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Driving music thread
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my car sorta.jpg
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>wake up early in the morning
>sun hasn't risen yet
>only slept for an hour
>open can of 80-Acre and quickly gulp it down
>get some more for the commute
>get cassette tape with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZQxH_8raCI
>drive old beat-up Camaro 20 miles over the speed limit but nobody gives a fuck because Nebraska is the best place to drive in
>chuck cans over my left shoulder all the way to the factory
Sorry if this is a full on downer; things are pretty rough for me right now.


>Wake up in a stupor after an 8 hour calculus binge with buddies.
>Down some aspirin and make my way to the underground parking lot in the cold embrace of the night; unclear exactly why.
>Begin unwrapping old faithful from her fabric blanket.
>Faintly smile as I run my hand over the familiar indents of the wheel.
>Rich fumes lazily envelope the parking spot as the V6 warms itself up.
>Make my way out as street lights systematically scan over the interior.
>Finally arrive at my old stomping grounds, now inhabited by the next generation.
>Kill the ignition and make my way towards the guardrail by the edge of the hill.
>Looking at my old town for what felt like an hour. Remembering all the memories from past friends, first loves, and times of strife.
>Quietly walk back and get into the car.
>Begin softly crying; my expression unbroken.
>Turn her over, and begin hooning my way through the winding hills back for another day.

Though these times are tough, the road will always be there for me. Maybe this coping mechanism can help some other anons weather the storm.
bump for a ded thread
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>wake up
>half empty whiskey bottle next to my face
>instantly throw up from the smell of cigarettes, 2 dogs, and stale beer
>open camper door
>see momma comin from the house
>can't make out what she's screaming about
>gets in my face
>says I owe her $50 for the month
>sleeping in my truck on her lawn for the past year
>lose my shit
>knock her last tooth out
>daddy comes out with his red rider BB gun
>fires a round at me
>bounces off muh glorious topper
>hits momma in the eye
>kick her in the back with my boot to knock her down
>shotgun a beer
>throw whiskey bottle at daddy
>lay back down inside my camper with my dogs
>bump for potential
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>beme 2 hours ago
>riding my bmw supermoto in these god awful temperatures
>headphone in and police car 2 cars infront
>this song comes on
>start poping wheelies because can
>next turn off is motorway
>turn onto motorway just at the climax of song and power off into the overcast grey wet cold dreary as fuck sunset laughing
>boner achieved
>wake up freezing cold because this building has no central heating, the space heater will kill me if I leave it on, and I sleep on the fucking floor
>check phone, its lit up with messages from my ex, who was supposed to pick her stuff up two hours ago
>she left me for some wannabe Yakuza who actually works at a fucking host bar in the city, so fuck her
>stand up, head instantly hurts, nearly trip over a pile of shitty haposhu cans
>grab keys, go out into the bright morning
>hit the ignition, the sweet sound of carbed straight six
>shove an actual tape into the deck
>it aint that bad here

Did anybody else see that rad simpsons intro after the Bengals-Stealers game?
>wake up
>well there was a blizzard so I need to drive wife to work
>son actually not up with the sun for once, have mom come sit with him
>super safely get wife to the rural ass elementary school <45mph
>Actually alone for one of the 6 hours I get a week
>the LSD's effects are slowly diminishing
>get into my car
>get paranoid about cops as my license was revoked and I'm still on LSD
>manage to get onto the highway without being noticed by cops
>turn on the radio and MN1984 starts playing
Cyberpunk as fuck
Nice third gen bro. And nice song
>Black Keys
mah classy nigga
Oh shit, that was literally playing as I won the Schwarzvald Liga B in a Yellowbird in my current GT4 replay.

But anyway, shit I've driven to recently:





My music taste is not what you'd call "refined".
Thread replies: 18
Thread images: 7
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