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What kind of cars do you hope to buy if you...
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What kind of cars do you hope to buy if you win the $800 million Powerball?

Pic related

Plus a Corvette, GTR, Viper, FRS, and shitloads more.
Could you imagine rolling up in one of those in a public place?

Money no worries instant buy?

Ferrari F40 LM

One of the greatest sounding cars ever made in my opinion.
I have no idea what to do with 800 million, considering I have no interest in status/a big house/hypercars/ancient classics. I'd probably hire a group of people in charge of donating 700 million $ to non-shitty charities.

With the left over 50 million? I dunno. Ford GT, Viper ACR, Ariel Atom 500, Radical RXC 500, everything else would be under 100,000 like the AE86, Volvo 850, Evo IX MR, etc.

I'd probably get my own private plane, since I already have a license and a multi rating. Maybe a Piper Navajo.
I'm obsessed with third-gen Firebirds, so I'm going to scour the entire US and buy every single one of them, just because.
What a dick move.

Just grab 50 and call it a day.
Id open a cash for clunkers
675 LT
Hellcat Grand Cherokee when it comes out next year
Maybe a Phantom Coupe or Wraith
Low mileage XLR-V and H2 just because I've always wanted them.
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One of these bad boys, and make it street legal
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>winning an $800 million lottery
>spending it on typical shallow 'I just got rich' shit like mansions, exotic sports cars, escorts, hand-rolled cigars, designer suits that sudoku after 2 years and cocaine

nigger for that money you could make your own fucking brand of cars. they could be the best damn cars in the world too.

or you could open several restoration garages/replica manufacturers, to keep the old cars alive.
Modern Porsche 911 Targa GTS for road trips.
S-Class for getting driven around in when I feel lazy or have other stuff to do.
911 Gt3 RS kitted out for competition in some sort of spec or club racing.
Lamborghini Diablo or Countach for that old-school death-machine experience.
RUF CTR in big-bird yellow for the same reason as the Lambo.
Toyota Tacoma TRD pro for hunting.
G65 for the wife.
A hidden garage full of base-spec boxster a to pass out to mistresses.

I'd make a brand that focuses on lightweight vehicles that have mechanical simplicity but high quality fit & finish, and focus on driver enjoyment. With weird quirks for that exotic appeal, like an expanding steering wheel to aid at lower speeds rather than power steering, and pop-up headlights that are actuated with a lever. Somewhere between 80's Japanese and Swedish cars.

Start with a 5-cylinder 3-door hatch, expand that platform to include 2/4/5 door variants before branching to other designs. Maybe maybe some "it just werks" commercial vans & trucks too.
Something with 2 of these in it.
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I'd build my own cars.

This, but trucks. I would start a truck company. Minis all the way up to f650 size.
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First of all I'd order a coach built tow rig with a shortened Rolls-Royce Phantom body on a one ton platform so I could drive around the country and haul entires to my car collection home to at least get a little feeling of excitement and accomplishment as opposed to just getting them delivered to your door. Awful shop related, I don't have the time and patience right now to fuse the two models as actual models.

Then I'd go out and buy a Tesla Model S P90D for daily driving around town, and another one for my collection. Then I'd seek out the most pristine examples I can find of the Cadillac Type 61, the Cord 812, the Tatra 87 and the Citroen DS23 (with an earlier dashboard because the later ones are wholly unexciting), and only then would I even begin to think about sports cars.
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Koenig C62.jpg
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The Germans got your back, not a Mazda though
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Mercedes Zetros.jpg
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>E30 Alpina B6
>W126 Mercedes 560 SEL
>E30 BMW 333i
>W124 Mercedes 500E
>Bugatti EB110
>Citroen AX Sport
>Daihatsu Midget 2
>Daihatsu Copen
>Honda S660
>1st gen Snek
>Ferrari Nembo
>Fiat Multipla (yes, I'm serious)
>Honda City Turbo 2 w/ Motocompo
>Honda NR750
>Italjet Dragster 180
>Iveco Campagnola
>Iveco Daily 4x4
>Lamborghini Espada
>Lotus Evora S GP
>MAN TGM double cab
>Maserati Quattroporte
>Mazda Cosmo AP
>W222 Mercedes S600
>Moto Guzzi V7 Classic
>Triumph Scrambler
>Opel Diplomat B V8
>Porsche 928 GTS
>5 1993 Twingos in perfect condition
>Sunbeam Tiger
>Singer 911
>Fiat Panda 100HP
>Renault 5 Turbo
>Honda NSX
>BMW Z3 M Coupe
>Abarth 695 Maserati edition
>F10 Alpina D5 Touring
>Bentley Brooklands
>Ford Fiesta ST
>Jaguar F-Type S Coupe
>Mini Clubman Cooper S

and pic related
>win the lottery
>buy an FRS

Yea, it would be like, instantly telling everyone I'm a faggot with no knowledge or skill for the vehicle I drive. But hey. I have money :D *wink* *nudge*
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