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Mischievous thread
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Mischievous thread
post bestest

>someone is driving with badly set headlights/bright ass lights in expensive cars
>flash him with high beams

>someone is trying too hard to get into traffic - slowly merging
>don't let him
>bitch tailgating me on 2 lane 55mph hwy
>won't pass me
>slow to 30 on all double yellow
>floor it every opportunity for her to pass
>do this for 10 miles
>following friend down a two lane road
>already doing about 5-10 over the speed limit
>bitch in a minivan on the phone pulls up behind me, almost rams into me, then rides my ass and glares at me until she can get out and pass
>pull out and get past her in the left lane and get up to my buddy
>we block her for ten minutes until she honks and finally reaches her turn
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>be in meh tier traffic on motorway
>cunt sitting right up my arse obviously
>next lane over speeds up momentarily
>they jump in the gap and advance one whole car space
>lane slows
>calmly move into gap directly preceding the car ahead of aforementioned cunt
>now ahead of cunt again
>car in the middle moves lanes
>engine brake to piss cunt off

Often gets repeated quite a bit.
>Driving home from work at 10pm
>Do my usual trip around some twisties near a nature reserve area, taking turns and roundabouts at 60km/h (the speed limit)
>Running in the 90's hits the playlist
>Getting into it, punch into 3rd as I take a long, winding turn that goes for a while, hit 100km/h
>Dem revs
>As I'm going around the bend I just make out some light from an oncoming car
>Relax on the throttle and let some speed bleed off, engine braking kicking in
>Still going 80
>Blast past the car in a fraction of a second
>Make out cop markings
>I keep going casually, I'm about to reach a couple of side roads I know my way around, checking the rear view mirror just in case they turned around
>Take a slightly staggered route back home, just in case, and park in garage.

>minivan filled with people passing me on the left
>throw a lugnut out of my window from my bag of lugnuts
>see an old car
>key it because fuck boomers
>asshole in a jeep steals my parking spot
>let all the air out of his spare and one tire on the ground

>I drive...
>The speed limit.

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2 MB, 425x481
>throw shitjug out sunroof
>hits windscreen of school bus
>bus swerves violently and runs off the road
>see fire in my rearview mirror
enjoy your monday normies
>park where you're not supposed to
>get a ticket
>pay it today
>pull abs fuse on shitbox subaru
>coming up on some asshat not going at green light
>purposfully lock the wheels up and screech right up on their ass
>takes them a second but usually they floor it
alternativly i do this if someone goes right on red when im almost in the intersection
Oh fuck senpai
>somebody is trying to have a nice day
>flip them off for no reason
>going to a big car meet in different state
>me and 8 other of the same car riding in a line together
> anouther car forces in between a few that seperated to far
>the 8 of us surround the car
>slowly back the speed down to 40 in a 70
>person in other car visably pissed.
>we finally let him out after 10 miles
The fact I can get it right away with the new version is better to be the first half of the year of high quality of life.
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>visit drag meet
>top fuel dragsters sitting there before race so people can look at them and stuff
>sneak up and empty a zip-lock bag filled with silicon carbide dust straight into the intake trumpets
>owner walks around
>i make like i'm just taking a picture of his dragster
>later watch his engine explode at the start line
No way. What about the fact that the throttle/air plate was completely shut?
You're all faggots.
>pull throttle cable a couple times
>dust slides past the valve
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>row of cars in left lane because two semis are overtaking each other
>guy thinks he can jump the queue by overtaking on the right
>don't let him back into the left lane
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I always do this too, specially when someone is right on my tail and tries it

>their face when
Just happened tonight.
>heading back from Raising Cane's with friends
>driving past elementary school
>some people in parking lot smoking
>pull into parking lot and flash high beams to fuck with them
>they jump in their car and book it for whatever reason, guess they must have been up to no good
>chase them down residential streets at like 50mph
>they get pretty far ahead and I guess they thought they lost us
>watch them park their car in front of their house
>go back to park and pick up a box of cigarettes they dropped when they bailed
>go back to their house and leave cigarettes on their car
Pursuit one of two tonight.
Kek, one time me and a buddy chased a guy who was doing donuts around town for like an hour straight. He kept losing us and then a few minutes later we'd end up right behind him at a red light. Shit was cash
>Be in parking lot at night
>Smash windows of cars with ball peen hammer and steal any valuables inside
Pursuit two
>just dropped off cigarettes at tweaker's house
>driving down the street when we see a some chick plow into the back of a parked car
>follow her and call cops
>chasing her while her car is billowing steam and leaking fluids while telling police dispatch where we are
>follow her to her house and wait for cops to show up
>cops show up and question everyone
>get thanked for being a good samaritan
I feel like an autistic batman.
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You're alright by me anon
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good shit
The police dispatch said it was a really crazy night. I guess that full moon thing is true.
Also, was the girl drunk?
Cop told me that she wasn't and that she was " young and just skittish." If I were a betting man I'd bet she was just texting or some shit. Hopefully she learned the hard way to fucking pay attention to the road.
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>driving to work
>jump a stop sign, hit some woman
>tell cops she jumped in front of the car
>they let me off scot free
Cane's the taste of justice
Kek did this on a 2 lane highway with an old clunker van next to me that saw her riding my ass. Why is it always old white people being cunts on the road
>go to throw cigarette out the window(yes I'm a filthy degenerate, drive a beater anyway)
>aim it so it hits the windshield of the car behind me
Thats devilish, it was probably a buncha stupid teenagers now their parents are gonna find that pack in the morning and roast em
>somebody is passing me
>honk horn to make them think something is wrong
Miatafag detected
They be up to no good and also making trouble in the neighborhood. We got in a fight and my mom was scared
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>teens in my neighborhood are fucking around in their driveway
>one of them goes and lay down in the street while im coming
>floor it
>my shitbox is pretty loud
>he gets up and runs
>Park where you're not supposed to
>It's private property, council can't do shit
>Walking back to my car after work
>See a ticket
>Ticket charge is 0

You cheeky little bastards
Y tho
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shot a blokes toes off once for road rage
that was pretty naughty tbf
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V1 Ka.jpg
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>cruising on the highway
>75 in a 55
>asshat tailgating me but I'm still passing people
>Radar detector starts alerting Ka band ahead
>pull into slow lane and wave him past
>watch as state trooper pulls out after him a half mile later.
So much this.
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>that mixed feel when he waved back as he passed, as if to thank me for letting him by . . .
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>dad hates japanes cars with a passion
>when I was young he always used to tell me how murrican muscle is superior and I should stay away from gook cars
>He has a foxbody Mustang
>when I was still living at home he always asked me why I didn't buy a car yet
>I was saving money
>the last week before moving out I bought an 87 Supra with the engine already built
>when I brought it home my dad started cussing at me and didn't allow me to park it around the house at first but he calmed down later
>I moved out and my and my dad didn't say anything to me except him trying to convince me to sell it and buy Uncle Jim's 12 second Camaro
>four months later I see my dad at are local dragstrip
>we were both running that day
>in the fourth qualifying round I came up against him
>I felt nervous and determined at the same time
>when we hit the line I saw purging his spray
>at that moment my stomach sank since I knew I was going to bite the dust
>when the light went green we both went at it
>by the 60 feet he had me
>330 feet I was a whole car behind him
>by the 1/8 i started making full boost and started inching on him
>by the quarter I beat him by 4 tenth of a second
>after that we hung out and drank some beers
>i thought we were cool but then he said to me you're always going to be a little bitch driving that nip mobile, that he didn't use spray, and if he didn't missed 4th gear he would have had me etc....
I fucking hate when people are in the left lane doing less than 80. The lane speeds go 80//70//60
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>Line of cars in one lane at rush hour
>One faggot refuses to match speed and smoothly merge
>Tries to floor it and scream all the way up and cut in sharply
>Hug the person in front of me and flip him off
>Watch him sit there and fume as nobody lets him in, while all the non-assholes behind him merge in properly and pass him
>His face when
Ahahaha faggot
It's a two Lane highway with a 55mph speed limit, not an interstate freeway. State troopers regularly pull people over @65, going 80 is just asking for a ticket
>Driving home from work
>Bunch of middle school aged faggots in a group on the sidewalk
>One of them runs out on the road and starts HOP SKIP FUCKING DANCING
>Cheeky grins all around, haha, he'll just change lanes or something
>He won't hit my faggot friend
>Maintain passive look, shift down and floor it
>Kid has to dive off the road, maybe a foot to spare
>Their smiles have been replaced by screams
>Flip them off out the window as I zoom away
>be me, stereotypical douchebag driving a 350z
>pull up to light, straight pipes civic hatch pulls up loud as fuck
>drop my autotragic shitbox in to neutral, bounce off of the 7500 rpm rev limiter a few times
>civic driver rolls down his window and starts yelling
>roll down my window
>civic driver starts raging about how he's not trying to race
>tell him to calm the fuck down and he keeps raging
>friend in passenger seat with short temper balls up some napkins and throws them at him when the light turns green. civic kid shouts some shit and chase ensues
>going 120mph~ down the center lane and not suprisingly get away pretty quickly
>decide i need gas, stop a mile or two up the street
>guess who shows up as we're pumping gas
>starts yelling at my friend from about 30 feet away, sitting in his car
>friend tells him to square up, suck his dick, etc
>civic kid pulls out a gun, cocks it, says he's going to find us and our families and drives away
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>Coming up to a red light in the left lane on my motorcycle, relaxing on a cozy warm day to ride
>Just picked up baffles for my little '80s jap cruiser, the pipes are ear-fuckingly loud, enough to make my right ear hurt after 20-30 minutes, even with two sets of earpro
>Entire highway ahead, last light in town
>Some old fart woman in a suit and sunglasses in a low BMW convertible with "REAL ESTATE AGENT" stickers on the back pulls out and hugs my ass, revving at me
>Haha, what?
>Green light, Snap up to 100km/h before she can clear 60
>Refuse to let her pass alllllll the way up to my turn, turns out she's going the same way
>She goes to pass on the right in town
>Just as she passes, nearly head level with my pipes, quick downshift and open it up with the loudest BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I can muster
>See her take the next side street, visibly holding her ear and bitching
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>be in 300ZX tt
>waiting at rhe front of a red light on main road
>huge stretch of empty road in front of me
>massive line of cars behind me
>drop into neutral and redline the engine a few times
>making a huge show out of it
>light turns green
>proceed at a granny pace, 20 below speed limit
>other cars fighting to move into the other lane
>keep my window down so I can hear them rage at me as they drive past
>cop car passes me
>last year
>Someone turns into parking spot that Im waiting for
>Wait till they get out
>say to them "Your going to leave you car here after doing that?"
>They get inside and find another spot
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Should have told him to tongue punch your fartbox then called him a pussy as he drove away
Top kek, I've got something similar.

>driving my dads van
>little shits on bikes were intentionally taking up the entire road forcing traffic to slow down
>I see them all laughing and giggling at themselves
>they assume I'll slow down and be stuck behind them
>lay on the horn, floor it and thread the needle between two of them
>flip them off as I drive away
>m sport 3 series
>swap BMW performance exhaust, loud as dick
>faggot in v6 mustang rolls up to light next to me
>windows down
>see the opposing light go yellow
>tap the throttle, guy looks over
>rev and launch from 4k, eardrum shatteringly loud
>look in rear view
>dude is still sitting at the green
did this in my friends 79 camaro with exhaust dumpers
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>rainy day
>driving home from work
>about to turn left onto this wide street
>some fag in a BMW is driving straight down the middle of this wide ass street
>downshift into second and punch it going into the corner
>rear end goes out, damn good skid
>BMW sees a screaming beetle coming at him sideways
>jerks his shit right over
>a block down, check my rearview
>BMW still firmly hugging the right side of the road
I fucking love cutouts
>drive into bus lane
>get caught by camera
>reverse out
>pay ticket
wow you sure showed him how much of a faggot he was in his v6 mustang
>driving at night
>turn off headlights for a few secs
>turn them back on
it was pretty dark
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