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Thinking about getting a 2005 - 2007 Audi a4.
Budget is around 4000 for the car.
What are your thoughts on these cars?
Got any experience owning or driving them?
Are they expensive to own? Maintenance, fuel economy etc?
What mileage would be considered high on them? Ones i'm looking at have between 150,000 - 250,000 kms on the clock.
Which engines are more reliable on them, the diesels or petrols?
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Interested also OP, currently deciding between an a4 and a bmw 330

I own an 08 a4, which is the same thing.

Keep In mind i'm stage II plus and beat the everloving shit out of it

I've replaced:
>two cam followers (simple $20 piece)
>pcv valve
>timing belt/water pump
>motor/trans mounts (upgraded to poly)

Car has 105k, i've put 40k miles on the tune and many launches an wot runs later, the stock clutch is starting to show signs of wear, so I set the tune back to stock and the problem disappeared. The turbo seals might be wearing too now

I've gotten 34 MPG on a highway trip and average 25 mostly city. This car has been great to me
Thats a pretty low budget.

Have you factored in water pump replacements etc.?
Thats the budget for just the car itself.
Would be good if the pumps been replaced before buying, some i have looked at have been changed already.
can't buy 2005 a4 for 4k family to be honest
Do you mean a good one?
Because you can buy them for 4k desu senpai.
not in >europe
maybe with 400k mileage or fucked engine you can
yes in europe, uk has them for this
idk, in my >eastern
yurop there arent any. And I wouldnt buy such car for under 5k anyway. Moneypits
Can only speak for the '07 A3 1.9 TDI since that's what I own. Mine has ~160.000KM and except for regular maintenance hasn't needed parts yet

Spares will rip you a new one though (If you bring it to a garage or Audi stealership), especially if you need a new timing belt/waterpump, which is at 150.000 KM for the 1.9 TDI
Have you owned yours from new? Since a lot of reliability with these cars seems to come from being looked after from new.
I see a lot of these a4s in my country being used by "boy racers" or ricers now, since they are now more affordable, but I do not know how much money they may cost to keep, with reliability and maintenance.
When I see some ricer with one I wonder, could I afford that too? or is it a money trap and it breaks down at every red light....
Actually no. First owner was a woman and second was my dad. I can say that my dad took great care of it, but he also floored it like mad
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with such a low budget i would steer far clear of getting an a4. if you can find a b7 for that cheap it's going to be needing roughly that much in maintenance within a year or two.

it also probably will have zero features, defeating the purpose of even getting an audi in the first place. the base models of these cars dont come with shit and an audi without at least quattro isn't worth the metal its made out of. youll be driving around in a slow, fwd, oil burning shitbox with halogen headlights, no nav, no heated seats, etc that will do nothing but drain your wallet and look pretty in your driveway.

the only way i would consider getting an a4 for $4k would be if it was an older b5 or maybe b6 for $2-3k and keep the remaining $1-2k for getting it up to snuff, mechanically.

pic is my driveway btw so you know im not just some butt blasted jackass that doesnt know what hes talking about. all three of these cars have incurred the equivalent of $2-10k in repair costs in the last few years (if serviced at the dealership out of warranty. actual maintenance costs were less because i do my own work on the b8 and b7 and the b8.5 is still under warranty).

-b8.5 needed the pcv system replaced and the entire a/c system shit the bed, both within 2 years of ownership.

-b8's turbo's internal wastegate shit the bed (twice) needing a turbo replacement (first one replaced under warranty by previous owner, second one was no biggie because i planned on replacing with a bigger turbo anyway so didnt care about that), burns oil needing new piston rings ($7k job at dealership), drivers seat heating element blew needing new seat, fuel door sticks, pvc system sucks needing replacement often, stock coil packs blow all the time, plus a bunch of other shit most of which is my fault due to the fact that ive doubled the stock hp of the motor as it now runs mid 12s.

-b7 too much to list. biggest issues are oil burning (rings) and heaps of electrical problems (big $$$).
Thanks for the advice!
Some of the ones ive seen have got some alright spec, leather heated seats air con etc, but I get what you mean, they could be money pits.
What kind of budget would you recommend a good one would go for? 6K - 7K?
Is over 180,000kms going into a problem zone in terms of parts needing to be replaced?
B5 or die
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Used to have a 2003 B5.5 Passat and upgraded to a 2010 Audi A4.

Everything they have said below with the B7 A4s I've had to do with my Passat. Crapton of emissions issues and having to TBWP was a drag.

The A4 has had a lot of issues, mostly with coil packs and oil consumption.
So the point to take from this is, dont touch an a4 unless you have a much much bigger budget because they will have costly troubles and you will throw money away.
In all honesty , it's just a pricier Passat . You can probably get a better deal on a Passat than on a A4 . If you actually want a sporty sedan , get a 3 series .

The A4 is by no means a bad car , but it's just a more expensive passat . They do look better in some points of view , but i could never get the appeal . Quatro is nice , but 4motion is just as good .
>2005 - 2007 Audi a4.
>Budget is around 4000
Enjoy your 300k mile shitbox you bought just for the badge, brand whore.
>implying buying the car for badge
yes. dont let the seemingly low used prices fool you, a german luxury car will always be expensive.

and dont think of it as throwing your money away, its just a cost of ownership. these cars are much nicer than similarly-priced used econoboxes and you pay for that one way or another, whether it be up front on a cpo with a warranty, or out of pocket on repairs yourself over the time you own it.
see thats what I was thinking too, but not sure.

Comparing it to a vw passat or something similar, you pay around the same for one used here, give or take a few years.
You pay a premium because vw is seen as being more reliable than a luxury car.
BUT if a part goes, vw prices can be just as expensive as some audi parts, no?
>BUT if a part goes, vw prices can be just as expensive as some audi parts, no?
considering they share a lot of the same parts, that is usually the case.
Exactly, so why would buying an a4 for 4-6K be worse than buying a similarly priced passat or other?
in a general sense, i would put vw on the cusp of being considered a german luxury car in terms of ownership costs, just without most of the actual luxury.

however in practice, audis still have more features, raising the overall costs above vw. more complicated car = more shit to break.

and as you said 'give or take a few years' equates to having to buy a vw a year or two older with more miles on the clock making it that much more likely that again, something will break.

lastly, shops will simply charge more for audi work than they would vw work, knowing that in general, audi owners will have a higher threshold for what they consider to be affordable repair costs.
>In all honesty , it's just a pricier Passat

Not in Burgerland, where the VW NMS plaform is the Passat and the European B6 plaftform is the CC
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