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Would you buy a 150,000+ mile petrol?
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Specifically the MG ZT-T / Rover 75. I have loved the look of these cars forever and you NEVER see them on the roads where I'm from. Most of them are priced under £700 however this one has upwards of 150K on the clock. BMW engine, so in theory it should still be good for up to around 250K right?

I wanted the pr/o/fessionals to help me, if you'd be so kind. I love these cars, but I don't want to buy something that'll die after a year, I want at least 2 years out of it at roughly 15K a year.

Thanks in advance!
I'd do a pre buyers inspection and have the mechanic do a compression check. It'll show if the cylinders still make good combustion chambers or not.
> MG Rover
No, I wouldn't buy one.
I would not buy one new.
I would not buy one used.
I would not buy one over 150K.
I would not buy one UNDER 150K.
I would not buy one if you paid me.

It's a fucking rover. It'll be rusted to shit, the electrics won't work in the damp, and it'll be shit.
What's your experience?
I've no idea what his is, but I bought a Rover 45 for £600 a couple of years ago, and it never put a foot wrong in the 12 months I owned it.

The 2.5 v6s in the 75s/ZTs are an improved design which is fairly reliable, especially compared with the ones in the old Freelanders and 800s. The i4s, though, still suffer from the k-series head gasket, though at that mileage it'll almost certainly have been replaced with one of the newer uprated ones by now. Also, have you considered the diesel? It's a BMW unit, very sturdy indeed.

I don't know too much about them bodywork wise. I'd check with the MG Rover owner's club for that.

You're right that they're hella undervalued at the moment. A real chance to get a very refined comfortable car for not much money at all.
the 75/ZT never had BMW petrol engines; only the M47 diesel, all of the petrols (except the V8) were k-rover series engines
Thanks for your reply, the 2.5 was way too expensive on insurance at my age (18). I currently own a diesel, however being a young guy, typically I want something more powerful hence why I'm going petrol. I only intend to keep it for a year or two as I like change. Price to MPG ratio is about the same in the UK right now too so price is about equal.

You can tell my knowledge on these manufacturers is not great, thanks for correcting me.
Don't get me wrong, I love Rovers to bits, but if you're looking for something fast a 1.8 75 is not going to deliver. To be brutally honest, at your age and budget, I'd really be tempted just to stick with your diesel shitbox until you can scrape a bit more money together and your insurance drops a bit.

Then, if you like these cars, grab yourself a nice ZS180. They're not exactly going to set the world on fire either, but they're a fair bit quicker and nimbler than either of the full sizers, and just as underpriced.
Or 120, rather. Kinda confusing that the 120 happens to be a 1.8. Nothing wrong the 180, mark you, but they're quite rare and significantly pricier.
the ones with the black sills are the ones you want.
made properly in a different factory, only the first year or two.
You referring to the pre-Project Drive cars? They weren't made in a different factory, they just avoided a shitton of cost-cutting measures.
They used to make them at two different sites at the start.
For some reason BMW only cared what happened at one site.
Oh yeah, production was transferred from Cowley to Longbridge. You're quite right.

Considering a few certain comments made by one of BMW's leading men on the 75's release, though, I think there's some debate as to whether BMW ever really cared.
Oh yes I remember that. He had a valid point but that wasn't the time or place.
I think them "caring" was really them researching how they would handle a British workforce for the MINI.
Yeah but unfortunately I need a wagon so. I'm not looking for something that'll do the 1/4 mile, just something that'll be fun to open up on a straight road and still be nippy in the corner while having some space for a few upgrades.
In that case, I guess the ZT would be one of the more fun options. If you can get insurance for one of those, an E36/46 318i might well be worth a look, if you can find a good one. Don't dismiss the Ford Mondeo either - they're common as shit and not half bad to drive.

Surprises me you can get insurance for this kind of thing as an 18yo Brit, especially with the kind of budget we're talking about here, but I assume you've done your research on that front.
I thought about a BMW, haven't yet phoned my unsurer about one of those yet because I would like one of the older E36 wagons - they do look nice. Ford Mondeos crossed my mind, but I haven't seem much customization for those - then I might be looking in the wrong place.

I was also surprised how cheap the MG was to insure. Took a lot of number crunching and 3 months on a black box in my diesel shitbox to get it down to a 1500 for a year. Not much when these things have 120hp+ stock and my friends are paying more for hatchbacks!
Thread replies: 17
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