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Passenger stories thread.
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Passenger stories thread.

I'll start.
>Driving on highway I'm not familiar with.
>Enter exit ramp, which is a circle.
>Very poorly lit, assume it is a minor curve, turns out to be circular and fairly sharp.
>Take it too quickly, but know that everything will be fine, as I know how my car handles.
>Allow speed to bleed off rather than making sharper turn at speed.
>Passenger in front seat grabs steering wheel, and swerves.
Anybody else?
You need to get new passengers.

Or better yet, none at all.
Did you kick them out?
>Tell them sorry for not handling the exit better.
>Say it wasn't acceptable to grab steering wheel, I was still under control of my vehicle, and I know what it can do.
>Reach destination.
>Tell friend who grabbed wheel to sit in back and switch places with other friend.
That is extremely dangerous and stupid
Passengers should never interfiere with the wheel, as a driver you could have counter steer instinctively and crash
I feel your anger bro
>Driving with my mom as a passenger
>Everything is perfectly fine
>She makes a terrible gasping noise as though we're going to crash and die
>Her:"I think I left my Kleenex package at home"
>>Feel my dead father's annoyance, and anger
>yfw passenger says something like that, and you think you're about to crash, or another car is going to hit you that you can't see.
>yfw it's completely unrelated.

always gets my goat
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I ended up cutting all ties with my mother after this.

>mom asks me to chauffeur her around while her car undergoes a transmission replacement for a week
>Day 1
>Mom starts smoking in the car without my permission. Tell her to throw that shit out, pull over, and wait until she does.
>Yells at me that I'm paranoid about cigarette smoke
>Day 2
>Driving on I-4, about to get on FL-417
>Mom keeps changing the music to Jesus rock or pop
>Tell her to fuck off, my car, my rules
>Calls me an ungrateful bastard, and proclaims how she doesn't understand why I listen to this garbage (New Wave Retro, Classic Rock, Romantic and Classical era music, Bluegrass, some DnB/light electronic, just a varied mix of stuff).
>10 minutes later she turns off the radio alltogether because she can't stand Chopin, and since she can't get her way nobody gets to listen to music
>Get home, blast Carpenter Brut through my speakers to fuck with her
>Day 3
>Picking up son from school, mom in front seat
>While driving away from the school, some dumbfuck pulls in front of my
>Mom yanks the wheel, starts screaming at the dude, and keeps honking the horn
>Smack her hand and tell her to stop cussing with my son in the car
>She replies with "oh well you're a little bitch then?"
>Pull over, tell her to get out of the car, and we have a nice chat about her being a cunt and how she needs to act like an adult or else I'm going to dump her off in the middle of an orange grove and she'll need to find her way home
>cools down, gets back in car
>nothing happens on day 4
>Day 5
>getting on I-95, decent amount of traffic
>time it perfectly and find a 3-car-length gap my Focus ST fits perfectly in, because none of these mongoloids are moving into the middle and left lanes
>Hit the accelerator, starts revving high (not even doing speed limit at this point)
>Anon slow down
>Slow the fuck down
>Slip right in between a truck and an oldsmobile
>driving with friend in passenger seat
>some redneck in an a shitty old pickup truck pulls out in front of me without looking
>I initially don't see him and end up going pretty hard on the brakes
>friend refuses to ride with me now because I'm a "dangerous driver"

come on dude, the worst thing that would have happened is me rear ending him at 10mph, and it didn't happen because I'm not retarded
Yeah, I was screwing around in the winter with friends in the car, and they're like, "you weren't in control"........that's like your opinion bro
Go onnn....
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>still not doing the speed limit, have enough time to get in the middle lane if I punch it
>as I'm doing 75 in a 70
>in the middle lane
>on I-95
>Just ignore it, and move on
>Day 6
>Picking up son from school again
>While waiting in the carpool line, mon gets on the phone with her cunt-friend Pearl
>For some context, cunt-friend Pearl is a holier-than-thou type that goes through husbands like pairs of shoes, used to date my dad, and got arrested for assault for attacking my dad (before he was my dad) with a kitchen knife
>The woman cusses like a sailor, and rags on me ir my father at any chance she gets
>Mom is on phone with cunt-friend Pearl, both swearing like my car were a Littoral Combat Ship
>As we pick up my son, ask her to get off the phone
>She refuses
>Starts screaming at Pearl for whatever reason, still cussing like it's going out of style
>Tell her to get off the phone another time, this time raising my voice
>Starts screaming at me, calling me a bully, and that I'm just like my dad
>Son starts crying
>She starts screaming at my son
>All while in the elementary school loading zone in front of parents, teachers, administrators, and most importantly little kids
>Screamfest 2k15 goes on and on, finally able to get out of the school zone and speed away
>Drive 30 minutes, completely silent
>Drop her off at a gas station
>Kick her out of the car
>Tell her to not bother coming back, and figure it out from here
>She starts sobbing, calling me a bastard, a motherfucker, blah blah blah
>Drive away
>She manages to get one long key scrape on my car
>Drive to Lowes near my home, buy new locks for doors
>Replace them, add new locks to my doors
>Pack all her clothes in a box and ship them via FedEx to her house in New York
>8 months later, haven't heard from her, blocked on social media, hear from mutual friend that she constantly made passive-aggressive posts for weeks
lol Florida

You've done the right thing, son.
Now I look back and truly see how batshit insane she was when I was growing up. I guess I wasn't exposed to her craziness all too often, but it certainly came out in full-force over that week. I didn't expect things to go the way they did, but honestly I don't care. She was a psychopath, I didn't want her around my son, and now I feel free.

She took simple requests like "stop changing the music" or "would you please get off the phone" to a level of unprecedented butthurt. Like I put a gypsy curse on her or something.
>She manages to get one long key scrape on my car

for FUCKS sakes
Thankfully it only penetrated the clear coat and paint, and I was able to buff it out with acetone.

She's from New York if it makes any difference. Her car's transmission failed for reasons I never bothered to ask, and she was driving down to Key West for holiday.
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>grabs the steering wheel
oh shit and i thought my mum was bad at least she just shuts her eyes and cries.

Good on ya mum

except for the one time she accidentally reversed over me and i fell on her boot and dented the shit out of it and then jumped on it to get her to stop.

That was a werid day
>buddy has a weird complex about his car driving skills compared to mine
>I started taking lessons about a year before him, passed the test first go, and got my provisional license for about 6 months before he started learning. He passed the test and immediately got his full licence (he had a motorbike licence), and was able to drive around like a moron for the 8 months I was stuck driving once in a blue moon, since I didn't have a car
>it's been 2 years since then
>buddy is a legit hoon with an s15 w/ 270whp, and illegal exhaust that makes car alarms go off
>constantly guns it, goes 140+kmh in 50kmh zones just for shits and giggles, like a dumb highshooler, has like 2 points on his licence left from dumb shit
>asks for rides when he hangs at my place since his car is a fuel guzzler
>take my s2000 out
>turn a corner going 40
>"take it easy Mr. Racecar driver"
>tell him to bugger off, I'm going 40
>constantly gives me shit about my speed, though I'm going the limit
>tells me off about taking a different turn at like 60 and sliding a little on an empty road I know
>I pick him up on it, tell him he does stupid shit all the time
>he says he doesn't put his passengers at risk (fucking well does) and is confident in his skills, brings up the 'driving longer than you' card.

Fuck man. He's my friend, but he's a hypocritical cunt when it comes to driving. He either complains about me driving too slow, or says he's scared of my driving.
>Allowing someone to touch any of your controls.

I'd have made them walk back home, fucking fags.
My fucking mom does this every single day.

I once thought my sister was dying or suffocating on something and got up freaked out to check what's wrong, because she suddenly yelp/gasp/screeched at something completely unimportant.
Fucking this
>>She starts sobbing, calling me a bastard, a motherfucker, blah blah blah
>>Drive away
>>She manages to get one long key scrape on my car

Good fucking riddance, why are so many women absolute psychotic cunts?
>She took simple requests like "stop changing the music" or "would you please get off the phone" to a level of unprecedented butthurt. Like I put a gypsy curse on her or something.

Women have no control over their emotions, and have been brainwashed from childhood into abusing others and coercing them emotionally to their own advantage.
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The most passive-aggressive thing one should do when being passenger and not feeling safe is grab the handle above you. My dad, may god rest his soul, used to do this every fucking time when he was uncomfortable with my driving. Back then it was really annoying, but it sure taught me how to drive so that my passengers don't feel unsafe.
I do this because it's comfy
I can feel.his reasons though
I.usually dislike.other.people driving if they have a.different style than.i do

Jusr cant anticipate the breaking and no control when you feel.unsafe as a passenger.

He doesnt have to.be a dick about it though
No, they could've killed you.

I would pull them the fuck over beat the shit out of them and make them walk home.
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>be driving home with dad because according to mom it's safer
>he keeps telling me to put both hands on the steering wheel while we're on a boring stretch of the polish 5
>next day
>we switch places
>dad pulls out the phone and calls someone while driving
>changes gear mid-blind corner while holding the steering wheel with his knees, jerking the whole car around
>mom defends dad because he's been driving longer than I've been alive and is therefore allowed to do retarded things on the road

>be on early driving lesson
>be in leftmost right-turn only lane
>turning right
>the instructor grabs my wheel and puts me back in the correct line because I started drifting right.
The reason I did it is because I have never before been anywhere but the rightmost lane so when this time I was turning right I forgot that I was just in the left lane and went back to the default setting.
At least this happened while someone qualified was sitting in the passenger seat and I learned to stay in my lane before I was let roam free
Isn't this a copypasta?
>driving somewhere with my mom
>traffic ahead of me slows abruptly
>I get on the brakes hard as well
>mom starts going on about how shitty a driver I am and how I nearly killed her blablabla

Would you have preferred me to rear end the guy in front of me you dumb cunt?
Trick is to release the brake when you get close to a full stop, and gently brake afterwards.
Passengers that get thrown around less are less likely to bitch about your driving.
I have one from me being a passenger and one from me being a driver.

>Driving dads drinking buddies to the boozer at night
>Route takes me some good driving roads so I'm driving a pace, but not fast.
>Taking corners 10-20mph slower than I would if I was pushing it
>Overtake some oldies going 50mph on a mile long straightaway
>"Slow down son no need to go to fast" as I'm doing 65 in a 60, to overtake a 50
>tempted to put it around the corners at a decent speed but decide against it in a shitbox carrying 400kg extra in middle aged men
>trying to not tell him to stfu when I went doing toegays on the roads at night every day for years after I got my first car

I don't even understand why he's so cautious, he speeds like fuck himself although he's extremely cautious on the revs.. He even got me doing carting for years, I think he's just salty I didn't go further into racing even though I'm interested in it now.
>grabs steering

HELL FUCKING NO!!!!!!! beat them to death
>passengers grabbing the wheel while I'm driving
That's a good way to get your ass kicked.
got told pretty much this by my driving instructor who used to be a bus driver
He just cares about you anon.

My wife did this once. I chewed her ass so bad.

>about to pull out into intersection
>nose out
>gasps and screams as if the dog had just be ran over coming from wife in passenger seat
>I tense up
>start scanning parameter, waiting for immanent crash
>life flashes before my eyes
>seconds feel like hours, heart racing
>slowly start to calm down
>wtf no one is coming, nothing is wrong here
>she says "oh i left my phone at the gas station can we go back"
Forgot to add that those roads were awesome, always end up going out around 9-11pm every night and getting it to the limit on the harsh corners. Roasted some much faster cars on the tighter sections.

Myself as a passenger story.

>Driving down dual carriageway in mums car, like 11 at this point
>She's literally the death of any car, she never does maintenance, doesn't use gears properly, I used to do her turn signals for her as she forgot.
>Massive horrendous noise in the car, awful vibration
>Mum gets angry and yells at me"Shut that damn window son its too loud"
>Other drivers on the road are making mad signals with their hands to pull over
>Mum finally realizes something isn't right and pulls over
>rear right tire is completely destroyed, we were driving on the hubs, no idea how she never noticed it
>I'm massively late to school, i just said I was in a traffic jam then the teacher asked me what kind of jam so I said raspberry
>Teacher was massively camp dude

other shit my mum did

>Exhaust on her honda civic dropped off so she got it temporarily fixed with a cola can bracket by roadside rescue, never bothered to fully fix it and left the coke exhaust on
>Only uses 1st, 3rd and 5th gears, does block shifts from 1-3 and 3-5 when revs get high - in a diesel.
>Permanently runs on low fuel and only puts 10-20 quid in the tank at a time, never understood why anyone would do that.
>Doesn't check mirrors often

I don't get the stories about people changing the radio, that's the most triggering shit ever. I put up with some awful music in peoples cars because that shit is the drivers say.

Toegaying around the countryside tracks was sick though, managed to roast cars quite a bit faster on the tighter sections.
Fucking savage
Awesome passenger stories?

>years ago, have cutie gril friend
>in muh turbo car
>on low traffic interstate
>she says "wow i thought this car was fast" and winks at me
>I push it
>tire sequels for a second
>she yells woo
>get it up to 165mph on a long stretch
>fingerbang her that night after a couple beers
>then she moved to dallas like 2 days later and never saw her again
>then I woke up
The only solution to people who think you're taking corners too fast, is to take the corners even faster. It'll either scare them into shutting up, show you can handle the car, or they'll start bitching, in which case they can just walk.
So much this.
lol apart from the jdm fag i am literally that friend.

>crashed couple of times so know my limit
>only hoon when nobody is around
your mate is a cunt ai
>>Permanently runs on low fuel and only puts 10-20 quid in the tank at a time, never understood why anyone would do that.
Semi-permanent weight reduction which can increase MPG - if you're a serious hypermiler.
That based 417 late night drive tho 2-4 am on weeknights
>crashed a couple of times so I know my limit

I don't get this meme, unless you are going a decent way over 'the limit' of your car most situations should be recoverable unless you're willingly going full ham on a dangerous part of road.

As for adverse conditions there's no real excuse for that either, only push the limits on a road you've hit before.

I get why people do go to the limit on unknown roads, it's fun. How did you end up crashing.
my rules are as follows
>if i need directions, i will ask you
>if i need advice, i will ask you
>if you touch my radio, i will slap you
>if you touch my steering wheel, i will kick the fuck out of you.
god bless you
sweet baby black jesus
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passenger and a driver stories!
>be riding with my dad
>dad is an alcohol
>didn't notice he was plastered until i got in the car
>short ride through town in a honda, I'm like 14
>i am like ok papa pie-eye can do eet
>takes the "back way" b/c DWI
>literally two streets over with more stops.
>rolls through a stop at a two lane one way street intersection two blocks away from the natty ice depository
>traffic is coming towards the passenger side in near lane
>traffic consists of a chebby suburban
>fukn k-series, laying on the horn
> i see the burb drivers face, complete panic
>not enough room for them to stop
>no one visible in other lane
>scream at dad to floor it
>make save roll
>dad has no idea what happened
>glad he trusted me enough to floor it
>last time I ride with an alcohol

and the time i creeped out a creeper
>it's raining, i'm driving
>see a hitchhiker, doesn't look terribly dirty
>pull over and let him in
>immediately regret
>homies a wet stinky tweaker
>silent treatment from stinktweak
>turn off radio after he ignores me three times
>get serious and tell him he knows where i can get some coke right?
>say i know him, right?
>say i know he knows where
>say i want to get it right now
>mfw saying these things
>dude actually says something
>mutters something about being busy
>tells me this is a good spot
>and i drop him on the side of the highway
Were you at the Florida meet? I also have mommy issues
I do this all the time though
She's cheating on you
>grandma asks me to take her to the doctor for her prescription then to the store
>own 240z at the time
>driving to her doctor, country road, lots of dips and curves
>one in particular is a set of S's with a drop at the end
>take it a bit to fast
>"woo hoo that was like the sleigh rides when i was a kid.. do it again"
>had to go back and drive the route again
>"grandma.. can we go to the doctor now"
>"do it again, i had to drive you around after school before you could drive.. do it again"
>had to go back over that road over 5 times for the silver haired speed freak
>driving with parents
>run over a bunch of schookids for shits and giggles
>"oh my god anon what are you doing!"
>they grab the steering wheel

fucking seriously? i could have crashed.
>i want to belive
Lol @ both of you. You got told retards.

First guy admits he wasn't paying attention and second guy probably wasn't in control and thinks he's a good driver because he watched an anime about it.

Your friends know idiots when they see it. Good on them.
You're retarded. People don't like being a passenger in a fucking childs initial D fantasy.

if you want to drive fast do it without other people in the car OR people that don't mind going fast.

christ, grow up.
dude stop typing in memes. i could barely get through your story.
>5mph over the limit
Not him but are you clinically retarded
You said you were going around corners. The speed limit doesn't apply to corners. You're a retarded child who thinks he's a race car driver. If your passengers are uncomfortable then you should slow down. It's pretty much that simple. Like I said, grow up.
I hope you realize that just because a speed limit is 50mph doesn't mean you can take the slowest corners on the road at the speed limit
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sounds like a wicked sick grandma
very much so, one girl told me i drove terribly but i was really good at braking. its all about those ratios and hard to gentle. ended up hooning into a pole but lets not talk about that its quite embarrassing
English motherfucker, do you speak it?
>tfw drive so smoothly that, even when I'm driving fast, the passengers don't notice

You should respect your grandma, she's a bro.
>tfw neither of your grandmas are this cool.
>tfw one can't drive anymore.
>tfw one drives a Prius.
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>can't comprehend using memes to get through retelling a traumatic story
>on a malaysian meme network
fuck you then don't read it

>speaking of memes...
N-no? I've told it one other time... maybe a month or so ago, but that's it.
No, I couldn't afford the time to make it down there.
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Thread images: 9
Thread DB ID: 414385

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