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Is driving a truck hard (or harder than driving...
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Is driving a truck hard (or harder than driving any other form of car)?

I want to buy one once I move to the US and since I want to assimilate properly I was wondering if the difference is big or not.
fuck off we're full
You have to take turns into side streets and parking lots at lower speed because of the higher center of gravity, but other than that it's the exact same as driving a car, especially on American roads. If anything, modern trucks are more comfortable than most cars because of their big tires, long suspension and long wheelbase.
Do you want me to give you the entire story to trigger you even further?
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Thank you for your input sir, you truly are a gentleman.
I hope you have a good day.
I don't care. Trump will build the wall and kick your brown ass out.
> Brown

But I'm probably whiter than you are.. furthermore I am reading Crippled America at the moment. I am a good guy :^)
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>once I move to the US
> Trump hating on Europeans immigrating legally

I don't think so pal.
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hqdefault (1).jpg
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Yes. They are huge land barges and have horrible turn radius and blind spots due to huge rear end sticking out for a mile. If you are set on a truck then DO get something smaller like a 90's or earlier era Tacoma. DO NOT get something with a v8. You're not hauling boats, hay, or gravel, and neither is 99.9% of americans who own one.

You know why so many do? 1, it's the only thing that will fit their fat ass ameri-butts, and 2, americans are the de facto kings and queens of compensation.

Source: born raised in truck country (south) and have a family full of obese land whales who drive lifted v8's.

Just buy a compact like a Colorado or Tacoma
The shifting is a bitch in trucks but you should get used to it. Probably should ask in the trucker threads that pop up often
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>White Euro fleeing the slime detected
K I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

>Is driving a truck hard
Presuming you mean an authentic goddamn American full size the answer is yes but especially if you're accustomed to driving small/sporty cars.

They are enormous, with an entirely different viewing angle and center of gravity. Even if you get a gutless one you will still feel the responsibility of hauling something so big and heavy around at high speeds near other people because you would definitely wreck them especially if you're in a lifted 90s one with a super high bumper.

On the bright side they're much more rugged than a car if your streets are not-so-great. You can drive over curbs and dividers and things like lol w/e. If something does break you'll still probably be able to drive it to the garage.

They're just big excessive things, and any poorfag can own one. Welcome to 'murrica.
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>mudslime by association
no thanks, try canada
>horrible turn radius
You can land a plane in most American parking lots, who gives a shit?
>and blind spots
That's what the big ass mirrors are for.

How can Americans drive cars in such bad conditions and give such little of a fuck or even feel pride about it? Any more rust and you can exit the car through the hole in the door.

Easy as shit to drive OP. My first vehical was a dodge 2500 with the v10 magnum in it. Here our lanes are silly wide, parking lots are massive, and theres spaaaaace. Developers and planners know that massive trucks are wildly popular so they design around that.

Pic related: a very average (if not shorter than average) american truck.
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Truck as in semi dragging a giant trailer,or do you mean pick up truck?
Gonna assume pickup truck. Not hard at all,big pickup=just pay extra attention but you will know when that is needed.
Also:welcome aboard! And what part of America are you moving to/from?
Best of luck buddy.
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Because it has a frame, Buddy. Passenger compartment it still sealed. If I replace a door it'll be the driver's side suicide door it's in the worst shape (won't even open) and would be the first to get drafty. If \that happens, I may be willing to put the wrong color on. The doors are easy to change, see? Mine don't even have electric windows or mirrors so you just unbolt them. Fenders and bed are almost as simple to replace. Also, trucks still have frames so body rust is less of an issue as long as you take care of the frame.


That rack don't crack.

Fuck the haters she looks fun as hell and a keeper.
I'm not even talking about structural integrity and I'm well aware of frames. Driving such a rusty heap just looks rancid as fuck, like you're living in a trailer and spending most of your meager income on meth.
>mfw dutchfag
>narrow as fuck roads
>very tight corners inna city
>regularly drive a buddy's '15 1500(crew cab, short bed)
>90% of the time hauling a trailer (buddy doesn't have heavy trailer license)
>mfw I have no face
Works just fine here OP - nevermind in the states. Just gotta look ahead.
You just have to get used to the length and body roll. Other than that is fine. I learned to drive in a chevy suburban and drive an extended cab GMC so I'm used to it
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Fox Ram.jpg
3 MB, 3264x1836
Yeah,see I don't think you understand our culture. Sure I'm pretty poor by American averages (more and more people are) but I'm not so sure compared to where you might be. See, I have this thing called freedom that still lets me choose big, powerful cars over modest European/Japanese sedans but over here choosing power over aesthetic detail is still seen as masculine. Shame it isn't there really.

Oh and don't forget our gas is like $1.70 a gallon so no problem feeding them veeyates.

Yeah she ain't got her shit figured out yet tho
I'm sorry you can't drive anon.

>you don't need a V8
The V6 models usually can't even break the rears loose. You actually need the V8.

Besides, what are you compensating for if everyone's got them?
>implying driving a fullsize is hard
Yuropeon here, you sound like a whiney little bitch to me.
>get pointed out that vehicle is a run down piece of crap
>already has a kid

Fuckin dropped.
I'm not implying shit. I'm expressing that the answer to OP's question is yes.

>Are fullsize trucks harder to drive than a car
Yes, they are. They're heavier, they stop slower, they have wider wheelbases, a much higher center of gravity and reduced close quarters visibility. They are objectively more difficult to drive than small light cars
Wow you're literally retarded
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Whatever. I have a euro car too for highway driving.
Why? Because I'm not a cuck? Have fun raising someone else's bastard.
Because you think that girl is a mom lol. I can't even begin to imagine what clue you think you see, Sherlock.
The differences between driving a truck and a car are mostly "harder" that doesn't mean it's hard.
The main difference is you need to turn in later on sharp corners. like right on red sharp.
Other than that stopping distances, handling, etc etc are essentially the same for street driving.
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Strada (18).jpg
621 KB, 2048x1536
i miss these threads
The kid that has been MS painted out is somewhat of a clue.
Look at her body, Idiot.
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Big ass mirrors confirmed.
Honestly, mirrors slightly larger than normal make a big difference.
Saftey and smile factor increases so much.
Also:welcome to America, pretty soon you will know more American history than everybody you know.
Being pregnant doesn't destroy your body if you don't gain tons of extra fat, retard. It's like you don't know fucking anything.
File: 45[1].jpg (30 KB, 640x454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>it's like you don't know anything
You see how narrow her hips are? How flat her stomach is? You see any stretch marks? I suspect you look at a lot more celebrities than real people

>being in a photo with a child = being a mom
Don't you think a teenage girl is more likely to be the sister or aunt of a kid that big?

Dem titties done never seen no babies. Mom or not those look like they will stay perky for 25 yrs

also more please
File: 20150705_192114-1.jpg (271 KB, 778x457) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'd have to get the card out of the camera for any more bikini pics
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Sort of? depends where you drive. I drive a '08 GMC 2500HD
In the city or around tight bends you have to pull out, then turn. Otherwise your wheels or the side of your truck will hit the inside (pls dont ask me how i know). However, it is nice to be able to see over other cars. You WILL get really good at parking however. Pro tip its much easier to back in to a spot the pull in forward.

On the highway though, trucks are pretty much perfect. The steering is fairly numb and light, so you can steer with one hand. If youve ever driven a car with responsive steering, it can almost be scary on the highway, because it wants to dart, and every bump requires a steering correction. In a truck, you just set the cruise control, and point it. The big engine will only turn 2500 or so rpm at 85 so its fairly quiet, and you wont slow down when going up hills. The big sidewalls and long wheelbase make it fairly comfortable, especially if you have a newer quarter ton (anything with a 15). The half and three quarter ton trucks have much harder suspension. The 3500s are almost unliveable without a trailer or something in the bed. The nicest new trucks are basically as nice and comfortable as a luxury car.
Also when you want to merge, you merge. Its right of way via size, and its possibly the most America thing in the world.
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Id argue with this, based on my experience with pic related and my dads f-250. If youve ever driven any modern car, theyre pretty much just as stable at 90 as they are at 65. Trucks arent like that, as you get higher in speeds, they start to get nervous, as big diffs and drive shafts and gears and everything whirl around faster and faster. They lean a bit at high speeds, and when you hit a bump, the rear wants to step out a little due to the hard rear springs and live axle. Its not that bad, however the truck is less comfortable but, if your conscious, you can absolutely drive one that fast, you just have to pay attention. Basically, a truck is as stable at 85 as an average new car is at 105.

Honestly i like that about my truck though, It keeps from speeding too much, as 85 mph doesn't feel boring, and it makes you actually drive the thing.

Basically trucks are uniquely suited to America's roads and culture. Theres something special about rolling down old 55mph American back roads at 85mph on a summer day with the windows down eating a cheeseburger listening to freebird (this happened to me, my dick was red,white an blue for a week)

TL;DR, trucks are like true modern muscle cars, big engines, loud, love the highway, with a driving experience that makes you work, and is fun because you can make it corner, even though it really doesnt want to.
Can't handle the freedom anon?

Show me on the doll where the refugees touched your sister.
and mother.
and cousins.
and girlfriend.
>You're not hauling boats, hay, or gravel, and neither is 99.9% of americans who own one.

k, and you're not driving 120mph everywhere even though your crown vic can technically do it.
>tfw used to own an F-750
God that was fun.
Unloaded it would stop on a fucking dime
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You're retarded. We've been over this...all pickups are trucks, but not all trucks are pickups.

a strong horse-drawn or automotive vehicle (as a pickup) for hauling

yfw you realize trucks are more than automotive vehicles
Like this or a dump truck?
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2015-07-03 14.24.34.jpg
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>is driving a 'murican truck hard
more front weight bias unless you have a big load so braking hard is not recommended.
a lifted trucks center of gravity is higher so if you begin to fishtail high probability you'll roll. Stock trucks and most crew cabs are landbarges that aren't too high so you can feasibly hand load things into them and actually use them conveniently and are quite safe and as such have turrible empeegees

I'd vote for you getting a compact truck, like a 4wd ranger or a tacoma or a nissan even, all the 'murica you need.
>pic related totally OC 'murica
>can go hunting/fishing on the weekend with bubba
>can blow down to wally world to inform everyone they're puppets of da gubbamint and get some cheap fluids for yer truck
>can install aftermaket horn that plays "dixie"
'murican. done.

>best install ever 10/10
>right of way via size
like the way you put that anon, good chuckle was had
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I was merging into a line of traffic for an exit so i was cruising slowly pulling toward the line of traffic with a blinker on as i usually do to make a gap. As the hole opens, and i start to pull in, some asshole in a civic or something behind the hole steps on the gas and pulls up right into the hole im merging into. I almost didnt see him thats how close he was, so i had to jerk the wheel back and merge behind him. He was on a small shoulder, there must have been only 6 inches on either side of him between my truck and the guard rail.
What fucking moron looks at this side of my truck, and says "Yeah i want to get between that and a guard rail! That looks comfy!"
I clearly dont give a fuck, and your going to end up flat.

Jesus Fuck
Yesterday I wrecked my work truck went off the road and slid out in the snow. The trailer I was pulling jackknifed behind me and hit the cab. Very glad I didn't roll it, and very happy I'm more or less fine
You don't have to go around a corner any slower than you normally would in a car unless you're pushing the car to it's limits through every corner in day to day driving. The COG doesn't even come into a play in a stock height truck, it will slide before it rolls. Just don't slide into anything that will stop the wheels but allow the rest of the vehicle to keep it's momentum.

I'd also argue the point about the highway. I've found that the tall sidewall and long wheelbase make trucks and SUVs more comfortable and stable at high speeds than small cars.
Completely wrong and gay
10/10 would carry on the Aryan Master Race with.
I wrote a long post about my 94 Nissan King Cab and my 01 Ram 2500 extended bed, then my browser crashed.

So in short, King Cab is fun and still somewhat car-like. Ram is absurdly big, hard to park, handles like shit, suspension is super hard, and it gets 8mpg.
Nice fox body
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Capri Mall.jpg
2 MB, 3264x1836
Thanks. Thread's about trucks though.

Dont you have an appointment to go watch a refugee fuck your wife?
Most of this has already been said, but in my limited experience since I bought my truck in November, here is what I noticed. For reference, I drive a 2004 Tacoma (extended cab).

Backing up takes getting used to. It's strange having so much of the vehicle behind you.
You have to take wider turns or you'll be hopping more curbs with the rear wheels.
Maybe due to minitruck, but wind affects me more now - especially when driving higher speeds.
May or may not just be the design of my truck, but I need to/can pull up way more than it looks. The horizon of my hood is pretty much the end of the truck.
I don't fear tipping/rolling, but I can feel the higher COG for sure. I take that into account in sharp corners.
Not sure how it compares to others, but with the V6 and 4.10 rear, I don't need to downshift nearly as much up most hills.
Due to that V6, 4.10 rear and inherent lightness of the pickup rear end, spinning tires is very easy. Both good and bad thing.
No longer fear smaller obstacles that a normal height car might scrape on or otherwise not like. I can typically just drive over it.
If you're well equipped (locker[s], 4x4, ride height, all-terain or meatier tires) you can handle a lot more situations. This came in handy recently having to back up a steep dirt/grass hill to accommodate parking during holidays.
Huge potential for underbody work to be easier due to height. I don't need to jack it up to change oil, for example.
In hood stuff might be harder.

That's all that comes to mind right now. So a mix of good and bad things.
get 4wd or live somewhere with no snow

light as fuck in the back but rwd can make winter driving sketchy
Drive one for 3 days and you'll be fine.....its like learning too ride a bike
Youre right, your just closer to the limits of the truck than you would be in a car at the same speed and corner.

Trucks are very comfortable on the highway, its just that once you get above say 85 you can almost hear the gears and diff hum. Idk, maybe thats just in my 2500hd.
Fucking hell, I just finished this a few minutes ago. Kate is best girl
that's okay, just take some new ones without the bikini if you know what I mean. ;)
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If I hypothetically HYPOTHETICALLY had pics like that I wouldn't post them.
Crown Vic is pretty luxurious and reliable. I don't know the fuel efficiency, but the utility of said car is more relevant to someone not hauling anything, than a big truck is. I will say the ls400 I once drove was quite excessive but it wasn't so bad in efficiency, and the comfort wasn't wasted on me.
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post moar of her, don't even care about bikini, she's gorgeous.

On topic, not all trucks are hard...well, none are hard to drive, just takes time.

My truck handles like a damn car, just a slightly longer car.
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My Girls.jpg
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Thread images: 26
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