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Alright /o/,
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Alright /o/,

You and your team just created a new sports car. What are it's pros and cons and above all; what is its name?
The "Aston Martin Lagonda 2"
Yvech oremac

It's not great in a straight line but man it handles like a dream
>obligatory angry face
>big ass stock wing

>automatic only

Hellcats have 550 you stupid nigger
this isn't a hellcat..
Can you even read?
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The Geo Metro II

1.3L turbo
3 Cyl
73 hp (54 kW) at 4500 rpm and 115 lb·ft (156 N·m) at 3500 rpm
34 MPG city, 39 MPG hwy (36.5 combined)
It's called the crescendo

It's a normal midsize sedan that looks like every other sedan on the road with the same genre of name
lol okay
Dodge plug

It's like a volt, but a dodge
Name: Aero Monocock
Specs: 1 seat ultralight sports car/track car, FMR layout. Equipped with a 4 cyl 2.0 turbo making 260 hp 240 tq. double wishbone pushrod suspension all around
Pros: 1500 lb curb weight, dank power to weight ratio, grippy as fuck.
Cons: No roof, windshield, no air bags but comes with a racing seat, harness etc. You'll probably die in it. also it's called the Monocock.
Price: 40,000 usd
>park wherever you want
>hell, park two of them in one spot
>$9635 MSRP for base model manual transmission (cassette player included but not wired to ground)
>will outlive you
>shitbox to end all shitboxes
>king of shitboxes
>can kiss your sister in the passenger seat and nobody will care

>can't go grocery shopping in it
The Cosby

it looks great but the con is that the driving will put you to sleep
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Yeah I made one too it's called the meme machine
Really small toy car only pussys drive two seater pop up head lights slow as shit and it looks like this

File: image.jpg (64 KB, 750x724) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 750x724

con: only hairdressers and obnoxious 16 year olds can drive it
underrated post
Oh yeah I almost forgot to add, the Monocock only comes in black ;)
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>400 horsepower turbo inline 5
>has a button to roll coal
>no synchros to allow for double clutching instead of granny shifting
>power folding mirrors
>vents in the headrests for warm neck air

weighs 3200 lbs (the power mirrors are double reinforced and weigh a lot)
illegal in california
rear tire width is only 235
incompatible with Roush(R) exhaust systems because exhaust vents out the side 8" past the turboback

sausage raft river rampage experience
Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Mother-Fucker


>Sequential trans
>Stiff chassis
>Stiff suspention
>Gutted interior
>Carbon fiber body panels
>Looks cool as fuck
>Mid engined
>Front spliter, GT wing
>Radar defeating edges ala F117
>Coated with FLIR defeating cum stains all over
>Police scanner
>Comes with complimentary AN PVS nightvision goggles
>Infrared headlights for night vision
>Brake light killswitch
>Caltrop and oil slick dispenser

Cons if yo a pussay

>Stiff suspension
>No no AC
>probably not street legal or legal at all
I enjoyed this clever and original post, this new meme is pretty funny
I can smell the meme-spamming insecurity from here

It is a FF 1.8L with 118hp. It has an advanced 4 speed automatic transmission with a high tech lockup feature. Open diff for maximum commuting, this steel and window glass for ultimate fuel economy. After much hard work and chassis tuning, suspension geometry engineering and countless sleepless nights perfecting the perfect ride, we have finally made beam rear suspension a reality. Up front, only the best hardware featuring McPherson strut technology and single piston calipers on 6 inch rotors. No expense has been spared on this project and it shows with a full cloth interior and durable polymeric interior panels made of dense and rigid polypropylene.

It is the Toyota Adamcarolla
>low weight, around 2250 lb
>double wishbone front and back
>fastback (if you're into that kind of look)
>230-250mm tire width
>seats two, no 2+2 bullshit
>not quite wedge front end but as close as is legal
>280 bhp max if we're lucky
>styling means the engine compartment is going to be a bitch to work in
>i4 might not be people's style
>will have to sell in the ~$30,000 range due to small shop and complex internals, might be too much to be worth the money
>made in america means it's probably going to have to be a default automatic with a manual package fuck me
>n/a as fuck

>y'know, like the japanese plane
>that's why it's light and really badly wants to be an old japanese sports car
The wraith
pros: 300hp and 600 foot pounds of torque, relatively low weight for an EV. 200 miles of range with higher performance trims giving more power and range, very well designed suspension giving it excellent handling. Hydraulic power steering! Nice road feel.

cons: still kind of heavy, 4000lbs heavy, "only" 200 miles of range, $45k base price, really stark interior for the price point, the suspension is good but you can still tell it's big. Really aggressive traction control because without it you can easily do burnouts without even using the brakes due to torks
actually i might change it to the banshe because of all the squealing tires but no engine noise
File: 1450935352502.png (2 MB, 1500x844) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1500x844
>Burbling sounds

>Hideous grille
>Prius tires
>Not fast enough
File: Guts.jpg (107 KB, 654x421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Name: Murder Fucker v12

666hp / 666 torques

>pros: attracts and kills bench racers
>cons: they might kill someone else
>Not fast enough
The Ceren , by Jono
1600 lb with interior
Wheelbase of 89.5
350 hp 4 cyl NA
Looks like a cross between a first gen Honda insight and a first gen suzuki swift
seam welding , brembo brakes , stiff sway bars , lsd , 60/40 distribution
Somehow seats 5
Nobody will believe it's a car made in 2016
People may suspect you of being poor
Hard to take the car seriously
Bouncy ride
Eh, I created this for a fictional setting.

3.6 litre flat 6 (turbo option available)
All wheel drive
6 speed auto (with emulated manual) or 6 speed manual
hidden roll cage
driver assisting technologies (Implying this is a good thing.)

4dr hatchback
columns are larger to hide the roll cage (The A pillar argument applies.)
driver assisting technologies (Implying this is a bad thing.)
minor engine issues

Toyossan Honbaru

>FR layout
>tt inline six 2.8L
>iron block, aluminium heads
>fairly low compression
>forged pistons
>50/50 distribution
>4 door 4 seater coupe
>1350kg to the gram
>no traction control or driving assist systems, only abs
>330hp 350lbft tork
>comes with 235f/255r potenzas factory
>looks like the embodiment of the 90s jdm sports cars
>spacious engine bay
>big drilled brake discs but shit pads so you can have fun replacing them
>6 speed manual tremec
>comes with the amuse r1 titan exhaust standard


Price: $42,000
File: amc_amx_3.jpg (937 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
937 KB, 1024x768
Mid engine flat 6 300hp under 3000 lbs. Basically a Cayman. Price it around $30-33K. Style it like the AMX/3.

Call it the Chevy Fiero.
>>probably not street legal or legal at all

I laffed
>sausage raft river rampage experience
Twingo front
Mid engine
Sounds like a snek

Front wheel drive
Auto only

I call it
The San Francisco
2nd gen Lancia Stratos

>Busso V6
>Alfa 4C chassis
>manual everything

>it doesn't exist
>it never will
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tube-frame stock car built to resemble common early 90's tuner cars
>wide variety of fiberglass bodyshells will (eventually) be available (silvia, E36, skyline, etc)
>mounts for most popular i4/i6 drivetrains
>wheelbase can be changed to replicate different vehicles
>sold as a kit only
>all manufacturing is outsourced to china
>'not for road use'

Well pic related is the closest you'll get for now
saw this in a shit-post thread the last day
>cassette player included but not wired to ground
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64 KB, 599x495
The MR3
>boxer 20v 2.0 petrol supercharged transverse engine located behind rear seats
>double wishbones on all wheels
>styling that resembles the old lancia stratos
>TVR-tier driver aids (so, none)
>mandatory popups
>cheaper than an ugly whore
>still has a radio that also reads SD cards or something alike
>two trims: road legal (~20k) and track only (straight cut gears, lower, flares, front splitter, wider tires, straight pipes, fancy breaks, forged engine components, no interior, etc)
cons (if you don't like cars)
>hurrr no boot at all because front boot has spare wheel and there's no rear boot at all
>no amenities
>no heated seats
>manual everything (windows, seats, mirrors and everything in between)
>spartan interior even on road legal version
It'd basically be a GT-86 with a supercharger from the factory.
Only available in non-pigfat trim, with very basic comforts (abs, basic stereo, electric windows and locks, regular ac and heater). No backup cameras, no navigation, no heated seats, no traction control, no fucking buttons on the steering wheel except the horn.
The Roadster 500

Twin Turbo 4.8L V6
Sounds amazing
Quad exhaust back
As fast as a Ferrari on track and Lambo equivalent
Doesn't look like a retarded car
One of the best looking sports car interiors

Its a 2-seater
AWD only
PRICE ($140k loaded)
the carname largenumber
has a engine
some wheels (one that you steer with)
literally none
Fast, light, powerful, great handling
Not styled like a sports car
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You're gonna want a jet engine semi in here
File: Lexus.jpg (293 KB, 1630x888) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Okay I'll bite.

450HP Twin Turbo V6 engine.
Single seater.
Manual Transmission.
No aids.
Carbon Ceramics.
No doors.
Removable tonneau to add a second small seat next to the driver.
For track/road use - designed to be more compliant on the road, suspension wise.

Lexus F Club Sport...

Did you scribble that?
>FLIR defeating cum stains

wtf is that?
That shit looks awesome.
>shooting brake 2door
>macpherson strut front suspension
>wilwood brakes
>300hp N/A I6
>coin holders
>cigarette lighter
>cassette player
>price: sub $25k
>mediocre audio system
>no cassette-aux adapter included
>no A/C
>no sound deadening
>CD changer in the trunk
>fake leather vinyl seats
>90's era radio with shitty antitheft perimeters
>can't fit a 3 person couch in the back

Name: Rallye Speedwagen
also forgot a pro
File: Mercedes.jpg (237 KB, 1645x951) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks man. Happy to oblige:
File: 308.jpg (309 KB, 1647x945) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1420589356586 (1).jpg (38 KB, 600x792) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1420589356586 (1).jpg
38 KB, 600x792


Yep, that's me.
Woah, cool
You and your GF look great together btw.
You shouldn't really show your GF. Just saying.

On my instagram? I'm 99% sure my girlfriend is just another person in the world I share on Instagram. I don't usually expect people to backtrace me on 4chan when I post artwork.
Ok, my Company's name will be Henderson
The car will resemble lots of features of WW2 fighter planes

Call it the

Henderson Spitfire

Not very creative I know, but I always had the dram of a modern D-Type like car with a bubble canopy just for the driver just like an old fighter plane

That'd be cool af.
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>5.2L DOHC 40V Twin Charged V8 (Clutched SC and Turbo)
>610HP/ 703 lb/ft
>2535 lb Curb weigh
> 2 Seats only
>0-60 in 3.3 seconds
>209 mph top speed

>5 link rear suspension and double wishbone front provide great handling.
(4 piston front Wildwoods, 2 piston rear)
>Body panels are aluminum and highly resistant to corrosion while being light.
>Frame is a 2 piece carbon fiber assembly (drop out front subframe , main unibody) and is extremely rigid.
>Available 6 speed MT
>Optional Drag ready pack includes a heavy duty clutch and lightened flywheel, 3.92 LSD (M/T), 3500 stall converter and trans brake, 3.73 LSD (A/T), adjustable rear suspension, extra frame braces made from magnesium alloy, 16x10 rear wheels with E/T Streets for $1795
>Looks like pic related

>21 MPG highway max
>Engine bay is a bit hard to work in because DOHC V8 and 2 turbos.
>5 speed auto transmission standard
>Interior is put together well, while having a slightly cheap feel. It will last but it is not the nicest place to sit.
>Base cost, no options $58000 a fully equipped one is getting on for $69000 and still has the cheaper interior feel.

Forgot the company name and car. It's an AAU Thrall.
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Taif htraba

>1.4l turbocharged v4
>135 HP
>1100 kg weight
>four fucking seats
>0-100 in 7.9 seconds
>205 km/h top speed

>looks beasty
>sounds good for a 1.4l V4

>you cant use the rear seats if you are not a midget
>only 5 gears
>costs like 1,5x what it is worth
>shitty manufacturing
>all tech inside is from last millenium
>not comfortable
>always broken
>sounds good for a 1.4l V4
>>sounds good for a 1.4l V4
i don't see the con here
I don't like sound made by exhaust valves. It's like pretenting your car is something it isn't
that's just subjective then, not a con you fag
ePs Kekmaster 150ixV10-40v

>5.0l DOHC short-stroke V10
>Twin-Turbocharged for that high RPM boost
>Roots Supercharger too reduce turbo-lag
>Torque-Vectoring AWD System©
>Full Aluminium Block
>2200 crank horsepower (800 bhp)
>6 piston Breaking System
>0-60 in 2.2 s
>Top Speed: 420 km/h
>Does the Nürburgring in: 2 fast

Great Straight line speed
Corners well
Sounds gud
Looks gud
Goes fast

V4s need more love.
I'd list the transmission and PTU as a con anon. I've never heard of any car after 1960 losing over 60% of its HP from crank to wheels. Power to you though.
Forgot to add

>8-Speed sequential gearbox
>1200 kg weight
>HKS Coilovers
>Akrapović Exhaust
>Dry sump system
>Welded rear differential
>Limited slip front differential
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mfw car sketches.jpg
85 KB, 638x394
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Thread images: 24
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