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Danish nightspots bar migrants by introducing...
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Several Danish nightclubs have imposed strict admission rules requiring guests to prove their ability to speak Danish, German or English, following multiple complaints of harassment from female visitors. https://www.rt.com/news/329411-denmark-clubs-refugees-ban/
such racists. the people not speaking danish should sue them for discrimination.
The should make obligatory the consumption of bacon to permit admission.
>The recently introduced bill would allow Danish authorities to claim individual items whose combined value exceeds 10,000 kroner (€1,340, $1,450).
>Paying the cost of accomodation with the money brought in by the hardworking ones that know how to save money
>Money that had nowhere else to go but the local economy
>Dooming decent handwroking people to instant poverty in a foreigg land is the way to help the economy, not stopping immigration
>the de facto requirement to get asylum is to be poor as fuck, or turn into

>literally acting like horny monkeys
>you can't point this out without getting wrong accusations of "oh, you browse /pol/!"
All of my friends made akward silences when I talked about "obvious cultural clash not being addressed", and now I can't say "I told you so" because "it was racist thing to say before it was known it would happen"
>muh cultural clash

Non-native immigrants simply have no place in any country.
Not going to assimilate,people don't want them,they don't want it.

Are directly and indirectly used by businessmen and politicians
>Oh you don't want to work for 3 euros?I will just get the first border hoper
"k massa"
>Oh,you're fired,I will "hire" someone under the table,pay no taxes and enjoy extra profit for a lower quality of work
"massa no"
>Oh,the EU + the state subsidize,finance and benefit corporations and businessmen for hiring immigrants,refugees,visa workers,muslims,minorities,"vulnerable groups" anyone BUT the actual citizens?
>Oh,I have a shitty job with a shitty wage to give,why should I increase the wage when Ndungu here will do it for peanuts while he cashes government and EU benefits ?
"why do I have to work while others live on my money?"
Politicians use them for votes,for taxes,for spending,use them to create problems they pretend to solve
>David Cameron pretending he is going tough on immigrants who don't speak "accurate" english
Leftshits pandering to them all the time

And it creates racism ,what racism is there in homogenous asian or african communities?

Neither mixing is meant to be
American blacks hate each other for being more/less shades of white/black ,looking more african or more white

Same with mexicans
So we just go backwards right? that'll solve it!
We already went backwards. Now we're trying to move forward again.
>Progress is only in one direction !

"Prof Putnam's research shows that people who live in such areas retreat into their shells. They spend more time watching television, volunteer less and take little part in community activity.

But where "social capital" is greater, children grow up healthier, safer and better educated. People in more homogeneous communities also have longer, happier lives and democracy and the economy work better."

This just shows people are naturally ethnocentric and the only way a society will work and should work.
>Private owned business
>The UN or muh refugee association should tell me who I let in or conduct my business
Literal despotic authoritarianism

What the fuck are immigrants and "refugees" doing in fucking clubs and bars anyways?

They are
-2 incher
-don't drink
-reek of desperation
-women don't want them

Why even try?
It shows that people have been conditioned to posses ethnocentric mindsets by the societies that they are raised in.

>This just shows people are naturally ethnocentric and the only way a society will work and should work.


Ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, financial, age, etc. differences are ALL going to increase distrust.

Imagine a society where everyone is exactly the same. You know what your neighbor is going to do at all times because he is exactly like you.

Now introduce a one angsty teenager. You are going to be less able to predict what he does because he is different from you and everyone else.

Now make that angsty teenager a wealthy fascist from Denmark. He is richer than you, his political views differ from you, his age differs from yours, his culture differs from yours. All of these differences make it harder to anticipate his behavior. You are less likely to trust him because you know less about him.

That study has nothing to do with ethnicity and everything to do with trust dynamics.

According to your " people are naturally ethnocentric and the only way a society will work and should work." theory everyone should be exactly the same because that is the only way to maximize trust between people.

This obviously is impossible and creates its own huge set of drawbacks.

It was a good try.. kiddo.
>This just shows people are naturally ethnocentric

You haven't read the article you posted. That conclusion cannot be pulled from that article, only your ass.

"In a rapidly diversifying country, native-born citizens are unnerved by what they perceive as new and 'different'," this includes, but is not limited to, immigrants, technology, religion, etc.
>Ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, financial, age, etc. differences are ALL going to increase distrust
There is no way around the fact that this is a stupid action which will certainly garner massive opposition.

The real problem is that bringing them into that country in the first place was utterly stupid and stupid decisions seem to be all that people have left.

Of course, they could just deport these people, or at least try.
You didn't understand my point.

>It was a good try.. kiddo.

Get yourself educated.
As a guy from rural USA I cant even imagine this. Even among my fairly liberal friend we aren't stupid enough to expect minorities to act like saints. Theyre often cunts. the problem with you Euros is most of you have never met blacks and arabs before and think they all act like they do on tv. Yeah there's some decent ones im sure but theyre a minority of a minority. Just like smart rednecks ive met quite a few but theyre far outnumbered by the stereotypically retarded ones.
Has there been even one case of refugees showing some sort of humility?

Because holy shit this is not the way I would act in that situation.
you are not completely wrong, but mistrust works on very different levels. It's not just about age and culture, it's been shown the you tend to trusts much more people who look like you. Or so I read, I wish I could pull studies out of my ass, but really it's pretty intuitive if you factor in evolution; trust is a winning strategy only if it's mutual, otherwise you lose. But when you come across another tribe, you have to immediately decide whether to trust them or not, and you should only trust them if they will trust you back. Given that genes are a great outline of your trust algorithm, it's natural that the most stable solution is trusting people similar to you (because you are guaranteed to be trusted back, because if he shares your face they'll share your trust algorithm), while not taking risks with people too different than yourself.

As a caveat, in the same place I read that sexual desire works the opposite way (xenophilia), and we find our partners in the equilibrium between trust and racemixing (mostly ends up being just avoiding inbreeding, but not as far as racemixing)

It's a shame, because multicultural societies are beautiful thing, but they only work when:
- resources abound, so that humans are into "I want fuck that chink" mode, instead of being nervous to make ends meet and be naturally more aggressive
- the population is formed naturally. Usually for trade reasons. If your city is a prosperous hub and foreign trade and endeavours abound, it's nice to see new products arrive, new cuisines and songs, and see cooks, businesmen, artists and diplomats taking residence, and making little "foreign towns". It's not nice when you live in a german villa, and the government saddles you with people you cannot control, and have little to offer
>Conditioning ruins how I say human nature is
>what is instinct?

You figured it out old boy! The government/politics/illuminati/Jews are conditioning the people to hate other races and cause strife and distrust of everyone despite our human nature to be the opposite of that towards foreigners and the new and unknown.

Your opinion is shit.
Its a loss of nationalism. People are not terribly proud of their country anymore.. There's not a sense of duty to protect it.
>The should make obligatory the consumption of bacon to permit admission.
If they go into clubs, they also drink alcohol, so they most likely wouldn't mind bacon too
Okay, let me give you the view from a danes perspective.
I live in the town of Haderslev. We have an old, closed hospital, where we have roughly 100 refugee's living, on the outside of town. We often see them going to town, shopping, doing whatever they have to as everyone else. Nothing wrong with that. But in the weekends we have had issues with the refugees harassing girls. This is because they have a completely different view of women in general than we have. This combined with a lot of them not knowing a secondary language, we have a really huge cultural- and language-barrier in the nightlife.
It is not uncommon that people start chatting with strangers and what not, sharing drinks and having fun and so on. But they dont understand those signals, because in their culture it is very uncommon for girls to approach them, usually its the opposite. For the refugees, they see this as an invitation for "something more", because in their culture it means the girl is interested in them. So later, when they approach them, and the girls reject them because they were just being kind, they dont understand that. And they wont accept no for an answer, cause thats not how things work for them.
So they keep pushing their luck and making girls uncomfortable, to the point of harassment, which has led to this now. If they dont know any of 3 said languages, they cannot enter. This is the nightclub owners decision, and it is mainly to protect their guests, because when they enter and harass the girls, us guys naturally come to their aid and it has ended up, in some cases, with fistfights and the authorities getting involved.
It is sad, but thats the truth, unfortunately.
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No threads stop bumping after 48 hours
Shouldn't you be complaining about the patriarchy somewhere on Tumblr?
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