>3rd to 4th
>standard H gate
>missing that straight shot

a little cont.

I learned how to work on cars on that '73 when I was 15-16 or so. My dad does all his own maintenance on all the vehicles so I've been following him around since I was a kid watching him change oil and filters, pads and rotors, etc. I learned how to clean and rebuild a carb, one of my favorite past-times with my dad. Basically it wasn't his fault that it was so rusted through, the truck was a Miami truck for years and my dad's other 8 siblings would drive it and not take care of it.

I know many of you have a similar circumstance with someone else. I hope you all have just as good, similar memories as I do.
having a car is not like a GF. you have a car for a long time. much longer than any girl. its more like a brother. something that carries you through everything, something to share your memories in. but you can love it in a way you cant quite love any human. a but abstract thing. normal people see it as any machine. just as any other car. but we know its more that that. much more
I also don't know how you could do this. The main shifting fuckup I do is to hit 5th when I mean to hit 3rd. Doesn't something as new as 98 lock out fears that are low enough to damage the transmission? Seems like I've tried to intentionally go from 3rd to 2nd when I was learning and been denied.
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>live in alaska where it's impossible to find s14 parts and expensive to ship them
>finally get my transmission swapped and the car running nice
>driving downtown feeling like a boss because my car is actually running again
>girls point and laugh at my ziptied bumper
>people cover their ears as I drive by, str8 pipe 2loud
>hondas try to race me and I lose because truck motor
>can't get an sr20 because it's over a grand just to ship one here
>can't get sideskirts, rear bumper caps, or front bumper cover without paying $500 shipping
At least I still have my skids.
That's poetry, anon. Thanks for the kind words.
That's why it hurts so much when they leave you
Not op, but in my car it can be a bit temperamental sometimes. Like I have to move it down a bit to the right before it'll take
>Fix your front bumper, not like a jigaboo
>Get an exhaust
>People don't think you're a retarded ricer anymore

It's tough to be outta higschool, but you can pull through.
Lol nah. Even newer cars can shift into low gears and fuck shit up.

>Driving a customers 2010+ GTI back from the alignment shop
>New to manual, going about 45-50, accidentally shift from 5th to 2nd.
>Drive back to shop with head hung in shame.
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>leaving wagecuck's house after fucking his wife
>car stalls and she sees it
wait are you really fucking someone else's wife?
no, it's an /r9k/ joke
You're in the wrong board pal.
I would be surprised if MuhV6 was fucking anyone. Ever.
>taking OP's bait

Does anyone on this board actually fucking drive manual? It's not possible for what he described to happen. Cars have rev limiters. It's not going to fucking explode just because he missed a shift.
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Yes it does, look up money shifting
Happened to me twice. Once in my Mustang, once in my corvette. Both times I was shifting extremely hard. But I only over revved for maybe a second before I clutched, so no motor damage either time.

I'm not saying it wasn't a bone head move, but it can happen if you're shifting hard.
Why didn't you defend your father's legacy? You sound like you will enjoy being a cuckold.
Learn how a manual transmission works
The rev limiter works regardless of what gear you're in or shifts to, smart ass.
Assuming you're not pretending to be retarded, the wheels are going to drive the engine to higher RPMs when you downshift at high rpm instead of upshifting. It's called money shifting because you need to spend money afterwards.

The rev limiter cuts fuel, it can't stop the engine from being physically forced to rotate at a certain speed by the driveline.
The rev limiter would stop the engine from revving past it's redline. That's the whole purpose of a rev limiter.
You said it better than I did. Also I think some rev limiters cut spark.
A rev limiter stops combustion from happening past a certain rpm to limit revving under acceleration. It can't stop the wheels driving the crank past that speed.

Probably both.
The rev limiter is a soft limit, the fuel cutoff is the hard limit typically just past the redline by a few hundred revs.

They are two separate things, and it is 100% possible to fly past both of them. It is also not pleasant to hit the total cutoff it is nearly as forceful as mashing the brakes. And I pray that you can quickly clutch back in before you send a rod thru the pan.
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M5fag here.

talked to the girl, she sounded genuinely sad for what happened. she didnt know about the car or my dad at the time, and i told her the entire story and and it honestly sounded like she was sad and didnt mean it etc

this is when i drive over/ pick her up, right?
First of all why the fuck are you asking us for advice? You have an m5, a chick that wants you and you are here crying like a bitch asking for advice. Yeah she insulted your dad's car but she didnt know it was his so get over it, now go and bang her and dont let anyone el se talk shit about your car every again.
fuck it, you're right. thanks anon, i needed that. and good luck to you. or something
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my roommate did this. No damage under bumper.

New bumper is $209, how much for labor?
Just talk to her, if she's genuinely sorry and didnt know (obviously) than don't be so salty. If she's worth it, at least give it a chance. She may never understand your association with this car, but maybe put it in terms and help her understand that it's sentimental, like anything else she's sentimental toward. It just so happens to be a car.

Fuck it, I'll bite.

You can't confuse 4th and 2nd in any Mustang and if you are driving any car with that much torque it will be just like qt3.14159s and not let you in.

Sorry you're such a fag, OP.
Someone tell me an estimate.
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I got one similar to yours
>year 2002, seven years old, only son of electric engineer and bank clerk
>upper middle-class, my parents did everything to make me happy
>suddenly dad gets very very sick
>chronical kidney failure due to a vascular disease
>almost dies for about 6 or 7 times, in coma several times, brain tumor, etc. most of the memories I have from these days is me and my mum crying in hospital rooms
>eventually makes it, but has to go to dialyisis 3 days a week. He goes there at night so he doesnt miss work
>is on waiting list for a donor kidney
>years go by. '09, '10, '11. he's stable but his condition is slowly getting worse due to the vascular disease and dialysis (it damages the body but is neccessary if your kidneys don't work so you don't actually have a choice). Can't work full-time anymore
>year is 2012. first girlfriend, etc. I get my drivers license at age 17 and due to laws in Germany you have to have your parents on the passenger seat until youre 18
>dad stops working, gives me his car, that had belonged to my grandfather before. My dad used to drive the 30 miles to work with it everyday for 15 years.
>'95 Opel Vectra A 1.6i with 70 HP
>in other words: a shitbox, but I can learn to drive in it and start loving it
>spend basically my entire late teenage years in it
>fast forward to summer 2015
>I'm an economics student now
>cars in a bad condition. Needs new timing belt, new clutch, new breaks. I dont know how to mechanic and my dad isnt allowed to show me because my moms scared that I'll blow myself up
>time to realise that I need a new car
>don't want to because I loved that fucking piece of metal and rust because of memories
>decide to buy a new car, smaller, modern, econobox but keep my old darling to either restore it or make it a track toy
>November 2015
>dads in hospital for a routine screening
>they notice something about his heart
>has to undergo heart surgery
got you covered senpai

File: image.jpg (759 KB, 1600x1184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>doctors tell us his heart is weak and the surgery is dangerous
>quite confident actually
>he made it through dangerous shit before many times, so why not this time too?
>they perform the surgery, but his heart is too weak
>on the 19th of November my dad passes away after bravely battling disease for 13 years.
>I bring the Vectras car keys to the funeral so I have something to hold on to
>fast forward until now
>struggling with uni, friends, money, everything
>dont make nearly money to restore it
>sits next to our house gathering dust
>still dont know how to mechanic, no friends to show me, the only person that could have showed me was my dad
That's it, /o/. No happy end. Pic related, was our last roadtrip.

Are you so incompetent you cant affix a bumper yourself?! You'd even review the procedure as you remove the old one
Heart goes out to you, anon. Godspeed with all your endeavors, I hope things turn up for you soon. Positive thoughts your way.
Oh god I feel ya m8. I bought my s14 thinking I can easily get parts like an s13. Nope. Trans swap in the world but school is expensive. Are you in the /scg/? We need more s14's
In the works*
that pic is beautiful. just makes that story even sadder.

>last roadtrip

seriously, i am close to tears now
bumper cover is only $209, but it most likely has to be painted at a body shop.

bumper cover + paint job + install labor
Id say somewhere in the neighborhood of $800, if you take it to a reputable body shop. Give or take a couple hundred bucks
You aren't by any chance located in bavaria cause I'd totally be willing to help you out with my nonexistant mechanic skills.
File: image.jpg (518 KB, 1600x1184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey, thanks a lot. I guess I just have to get up again and fight my way through this. Couldn't have wished for a better role model.

The place where these pictures were taken means a lot to me. I really miss driving there..

I live near cologne, but thanks anyway! It means a lot to me. If I find time during semester break I'm gonna grab some books and try to teach myself a bit
Meanwhile anon, dont let it get rusty, try to combat that shit as hard as you can since when you actually want to do anything to it, it could require a lot more than what it does now. Clean it throughtly and cover it with a car cover and buy a can of WD-40, that thing works miracles, and apply it all to every piece, even whats rusted, that will buy you some time. The engine may get stuck too, look up how to check that to. Anyway, thats my advice coming from someone who knows very little.
Timing belt and brakes you should be able to fix yourself fairly easy, there's all sorts of videos that completely walk you through everything for pretty much any car out there. Clutch is a little more questionable since you'll have to detach and remove the entire transmission which might require a lift and a second set of hands, though.

Wouldn't reccommend a car cover though for long-time storage, it'll trap moisture and cause rusting even faster. If you don't have access to a garage, store it in as open of an area as possible so you don't get tree sap and bird shit on your car.
Holy shit you're retarded. An electronic lock out cannot stop the gearing from physically forcing engine to rev.
I swear I've seen this exact post before.
>>fully comfortable
Maybe I'm just a literal retard, but it took me at least six months before driving a manual was as easy as an automatic. I could do it well after a week, but it was longer before I stopped thinking about it.
Nice old man car, anon. The kind of man who drives a car like that has good taste, a modest but classy exterior with a blazing 400hp engine powering the rear wheels.

You're doing your old man proud with that thing.
>Be the early 2000s
>Mom and dad divorce in 99/00
>Mom sister and I move to the US in 2003
>Dad buys a 95 Sierra 2500 454 from his buddy
>He loves this truck
>FF to last year
>That friend died in 2012
>Parents got back together in 2013 when I move back to Canada, mom comes with but sister stays in US
>Still has this truck through countless moves, a few impounds, 2 years in jail, and no license
>Parents break up, I get in fight with dad, mom and I move out
>Can't survive on our own because my mom sucks at budgeting (I was supporting both of us, van she was driving breaks down, can't afford new car)
>Mom and I decide to move back to the states
>Mom brought her POS 86 C10 up with her when she moved
>It doesn't run anymore, but it's the only thing she owns to drive back
>I do my best to restore this thing but I'm broke so can't do much other than get it running again
>No way is this going to make it back to the southern US, let alone tugging a trailer
>My dad offers her the Sierra in exchange for the C10 + me plating another of his trucks for him to drive (still no license)
>We agree, she gets the Sierra
>122,000km, engine runs strong, body is good, frame is what you'd expect out of a 20 year old Canadian truck
>I'm happy because I've grown attached to this truck by association
>FF to last fall
>Mom keeps complaining about the truck's frame being rusty
>It's not that bad, but she's used to Tennessee rust
>she sells it for $1,800
>my dad was offered 6 grand for it the year before
>she turns around and buys a 91 Silverado with a 350 that doesn't run right with the money
>I'm upset because I really liked the Sierra
>Talking to dad on my birthday (earlier this month)
>Asks how the truck's doing
>Breaks my heart when I have to tell him
>"Oh, well, it's gone now so no use worrying about it"
>I know he's upset but doesn't show it

I'm sorry dad. This truck was a one of a kind, I've never seen another Sierra like it
File: 20151213_120446.jpg (3 MB, 4128x2322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 4128x2322
I'm not that guy, but I'm located in Bavaria and I drive an opel (2003 though). Do you know of any place where I can fix an aftermarket radio? I don't really have many friends that own a car and the car mechanic that I used to go to only fixes mechanical stuff.

Here's a pic of an old merc I spotted a few days ago.
take good care of that car mate, but i feel i didn't need to tell you
street racers dont need girlfriends
File: 1453276827387.gif (73 KB, 200x124) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 200x124
Fuck, anon. Stay strong senpai
Tasty word salad, bro
you bet. it might be an old car, but it is still pretty much in mint condition, apart from a little bulge above the left rear window. i feel the only thing that gonna tear me and it away from each other is death. me or the car.

i've done my best, just not sure if that's adequate at times
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