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Anyone here ever own a ford? can we talk about how shitty ford is? What car/truck did you own? What was your experience with your ford? When did your shitbox die?
but ford is the best american car company
I have a 2000 Ford ranger 2.5 lima. 218k miles. Routine maintenance and suspension wear items. Nothing shitty here, bro.
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2015 Mustang GT Premium w/ PP
No complaints here.
>inb4 gm fangirls
I have a 93 ford escort that is nearing 250k miles. The only complaint I have so far is whoever decided you need to remove the crossmember in order to gain access to the driver side axle deserves to be flogged.
96 Bronco. Wonderful car.

I'd say Fords ratio of shit to not shit cars has shifted in the last two decades, but they certainly aren't the worst. Ford crowd is alright. Mostly compliments. They seem to be the crowd that goes after other brands the least when it comes to the big truck manufacturers.
Have an 89 mustang and a 2000 ranger with the god awful vulcan. They've both been great to me.
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It's brilliant, ford gave a middle finger to automatic cuckolds.

ayyy lmao
2006 f250, 2004 mustang gt, 1997 f350, 1991 f350, 1990 f250, 1989 F350 Centurion, 1984 mustang

probably a couple others in there somewhere. No real major problems with any of them. the 1990 f250 shit a transmission once. The 1984 mustang shit the rings when I hit it with like a 200 shot of nitrous. The 1991 needed a set of glowplugs at 270k miles, and the rear drums needed redone.

Das about it.
you are trying to piss up the wrong rope.
ive had numerous fords. out of all the fords ive owned (over 20) my cars have never died my buddy is a diehard chevy shithead. and in all the times his electricals have crapped out or run out of propane etc my reliable fords have come to the rescue and towed him out of the crap he has got himself into
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I've had through the ages a 1995 Mustang GT (first car), 1998 Ford Explorer (first SUV), 2005 Ford Ranger (for general use), 2013 Ford F350 Crew Cab (for hauling boats), and now I'm looking into buying a Focus RS.

I still have my Ranger and F250, with the Ranger as my daily. It has around 200k miles clocked on it, minimal rust (thank you based Florida), and I've kept the car in good condition. The Mustang GT died in 98 after a dumb cunt drove right into it when it was parked outside of a cafe I was eating at. I watched my baby get wrecked, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do to prevent it. A very similar fate happened to my Explorer in 2005 after getting slammed into at a stoplight by a drunkard.

Every single car/truck has been 100% reliable, and only take it to the shop for tune-ups. I change the oil every 3500-5000 miles or so, keep the engine bay clean, and do basic upkeep on the cars myself. I've never had them break-down, or any major failures. I've only had good experiences with Ford, which is why I keep going with them.
>kia is the best korean car company
2010 ranger 4x4 3.0TD
2014 xr6 turbo

Both good cars with minimal flaws.
2003 Escape with 176k miles, been a great car
1997 F150 with 320k miles, been abused still starts and drives ok
1987 E150, unknown miles, guessing over 200k
Had a 2006 Fusion. Manual, 2.3l. Great, but barebones as fuck. Interior bits were peeling when I sold it. Never broke down once.

Before that, 1994 Ranger Splash. Greatest sleeper ever.
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Both are going strong. Nothing other than routine maintenance.
I have a 2014 ford fusion with the 2.0L

It's good and carries all my friends. It's had a lot of recalls (which ford has decided to fix before I die, unlike GM)
I had a 94 Ford Escort that me and my buddies bought. It was actually pretty cool car, but one of the wheels "stanced" itself so we got rid of it. Next we bought a Ford Sierra (95?). It was a meme machine. Laid mean peels and everything. Everyone liked but I despised it. The hatch didn't close and we had to rope it together. Eventually we sold that pos for a profit. Now I have a 96 scorpio. It is a very luxurious car, has a lot of gadgets and what not and I was surprised that all of them work. Its looks are pretty weird but all the people look it with big eyes, when they see it. I plan to maintance it and hoon it around. It drifted alright.
I daily an Audi and sometimes VW.
Also I'm an >eurofag
Owned 2 Fords and zero complaints.

First car was a 97' aspire shitbox that I beat the literal hell out of and still see driving around to this day (small town).

Had a 90 ranger that I also still see around, maybe I just got lucky tho.
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I was out riding my mustang and I couldn't focus on anything except how I had to escort my daughter to a fiesta later.
I didn't mind much because there may be some good looking cougars there.
>later that night
My daughter Victoria and I had finished our pinto bean soup and were getting ready for the fiesta. It was always a chore to get her ready for anything. You see she was a Scorpio, and I a Taurus. We clashed often, but generally kept a good tempo with one another.
She walked out of her room and looked beautiful. More beautiful than the galaxy itself.
I had on my best suit and her in a beautiful dress. She hopped on her bronco and I on my mustang and we made the expedition.
We arrived on Everest St. And tied off Windstar and freestar.
Victoria ran off to see her friends. There was a hilarious oversized piñata in the shape of a zephyr out back. Weird freestyle music playing up front.
I looked around, and suddenly there she was. The cougar I hoped would be here. Miss Sierra. The way her dress fit every contour of her body. She glanced my way. I nervously looked away, but it was too late. Like a falcon she swooped in on me. I wasn't going to pretend I didn't like it. I knew exactly where this was headed.
We waited for the right moment to escape to the back room.
Behind closed doors Miss Sierra was quite the explorer with her tongue. We had barely started and I was already near the edge.
It had been so long.
I picked her up and sat her on the bed. She pulled her legs behind her head. I never knew she had so much flex.
This was too much for me to handle. I pressed myself into her. Our fusion of passion caused us both to C-max at the same time.
Just at that moment Victoria burst in the door. Someone had given her a crown she wanted she show me.
I was horribly embarrassed.
This made for a long ride home as she reminded me of the day the courier brought us a letter saying her mother had died.
I apologized for my foolish endeavor.
We rode home in silence.
The end
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>browsing /o/
Hourly SHILL thread
Ford advert playing some popular song
>football game
Ford advert playing some popular song
>any popular TV show like American idol or the voice or you think you can dance or Americas got talent
Ford advert playing some popular song
>step outside to get away from it all
Ford advert playing some popular song on the Mexicans radio doing construction next door
>get in car
Ford advert playing some popular song on the radio
>shut radio off
Ford advert with basketball American on side of bus
>crash car because of rage
Ford ambulance takes me to hospital
Because it broke down on the way there
>go to hell
It all starts over again
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Tfw manual
>only pic of the focus I have
Although my Grandmother owns a 2011 Focus that I'm not so sure about. 24k miles all primarily hw along with regular maintenance and it just seems sketchy.

I think with any automaker your gonna have some fair and some shit (not denying some more than others) you just kinda gotta roll the dice and take care of your shit.
>routine maintenance
>2005 Ford Fiesta JD3 ca. 200.000 km

the clutch is making Problems right now, but besides from that. No major issues

the handles to fold the frontseats break every now and then...
>it's the best smelling shit
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Have driven this.
>Stalls dead at low rpm (ecu shuts it down)
>Can not be restarted without turning the key off
>Will not roll start without doing the above.
>Delayed action on high low beam control (which is mounted on the wrong side)

Equivalent toyota: No such issues.
ford is easily one of the best car companies though. If I weren't a poorfag that liked 80s and 90s japanese cars, I would buy the fuck out of a new mustang or a fiesta/focus st.
Mustang isn't restored. Have owned it over 10 years. It has had a paint job some time before that.

since i bought one of these i find myself robbing people's homes to take their jewelry and cash, and also cutting electric lines, burning them to get the copper and selling it as scrap. dunno why. i never had these problems with my old renault master van.
'07 F-150, 140k miles, regular maintenance performed by myself, not a single issue every time I turn the key.
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This is a Ford-sponsored board. There is literally nothing wrong with Ford.

The Ford GT makes my pants really tight...

Second only to a Gen 2 Viper.

Had two Ford Mondeos, both very good cars. Cheap, comfy, reliable, and drove pretty well.

Would happily have another.
Parents own a 2008 Ford Galaxy Ghia here, best family car on the market to date.

Better than any expensive crossover or SUV type car.

Perhaps they were shit in the past, I don't know. Ford make really good cars now.

Being Eastern European, I can vouch that a lot of the hate towards Ford and other non-eu brands simply stems from ignorance, and German-manufacturer favouritism.

I've been in a bunch of 'nice' cars, a BMW X1, (crossovers lol), an Audi A6, and some others that I wouldn't consider practical.

The A6 was good, but still the Galaxy has more legroom, more space in general than the X1, and most other cars in its class.

Just don't buy an autotragic and you're good. We had a Ford Mondeo in the past too and that ran just fine. They're good DD family cars.
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My danger ranger.
It has 214,000 miles, and no major issues.
It's the 4 cylinder manual 5-speed.
Drive it daily.
Not exactly fast, though if you shift perfectly out of first you can chirp the tires, but dependable and comfy as fuck. Got a nice stereo (aftermarket) in it to, love cruising with some tunes.
1964 Ranchero
It's still alive
Nice /mu/ nigger may may though
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ive had 3 fords
>94 powerstroke CCLB dually
>04 ranger edge
>00 mustang GT
they were okay.. the powerstroke was a nice truck, i only had the GT for 2 weeks before i rolled it over a cliff and the ranger was a good little truck but too cramped for my tastes
>also my mom rolled a ford explorer 4 times and came out without a scratch
I owned a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT. It was 4x4 with the 4L Cologne SOHC V6. Overall, it's not bad for a late 90s SUV. However, the ride is abysmal, gas mileage is absolutely horrible, acceleration is garbage, and vibrations were bad. The good things about it were that it wasn't drive by wire, the transmission logic was simple and predictable, it was fairly reliable, it had a lot of room for carrying stuff/people, and it sounded good with my custom exhaust.
I daily a 05 Mazda 6 wagon, all fomoco under the paint. I've got a classic Mustang for the summer. I love dem ford's.
Oh I forgot the interior was creaky as fuck. Like literally one of the worst interiors I've ever been in. It was all cheap, hard plastic and every bump in the road caused everything to creak.

Also the 4x4 system with decent tires was godly in snow and ice.
My father a bought an F-350 new in 2004. Has had some sort of problem every year since 2007.
My family has had a multiple Ford products over the years. And only one has died on us, even then it still ran with the blown HG.

>'86 Grand Marquis - wrecked @ 226k
>'87 Mustang - sold @ 180k
>'91 Explorer - sold @ 170k
>'93 Escort - Blown HG/donated @ 185k
>'94 Crown Vic - wrecked @ 205k
>'94 E150 - Currently @ 120k
>'95 Mustang - sold @ 160k
>'95 Town Car - traded in @ 270k
>'97 F150 - traded @ 140k
>'98 Crown Vic - currently @ 211k
>'05 Town Car - currently @ 101k
>'09 Focus - currently @ 151k
>'13 Escape - currently @ 38k
Dairying a Fiesta ST currently, no issues.
Never bought one myself, but family has owned:

1990 Aerostar - only owned for about 3 years, but had to replace hinge on side door after it rusted out; transmission was faulty and replaced under warranty within 3 months of purchase

1994 Ford Taurus - owned for about 1 year, replaced front bearings

1994 F150 XLT - owned for about 5 years, had to replace front brakes, u-joints, alternator, and some electrical issues with dash lights coming on randomly

1996 F150 XL - driven for about 8 years (bought in year 2000), unreliable as fuck; too much shit to even mention, but it cost about $12,000 in repairs over its lifetime with us; currently sitting on property with blown torque converter, hasn't been started in years, possibly squirrels living in engine, zero fucks given

1999 F150 XLT - bought new, driven for about 8 years, unreliable as fuck; so much shit went wrong its almost unbelievable, but almost none of it happened during the warranty period; last thing to go was the entire AC system; we got the AC to blow cold just long enough to trade the vehicle in for a Honda Ridgeline, which has been RIDICULOUSLY RELIABLE

Seriously, Ridgeline is a fucking beast. All cuck-car memes aside, it has 240,000km and still drives like it's brand new. Brakes were just done for the second time ever, and the only other repair it's had was some circuit board responsible for the AWD, at a cost of ~$320.

Also own a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser, another bombproof vehicle. 227,000km, only issue was a bad left front bearing and a corroded transmission line. Spliced a $2 piece of radiator hose over it, has been fine for the last 30,000km now.

Fuck Ford and North American cars in general. They are objectively shittier in their build quality and design.

>The V6 that produces the power of an I4 and has the gas milage of a V8.
>Objectively better.

The fuck you on about, m8?

Ford Explorers are designed to be rolled over, it's basically a given that it will happen. Ford figured it was just easier to make the vehicle safe when it rolls over, rather than design it in such a way that it doesn't roll over.
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Manuel or Automatique?
Probably something about understressed engines lasting forever.
They don't make the ST in automatic, so... manual ofc.

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>this many implications
File: 1446485712190.jpg (59 KB, 535x432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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have fun with that clutch
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>mfw my family has owned nothing but the best and most reliable fords with the exception of the new focus auto
No issues 15,000 miles in, I think I'm safe. I've heard of a few people having an issue with it, but almost all of them are under 10k miles.

>posts broken odometer on a Ford truck

kek, can they get anything to work properly?


>posts a diesel engine
>look guise high mileage

kek, show me a couple gasoline Ford engines that have made it that far

and what does this prove, exactly? you routinely see 4Runners and Tacos with 300,000+ miles

you RARELY see any Ford/GM/Chrysler vehicle with that mileage, and if you do it's almost always a diesel

inb4 some kind of compensating butthurt
I had a Ford taurus 1997 my mom gave me when I got my license

It was awful

Everything broke on it all the time, it rode, went, and handled like shit, and it looked completely retarded.

There was nothing good about it.
The first link is a gas 5.4L, dummy.

then it's been falsified, no Ford product has ever lasted beyond the 300,000 mile mark.

I've had 3 fords:
1. 1996 ford ranger 3.0 5 speed, bought at 170,000 miles and sold at 2,000 miles. Thing was tough as nails, gave it hell and she never gave me issues.

2. 2000 ford expedition 4.6 auto, bought at 170,000 and sold at... 172,000. engine was losing compression and had a bad torque converter, was plagued with electric issues

3. 2003 Ford f150 4.2 5 speed, bought at 165,000 miles, still in possession at 172,000. Its been a good truck, reliable to start and get the job done and hasn't left me stranded. Needs some maintenance items done but its been solid. I predict once I fix the POs neglect its going to be ranger teir.
200,000 miles on ranger

btw would recommend a ranger to anyone, especially a 3.0/2.3 with a 5 speed. Those engines are 4.9 tier, they never die and love abuse. Plus they're easy to work on and parts are cheap, not to mention interchangeability with expos/mustangs/bronco II's with a lot of interior/suspension parts. I'll own another one one day.

>pic related, my old 96
>you RARELY see any Ford/GM/Chrysler vehicle with that mileage, and if you do it's almost always a diesel
You see shit tons of panthers with 300k+ that have been used for taxies and liveries. You need to lay off the Toyota kool-aid friend.


gutless truck is gutless

and dat fuel economy, fugg
we have an 00 ranger with almost 500k on the clock we use at work. its regularly loaded down with 1200lbs and ran back and forth between the 2 different plants. other than a broken leafspring (that were later replaced with bigger leaf packs) it hasnt had an issue, original drivetrain with 1 trans rebuild. little fucker is bulletproof

Almost none of them have the original components. Fleet vehicles like that are rebuilt once or twice before retirement.

Those vehicles are especially problematic because they idle so much, leading to crazy buildup on the valves and in the cylinders. They need to be taken apart and cleaned properly, so they often just replace wear items at the same time. Depending on the department, they will have scheduled replacement intervals for each cruiser, with regular duty cars getting them more frequently. Supervisor's cars don't require the same level of maintenance because they're rarely used as hard or as much, which is why a number of Sgts. are still driving P71's while everyone else has a new Taurus.

Source: police officer who spent years in a P71
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My Town Car had 270k on the original powertrain, I've personally serviced livery/taxi panthers with over 300k on the original powertrain. Cabbies don't sit around and idle all day because that cuts into their profit.

Also, P71s idle all day and then get driven like an idiot teenager. Not quite the same and shouldn't be used as a blanket statement for how all of them are treated. But thanks for trying.
eh, its not that bad in a regular cab short bed with a 5 speed. I got 3.55s and 4.10s are on the list to help it a little.
fuel economy is what it is, 16 city. Does pretty good on the highway, about 24.
I really just wanted the 5 speed and 4.6s with a manual is a unicorn.

rangers are straight man. You cant go wrong with them.
File: animal2.jpg (292 KB, 2560x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're welcome, but I speak from personal experience. Taxis do idle excessively, especially here in Canada. They hover outside airports and train stations 24/7, you think they're sitting in there with the car turned off and no heat?

It became such a problem here in Toronto that we implemented anti-idling bylaws. It's not your average person that's guilty of idling, they rarely have a place to idle their car, it's taxis that sit and wait 2/3 of their shift.

But thanks for trying to tell me about something I undoubtedly know to be true.
>guilty of idling

yikes, canada
>everywhere is a frigid wasteland like 'murricas tophat

Do you consider this trying? The fact of the matter is you're trying to say no Fords will see 300k+ when in reality that's simply not true.
wew, thanks for clearing that up.. i almost respected your opinion

I didn't say that at all, go back and read my post. Not going to argue with you because I'm not arguing against your point. Stop trying to start a fight you silly manchild.


Wow you sure showed me. Guess I'll just go back to playing hockey and getting free medical treatment hue hue hue epic maymays.
>doesn't know about the ford 300 i6
Just run through the conversation, I think you might have lost your way. Or you're trying to join someone else's discussion, you silly child.


>muh redneck ford fables

i bet your granpappy owned a ford once and it got 5 trillion miles on only a single oil change uphill in the Arizona desert facing a headwind and artillery barrages
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I'm probably older than you.

You seem to think I'm the original poster who was bashing Fords. I'm not. I simply corrected the assumption that police and taxi vehicles routinely achieve high mileage on their original internals. They don't. They rarely ever do. I know this from first-hand experience.
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List of Fords I have owned

92 Eddie Bauer Explorer
>drove smooth
>Its 4x4 went literally ANYWHERE in the snow

2003 Ford Ranger
>2.3 chain driven Duratec
>180 HP and 200 Feet pound was an impressive powerplant for a mini truck like that Autozone ranger.
>gas efficient too

1999 Ford Mustang GT

>Its a mustang fun factor was off the charts
>260HP & 301 feet pounds
>Was impressed with the 4AOD and its gearing
>first gear done 55 MPH
>second gear done 95 MPH
>topped the 150 MPH speedo out a handfull of times
>Nigger car still had 2 and 1/2 grand left to spin after the 150 MPH mark
>Was convertible bitches loved it during the summer time

Miss all 3 to death Ford has made some of the best cars i have ever had the pleasure of owning.
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fuck you

Oh i guess ill count my sisters 91 escort she sold to our older brother.

hes had it for like 10 years now and the only thing hes put into it is a clutch and some new oil filters.

Next to the Hilux, 4Runner, Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, Mazda BT-50, Mazda B3000 (similar to the Ranger, yet strangely more reliable), etc.

Rangers are the automotive lottery, there is no standard for reliability. You either get insanely good luck with one, or it's a total shitshow. This totals up to an "average" reliability rating through shit like Edmunds, but I've never met anyone who falls in the middle. They either have extraordinarily good luck and never replace/fix anything, or it's a nightmare that drains their bank account.

>years ago
>be me looking to get 1st car
>looking at Rangers
>read consumer reviews and ratings and stuff
>start finding Rangers on autotrader
>people are claiming one of two things
>replaced X, Y, Z in the last 3 months, so you don't have to worry about it new owner!
>never had any problems, runs great, zero issues, very reliable


Then I started reading a lot more about them, and realized they were overpriced for what you get.

>2010 truck
>fucking drum brakes all around

Yeah, no.
>2010 truck
>fucking drum brakes all around

So you have literally no idea what you're talking about?
>drum brakes all around
>ford pinto
>had 2001 falcon
>original gearbox blew at 170k had it replaced with a aftermarket reco box
>top end blew up only after 160k ausfagmiles
>i only had the car for 20k kilometers wtf
>put a new top end in it around 175k
>fast forward to 180k and bottom end blew
>had it replaced at 190k new ring gaskits bearings and timing
>21x k kilocunts motherfucking electricals failed so i gave it away and got the shits with it
>friend put in new alt and battery and it seems to be ok now but i dont trust it
Never EVER again

sure i beat on this car pretty hard but the LE DURR FORD ENGINES AND GEARBOXES ARE RELIABLE bullshit its a myth.

Oh and lets not forget the factory disc brakes that

>warp and chew rotors every 10-20k pads every 15k
>calipers distort and pots stick on the front leaving you with no brakes even after rebuilding due to design fault
>rear handbrake faulty and keeps going slack after rebuild
Oh and to top it all off the thing munched through fractory and aftermarket cooling like a goddamn nigger

had to replace
>all cooling pipes
>water pump
Even when i almost did all that the trans cooler kept fucking up so i had that bypassed and THEN it still never shift right even with only 50k on the new trans

i dont know sure they are capable cars that you can rally every day or piss around in and relatively fast 7sec to 100 but are inexpensive and cheap and love to eat parts.

only thing that didnt explode was the rear diff and chassis so credit to them i suppose
worst 4 years of car ownership in my life i'd rather go back to my cressida but ended up with a gm fatfish
>cars made in prison land

Well no duh it's shit.

I've done 230k Oz miles in my Focus and have only had to replace the brakes(220k), a sway bar endlink(70k) and the battery (160k). I'm the original owner too so I've driven it since it had 9km.
File: 1423963235109.jpg (142 KB, 478x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142 KB, 478x960
How exactly are they "strangley more reliable"?

dont get me wrong all of the cars listed are great and reliable.

except the mazda B series.
cause that's HUGELY different from the Ford ranger and is similar in no ways at all.
2nd gen b series are literally rebadged Rangers. There are Ford stampings on the engines FFS.

>tfw girl at work got a B4000
>tell her it should be reliable since it's basically a Ranger
>she says it's not, her dad doesn't buy Ford's
>go to parking lot with her on break and show her Ford stamp
the b2500, 3000 series are literally the exact same vehicle as a ranger just with different body styling and some interior differences.

2010 and 2011 had 4 wheel discs, prior to that it was front disc and rear drum, and at some point in the early 2000's I think it was all still drum?

maybe someone else knows the exact year they switched from 4 wheel drum to front disc rear drum

in my opinion, it was a shit move for Ford to charge the price they did for a Ranger and still put drums on it in 2009, that's fucking pathetic for a supposed work vehicle

fucking shitty little economy cars had 4 wheel discs back in 2006
trucks have rear drums for a reason moron
>they still sell brand new 2016 tacomas with rear drums
rangers have always had front discs


Yet somehow the Mazda variant is more reliable. Same shit happened with the Mazda3, which shares the same platform as the earlier Focuses, and the 121 and Ford Aspire. It's like they work from the same mold, and then Mazda adapts theirs to overseas markets. Ford seems to cheapen theirs for the North American market, and we end up with shit.

Or maybe Ford owners are just fucking stupid and ruin their vehicles?
File: 1452320935745.jpg (86 KB, 640x365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry its hard to detect sarcasm through text.
my 2011 had drums in the rear

not always


the only reason drums are used is because they're cheap, and automakers try to justify this by saying "well the rears don't do as much work so discs aren't necessary"

there isn't a single normal-use application where 4 wheel discs wouldn't be better than having rear drums

go on faggot, TRY to argue otherwise

not to mention most people neglect their rear brakes if they're drum because they're harder to service, so they fuck up quicker and more frequently
cuz had a 01 f0cus and said it was nothing but shit r
'92 Escort
'93 Escort
'93 F150
'97 Mustang GT
'01 Mustang GT
'03 Crown Victoria

I've owned a few Fords I guess. I'm looking to get a new(er) car this year and at least a few of the potential candidates are Ford's as well. A new Focus ST, Fiesta ST, Ecoboost Mustang or a 2013-2014 Mustang GT. Also looking at few other cars though, so we'll see.
Holy shit are you serious?

What a pile of shit.


>h-he he he guys
>i was j-just joking
>no r-really
File: 46880f68b.png (206 KB, 570x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 570x359

>Ecoboost Mustang or a 2013-2014 Mustang GT

V8 road warrior or a 4 cylinder cuckmachine. How the fuck do you even arrive at such a dilemma?
mind telling me why this 1988 ranger has discs in the front
>as well as ALL other rangers

and they still use drums because they work. and they work well, especially in sand and mud where discs struggle and shriek

sounds like you dont know what the fuck you are talking about anon

because someone used a disc conversion kit, they're extremely common and popular, it's usually the first thing a newer Ranger owner will do to their truck
I like the idea of a straight engine in a Mustang and since we don't get godly turbo straight sixes from Ford in America, the ecoboost is all that's left. I know I'd probably be disappointed after the fact but it's still on the table. The numbers they're putting down without much investment are pretty impressive. Still, just not sure if I can get used to driving something without that V8 rumble again. That's probably going to be the big deciding factor over the next several months.

I want to like several little four banger options out there but I just don't know if I can long term.
oh.. so EVERYONE who owns a ranger has done a front disc conversion? how about this, how about you show me drum brakes on the front of a ranger.. until then its confirmed that you have no clue what you are talking about
File: 091208_16491.jpg (324 KB, 1280x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
324 KB, 1280x1024
not really, i had no issues with stopping power even with the bed full of stuff

>3,500lbs rear-wheel drive coupe
>powered by a 4 cylinder engine

I don't give a shit how many turbos you strap to it, that engine is going to be overworked from day one. And Ford hasn't been doing turbos long enough for me to trust their competency yet, I'll wait another decade to see how many "Ecoboost" cars grenade themselves prematurely.

N/A V8 is fairly proven technology, and the 2013-14 GT is a monster. Either you buy the car for fun, or you buy it as a shitbox commuter. If you're doing the latter, just buy a Mazdapseed3 when they come out with the new ones, they'll slap the fuck out of anything Ford is offering.

>rumored to have AWD too

File: smug4-1278528343.jpg (13 KB, 282x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 282x272

are you mad?

because you seem upset...
kek, im not mad i just think its funny. you are on here spouting bullshit to people who actually own these trucks and cant even prove your point
It will probably cost more than a Mustang GT as well. I'd expect it to be in the mid 30's alongside the Focus RS.

Anyways, 3500 pounds isn't really heavy by today's standards. That's not to say there won't be a bunch of ruined ecoboosts cluttering junkyards and people's driveways over the next decade, maybe they will suck, but as it stands right now they're looking pretty good and can survive a lot more power on stock internals than they roll out of the factory with. And while they may not be as sexy as V8's they're still faster than pretty much any base V8 mustang from the past. The GT S197's are just barely faster and even then it's a drivers race.

Also, Fords turbo-motors have been holding up pretty well in even heavier trucks, so they're doing something right with the overall technology.
Do you know how the Sonora desert looks like?

Of course not you're just expressing your autism.
>3500 pounds isn't really heavy by today's standards

>the laws of physics don't apply
>by today's standards
>the unit for measuring mass, known as the pound, doesn't really apply
>by today's standards
>basic rules governing displacement, internal engine temperatures, stress placed on alloys, and the centuries old science behind metallurgy
>don't apply by today's standards
well then i guess all new cars are garbage? what is the best new car anon?
No, all those things still apply, but pointing out that a 3500 pound car is powered by a four banger is kind of pointless when it's a pretty common thing that doesn't really produce problems.

You can't just irrationally say that a 4 cylinder engine is over stressed because 3500 pounds in one post and then argue about science in your next. Pick a lane!
File: american.jpg (91 KB, 741x649) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 741x649

no i do not know how the sonora desert looks like

plez tell me pablo

mucho gracias
2013 Mustang Gt PREMIUUMM
no problems except my dick is constantly wet from all the pussy being thrown at me.

But no seriously i havent had a problem in the 1 year 15k miles i have put on it. Drivetrain is good, But exterior is another problem. my paint is peeling all over the front bumper. Also on the rear decklid. I tried to go into a warranty claim at the dealership and those fucks accused me of rubbing chemicals on the back to cause errosion of the paint. Also accused me of getting into a accident and having someone paint my front bumper under the table which is why its peeling.... I dont know where these fucks get off on the shit they say.

Amazing car but unfortunately problems with dealerships doing warranty for shit paint jobs. Ford by far has the worst paint i have ever seen on a new vehicle.
have an 01 5.7 expedition that blew 2 plugs one of which was fixed with the adapters. the other is in the back to which its a major pain in the ass to fix.

fuck you ford for not acknowledging your fuckery and blaming it on the owners

the updated heads cost over 7k with labor. i can get a performance head for 2k and be faster
you do not have a 5.7L expedition because that does not exist
File: ew.jpg (48 KB, 433x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 433x650
>well then i guess all new cars are garbage?

Now you understand. There are no good new cars.

Welcome to /o/. Enjoy your stay.


That's true at its face, but not when you consider it's a 3,500lbs car that will be driven hard, has a turbocharger, direct injection, and is produced by a company known for being cheap and making unreliable/poorly engineered vehicles.

Driving a 4 cylinder shitbox SUV mallcrawler is fine, it will only ever see light service.

Equipping a heavy sports coupe with a small, high compression engine, and at such a budget price, is a recipe for disaster. Not to mention how filthy Ford's direct injection is.
File: bateman-4.jpg (17 KB, 601x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 601x338

>cruising along in Mustang
>guy shows up in Camaro SS
>let's race
>lemme just get my revs up so my turbo kicks in-
>hey no fair I have turbo lag!
>he can't do that!

I have an '01 expedition with just over 100k miles on it.
1) Don't ever change the spark plugs on your own. Just don't. First, it's a pain in the ass reaching the ones in the back since the engine is stuffed under the firewall but also half the time they break off and get stuck in there. No I'm not doing it wrong, this is a known problem. So much so that there's even a special tool made just for changing spark plugs on triton engines.
2) The electric switches seem poor quality. So far I've had a window switch go out, dash light dimmer go out, and turn signal stalk go out. Fortunately since it's just an F150 with a super extended cab all these parts are readily available super cheap on ebay or your local scrapyard. Oh yeah, cruise control died too.
3) A good thing is the engine and transmission seem pretty solid despite the spark plug issue. Just do normal maintenance and it'll be problem-free.
4) Another good thing is all the interior panels are super easy to disassemble. Want to take off a door? No problem, just undo two screws and slide it up. Bam, done. Not like my miata with fucken hidden tiny plastic snaps everywhere that you have to be careful no to break. Miata is much easier to work on engine stuff but fuck taking off interior panels.

he meant it costs him 5.7 thousand dollars per month to keep it running

>owns a Ford Ranger

your opinion is trash, discarded
1979 f150 351m. 275k
1986 bronco ii 2.9. 185k
1995 ranger 2.3. 271k
1996 Taurus v6. 321k
1996 f150 5.0. 221k
1952 Ford f3 flathead v8. Who knows
1972 f100 521 big block ~675hp NA pump gas
1974 Ford pinto 2.3 295k miles
2009 ranger 2.3. 71k

These are only whats owned between my father and i ; only the big block has actually been taken apart and rebuilt. They all still start, run, and drive under their own power and none of them smoke. The 5.0 f150 has a small rear tank leak
>drive home disgusted with your turbo four pot
>list it for sale
>get a GT instead
>hunt down the camaro who stole your masculinity
>rematch time
>get beat again because lolferd
>go home and cry about your little pony needing to go to the glue factory

That's the blue oval life baby
File: rally5.jpg (88 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 960x640
>implying the camaros are fast
File: aussie.jpg (10 KB, 236x236) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 236x236

File: sweaty.jpg (38 KB, 560x560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 560x560

Just gonna leave this here...


inb4 endless excuses
Kias are reliable as fuck though. My parents own a 2010 kia cee'd and it hasn't had a single problem so far, save for a poorly tuned ECU from when it had a check up, and that was the shop's fault.

The only complaint I have is that the interior quality is a bit bad, everything in the dashboard rattles and shakes on bumpy roads.
Thanks for the confirmation on your mental status.
Had a Puma 1.4. Slow as shit in hindsight, and I was too inexperienced to push it hard enough to give much of an opinion on the handling.

Always reliable, though, and I loved driving it at the time.
>kias are reliable
>proof: my sample size of 1
Better than your sample size of a bus pass. Prove me wrong
Op here
Shit i fell asleep 5 mins after posting this thread.
Didnt even check until now
>TL;DR only 10% of the people on this thread have taste in cars, the other 90% are ford fanboys cause murrica
File: Image053.jpg (60 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 1024x768
My ex's '08 Optima needed a new engine a -40k.

Yeah because the stupid cunt probably didn't change the oil until they replaced it as part of the new engine.
94 f150 crew cab 2wd
>survived til 2007 through intense farm/ag and interstate hauling of probably over legal weight tool carriers across interstate lines when we sold it at auction.
>despite having two dead/dying cylinders the fucker was still alive and passing california smog when we sold it.
>get a call two months ago that it got found off in florida and was involved in a car wreck and we were the last people to register it, asking if it still was ours and who was driving it.
>also wants to know if we want to come down and get it out of their impound lot.
>tell them no we sold it over 7 years ago.
>officer thanks me for the answer and checks off that bit on his report.

2006 f150 not sure what model off the top of my head 2wd
> used to be my mom's truck as a gift and apology for gangpressing the 94 into service at the farm
>it's now mine and is my dd for work for the forest service.
>literally have doubled the milage on it in the last two years from 80k to just a hair over 160k.
>Do most of my maintenance myself except the time the battery and alternator died at the exact same time.

Only gripe I have is we didn't get the 4wd option on it.

>absolutely hate the new body style of the current new production f150s and won't be buying anything newer than a 2008 f150 for the forseeable future.
Except she took it to the dealer for service, hence why they had to warranty it.

my first car was a 92 escort wagon that had 220,000km on it, at least 50,000 of which i didn't bother to do an oil change on.

eventually gave to a friend and it's still going today with 350k km's on it.
Dont know if troll or literally retarded. Ford Rangers and their offshoot vehicles (B-Series, Bronco II and Explorer) have never had front drum brakes.
Fuck it i am going to list all the problems hold onto your hats guys
>Air con compressor died 3 times all replaced new
>Front wheel bearings died after 180k
>rears same time and rear diff leaked
>handbrake never worked and only locked one wheel (thats ford for ya)
>Had a lovely habbit of not building enough pressure in intake manifold to boost the booster vac enough so you'd brake for many the 4th time in a row and the pedal would go hard
>im on my second AU now trying to fix it for my mum and dead set everything the same is breaking and not because the car is old or abused but because its a fucking falcon

So that goes 2x except for the engine and gearbox on this other one.
>still going
>Front shocks Front springs Front bushes
>Rear shocks rear bushes rear springs
>sway bar end links snapped
>Sway bar bushes dead
>diff whine/clunk
>intermittent abs fault (build into the goddamn bosch controller i swear to god both cars did this)
>horrible brake pedal feel
Despite this they never stranded me but fuck they are unreliable, one never even went there a dirt road and STILL did the same things

>Upper front suspention mounts and bearings
>Ball joints lower
>Stock headunit CD failed
>Radio broke
>Aircon BCM faults
>headlights hi/lo randomly blow up/short
>Front seats collapse
>gearbox mount
>extention housing leak
>driveshaft rust and unbalance (go over 180km/h will grenade apparently thanks ford)
>Manual t5 trans apparently shit from factory
>Auto 4sp not too bad but no dipstick and loves to leak oil (thanks ford)
>front windscreen cracked for no reason
>Front window switch fault, keep breaking.
>rear window switch same thing
>Central locking a shit
>Boot sensor light keeps fucking up

4.0L or get the FUCK out.
>head gaskit failure
>timing cover gaskit failure
>intake gaskit failiure
>exhaust failure
>timing cover leak
>stock airbox design fucking stupid lets no air in
>Gets so hot under hood paint peels

Jesus christ anon, it's like you pissed off a witch doctor or a wizard whose powere include cursing all your cars.
89 xr3i
Still runs great with no.problems
I have a '98 Explorer with the 4.0L SOHC. 253k. Still going.
30k on my 2012 fiesta 5 speed.

all is well.
Mine is the "2nd" gen 'Murrican spec. They had everything pretty well ironed out by then. I've heard about early 1st gens having problems though, not gonna lie.
plot twist the 2nd au2 wasnt mine
Ford makes unreliable and reliable cars just like any other vehicle manufacturer. The people who always spout the fix or repair daily bullshit don't own and have never owned a ford and derive all there opinions from there parents.
2001 F-150, 140k, 4wd
Environment: Cleveland, Ohio. Lots of road salt.
Had a wheel bearing go out, not really that suprised
4wd didn't work for a while but I just kept hitting it with wd-40 and oil until it did
egr tube holder rusted out and I had to braze weld in a replacement
Radio was a piece of shit from the get-go
Thin steel differential cover rotted away and started to seep oil out the bottom, replaced it and re-lubed
had a brake caliper go sticky on me but I was able to replace the pins and rubbers and it works fine now
Spare tire holder is rusted to nothing and I carry my spare in the bed
Gas tank strap rusted and I had to retrofit a replacement
Gas tank rusted and needed replaced
Bed rotted out and needed replaced.

Overall, I would like to say that this truck has neither been wonderful, nor terrible in terms of repairs needed. I have done no engine service, no transmission service, and I think I have ironed out most all the issues at the moment. Cleveland is a high-rust area, it is none too surprising that things tend to rot away a bit, especially when left outside a lot or driven a bunch in winter-time.
Reliability wise plus considering all the things I have been able to do, I like the truck, and considering the $3000 purchase price, and well over a year now of duty, I am satisfied with my decision.

Cars break. Older cars used a lot need lots of work. Get over it. Be it ford, or anyone else.

What I can say in much defense of Ford is this: PARTS. ARE. CHEAP. If I need anything for my truck, I can say with a lot of confidence that all I need to do is wander into Autozone or Car Parts Warehouse or where the ferk ever, and whatever I need will be right there.

So go ahead, buy a fucking Suzuki if you don't believe me. You want your parts to be two weeks away from anywhere? Fine by me buddy boy.
File: image.jpg (199 KB, 960x562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199 KB, 960x562
Ferd stronk
File: klgg.jpg (31 KB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 480x270
It's hilarious how all Kia fags try to defend their poorly made shitbox

This is a turbo Optima at 30k
Somebody will defend this.
le nigger ute, go pick some cotton
>shits on Kia reliability
>drives Infinitis

>fords a shit

The crown Victoria says otherwise, you goof
File: image.jpg (20 KB, 316x211) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 316x211
Say it to my face fucker not online I'll rek you cunt
Fuck off fatcunt.
File: Sickcunt.jpg (52 KB, 604x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 604x453
I had a 1988 Fairlane with the 3.9 I6 that had over 600 000km on it when I sold it. Original engine and gearbox. The electrics were failing pretty badly, but the mechanical side of it was faultless.

Also had 5.0 EL XR8 with 418 000km on it, and that took an absolute thrashing every day and never skipped a beat. Had a lower radiator hose burst 2km from home and gently babied it home, replaced the hose, topped it up and kept on driving.

The 302/5.0, while low in power compared to other makes, particularly the 90's/00's years, were pretty reliable.
97 Mercury Mountaineer V8 AWD.

Fuckin great, 310k on it. Still drives like a warrior, nothing major to report. Hardest repair was probably the water pump because I didn't drain my coolant properly and that shit went everywhere when I pulled it.
Had an '08 F150 5.4 Triton, dumped it with 86k miles.

Couldn't get spark plugs out and tranny began slipping for no reason.

Bought a 98 1/2 24v Cummins that died when I crashed it. Brake lines burst and crashed doing about 55, I still miss that truck.
Dad had a F350 with the 7.3L V8. He loved that thing, it was a super reliable work horse.
Infinitis are well built are you daft?
File: IMG_0691.jpg (2 MB, 4032x3024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4032x3024
My first Ford was a hand me down 2000 Ford Windstar that dad gave me when I graduated college. Tranny took a shit at about 230,000 miles. I just bought a used 2006 Ford Crown Victoria LX with 106,000 on it. Like it so far.
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