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I am in the market for a new car and hoping to get something that is 2WD/4WD. The two models that I have been able to find are the Suzuki sx4 and the Suzuki Kizashi. I know these aren't super cars by any means but just wanted to see if anyone had any insight into reliability and performance?
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You're in the States right? Suzuki was pretty much on par with everyone else before they disappeared. I was looking into the SX4. They're just so damn rare, but that's what I like about them. Even more rare is the AWD & manual. Rocky Road or some company, makes a lift kit for the things.

I know nothing about the Kizashi other than it sold poorly, people because perception that Honda/ Toyota is king. Really though, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Kia, Volkswagen, are all pretty good now.
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here's that company

Yes in the United States. Very depressed that they pulled out of the market. Any feelings on the Kizashi?
Even rarer. I have seen one in my life. I've seen more 2014+ Vipers than Kisashi's. Heck, I've seen more of those Scion that came out a few months ago.

I would personally get a Kisashi right now, if I could find a 6 speed manual, for under $12k. Nothing within 6 hours of me.
damn that's sexy, and cheap.
I'm worried that the cost of repairs and wait time for parts will increase over time tho.
nooooo Suzuki the parts are crazy expensive and most of there shit is prone to massive failure
gfs sister
old boss
current co worker
threw a rod
massive transmission failures
fucking 1000$ quarter pannel
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>pic is mine
Drives great, comfy, interior is only what you need and no bullshit like a lot of other cars these days. Also, no one wants these cars since Suzuki left so you can get them for dirt cheap. A few issues I have with mine are as follows
>only certified Suzuki mechanic is a boomer that's a three hour drive from me. When he curls over I have to go to the next state.
>aftermarket simply does not exist. There's road race motorsports but prices are a bit eh, single turbo kit is 5 grand iirc. Visual side is also pretty nonexistent, road race also has a ground effects kit but it doesn't look very good by any means. If you want to make it look really good, find a cheap deck lid spoiler that'll look good on it, and lower it a bit.
>do NOT get the Cvt, I like it but it is at its limits performance wise, if you ever upgrade anything even small there's a likely chance you'll blow it. Manual is gr8 though
>I have the Cvt and performance is alright, not too impressive but its usually enough for my need for speed, I think last time I timed it I got a 7.2 second 0-60? So not terrible but not the best. For the price range hell yes this is great.
>headlights bulbs are a bitch to change, you have to take off the bumper and remove the entire head light assembly to change bulbs
>exhaust is pretty quiet, I think borla has a catback system but it's pretty expensive. Been thinking about throwing some new mufflers on mine but unsure.
>stereo is literally shit, change it for a new head unit right away. No aux so your only option with phones is the built in usb which outright refuses to work with android, and barely works on iPhone. Always pops up error 3 and I'd have to disconnect my phone and reconnect it. Wasn't just mine either, other people's phones had the same thing happen. Got a new unit and everything's a-okay.
>don't get awd unless you want to deal with Cvt, no manual awd kiz exists.

Hope this clears up things, lemme know if you have anymore questions m8
i dont know much about the kizashi. but my friend has a fuking sx4 with over 250k miles on it....awd is pretty sweet
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>something that is 2WD/4WD
There's only like one car that is neither of those
buy a suzuki swift sport instead. bags of fun think of ford fiesta ST but its a suzuki.
forget the kisashi havent heard great things about them. the SX4 is a swift with switchable awd and more ground clearance.

everyone i know that does have one raves about them. and these are just the lowly spec swifts. no cambelts, chain driven.
My dad had a Kizashi for a while and it was honestly pretty great to drive. Not super fast or anything but it handled very well for a midsize sedan and the interior was fairly nice. He didn't have it for very long so I can't say about reliability but I've heard they're fine.
File: Suzuki SX4.jpg (2 MB, 4648x3099) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Suzuki SX4.jpg
2 MB, 4648x3099
2007 SX4 AWD 5SPD checking in
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Japanese police are using Kizashi.
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I don't know about later gens, but the 2nd gen rav4 had switchable awd.
I drove a 2005 and it handled hills great. I didn't care for the short wheelbase and high center of gravity so I had to pass tho.

Thanks for the info. Will be forced to get the CVT because I need the AWD for the winter months (Midwest USA). Love the idea of the interchangeable 2WD/4WD option on these.

How was the legroom in the sx4? I'm 6'3'' with some lanky ass legs so need something with some space.
2WD/ 4WD should be referring to NOT AWD. A Land Cruiser is full time 4WD so that's not 2WD/ 4WD. A Subaru a AWD so that's not 2WD/ 4WD. A 4WD pickup or real SUV would be 2wd/4wd.
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