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>scruffy middle-aged white woman panhandling on the L train from hipster town to manhattan
>gets butthurt everyone is ignoring her
>must be first day on the job
>starts a racist tirade that all the minorities should give her some money since they're in her country
>a white, gay couple tells her to shut up
>she gets into the cringiest shouting match with them for five stops
>I miss my stop and keep listening to this gold, until the police arrive and chase her off
hahaha!!!! And she's off to spread her beautiful words elsewhere :)

Beautiful Story :)))))))))
There was this brown guy at the back of the bus yelling into his phone because he was "cheesed off" by his "senpai" for "dipping" out on him. It becomes awkward as fuck and everybody starts laughing at him including the bus driver. He was completely oblivious about it.

Also some white girl offered me a fish on the PATH.
Don't have much stories about other passengers, apart from a few "dingus who stands in the doorway" or "some old shit trying to get on while people are yet to get off" type a crap.
My biggest complain would be how the heating/AC systems are handled here - on the start of the season it never works, so you (assuming it's summer) get boiled alive only to be travelling in 5C for the last two weeks and getting hypothermia after the shortest of rides. Winter is worse, though.

Just remembered I had the pleasure being driven by an Ukrainian bus driver once or twice. He looked like your token Ukrainian mobster/bus driver, with lots a gold on him, leather cabbie hat and leather jakcet, constantly talking over the cellphone (holding in his hand), doing dubious manoeuvres, but he was the only one I ever rode with who kept with the schedule (granted, he missed a stop or two, but still).
Pretty good bus-related memories.

Cool story broski. What is the PATH?

The train from manhattan into jersey city

The Ukrainian bus driver does seem to be a character. I picture scary mob boss from your description. hmm.
OOOOO. That fish must've been tasty. If you know what I mean
Anybody have any sleep related incidents in public transit? Like see a naked guy taking up 3 chairs on a bus per say?
Formally Hudson Tubes.
Kill yourself,my manlet
>lunch break, school has no cantina so we usually travel around to restaurants
>one friend decide to invite us in his home, we take the subway
>on the track, a hobo was yelling at a lady on our side, blarring drunkedly about dicks
>suddenly starts undressing and showing his dick around blarring "do you see it? you want it?"

our train arrived but wew lad, another day in the Paris Metro
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>Brand new highschool just opened
>I decide to transfer to it
>School buses only used for special events, most everyone either gets dropped off by parents, takes public bus or walks
>school so far out that only one bus goes by every 30 minutes
>it's a 25 ft bus (24 passengers max)

>First day, school ends
>everyone waiting at bus stop beside school
>bus comes around corner, stops at bus stop
driver stands up, opens door, looks at crowd of ~300 highschool kids
>pic related, driver's face
>his licence only allows 24 passengers and bus only certified for it
>takes 24, and leaves; calls for backup
>20 minutes later a full-size 40 ft bus arrives and takes the rest of us, but it's a very tight fit

>day 2
>Translink learned from yesterday
>The route was upgraded to a 40 ft bus for the afterschool rush
>still crammed too full, but we all make it

>day 3
>Route upgraded again to a 60 ft articulated bus
>finally enough room, but roads too tight
>get stuck at a corner for a minute because bus can't make the turn until opposite traffic clears

>few days later
>Route changed so 25 ft returns, but bus skips school at 3pm
>city put up new signs restricting weight on the roads near the school
>60 ft bus now prohibited
>now TWO dedicated 40 ft busses run the school to town route at the same time
>bus stop moved to allow room for both
>both busses still full, even standing room is tight

10 years later and that route still has at least one 40 ft running it, I don't go to that area often.
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Riveting tale old chum
I saw a low-to-mid 20's girl who was visibly sick holding onto the handrails on the A train heading downtown during rush hour. The train was full. Her eyes were closed and she was swaying a lot.

Then she suddenly vomited on the woman sitting in front of her. Everyone was just shocked and the sick girl ran away when the doors opened. It was disgusting.
>on random subway train in Tokyo
>an odour of piss appears and gradually increases in intensity
>finally have the nerve to look up
>see a homeless guy sitting across
>only now just notice that literally everyone else in the car is compressed against the ends of the car to avoid the stench
>aircon turns on
>hobo gets up and leaves at the next station
He did look a helluva lot more fucked up than the homeless you see here in Sydney though
In hindsight, I should've played asshole gaijin and taken a picture of the scene that played out
>trains on both sides of the platform
>genderfluid nigger pulls down its sweatpants and gushes piss all over the platform
>two trains full of people look in horror

What schoo, anon? I went to school in south Surrey and I remember the buses were always 100% packed after school. The day I got my licence I shortened my commute by 25 minutes
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D E V I L I S H.gif
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>Black beggar approaches on the train platform, asks for spare change
>Say I don't have any
>White beggar approaches while on the train, asks for spare change
>Fish a dollar or two out of my wallet to give to him
Took the red line pretty late in LA, 90% of the cars full of buzzed/drunks asleep.
It was a serene feeling.

Nothing all too interesting here.
Glad you enjoyed it.

SRT, in the Albion area of Maple Ridge.
>taking the bus home after getting pretty drunk at happy hour
>some crazy lady on the bus is looking to start a fight with people
>my friend (also drunk) says something along the line of "shut up"
>crazy lady starts advancing on my friend
>white knight that shit up, block crazy lady's path to my friend
>internally scared as shit that she's going to take a swing at me
>hipster bus driver kicks crazy lady off the bus
>too drunk to realize that my friend now wants the D
>she probably thinks I'm gay now
>regret it every day of my life
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