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Albums That Changed Your Perception of Music
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Post albums that changed the way you see music. I want better perspective so I'd like the albums that changed your perception of music. I hope they'll change mine. Any genre.

Discuss the albums if you want.
Didn't really care for music before listening to this.
don't post this album OP

there's an insecure redditor on the loose
What in particular did you like?
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I guess this album was the one that really made me pay attention to lyrics and emotion put into music. It really did a lot for me
The consistancy.
Before listening to this I didn't really care for albums or music in general, but because I liked alot of Kanye songs I decided to listen to his albums, and because I enjoyed most songs on it I wanted to check out more stuff.
Say what you will about Kanye, but you can't deny that he's a very good entry level artist that still puts out good music (imo)
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Dead serious

In 10th grade this prompted me to start taking music seriously
This is one of mine too.
Thanks. Ive never listened to Kanye, I don't know why. I'll give this a listen soon though, I've always heard good things about his early albums
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>Daft Punk - Discovery
Got me into listening to full/concept albums
>Taylor Swift - Fearless
Showed me that pop has a heart. Opened me to the world of folk and singer-songwriter. In retrospect it's not that great but at the time I thought it was amazing.
>Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon/Steely Dan - Aja
Taught me that good production is just as important as good songwriting. Also gave me a taste of jazz.
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Them country feels.
Also, Songs From Suicide Bridge.
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it would have been this if not because pic related came to me first

this regained my interest in popular music in general
and got me into it fully, actually
First album I listened to in completion, before I would shuffle songs I downloaded off of limewire, definitely made me appreciate music more than before
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Really opened me up to trying out unique genres when all I listened to was dadrock
"you mean...he actually played this on instruments....and...it's good??"

blew my 16 year old guitarist mind
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honestly, it opened my eyes to non musical elements that could be used in music
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Amnesiac was the album that got me into music when I was like 9, but pic related is probably the one that changed my perception of music the most.

This and Going Places were the first noise albums I liked but this one was more important. Going Places was all nice and kinda pretty while this album was all ugly, unsettling and chaotic and well... noisy, in the real definition of the word 'noise' (which albums like Loveless, Psychocandy and even Going Places aren't). So yeah, it made me recognize that noise can be music too.

But it also made me appreciate and give more recognition to voice as an instrument and to the lyrics. I didn't use to consider lyrics as part of the music and didn't take vocals as a serious instrument except when they were used for harmonies or notorious melodies, but this album changed that. I understood that what a voice says and how it says it (wether it be singing or just plain speaking, whispering, shouting, screaming, etc) can be as or just as (or more) important as the rest of the instrumentation.
Cut Hands Has The Solution fucked me up.
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Pretty pedestrian for /mu/. but before this, all I really listened to was Radiohead, and I had never heard a song longer than 10 minutes. I followed the Youtube suggestions into Godspeed, HANL, Death Grips, and other /mu/core.

First noise album I could really get into
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