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Hey /o/, just wanted to let you guys know...
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Hey /o/, just wanted to let you guys know that I'm going back to jail again. I made a thread last week about my problems with being unable to pay the $5000 court fines after getting convicted for faking the car registration sticker and already serving one month in jail, and now I can't pay the fines anymore after losing my job. Court gave me the option of serving a 60 day jail sentence if I can't pay, and I took that instead since it's better than being homeless at this point anyway.

Learn from my mistakes and don't fuck up like I did. Pay your car registration.
Dude car registration is like fifty bucks every year max.
Is this a joke? If not, you deserve it moron.
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land of the free. Pay your registration next time you nincompoop
>deserve it
No he doesn't.. He's choosing it.
You always have the option to serve instead of pay a fine.
What shitty monarchy do live in that still uses that term?
Enjoy riding a donkey on your way to tithe to you leige,pussy.
It was $250, I'm in California. Plus it wouldn't pass smog, which is why I faked the registration sticker to begin with so my car wouldn't get towed when I parked it. I only got pulled over going to another town last year, when the cop ran the registration he saw it was faked and impounded my car.

I went to court today and tried to get it reduced. The judge gave me the option of serving another jail sentence instead of paying the fine, so I took that instead of paying the rest of the fine. At least the judge gave me a few weeks to prepare before I have to report in.
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You havin' a giggle m8? I'll take you down bruv
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>$250 reggo in CA
what the hell are you driving?
I have a truck (which is technically a commercial vehicle title since commiefornia) and a car and they're a little over $200 a year for both.

only new cars have reggo fees that high but if it was a new car then why
> it wouldn't pass smog
so basically why:
*didn't you fix it so it passed smog?
*didn't you take it to a county with no bi-annual smog test requirements, rent a p.o. box in the county seat, and register it there?
*didn't you bribe the smog test guy?
*didn't you sell it and buy a car that would pass smog?

BAKA have fun in the clink
No wonder America is the most heavily incarcerated country in the world. Not paying rego and getting locked up in jail.

Kek land of the free indeed.
You should move out of that shitty state when you're done with jail. Move somewhere you can afford.

Also time to get prison ripped yo ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
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not paying reg. doesn't get you locked up, homie would have been in better shape if he was driving with expired tags even,he could have sweet talked the cop that he just paid the reg thru the mail and even if that failed he would have been cited with just a fix-it ticket for new reg. Last fixit i got for reg was like $10 plus like $25 late fee from DMV. It's when he faked the new tags that he dun goof'd, also if he didn't actually register it he has back fees to pay to the DMV plus he has to pay to get his vehicle out of impound, or the state will sell it.

>Learn from my mistakes
So, OP, how did you fake it? just printed a fake one out, or did you steal a sticker off someone elses vehicle or in the mail? how'd theycatch you, AKA why did you get pulled over?
>pic related OPs face before getting pulled over
When you get out move the fuck out of California or join the Army.
Do you have any plans for the future? What's next?
Jail isn't bad.

A fifth of the people in there are in there for the same reason you will be in there. Ive been to jail 3 times now for stupid weed stuff, but always got bailed out the next day by mommie. 60 days is longer than I've been in there though, but everyone survives fine. It's not prison.
It's only prison it's not hell. Life goes on.
60 days is nothing.
>jail isn't bad
>he's only done over nights
lmao you probably didn't even get processed.
the holding tank for 8 hours isn't jail m8.

>60 days is nothing
t. never been to jail
feel you op got caught ripping skids, 40 days flat time, $3815 in fines, $1000 "administrative fee" to get car from impound, 90 day suspension and 2 years sr22. never had a felony never been convicted of anything except wreckless driving and assault, both misdemeanors. fuck the police. already skipped my turn in date and have a warrant, not losing my house over this shit, already going to lose my job when I go to jail. Will turn my self in after the end of the month if they haven't came for me by then. If I can sneak by until then I can afford to pay up 2 months of bills so it takes care of shit while I'm in and gives me a bit of a buffer to find a new job when I get out.

America, freedom....as long as you do EXACTLY what we tell you to.
Sorry you're the type to get raped in jail.
I did 18 months courtside and it was **easy**.
easy as in no violence? yeah
easy on your mind? no, unless you have a sub 100 iq and enjoy playing spades for 8 hours a day.
Depends where you are in jail. But jail isn't nearly as bad as prison. 60 days is gonna be shitty, I feel bad for OP.

So is this a felony charge? Or just a shitty misdemeanor? If it isn't a felony, you will be fine once all this blows over. Can't believe they gave you 60 days for that shit. One of those BS charges where it is kinda an umbrella thing for much worse forgery crimes. And they need to base these fines on your income. $5000 is a lot of money for the average person. Some dick trust-fun baby could basically get off free with the same offense.
>not reading
>not self reflecting
>not doing yoga
>not getting on work detail
>not writing
>not playing chess
dude, the smart people in jail are the ones who don't get bored. It's you mid level intelligence faggots who get bored. Not smart enough to entertain yourself, too smart to be retarded.
>>14226170 here

county jail isn't bad, just boring as shit. find the copout forms and transfer to the halfway house if available in your area, you can even get work release. that's what I'm aiming for.
what is courtside? wouldn't want to do 18mos, 90 days is my longest
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>only prison
he's going away for 60 days, it's obviously to county

>Jail's not bad
>only been for three days
fuck off.

>always too cold (your jail may vary)
>except the tap water that's always too hot
>everything is made by bob barker
>worst food evar yet you will still trade it
>nobody ever puts money on your books
>can't make ninja powder in your cell
>prisoners who crush their fritos, add water, solidify them, dry them, and then snack on their frito bar

plus side:
>can get high
>lots of books
>free rent
>free weight training
>free cable
oh no he'll have to watch shitty daytime tv, listen to shitty chart music or read novels with half the pages missing for 60 days.
how terrible. i got over it in two weeks.
also the gym was better than the ones outside.
they dont even give 18 month county sentences you would of had to be waiting for court.

>16 hour lock down
>dude just do yoga for 6 months no big deal
delusions. plus the book cart sucks ass in jail.

ur talking shit m8
4 chan is an international website my burgerfucking friend
now i know ur lying
No buddy, they process you, in wake County NC anyway, after only a few hours.

My ass went to gen. pop.. It's really just very boring. You won't be doing anything except hanging around watching tv movies all day.
lol you poor pathetic moron.
My friend got locked up in DeKalb, IL for like 2 months. Total corn-town. He got Meals on Wheels three times a day when he was in there. Ate better in there than he does outside.

He's lucky they caught him when he was at a college party instead of at home. Cook County doesn't serve Meals on Wheels.
I put on 10kg in 6 months the eating was that good.

Some us thrive in a prison environment
Yes, some of you don't belong in society.

That's what jails, prisons, and the fucktards in the military are for.
>beta pussy detected
you'd be my bitch in 5 minutes no wonder you want me locked up
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