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when your shit got fucked
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Some kid slammed into me yesterday sandwiching me between a SUV and his gay Grand Prix and destroyed my GTI.

Post stories when u got fukt so I stop feeling as bad
Post pics of your broken VAG
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I just spent $600 replacing rear pads/rotors and replacing a front caliper clip today.

So that kinda sucks.
Dw man, make him pay for your sore neck and buy yourself something rwd
* nice sorry typo
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Landlord with his tractor, clearing/scraping some snow
You narrowly avoided ww3 on that one.
I've had my shit fucked up many times:

>Grandfather's 1961 Chevrolet shortbed me and him restored together was stolen, stripped and chopped
>had all of the beauty rings, emblems, center caps, trim and paint ruined on a newly restored 1971 Chevelle that I had done around 100 hours of body work on
>had tools stolen out of my garage while I was in my backyard
>had driver side glass broken in my 2005 Charger for the stereo

I live in Detroit. You can guess what demographic of people were behind all of it.
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>driving home one afternoon
>approaching intersection
>gear down to 4th, slow car to 80kmh
>approaching intersection, begin scanning for traffic
>see car waiting to make left turn
>OK I am coming at 80kmh and directly towards this car
>surely they see me
>how the actual fuck could they not without being completely blind
>10 feet before I enter intersection
>car decides to make left turn
>slam directly into side of car, perfect T-bone
>both cars spin like some shitty Japanese teacup ride
>airbag goes off
>deaf in one ear for like 2 goddamn minutes
>car is groaning, I can hear the clutch grinding and the transmission whining
>shut the car off
>put flashers on
>get out of car to assess damage
>dumb ass blonde girl standing there looking appalled at what she's done
>"A-are you a-alright?"
>glare at her, don't say anything, trying to contain insane amounts of rage
>she starts apologizing profusely in the background
>cops finally show up, she gets charged

On the bright side, my insurance paid me very well, waived my deductible, and compensated me for the AC compressor, parking brake cable, and new front brakes I'd installed a few months prior. Got another $1000 on top of my payout just for that stuff.

RIP Grey Turd.
OP here

I live about an hour from Detroit so I don't need to guess
i got a ticket when i sped away from a random ass lexus suv that pulled a gun on me. pulled over in my work because the cop went backwards down the freeway and someone guessed which off ramp i would take. and im a mechanic so that shit affects my lively hood. dude was a dick.

been in 3 "accidents", only 1 ever being my fault because i idled into someone after school because i didnt have power assisted brakes in my wagoneer and was distracted by my hot girlfriend at the time =(

2nd i rear ended a guy with no working brake lights who was behind a guy from china who didnt know how to fucking drive. you actually would not believe how many rental cars foreign people wreck.

3. another dreaded lexus suv made an illegal uturn on a road with no visibility and lots of people biking and i got sandwhiched between an accord sedan and a toyota at 30mph and bent my mustangs frame.

bought a 318i which is now dead in my driveway because it puked its rear main sea out
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Her car got fukt badly too, it's just a good thing she didn't have any passengers or they'd have had some head injuries.

>some guy in a yellow Miata was waiting at the intersection
>claims her car spun so much that it clipped his front bumper
>starts pointing to flaking paint
>blaming her and saying her car damaged his car
>starts demanding insurance information and asking everyone if they saw her car hit his beloved Miata
>literally no one is backing his story
>even cop doesn't believe him
>basically tells him to shut up and stop pushing his luck

What the fuck is it with Miata owners, are they all trash?
>i got a ticket when i sped away from a random ass lexus suv that pulled a gun on me

>not calling the police right away
>not reporting a federal crime

You brought that shit on yourself, should have at least gathered some basic details. What were you going to do, outrun the SUV like some Need4Speed faggot?
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>Driving to a halloween party with friend at 9pm
>talking with him, we're both kind of reflecting on the fact that this is the first party we've been invited to in a while that we've actually decided to go to
>just as I tell him "I think life is starting to look up for us", a deer leaps out into the road
>slam brakes, go from about 55 to 35
>deer clears us
>momentary sigh of relief
>the oncoming car honks at it like a fucking shit nigger and the deer runs back across the road, and we hit it at about 30
>kicks out my headlight, dents the fuck out of my hood and pisses/shits all over my windshield
>my buddy freaks because he thinks we just hit a motorcyclist
>oncoming car speeds off, never stops or anything

I got my v70 fixed up again after that, but it just made me so mad that the oncoming car had to honk at the deer and then didn't even stop to see if we were alright or to apologize for sending the animal back our way
had an 01 z28 stolen from my work place parking lot.

they had it on video and the dick of a VP didn't want to give me the film

and the police never showed up.

such is life in a nigger filled ghetto neighbor hood with an industrial factory plopped in the middle.


Yeah totally they should have asked the deer to politely exit to the left, rather than jump back in front of you. How dare they. Or perhaps they should have just kept driving and slammed into the deer and fucked their car up, because it was their turn to hit it, after all.

Dude, it's a retarded animal. The least you could've done is gotten out of the car and beaten it to death with a snow shovel or a tire iron.

I still remember when I was a wee lad, my dad hit a bunch of raccoons with his F150. They went flying all over the place, but one of them was still alive. Thing was lying there weezing and gurgling like a broken Jacuzzi tub. He took the spade out of his box and broke its tiny little neck to end the suffering.
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>surveillance video also showed VP getting blowjob from local Filipino trap
>then busting a nut on the side of someone's Z28
>then getting into an argument with asian rent boy over the cost of the BJ
>then beckoning to Z28, implying rent boy should take the car in payment
>30 seconds later a cum soaked immigrant trap speeds off in your beloved car
>driving nice things
>in Detroit
Not allowed, niggers will steal/break into/vandalize your shit constantly. My buddies dad is a dentist who used to live in Detroit, had a corvette which got stolen constantly and every time the cops recovered it there was some jiggaboo behind the wheel. He sold the vette, moved to the boondocks and owns a bunch of old police vehicles instead, nobody wants to steal a '98 p71.
Deer are shitniggers, its not the other drivers fault it jumped in front of you.

but he honked anon

he knew what he was doing

he wanted that deer to turn back

he planned it

it was

The DEFCON level was raised to 1.
>Grandfather's 1961 Chevrolet shortbed me and him restored together was stolen, stripped and chopped
I did get out of the car with a tire iron fully intending to kill it, but it had limped off

That hunting season I was looking for a gimped deer
The deer was the second shooter.
It all makes sense now.
File: shillmer.png (2 MB, 1740x983) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1740x983

No one even thought to check the grassy knoll for deer shit.
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I pity the highschool swaggot who buys your shitbox in a couple years.
The insurance company spent a solid $20,000 repairing my $10,000 Impreza because the garage kept "finding" new damage to repair.
>61 short bed was stolen and chopped
Fuck those niggers man. I don't usually say shit like that but damn, that's cruel. If it was me, I woulda shot em.
>Driving to work in pristine low mile Mark VII
>Nigger in Silver P71 runs light
>slam on my brakes so I don't get T-boned
>I T-bone him going 30mph
>He takes off
>Cop writes me a ticket because I couldnt find my insurance info
>License suspended
>Going to court the next day to get ticket taken care of, have insurance card with me
>get pulled over and ticketed for driving with a suspended license, 3 months suspension automatically tacked on
>Never got payout from insurance company
What the fuck is your problem ?

Sounds like bullshit, or you have a retarded insurance company. Almost every insurance company uses preferred shops that are trustworthy and not run by greedy pakis. They send their own appraiser out to assess the damage on the vehicle and prepare a quote. They wouldn't give you double what your shitpile was worth, they'd pay you out the 10 grand and tell you to have a nice day.
I'm serious. The original quote was about $6000, and then they kept coming back with another $1000 worth of repairs to do. It took them four months to find that the gas tank was punctured.
You sound like an evil person who got his just desserts.

When was this
Buy a house
>muh preferred shops

FYI the preferred shops are in that list because they take LOWER payouts from the insurance company ensuring they get work and the insurance company saves money, fucking customers over in the end. An insurance company will gladly pay for hidden damage in repairs if the shop goes through the proper procedure aka filing supplements. If the insurance company decided to keep paying for the repairs it means it was still less than writing the car off as a total loss and cutting the guy a check + paying the shop for the work that was done.
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20th of November, 2015
Happened early in the morning, had the car back in working order with new hood, headlight, some beams and other small parts by the evening... I'm lucky enough to have a scrapyard less than a kilometre from my apartment, and I got some good help from the guys that work there. I was also damned lucky enough to find parts with the exact matching color

Over the next few days I had to pick a few more parts, get new extra headlights and also order some plastics new (radiator cowling and shield for the external radiator cooling fans), but atleast I wasn't stuck with a broken down car. Landlord paid for everything and a bit more, which is what I wanted as the insurance company most likely would've written it off due to its age

Picture is what it looked like after the crash, and then what it looked like in the evening

And also;
Not gonna buy a house to study three years

what about the paint fade you swedish nigger
File: 573737.jpg (218 KB, 792x860) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A good beating with some good polish and it turned out quite nicely. The wreck had been sitting mostly under a tarp, with less miniature rust spots than the one I had and absolutely no visibile scratches or dents

Is there snow on the ground 24/7 in your country?
I wish... atleast then I wouldn't have to keep switching jobs between summer and winter

First proper snowfall usually around the 9th of October, regular snowfalls from then until early May, unregular/occascional snowfalls may continue into June, and then for some warm fucking months until fall starts halfway into August
I'd want to live there, but then I wouldn't be in the USA
What percent of people speak English fluently enough to converse with someone as ignorant as me to other cultures and languages
>paint fade
>artic circle
You dumb nigger.
Everyone under the age of sixty will speak perfectly fine english, usually with a strong scandinavian accent. Sure, some people are stronger than others, but you'll have to look around a lot to find someone who won't be able to make themselves understood
i rolled my scion tc

and ended up getting a big turbo evo x mr
I went to France a couple years back and hated it
Nobody spoke English at all
I know that's just me being an uncultured and ignorant American, but whatever
Plus I always thought smelly French people was a joke, but my family I was visiting showered maybe once a week in the middle of summer
Hehe, the french do speak english quite fine... the problem is that they hate speaking it, and you'll basically have to beat it out of them

I've had french tourists come up to me, try to ask something in french and then getting seemingly pissed because they had to say the questions again in english after I made it very clear that I didn't speak a single word of french

>idiot faggot doesn't know that UV rays even more intense due to reflection from the snow
>what is snow blindness
>not to mention the horrible road conditions, including salt, that strip away the clear coat and expose the paint

Are you actually this fucking dumb?
I don't understand
I'm american
I shower only once a week, and we don't even have seasons here
My dad totalled my car. He told my mom that he might've scratched it lol
>Eats a deer

You've done good, anon.
>2 old people hit my car in the space of about 10 months
>both non fault accidents
>insurance goes from £1500 to £3000
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