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What are /o/'s thoughts on MINI
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What are /o/'s thoughts on MINI
Past or present.

I hate to say it but I really like the coupe even though it's FWD. Especially the JCW version
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They're also unreliable and drive like a Playstation.
great handling, fun to drive, fun to look at, but good lord are they unreliable.
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How do you make a British car worse?

Let the Germans build it.
with a French engine
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>british cars are bad

pls no bully
Been there, done that with a second gen BMW Cooper S.
What I liked
>fun to drive
>good handling
>easy to park
>zippy acceleration
>decent gas mileage
>panoramic sunroof was great
>rear seats were surprisingly capable of carrying passengers with moderate comfort

What I didn't like
>parts and service were expensive cuz LOL BMW
>meh engine/exhaust note
>I liked the interior when the car was new to me, but as the years went by, I came to see it as cheap and tacky
>run-flat tires are expensive as shit to replace
>no temperature gauge cuz LOL BMW it's not like the car will ever overheat LOL!!!!
>seriously, it's fucking unreliable
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I sat in a few minis while I was in London and goddamn are they comfy.
Especially the coupe
There's a time and a place for a two seater FWD and the answer is always MINI
my dad had one too, pretty much the same experience. Replaced the run flats with michelins on the first tire change though, much improved road noise/handling/cost. Never had an issue rolling without a spare.

Got rid of it after the water pump, thermostat, and clutch all failed within a few months and it started burning oil like crazy. Was a fun little car, would have loved to have it except for the reliability issues.
Shit sucks. Mine had issues with the infamous timing chain rattle, a blown head gasket, turbo would overheat, and it was also burning oil like crazy. It hadn't even reached 90k miles by that point. I just had to get rid of it.
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used to own one, used to love one

I got rid of it though for a GT86, but I still sort of like it. better alternative than a golf, golf derivative or a french thing for sure. maybe with the exception of the citroen DS3, that car is fine.

interior was cheesy, seating position and seat was no good at all

its very good for zipping around the city in, very good. but far as spirited driving goes, you'll need the cooper S and then some.

bottomline, too fucking big, get rid of the peugot tier seats, and its natural habitat is the city

also 2007> up, the models are p reliable, can't speak for the 2013> BMW models, but I don't hear any bad things about them yet.
Unreliable and for girls
Cool-looking junk.

Have a 2011 S on the lot with only 25K on the odo. Very clean and one owner that kept it clean. Techs looked it over with a fine-toothed comb.

> Take test drive with mechanic bro who's GF wants it because its so cute.
> 1/2way through the test drive check engine light came on.
> Turns out some sensor went tits up.

Gets out of service

>Salesbro is taking it out for a test drive since Z71 Silverado driver doesn't want muh gas guzzler.
> During test drive, A/C goes out on 94 degree day. Heat won't even kick on.
> Techs can't fix it, have to carry it 40 miles one-way to BWM dealership to get new thermostat
> Customer still wanted to buy since its "just a thermostat sir, and we will also make it worth your while"
> Takes 2 weeks for it to come in.

Needless to say its going to auction. Got another nice 2010 in trade, and straight to auction. Only women really look at it, but pass since its a manual transmission.
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Give me everything there is to know about post BMW acquisition Mini.
My classmate says he'll buy one and drive it into the dirt. I'm worried about the whole BMW thing that the dirt will come up about very soon. Poor guy doesn't even into cars.
>Dat pic

It's sort of true though.
Really nice cars to drive, probably among the best for FWD. Spacious interiors for what they are, comfortable, good viewing angles all around, and you feel confident while driving it.

The downside is that you do not want to fucking keep one after the warranty and included BMW service perks run out. Friend of mine has always liked his, but gets rid of them before time runs out, every time. One of the Mini Cooper S cars he got developed a horribly rattle in the panoramic roof like 10,000 miles after it rolled off the lot, he made them replace the whole damn thing.
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