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You finally managed to invite that qt3,14...
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You finally managed to invite that qt3,14 to your home. To set up the mood, you put some music on, but the player bugged and set songs to shuffle. The first 5 songs will determine how fucked you'll be.
Here are mine:
>Modest Mouse - Gravity Rides Everything
>Lovesliescrushing - Goldenfur
>Sleepy Sun - Marina
>Iron Maiden - The Ides Of March
>Kenny Burrell - The Little Drummer Boy
Mastodon - Crack The Skye
God Is An Astronaut - When Everything Dies
Cap'n Jazz - Hey Ma, Do I Hafta Choke On These
Green Day - Rest
Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm

Yeah... probably wouldn't go down that well
>Mud Flow - Track 12
>Big Black - Fish Fry
>Drive Like Jehu - Atom Jack
>Yo La Tengo - Nothing to Hide
>Slint Darlene

how fucked i am, /mu/?
When a fire starts to burn - Disclosure
In one ear - Cage the Elephant
1940 - the Submarines
Money Trees - Kendrick Lamar
Intro - the xx

Well shit
STRFKR - Leave It All Behind
Black Lips - I Don't Wanna Go Home
Thee Oh Sees - You Will See This Dog Before You Die
Death From Above 1979 - Gemini
Pinback - Sherman
Anup Sastry - Pariah
Dark Forest - The Stars My Destination
Dead to Fall - Robo-Destro
Linkin Park - Krwlng (lol 15k+ songs and I get that)
Iced Earth - Order of the Rose
Don't even know these songs desu
>Swans - Minus Something
>The Beatles - She's Leaving Home
>Sigur Ros - Flugufrelsarinn
>Julien Baker - Vessels
>The Smiths - Still Ill
honestly you'd probably be fine
Drake - Successful (Feat. Lil Wayne)
Chuck Person - Horsemen
The Sundays - Medicine
Madlib - Floating Soul (Peace)
Theopolis London - Why Even Try (Feat. Sara Quin)

yeah I'l be alright too
>Blank Frank - Brian Eno
>Starshine - Gorillaz
>Subterraneans - David Bowie
>Ether - Gang Of Four
>Carry That Weight - The Beatles

Damn, this would be quite awkward...
Planet Telex - Radiohead
Dogs - Pink Floyd
See No Evil - Television
Radio Free Europe - R.E.M.
Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast - Pink Floyd (Lol)
Ether - Electric President
are we dead yet? - grandma
Creme Brulee - Sonic Youth
Night Ela - Candy Claws
Weird Era - Deerhunter

too sad
af - you know i should be leaving soon
foxing - eiffel
the microphones - the mansion
sufjan stevens - impossible soul
kendrick lamar - for sale? (interlude)
>Daft Punk - Human After All
>Sufjan Stevens - For The Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti
>Death Grips - Fuck That
>Outkast - Bust
>Jordaan Mason and The Horse Museum - ____ Is Water
This is going to be a terrible night.
>Wilco - Radio Cure
>Neutral Milk Hotel - King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1
>Television - Venus
>Radiohead - Subterranean Homesick Alien
>Talking Heads - Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town
Computer Welt 2 - Kraftwerk
Don't Hurt my Little Sister - The Beach Boys
Can't Believe - Tony Molina
Juice - Chance the Rapper
On My Way - Passion Pit

Starts off kinda weak but I think it'd work out. My gf loves Passion Pit.
>Giant Claw - DARK WEB 01
>Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - The Spree
>Aube - Luminous Live 1992 (16 minutes of noise lol)
>RAMLEH - St John Of The Cross
>Merzbow - Takemitsu

aaaaaand she's gone, but who knows. Maybe Jefre would be a good intro to noise for her.

>Bomben auf Engeland
>Mahler's 5th
>Haydn's 45th
>La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin

How am I doing /mu/?
File: image.jpg (14 KB, 250x248) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 250x248
Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
Bad Brains - I
Johnny Cash - I Still Miss Someone
System of a Down - Question!
Souad Massi - Yemma

oh Christ
>Your Story - The Last Resort
>Theme from Cheers - Titus Andronicus
>Ride of the Valkyries
>Hybrid Moments - Misfits
>Beard of Defiance - Bomb the Music Industry
Commit suicide

>Suite II Overture - Janelle Monae
>Saeta - Miles Davis
>Life and How to Live It - R.E.M.
>The Coronation of Ankhaten -Phillip Glass
>Through the Night - Jim O'Rourke

I'll have to time changing the subject perfectly if I want to score.
>Awolnation- I Am
>Baroness- A Horse Called Golgotha
>Breaking Benjamin- You
>Against Me!- Those Anarcho-Punks Are Mysterious...
>Pink Floyd- Don't Leave Me Now

I'll just skate by. Early on, if she's a faux-hipster, she'll appreciate the Awol, will probably be like "wat" about Baroness, be meh on the BB, might rather like the AM!, and will probably discuss her favorite Floyd with me.

If she's a /mu/ user, I might be a little more screwed.

Luckily my current gf likes all those bands. Haven't really listened to Breaking Ben in years, but it's still on my computer.
I want plebs to GET THE FUCK OFF MY MU.

Mine are:

Slowdive - Alison
Joy Division - Atrocity Exhibition
Of Montreal - Authentic Pyrrhic Remission
Ought - Beautiful Blue Sky
Graham Lambkin - Aufflatern die Fledermause
>Calling anyone plebs with a list like that
Animal Collective - Kids on Holiday
Weezer - Pink Triangle
Interpol - PDA
Justice - D.A.N.C.E
David Bowie - Lazarus

somehow didn't get filler tracks

might be able to salvage something


ahmad jamal - music, music, music
black dice - street dude
pixies - gigantic
aphex twin - [untitled] (track 10 of melodies from mars)
ween - friends

tell me boys how i'd go as a grillo
>ween - friends
you will be fine no matter what came before that.
>Holocene - Bon Iver
>1998 - Chet Faker
>White Wedding - Billy Idol
>Angela Surf City - The Walkmen
>In conflict - Owen Pallett

Honestly even if the chick's widest variety of tastes include indie, I'll probably be fine.
Turn It Out - DFA1979
Let Me Put My Love Into You - AC/DC
Through Silver in Blood - Neurosis
Gimme The Loot - Notorious B.I.G.
Heaviest Matter of the Universe - Gojira

>Linkin Park-Numb
>Linkin Park-Numb
>Linkin Park-Numb
>Linkin Park-Numb
>Linkin Park-Numb
>Portishead - Mourning Air
>The Beach Boys - Dance, Dance, Dance
>The World of Skin - Cry Me a River
>Taylor Swift - The Best Day
>Paul Simon - I Know What I Know

Could be worse. WoS and Taylor might kill the mood though.
Russia On Ice- Porcupine Tree
Oceans- The Format
Hey Boy Hey Girl- The Chemical Brothers
Open Car- Porcupine Tree
I Should Watch TV- David Byrne and St. Vincent

She would be gone after 30 seconds of the autism bomb of Russia On Ice.
Spose - Fuck Yourself
Atmosphere - GodLovesUgly
Ghost - Monstrance Clock
Jonathan Mathis - May Weather
Jack DeJohnette - The Elephant Sleep But Still Remembers
Ween - The Mollusk
The Beach Boys - White Christmas
Olivia Tremor Control - New Day
Rush - YYZ
Jim O'Rourke - Last Year

Not as bad as it could have been.
White Christmas is weird for the season and YYZ doesn't fit the mood, but I don't think there's anything really offensive here
File: 1306263102590.jpg (29 KB, 574x435) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 574x435
Chumbawamba - I should be so lucky
Violent Femmes - Gimme the car
Herbie Hancock - the peacocks
Autechre - reniform puls
Dashboard Confessional - stolen

I was doing ok until Autechre showed up and killed the mood. Then we got to Dashboard and she spent six hours crying and telling me about her last relationship.
Modest Mouse - Doin' the cockroach
Crimpshine - Sleep, what's that?
Simon & Garfunkel - Old friends
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Roberta C.
The Style Council - Headstart for happiness

Probably okay if she's OMG SO INDEH.
I purposely made my phone more normie by removing a lot of my albums from my phone and put them on an mp3 player recently to make room for other stuff
>Bowie - Bewlay Brothers (alt version)
>The Mountain Goats - Jenny
>Fleet Foxes - Sim Sala BIM
>Sufjan Stevens - Casmir Pulaski Day
>Nick Drake - From the morning

Welp, I'm glad my gf likes all of these, that said, bad sex mix.
>I purposely made my phone more normie

What the fuck is wrong with you
>Cocteau Twins - Cicely
>Machinedrum - Door(s)
>Susumu Yokota - Thread Leads to Heaven
>RP Boo - The Opponent
>Ornette Coleman - Eventually

sounds gay, i'm into it
>New person, same old mistakes -Tame Impala
>Paper Cuts - Nirvana
>The art of peer pressure - Kendrick Lamar
>Intro - M83
>Keep you on my side - Chvrches
Shakin All Over - The Who
Side B (Dope Song) - Danny Brown
Chameleon - Herbie Hancock
Entre dos aguas - Paco de Lucia
Come On, Come Over - Jaco Pastorius

Looks like I'm gonna be getting mad pussy
My Bloody Valentine - Come In Alone
Kairon; IRSE! - Rulons
Little Comets - The Western Boy
Pink Floyd - The Gunner's Dream
Radiohead - Everything In It's Right Place [Live]
Lana Del Rey - West Coast
The Pretenders - Middle Of The Road
Fleetwood Mac - Silver Springs
Toro Y Moi - Rose Quartz
Shakira - Hipos Don't Lie
umi de no jisatu - asobi seksu
secrets - strawberry switchblade
never going down - place to bury strangers
time to find me - seefell
sick again - harry pussy

i had a chance until harry pussy
Radiohead - Pyramid Song
Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe
Akira Yamaoka - True
cYsmix - Ghost Lead
Sakanaction - Atarashii Sekai

hopefully shes bipolar
Elliott Smith - King's Crossing
Smith Street Band - Self Control
The Smiths - Hand in Glove
Modest Mouse - Life Like Weeds
Converge - Homewrecker

>all that smith
>Stylo - Gorillaz
>People II: The Reckoning - Andrew Jackson Jihad
>Dusty Mixed Feelings - Bjorn Eriksson
>Let's Go - Matt and Kim
>Get Over It - OK Go

If the songs themselves don't put her out of the mood, my taste is sure to.
The Beach Boys - Take A Load Off Your Feet (aight so far so good)

Swans - Half Life (aaaannnndd there goes that lets hope she into some kinky dom shit)

David Bowie - Subterraneans (okay we still on track for her being some crazy chick into dom stuff)

The Mad Capsule Markets - Multiplies (not sure how to explain this one)

Les Rallizes Denudes - Otherwise My Conviction (okay things went full weird now)

This wouldn't be bad again, if she into kinky stuff which I don't mind at all.

Not sure whether she'll hug you, pity you, leave you, or do all three.
Captain Murphy - Mighty Morphin Foreskin
Arcade Fire - Neigheberhood 2
The Clash - Rudie Can't Fail
Love - A House is Not a Motel
Big Star - Feel

1. Sufjan Stevens - Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois
2. Potion Approaching - Arctic Monkeys
3. Empathy Test - Kirrilee
4. Caveman - December 28th
5. Phoenix - Chloroform (LOL)

Think I did really good, except for Arctic Monkeys. I'm gettin' dat pusi, baws.
File: image.jpg (64 KB, 466x478) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 466x478
>Kalafina - overture
>Radiohead - No Surprises
>Bangles - Walk like an Egyptian
>Beach boys - God only knows
>Wu-Tang Clan - Method Man

kill myself prematurely
File: Autism.jpg (30 KB, 514x536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 514x536

artist - song
>David Bowie - It's No Game (No. 1)
(Rough start. She'll probably think I'm a mad man)
>Deltron 3030 - Time Keeps On Slipping
(Some chill stuff to cool things down.)
>The Cure - Prayers For Rain
(Over the top depressing song. I don't know what she would think.)
>Too Late - Wire
>Public Image Ltd. - Religion II
(She has left already lol)
>Nina Simone - Consummation
>Atlas Sound - Bite Marks
>Kevin Johansen - Oops!
>Café Tacvba - Puntos Cardinales
>Adanowsky - Lo Siempre Fui

I´m for sure getting laid.
After Gigantic you´ll for sure disappoint.
Syd Barrett - Opel
George Harrison - Wah-Wah
My Bloody Valentine - To Here Knows When
Blur - This Is A Low
Radiohead - Exit Music (For A Film)
This is How I Ball - Viper
There is a War - Leonard Cohen
See No Evil - Television
H. - Tool
Little Green - Joni Mitchell

I think I'm fucked.
radio head - bones
jim o'rourke - good times
bbng - rotten decay [ffs why do i still have this shitty album]
global communication - 9:39
jon hopkins - a drifting up

Moby Grape - Naked, If I Want To
Emo Side Project - The end of something
Blind Willie Johnson - Trouble Will Soon Be Over
Uranium 9-Volt - Carlos
Joie De Vivre - Salt

What a fucking sublime end to my already non-existent sex life.
Forgot to say I think I'm some what ok...
>calling other people plebs
>joy division
That's ironic
File: 1347421533677.jpg (10 KB, 400x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 400x275
Run the Jewels - Blockbuster Night Part 1
Tom Waits - Lonely
>oh god this is /r9k/ levels of awkward. Way too early for this!
Dr. Dre - The Watcher
>My music hates me
The Dear Hunter - But There's Wolves?
>Fucking good song but she's long gone by this point
Easy Star All-Stars - Time
>Jerked off and crying in the shower. Goddamn shuffle!
>Why? - Fatalist Palmistry
>Talk Talk - After the Flood
>Flaming Lips - The Spark That Bled
>Car Seat Headrest - is this dust really from the Titanic?
>Titus Andronicus - The Battle of Hampton Roads

well then
>Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles
>The Space Between Two World - Nujabes
>Superheroes - Daft Punk
>Night Out - Fat Jon
>Greenbax - Joey Bada$$
The last track would really disrupt the vibe, but I've worked with worst.
Boys II Men - Motown Philly
David Bowie - The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
The Gaslight Anthem - Rollin' and Tumblin'
Fall Out Boy - Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

A-am I safe?
The White Stripes - I Want to Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother's Heart
Vivian Girls - No
Beach House - Used to Be
Death - Empty Words
The Yardbirds - What do You Want

was going okay until Death showed up
>Leonard Cohen-Avalanche
>Monty Python's Spamalot-Twice in Every Show
>Brand New-Luca
>Avenue Q-Special
>The Book of Mormon-Sal Tlay Ka Siti
Antony and the Johnsons - Hope There's Someone
Lil B - I Own Swag
Mondkopf - Immolate
Onra - Full Backpack
Los Campesinos! - Songs About Your Girlfriend
Sober to Death - Car Seat Headrest
Lovely Rita - le beetles
Pulleys - AnCo
Moonjock - Anco
Watch That Man - David Bowie
I feel like this is shit
Filter Dub - Seefeel
Sea Compass - Tim Hecker
There's More To Life Than This [live] - Bjork
Omnipresence - The Future Sound Of London
10-Demonz - Goldie

Pretty decent actually...
Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive
Iron Maiden - The Mercenary
Grateful Dead - Dark Star
The White Stripes - Hello Operator
Tom Waits - Cemetary Polka
1. The Smiths- There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
2. Ceremony- Clouds of Fire
3. Pixies- Debaser
4. Portishead- Threads
5. Kavinsky- Testarossa Autodrive

I'm fucked
>Steaming Coils - Losen Love Sick the Shamrock
unfitting, actually not sure about this one though
>Mary O'Hara - High didl dum
chances are he's gonna call it grandma music, but hey it's short and sweet, it could be worse
>Slipknot - Circle
thankfully one of their acoustic ballads, i could see it work
>REM - Rockville
no problems here
>Anaal Nathrakh - I Am the Wrath of Gods and the Desolation of the Earth
>Mick Jenkins - Comfortable
Okay, I like the way I'm starting off. Definitely sets a laid back mood.

>Chance The Rapper - You Got Me Fucked Up
Eh, nothing really special about this one. Not good but not bad either.

>Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Bills Corpse
Fuck, fuck, fuck, she's definitely looking at me weird at this point. Complete mood killer. Hopefully she's patrician?

Carissa's Wierd - All Apologies and Smile, Yours Truly, Ugly Valentine
She might think I'm a pussy, but I think I can spin this into being "sensitive" and "deep." A good recovery from the last one. Let's see how I end...

Jon Hopkins - Immunity (with King Creosote)
The one from the Asleep Versions EP, I like the note I'm ending on here. Nice and calming, could for sure make a move here. Beefheart ends up just making my taste look a little more eclectic and interesting. Feel like I'm gonna get laid here.

Depending on the girl, just starting off with The Smiths could get you some action.
I only have Old Boots New Dirt on my ipod shuffle so it looks like I'm riding the train to vaginaville tonight, fellow /mu/tants
>Taylor Swift- State of Grace
>Weezer- Island In The Sun
>Surrender- Cheap Trick
>We The Kings- Check Yes Juliet
>Metallica- Enter Sandman

Seems like I would be fine. As long as she isnt' completely thrown off by the fact that there isn't a single song on my phone that can be heard on a non-classic rock radio station.
File: zorn.jpg (43 KB, 244x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 244x320
>Art Ensemble of Chicago - Nonnah
>Third Ear Band - Druid One
>Ornette Coleman - Una Muy Bonita
>George Crumb - Ancient Voices of Children-II Me He Perdido Muchas Veces Por el Mar
>Faust - No Harm
She is patrician, so this turned out to be better than expected.
File: Rd8HRwL.png (128 KB, 435x419) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128 KB, 435x419
>Disclosure- stimulation
>Flying Lotus- Dead man's tetris
>MUST DIE!- Star Thorne
>Crystal castles- vanished

Disclosure gets the bitches hot dude.
Crystal castles is a'ight, flying lotus will probably be ok.
Bangarang and MUST DIE! are both a little mood off wise, but passable probably.
Never Know - Jack Johnson
Satch Boogie - Joe Satriani
Tangled Up in Blue - Bob Dylan
Long Train Runnin' - Doobie Brothers
Days Like This - Van Morrison

Eh, could be worse I guess. Not the most complex stuff for the most part, so I think it should be fine.
Swim Lessons - I Started a Fire
Women - Drag Open
The Antlers - Intruders
Wavves - Cool Jumper
Aphex Twin - aisatsana [102]
Sigur ros - Ny batteri
Enigma - Black moon dance
GY!BE - Dead flag blues
the Doors - I cant see your face in my mind

guess good to go, except Enigma shit
File: 1427033391189.png (1 MB, 1920x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1440
Dance Yrself Clean - LCD Soundsystem
Boy child - Scott Walker
Flash and Blood - Roxy Music
Man - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Viola - Death Grips
File: yee.jpg (4 KB, 215x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 215x250
>Another Brick in the Wall pt.2 - Fink Ployd
>8 Missed Calls - Rockie Fresh
A song off a mixtape I liked off of hotnewhiphop
>Bullet in the Brain - The Black Keys
>Pray for Em - Meek Mill
Very hyphy, if we're already fucking shes about to get wrecked
>Cocoon - Astra
Nice ending song?
Take - Los Angeles is Outside, ft. Caural, Gaby Hernandez, & Beth Grisa
Eriatarka - The Mars Volta
East Light Pt. 4 - Surgeon
M06A - Maurizio

I think I'd do rather well, for being a girl.
yes, ought <3
Swans - Blood Promise
Com Truise - Smily Cyclops
Times of Orchids - Pleasure Indeed
David Bowie - Scary Monsters
Frank Zappa - Willie the Pimp

I'm fiiiiinnnneee...
Neil Young - Tonight's the Night Part II
Satan - Bound in Enmity
Elvis Costello - Big Boys
QOTSA - I Was a Teenage Hand Model
Current 93 - A Silence Song

not that out there
>War Against Machines - Perturbator
>Mann Gegen Mann - Rammstein
>A New Career In A New Town - David Bowie
>Fury Of The Storm - Dragonforce
>Wait And Bleed - Slipknot
The Tuss-Fredugolon 6
Pink Freud-Polanski
Joy Division-Insight(live at the factory)
Boards of Canada-Aquarius(some live version)
Swirlies-Sounds of Sebring

who knows
>hi - teen suicide
>go out - blur
>untitled - neutral milk hotel
>bodysnatchers - radiohead
>undone (the sweater song) - weezer
Not as bad as it could have been
Iggy Pop-Sixteen
The Cure-The Figurehead
Gescom-Key Nell 2
The Smiths-These Things Takes Time

apart from ae, im good. on the other hand i live in one of the plebbest countries so idk
File: 1449449597773.jpg (85 KB, 750x670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 750x670
From my whole library:
Ms. Jackson - Outkast
Nowhere fast - The Smiths
I Wish - Skee lo (lol)
Ms. Fat Booty - Mos Def
Life On Mars? - David Bowie

not as bad as it could be, ms fat booty's beat is pure aphrodisiac
Svenfn=G=Englar by sigur ros and then the rest of the album on random +discog
This is the magic poon weapon, girls fall for this shit even if it aint their cup of tea :^)
>good 4 the slow fuck + touch ups and sensual kisses
1 Ghosts 1 - Nine Inch Nails
Dopesmoker Pt. 2 - Sleep
Dopethrone - Electric Wizard
Guards - OSI
23 Ghosts III - Nine Inch Nails

Considering the fact that Dopesmoker Pt. 2 alone is 20 minutes long, and the fact that all of the tracks apart from Guards by OSI is Industrial or Stoner metal means yeah I'm boned.
Sublime - Under My Voodoo
Beatles - Honey Pie
Guitar Wolf - Summertime Blues
The Beach Boys - Gee
Bob Dylan - Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands

Not too fucked
John Cale - Amsterdam
VU - Sister Ray
The Specials - Blank Face
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain
Rallizes Denudes - Enter the Mirror

Went gud i think


>Swans - I Crawled [Live At Heaven London 1984]
>The Antlers - Epilogue
>This Town Needs Guns - Gibbon
>The Microphones - Ice
>Pixies - Crackity Jones
fuck me
File: 1411468578153.gif (334 KB, 350x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
334 KB, 350x350
>Ultravox - Hymn
>Brian May - Driven By You
>Stromae - House'llelujah
>The Outsiders - Help Me Girl
>Fennesz - Endless

Should be fine.
In memory of Satan - The Mountain Goats
The Devil's Workday - Modest Mouse
Sexualizer - Pertubator
Russia - Fat Freddy's Drop
Bad Bad Things - Andrew Jackson Jihad

I'm fucked, aren't I?
File: 1413296931190.png (315 KB, 498x467) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
315 KB, 498x467
Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms
The Nation Of Ulysses - Today I Met the Girl I'm Going to Marry
Yura Yura Teikoku - Ohayo Mada Yaro
LSD and the Search for God - Without You
Madlib - Montara
Dexter Main Title- Rolfe Kent
Sky Above, Voice Within- Jeremy Soule
1000 Eyes- Death
Piece By Piece- Slayer
Dawn Patrol- Megadeth
holy fuck

>Mammane Sani et son Orgue - 'Tunan'
>Giovanni di Domenico & Alexandra Grimal - 'Sea Blooming'
>YAMP KOLT - 'おひさまは太陽 (火山島ヴァージョン) (feat. Etsuko Yakushimaru)'
>Paavoharju - 'Pimeänkarkelo'
>The Other Leading Brand - 'Salute the Smoke'
Mark Griskey - Mandalorian Honor
Daniel Licht- Deb Cries
Opeth- Reverie/Harlequin Forest
Sodom- Sodomy and Lust
NaS- N.Y. State of Mind
>DJ DBK - Grind On Me
>Mikal & Break - Just a Game
>Rufige Kru - Terminator (Danny C remix)
>Smith & Pledger - White
>Laibach - Resistance Is Futile

I'm fine if she enjoys old Metalheadz stuff but I dunno about dat Laibach to be honest family
Everything Happens to Me - Frank Sinatra
Umzalwane - Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Space Odyssey - The Byrds
Big Girl - Ghostface Killah
Take It or Leave It - Madness

Looks like she'll be leavin' it boys.
The Doors - Five To One
Fela Anikulapo Kuti - Water No Get Enemy
Daft Punk - Steam Machine
De La Soul - Brain Washed Follower
Serge Gainsbourg - I'm The Boy
Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats - Genesis
To Be Kind - Swans
Life's a Beach - Django Django
The King of Carrot Flowers Pt 1 - Neutral Milk Hotel
Spirits Drifting - Brian Eno

Eh could be worse
Frank Sinatra - Deep In A Dream
Sufjan Stevens - The Tallest Man, the Broadest Shoulders Part I
John Lennon - Look At Me
Strong Arm Steady - Chants
Simon & Garfunkel - Richard Cory
>Windows Critical Stop.wav
>Windows Hardware Fail.wav
>Windows Error.wav
>Windows Battery Critical.wav
>Windows Shutdown.wav

ayy why did I even use a PC to play my music
High Life - Daft Punk
Champion - Kanye West
Holiday Fortnight - The Specials
Tiny King of The Jews - Big Black
Hazy Field People - Black Moth Super Rainbow

i'm getting pussy tonight boyz
>ELO - Mama
>Jethro Tull - Back To The Family
>King Crimson - Book of Saturday
>Fairport Convention - The Ballad of Easy Rider
>Flook - Asturian Way
I'm gay so it'll be fine
Heat Burst - Stephen Tang
Enceladus - Mux Mool
Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons: Spring 1
U.R - Tin Man
No Static - Bottin

Little jarring transition in between the electronic stuff and that max richter recomposition that my ex loved haha.
but I think it could be ok, but the acid housey stuff could very well be a little too much.
Fripp & Eno - The Heavenly Music Corporation
Pan Sonic - Selittämätön / Inexplicable
Com Truise - Sundriped
Nmesh - 夕暮れがやってきた
Oneohtrix Point Never - Chandelier's Dream

I expected way worse
Lazerhawk - Massacre
Lord Wind - Flame of Ancient Glory
Blind Guardian - Journey Through the Dark
Bilskirnir - For Victory We Ride
King Diamond - Black Horsemen
In Flames - Lord Hypnos
Dom Kennedy - Designer Shit
Talking Heads - Perfect World
Flying Lotus - SexSlaveShip
SBTRKT - Wildfire

at least that last song will get me some
Protomen - Keep Quiet
Wolfgun - Haus
Zager and Evans - In the Year 2525
Infected Mushroom & Hope 6 - Where Do I Belong
Grandmaster Flash - The Message
Emperor - Cosmic Keys to My Creation & Times
Esmerine - Pas trop pas tropes
ProjeKct One - 4 i 3
Electric Wizard - Legalize Drugs & Murder
Swans - Red Rhythm Thing (Demo)

Dead from square one.
>Ride The Everlade of Reogniroro - Stargazer
>Ballad Of William Kidd - Running Wild
>Lindisfarne - Svartsot
>Victory - Running Wild
>Sparklemuffin - Twink
Like deathmetal,oldmetal,folkdeathmetal,oldmetal,electroindiewtf
fuken last song is a somekind of stupid indiewtfsong
Still i ain't gettin any pussy like in a 4 years lol.
>Deerhunter - Spring Hall Convert
>Go for it!(from the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack)
...aaaaand she's already gone.
>The Goslings - Sanibel
>The Queers - Debra Jean
>The Flaming Lips - Chewin the Apple of Your Eye
Not that the rest of this would have helped me in any way.
Father John Misty - Now I'm Learning to Love the War
Gogol Bordello - American Wedding
Lord Huron - The World Ender
Kasai Allstars - As the Walked Into the Forest on a Sunday, they Encountered Apes Dressed as Humans
Master Musicians of Bukkake - In the Twilight of Kali Yuga

Damn... Lucked out with the Lord Huron and Father John Misty, less so much with the rest, unless she's Hindu or Congolese..
Pussy dries up the second a Genesis song plays brah
Connect.ohm - 9980
Atra Aeterna - Phantoms
Zomby - Natalia's Song
Emancipator - Siren
Burial - Fostercare

Think I'd be fine, I guess
>Hala Strana - Millstones
>Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sei Note In Logica (Parte II)
>Roland Kirk - Ruined Castles
>Cornelius Cardew - Treatise 1
>Pierre Schaeffer - Le Trièdre fertile 1.Impromtpu
There is a reason I never use shuffle
>Charles Mingus - Duet Solo Dancers
>The Clash - Clampdown
>Belle and Sebastian - Judy and the Dream of Horses
>Cream - Blue Condition
>The Beatles - Julia (from Anthology 3)

they'll do
>Kanye West - Runaway
>Black Flag - No More
>Cake - Stickshifts and Safety Belts
>Weezer - Holiday
>MF DOOM - Kon Karne

Maybe fine if skips Black Flag
Susumu Yokota - Tobiume
Susumu Yokota - King Dragonfly
The Smiths - The Queen is Dead
The Smiths - Cemetry Gates
Neutral Milk Hotel - You've Passed

first time I've tried shuffling all songs on a FiiO X1, guess it uses some weird algorithm. But the next one I got was Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin so idk what its deal is
Linkin Park - In the End
Linkin Park - In the End
Linkin Park - In the End
Linkin Park - In the End
Linkin Park - In the End
> Kanye West - Welcome to Heartbreak
> Mystery Jets - The Hale Bop
> Alison Krauss - Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us
> Thee Oh Sees - Corrupted Coffin
> John Hiatt - Mystic Pinball

I'll stick to masturbating.
Nice with some Susumu Yokota though. My ex loved Sakura.
>I want plebs to GET THE FUCK OFF MY MU.
>Slowdive - Alison
>Joy Division - Atrocity Exhibition
>Of Montreal - Authentic Pyrrhic Remission
>Ought - Beautiful Blue Sky

*fake cough sound*
Jason Aldean - Old Boots, New Dirt
Jason Aldean - If My Truck Could Talk
Jason Aldean - Sweet Little Somethin
Jason Aldean - Too Fast
Jason Aldean - Burnin' It Down

Pretty good
I put the music on an mp3 player, can you fucking read?
>Cavanaugh - Zorak
>Run The Jewels - Banana Clipper
>Danny Brown - Die Like A Rockstar
>Sufjan Stevens - Holland
>Eyedea & Abilities - Color My World Mine

Most girls I attract are into basic bitch indie and/or kerrangcore. So she'll most likely complain and ask to put on Kodaline or some shit.
Sufjan Stevens-Say Yes! To M!ch!gan
of Montreal-Eros Entropic Tundra
Love-A House Is Not a Motel
George Harrison-Thanks for the Pepperoni
The Beatles-Strawberry Fields Forever

I think I'm okay
I'm For the Day - Beach Boys

Aqualung - Jethro Tull

Know - Nick Drake

Welcome To Juniour Beams - The Baddest Beams

In The Wake of Posiedon/ Libra's Theme - King Crimson.

I think I'm alright. Aqualung is probably the biggest turn off.
>Gentle Giant - Black Cat
>PF - Give It Back
>Steven Wilson - Year Of The Plague
>King Crimson - Book Of Saturday
>Plini - Sweet Nothings
Prolly just some weird looks desu.
You don't seem to fucked. But as you said. OP neglects that most people would ask to put their own music on 2 or 3 tracks into anything they wouldn't like, so a normie wouldn't sit through all 5 tracks.
Stop wasting my air.
File: IMG_1019.jpg (4 KB, 182x178) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 182x178
>Ab-Soul - Pineal Gland
>Earl Sweatshirt- Mantra
>Migos- Add It Up
>ODB- Drunk Game
>Migos - FEMA

1. Migos - Handsome & Wealthy (trap symphony mix)
2. Lil Ugly Mane - Intent And Purulent Dischage
3. Suicidal Tendencies - Subliminal
4. FIDLAR - No Waves
5. HVZEL - Leelanau
I'm just glad i didn't get dopesmoker
Nobody Uematsu - World Crisis
Kyuss - Gardenia
Astrobrite - Lollipop
My Bloody Valentine - Feed Me Your Kiss
Guided by Voices - King Arthur the Red
>Celtic Frost - Suicidal Winds
>Leak Bros - PCP Ward
>Bat for Lashes - The Haunted Man
>Napalm Death - On the Brink of Extinction
>Ween - I Dont Want to Leave You On the Farm

Just fuck my entire life up senpai
Damn I'm totally good
the internet - get away
boosie - i know they gone miss me
gucci - you know what it is
action bronson - the passage
lil b - the wilderness

it could of been worse
Kuedo - Visioning Shared Tomorrow's
>title is a boner kill, musics fine

Messiaen - Louange a l'Immortalite de Jesus
>v heavy, hope he doesn't think i'm a christian

Nguzunguzu - No Longer
>too heavy, but there is a sped up R&B vocal which is i guess kind of sexy

Something from the Vagrant story soundtack
>mfw i'm a weeb :(

Vincent Gallo - My Beautiful White Dog
>gettin the d
Arcade Fire - Normal Person
Mount Eerie - We Squirm
Animal Collective - Native Belle
Snowing - Important Things
LCD Soundsystem - Us v Them

I'm gonna get laid tonight senpaitachi
The Field - From Here We Go Sublime
Dissection - Grief Profecy / Shadows Over a Lost Kingdom
Gas - Untitled
Minilogue - In a Distance
The Gathering - Probably Built in the Fifties

Shit's moody yo
To be honest if Dissection hadn't gotten in there it could still work, kinda
Youre not this is all bullshit
>Nobody Uematsu
minor lel
File: image.jpg (54 KB, 750x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 750x630
Could've been a lot worse.
>Lazarus - David Bowie
aaaand there goes the mood. i might have a chance for her to like it if i mention how it relates to his death. Girls love that sad shit. At least it wasn't Girl Loves Me, unless she has an odd sense of humor.
>Let Down - Radiohead
yay more sad music. at least OK Computer is pleb friendly
>Can't You Tell I'm a Sociopath - Busdriver
>Good Morning, Captain - Slint
Colonize The Moon - Busdriver
"s-see you later?"
nice, i got Lazarus for my first song as well
>sped up R&B vocal
>kind of sexy
fade 2 mind bb
idk what that is, sorry
Porcupine Tree - Trains
Moondog - Autumn
Nightwish - Moondance
Porcupine Tree - Every Home is Wired
The Residents - Lizard Lady

This seems like a mix of good and bad.
>Candlemass - Hammer of Doom
>Modest Mouse - The Whale song
>Drake - 6PM in New York
>Blind Guardian - Time what is time
>$uicideboy$ - Paris

No pucci for me.
If she's a hipster you are totally bumpin uglies
>$uicide boy$- muddy blunts
>Wu-tang clan- wu tang aint nothin
>Tom waits- blue valentine
>Eula Cooper- Heavenly father
>lil b- flexing maury povich

I fuck with this.
>Outkast - Take Off Your Cool
>Galaxie 500 - Don't Let Your Youth Go to Waste
>Animal Collective - Winter Wonderland
>Haruomi Hosono - Sportsman
>Spacemen 3 - Just To See You Smile

could be way, way worse
I will excuse myself to set the player again because I am not autistic.
would bang
>Mr. Oizo - Two Takes It
>Modest Mouse - We've Got Everything
>Björk - Virus [Hudson Mohawke Peaches and Guacamol Rework]
>Daft Punk - Digital Love
>Ratatat - I Will Return
>Weezer - The World has Turned and Left Me Here
>Number Girl - タッチ
>Keiji Haino & Boris - From the distance, with their own gentle eyes always fixed on us, they are affectionately gazing at the Black: Implication Flooding
>Mission of Burma - Trem Two
>The Jesus Lizard - Whirl

but 2bh i'd just spin a beatles record or something
you got me
> She Lost Control - Joy Division
> Dress Walker - Liars
> Crystal - Husker Du
> Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton
> Look a Ghost - Unwound

Could have gone a lot worse 2bh
Remember Tomorrow - Iron Maiden
Into the Lungs of Hell - Megadeath
The Crow & the Butterfly - Shinedown
The Restroom Door Said, "Gentlemen" - Bob rivers
Wild One - Dio

Meh... wasn't as strange as I was expecting.
>willie the pimp
Tartar Lamb - Polyimage Of Known Exits: Movement 3.5
Masada - Hekhal
Sunn O))) - Rule the Divine (Earth Remix)
Atrium Carceri - A Place to Call Home
Fumitake Tamura - Killing

Pretty fucked, I'd say.
>Public Enemy - She Watch Channel Zero?
>Courtney Barnett - Small Poppies
>Beach Boys - I Know There's an Answer
>Kendrick Lamar - Alright
>At the Drive-In - Blue Tag
Supuration - Among the Living (Anthrax Cover)
Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Fall of Asterion
Suffocation - Subconsciously Enslaved
Shape of Despair - Written in my scars
Marilyn Manson - Mister Superstar

well I wouldn't take anyone home not sharing my music taste 100 % anyway
Ceremony - My Hands are Made of Spite
August Burns Red - An American Dream
aflowerkollapsed - shelter
High on Fire - Waste of Tiamat
Yakuza - Just Say Know
File: spongbub.jpg (44 KB, 639x628) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 639x628
>Black Sun Empire - Inpeak
>Bring Me The Horizon - Eyeless
>MC Devvo - Crystal Meffin
>deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin
>Parkway Drive - Karma

Fucking hell.
Drastic Action- Bad Religion
Van- Descendents
Off the Rails- Likely Lads
White Trash (Second Generation)- Bad Religion
Dole Q- Exploited
Might be fine, because the qt I'd invite to take home knows I'm into this stuff. She does like Bad Religion. Might be fun
>inb4 We're edgy 14 year olds
Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff
Linkin Park - In The End
Evanescence - Wake me Up Inside
Blood on the Dance Floor - Bewitched
Korn - Freak On a Leash
Wovenhand - Oil On Panel
Machines of Loving Grace - Casual Users
Magma - Hortz Fur Dehn Stekehn West
Galactic Cowboys - Ranch On Mars
Norrin Radd - City Smasher

pretty fucked desu
Glad you woke from your 15 year coma
stop being a shitty person.
Dr. Dre- The Chronic (Intro)
Nirvana- Aneurism (Live California)
Fort Minor- Where'd You Go
Eminem- The Real Slim Shady
mewithoutYou- Son of a Widow

Just cuck my shit up senpai
>And the world laughs with you - Flying Lotus
>Lord of the game - Death Grips
>Wesley's Theory - Kendrick Lamar
>Why a bitch gotta lie - Death Grips

I'm not that fucked I guess.
Op Ivy - Big City
The Killers - This is Your Life
Green Day - 8th Avenue Serenade
The Offspring - Why Don't You Get a Job
Ramones - Glad to See You Go (It's Alive version)

Wasn't too bad till that Ramones track
Couldn't Get Ahead - The Fall
Boyfriend - Janitor Joe
Farrar Straus and Goroux (Sea Of Tears) - Destroyer
Stargirl - Seaweed
EVA-02 - Evangelion OST

Jesus get fucked shuffle function
Pale Saints - Language of Flowers
The Smiths - This Charming Man
Cocteau Twins - A Kissed Out Red Floatboat
Massive Attack - Blue Lines
Shallow Then Halo - Cocteau Twins

Don't think I'd be too fucked honestly
I'd put on vinyl anyways
Quiet Sun - R.F.D.
Nico - Frozen Warnings
Autechre - Under BOAC
David Bowie - It's No Game (Part 2)
Yo La Tengo - Green Arrow

Pretty fucked
Van Morisson - Beside You (bit of a heavy start if you ask me, but with the right confidence and self aware remark (is that allowed?) it could work

Is Tropical - South Pacific (upon listening to it now I thought it was just an embarrassing remain from my youth, but the chorus is all right. could work I guess)

Ken Laszlo - hey hey guy (well me being a bit feminine shouldn't be a surprise for her at this point, and this tune will always be great)

Big K.R.I.T. - Cadillactica (now we're talking)

Drake - Furthest Thing (yes)

Nas - Life's a bitch (lol, perfect)
first track: ミドリ - あたしのお歌

I'm fucked already
File: 1337804858920.png (234 KB, 432x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
234 KB, 432x357
>I'm Gonna Be [500 Miles] - The Proclaimers
>Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye
>Lady Brown - Nujabes
>Surrection - Fat Jon
>Playdough - The Aquabats

Looks like I'm getting laid tonight
File: its over m8s.png (176 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
its over m8s.png
176 KB, 500x500
>Gemini (Lupe before he was called Lupe) - Freestyle
>Night of Fire - Niko
>Toxik - World Circus
>Megadeth - Black Curtains
>RA The Rugged Man - Sam Peckinpah

My music tastes are fucked, I have no way of sex with any of this
>Bruce Haack - Supernova
>We Insist! - The Sailor
>Jimi Hendrix - Midnight
>John Adams - Prologue: Chorus of Exiled Palestinians
>Hiatus Kayiote - Atari

Hopefully the last track redeems me holy shit
File: 1452143641470.jpg (45 KB, 530x787) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 530x787
>Gibe de pusi b0ss - Pink Guy
>Short Circuit - Daft Punk
>Skin - Grimes
>Shadows - Sunny Day Real State
>Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck) - Run the Jewels

Fuck me
>Boards of Canada - The Devil Is In The Details
>Signaldrift - Planetarium
>The Olivia Tremor Control - The Gravity Car
>King Crimson - Happy Family
>Cream - Mother's Lament

hahaha holy shit i'd be so fucked, especially that first track
File: 1450550545074.png (275 KB, 404x341) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
275 KB, 404x341
Music For Pooping - Waterboard Shrinkage
Mobb Deep - Party's Over
OPN - Woe Is The Transgression I
Nujabes - Decade
Infinity Window - Skull Theft

i am beyond fucked
File: 1314312546145.jpg (10 KB, 397x325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 397x325
>Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden
>I Stay Away - Alice in Chains
>You're Gonna Get Yours - Public Enemy
>The Man in the Lower Left Hand Corner of the Photograph - Mike Patton
>Spirit Crusher - Death

no nookie for me that night
>5 touhou remixes
>Mount Eerie - My Hearts is Not at Peace
>Reel Big Fish - Where Have You Been
>Tides Of Man - Descent
>Green Day - Do Da Da
>Danse Macabre - Merci Beaucoup, Warenform

I am so fucking fucked unless she's a highschooler.

Lets try once more.

>Skogen - Dauðaferð
>The Jesus And Mary Chain - Coast To Coast
>108 - Repeat
>The Beatles - Lovely Rita
>Baton Rouge - D'année En Année

I'm fucked
>Song - Artist

I'd say you were fucked regardless.
>the xx - angels
>rise of the northstar - show me your respect
>the hotelier - discomfort revisited
>coheed and cambria - the broken
>merchant ships - sleep patterns

i think i might be able to pull this off
>Aiden- Bridge of Reason, Shore of Faith
>Fearless Vampire Killers- Remember My Name
>Yumfries- Forever A Nub
>Brad Paisley- Huckleberry Jam
>Wax- Wax Goes Bananas on Shade 45

welp I don't think that could have gone any worse
File: 1337716369116.gif (903 KB, 300x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
903 KB, 300x200
>3rd Planet - Modest Mouse
necking and getting clothes loose
>Kimdracula - Deftones
heavy petting and foreplay under clothes
>Mad World (Greyed Out Mix) - Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules
strip and foreplay
>Marooned - Pink Floyd
slow love making
>Three Car Jam - The Minutemen
premature ejaculation
You shouldn't be.

>Portal - Kilter
>Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman
>Andy Stott - Hertzog
>Joe Seven - Barkly
>Objekt - Cataracts

I mean, it could be worse right?
>kendrick lamar - for sale? (interlude)
are you kidding me that would be the perfect mood setter

boi that is a pantie dropping lineup right there
>(The Best Part Of) Breaking Up -The Ronettes
Cool, so she probably thinks I'm gay
>Of Moons, Birds & Monsters -MGMT
This is the perfect level of slightly artsy normie shit that'll make her think I have good taste but without scaring her off, good recovery
>Homecoming -Kanye West
I don't even like this song but whatever. Poppy and accessible, has the Maroon 5 guy. I'll be fine
>Love You More -Buzzcocks
Catchy punk, and proves that I'm not a synth-fag
>Seabeast -Mastodon
Well, it could've been much heavier. She'll dislike it but prolly won't hate it

And that is the story on how I would've got sex if I wasn't too busy shitposting
Pro Era - F A Rap Critic
Joy Division - I Remember Nothing
Walk the Moon - I Want! I Want!
Oneohtrix Point Never - No Good
Man Bites Dog - Noir

Im fucked.
hope you like drowning in sex
File: 1451803006600.jpg (129 KB, 627x325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 627x325
Death Grips - Guillotine
Aphex Twin - Peek 824545201
Dr. Dre - Animals
Eminem - Ken Kaniff (Skit)
Aphex Twin - Cornish Acid

it's over
Royal Trux - Glitterbust
The Notwist - Trashing Days
Disco Inferno - Can't See Through It
Nick Drake - Horn
Squarepusher - An Arched Pathway

File: 1448775291503.jpg (32 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 500x500
Jubei - Say Nothin' (Extended Mix)
Vår - Into Distance
Whitehouse - Philosophy
Tangerine Dream - Sequent C'
Ligeti - Concert Romanesc II: Allegro Vivace

no luck for my benis tonight.
>An Arched Pathway

nice d8 m8
holy fuck shes going to think youre autistic once ken kaniff come on. Even more so than before I mean
Death Grips-Spread Eagle Cross The Block (Instrumental)
Iron Maiden-The Line Between Love & Hate
System Of A Down-Tentative
Megadeth-Symphony Of Destruction
Amon Amarth-Arson

>David Bowie - Thursday's Child
>Kanye West - Diamonds From Sierra Leone
>LCD Soundsystem - Somebody's Calling Me
>Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
>Easier Said Than Done - Majical Cloudz

starts off strong, could be worse.
The spirit of Radio -Rush
The Form - The Flobots
You're so Right- Frank Sinatra
Boss Clear- Legend of Zelda Reorchestrated
The last Song - Foo Fighters

Not cringe worthy but not great what do you guys think
>Stanz Getz - Pan
>Hatfield and the North - Share It
>Caravan - Winter Wine
>Erik Satie - Rag-Time Parade
>Red Snapper - No Exit

I'm probably fine.
Rush nice, sinatra, maybe

>I Think I'm In Love - Spiritualized
>Careful With That Axe, Eugene - PinkFloyd
>Your Possible Pasts - Pink Floyd
>How Soon Is Now? - The Smiths
>Tiny Cities Made of Ashes - Modest Mouse

aw yis, getting laid boys
I really do like this Ought shit, thanks
File: 1448699195207.jpg (20 KB, 431x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 431x599
>not cringeworthy
i beg to differ
Iron Maiden - Justice of the Peace
Kiss - Finale
Elvis Presley - Love Me Tonight
Paul McCartney - Hey Jude
Immolation - Lying With Demons

Hm. Coulda been way worse. I'm surprised it turned out so ordinary.
Mass of the Fermenting Dregs - (some Japanese text, screw typing that)
P.O.S. - P.O.S. is ruining my life
My Dad is Dead - Black Cloud
Magnetic Fields - My Only Friend
Can - Bring me Coffee or Tea

hey, I might be fine
also I should listen to P.O.S. again
1 - ド・キ・ド・キモーニング[ Doki DokiMorning ] - BabyMetal
2 - Conventioneers - Bucknaked Ladies
3 - Know the way (outro) - Grimes
4 - Brian Wilson (Live) - Barenaked Ladies
5 - Track 10 [Garlikills CDR] - Sumach
read it wrong
1 - ド・キ・ド・キモーニング[ Doki DokiMorning ] - BabyMetal
2 - Conventioneers - Bucknaked Ladies
3 - Lady Stardust - David Bowie
4 - Know the way (outro) - Grimes
5 - Brian Wilson (Live) - Barenaked Ladies
Garbage- Bleed Like Me
Gogol Bordello- When Universes Collide
Queens of the Stone Age- 3's & 7's
T.S.O.L- Abolish Government / Silent Majority
Brody Dalle- Rat Race
>not cringeworthy
Dude you have the Zelda soundtrack in your itunes
I bet it's fucking Ocarina of Time too
I'm Waiting For the Man-The Velvet Underground (rough start but if she's into rock she might like it)
Return to Ithaka- Weezer (iight some cool norm-core she won't mind this)
Takyon- Death Grips (fuck she's getting scared)
In The Annexe- Boards of Canada (k if she's still here this will calm her down)
Work Princess Pt II- Grimes (iight were in the clear)

If she doesn't leave during takyon in in
File: 1453482482384.jpg (51 KB, 629x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 629x468
>Not cringe worthy but not great
Just going off the 8gb of stuff I have on this mp3 player

>The Stooges - Dirt
>Sunn O))) - Aghartha
>The KLF - Six Hours To Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold
>Roots Manuva - Dreamy Days
>Dopethrone - Dry Hitter

Started iffy and then just got worse and worse
>Interpol - Untitled
>Modest Mouse - The Stars Are Projectors
>Modest Mouse - Interlude(Milo)
>Tame Impala - Elephant
>Arcade Fire - Awful Sound(Oh Eurydice)
Nick Drake - Which Will
Kanye West - Gorgeous
Radiohead - Electioneering
A Tribe Called Quest - Vibes and Stuff
My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes

am I fucked?
If she doesn't leave during Takyon you better fucking smash that shit like a mother fucking like button
of Montreal - The Past Is A Grotesque Animal
Sigur Ros - Avalon
Death Grips - Blood Creepin
Tegan and Sara - The Con
Defiance, Ohio - Grandma Song

I aint gettin any
>This Heat - A New Kind of Water
>The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness
>Ed Sheeran - Afire Love
>MellowHype - Thuggin
>Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze

might be ok desu
>Melody's Echo Chamber - Bisou Magique
>Gorillaz - Melancholy Hill
>Mindless Self Indulgence - Faggot
>Morbid Angel - God of Emptiness
>The Network - Supermodel Robots
Kendrick Lamar - For Sale? (Interlude)
Death Grips - Lord Of The Game
nouns - still bummed
Aphex Twin - Logan Rock Witch
El Vy- I'm The Man To Be

Pretty fucking terrible.. Could be worse
Megadeth - A Tout le Monde
Eminem - Bagpipes from Baghdad
Rammstein - Ohne Dich
Ghost - Mummy Dust
Agalloch - Not Unlike the Waves

Tell me how much of a pleb I am /mu/
Well my panties are soaked
>Million Year Summer - the angelic process
>chicago - Sufjan Stevens
>So Appalled - Kanye West
>Too Much - Sufjn Stevens
>it's just a party - Snowing

no im fucked this sucks how did i get TWO sufjan songs
Fuck you, you probably use Spotify
Radiohead - Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was
The Flaming Lips - Hold Your Head
Modest Mouse - Never Ending Math Equation
Monolake - Linear (uh oh)
Disco Inferno - The Long Dance

Would you fuck me?
thanks anon. even if I'm a grill?
> Radiohead - Feral
> Nine Inch Nails - All the Love in the World
> Radiohead - Kid A
> Miles Davis - Budo
> Sonic Youth - Rain King

pretty cool, yes.
>ed sheeran
Leave and never come back
Look Who's Burnin'-Ice Cube
The Other Level-Geto Boys
A widow with nice perfume-Hot Sugar
Dissimulate-Scanning Antarctica

I don't know how I feel about this one
Wow. Lol. I'm crying.
>Interlude (Milo)

Tell me more
> Pusha T ft. Chris Brown - sweet serenade
>Raekwon - Wu-Gambinos
>Young Thug - Just Might Be
>Pusha T ft. Kelly Rowland - Let me Love You
>J. Cole ft. Kendrick Lamar - Forbidden Fruit

You're thinking of For Free, For Sale is
Refused - New Noise
Swans - Big Strong Boss
Have a Nice Life - Waiting for Black Metal Records
Health - Die Slow
Slint - Darlene

Good.. Good.
if me being a grill isn't a problem for you, it isn't a problem for me. i have a pianist's fingers. very nimble.
Ah, sexy, that's what I like to hear.
Ween - Pork Roll Egg and Cheese
Wilco - I am Trying to Break Your Heart
A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz
Boards of Canada - Sixtyten
Radiohead - Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors

Some ok, some not
>The Cure - Subway Song
She gonna jump at the end. Lol
>Pink Floyd - Summer 63'
How would she feel?
>Nick Cave - City Of Refuge
She is going to think I'm a psycho or something...
>The Beatles - I Feel Fine
I don't think I will feel fine after the last three songs
>Kraftwerk - Spacelab
She is gonna be dry

starts strong, wu-gambinos might not set the mood but she wont hate it, will totally lose her on young thug, but rescue her with the last 2 tracks
Pixies - Cactus
John Lee Hooker - Dimples
The Birthday Party - 6" Gold Blade (she leaves at this point)
Lou Reed - New Sensations
Slint - Rhonda
Hate when that happens
Animal Collective- Mouth Wooed Her
Fishmans- ずっと前
King Crimson- One More Red Nightmare
Modest Mouse- A Different City

Nothing too weird, I'll probably manage
>Have Faith - SAINT PEPSI
>Feather (feat. Cise Starr&Akin from CYNE) - Nujabes
>Winter Lane (Nujabes Remix) (feat DSK) - Nujabes
>Result Screen - TTGM3 OST
>Fonk FM - Beerlover
Actually not terrible.
Harvey Milk - My Broken Heart Will Never Mend
Faust vs. Dälek - Erratic Thoughts
Koes Plus - Mobil Tua
Rosa - Hit the Bottle
Blind Idiot God - Dubbing in the Sinai

lmao i ain't scoring tonight
>Kanye West - Pinnochio Story
>Arca - Wound
>Popol Vuh - Mantram Der Herzeberuhrung I
>Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #2
>John Frusciante - Your Pussy's Glued to a Building on Fire

i'm gettin mad pussy tonite f︂︂a︂m
>Elton John - Indian Sunset
>Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue
>The Band - Acadian Driftwood
>Genesis - Invisible Touch
>Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way
>only one song
>in the end by linkin park
>over 30k plays
>Fugazi - Version
>Mount Eerie - House Shape
>Mount Eerie - Boat
>Circulatory System - Night Falls
>The Music Tapes - Saw and Collapse Organ on Wire

She'll think I'm weird if she stays till the end
File: retard.gif (480 KB, 206x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
480 KB, 206x196
>Keith Sweat - Something Just Ain't Right
>Julia Holter - In the Same Room
>Kode9 - Wu Wei
>Giles Corey - Haunting Presence
>Tokimonsta - Gamble
syro u473t8+e [141.98] [piezoluminescence mix]

Prismcorp Virtual Enterprises - Beauty Plus

Ace of Clubs - Whorgan

Blue States - Cherio Manoli

Ceephax Acid Crew - Parkway

we're fuckin'
Kreator - Pleasure to Kill
Joe Satriani - Circles
Thievery Corporation - Blasting Through the City
Faith - What's Wrong With Me?
Blood Orange - On the Line
>lil b

You are just the worst kind of person.
>Chameleon - Herbie Hancock
>Wrathchild - Iron Maiden
>Hair - Atmosphere
>Career of Evil - Blue Oyster Cult
>Rush and a Push and The Land is Ours - The Smiths

Too varied to work Tbh
>Herbie Hancock

Gud taste

Touch And Go - Gryphon
The High Pass - Ozric Tentacles
Hymn 43 - Jethro Tull
Hell Patrol - Judas Priest
The Illest Villains - MF Doom

The first song would set a nice mood, but then I'm just fucked
File: Dancing Duane.gif (719 KB, 480x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dancing Duane.gif
719 KB, 480x320
- Tornado of Souls - Megadeth
- Tom's Diner - Susanne Vega
- EGG - Shoe
- Age of the Dragon - Miracle of Sound
- Cosplay - D.Piddy
nailed it
Oneohtrix Point Never - Remember
Geneon - Nude King
Loop - Rocket
久遠 - Nacht fruhiling
Salyu - 体温[Live]

what a dogshit playlist she's just going to call me a loser and go home
File: 1449555426639.jpg (64 KB, 1180x842) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 1180x842
>Purplene - The Battler
>Clams Casino - What You Doin'
>The Clientele - Five Day Morning
>Submotion Orchestra - Suffer Not
>Washed Out - Hold Out

Pretty good. Only chill music.
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