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New bandcamp thread? Old one is getting a...
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New bandcamp thread? Old one is getting a little stale.


>satirical stoner doom metal
>parody of bands like weedeater, bongripper, etc
>mostly just my friend and i fucking around in my garage but I think it sounds ok
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>lo-fi indie
>influences from ambient,avant folk,shoegaze and emo
>two post punk tracks
>one Oh Comely inspired track
>for fans of Giles Corey,HANL,Teen Suicide,The Microphones
Easily my best work yet and I’d say it’s way better than my previous album,Tired of Me. I hope you enjoy and I’d love to get your feedback.
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The previous one is still standing tho. Nah, whatever!

>Ambient, Modern Classical
>Solo Piano-based music
>Best used as a background music to noisy surroundings

Currently finishing Beleaguered by Sound 2 !!
Reccing my friendo: >>61938105
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IT-XPO - 3:00 PM - 12:00 AM (PST)


>Dark Ambient, Calm Colors, Tainted Bloodstains

-- Be my dinner guest, sit down, can we speak of the one without God?
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I said it was stale, not dead. Ur shit is top notch btw.
Let us hug my joke-bong friend!

And somebody should check out this guy: >>61938165. I will recommend his stuff which is really nice and smooth like all hell!
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>southern folk, drone, noise

new stuff coming soon

skip all the noisy stuff if you'd like. there are more traditional songs too
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lonsai bynx.jpg
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Imma here, Lynxio!
Indie rock pop. Check us out, leave feedback and it will be returned!
Alright, I'll bite. So, it's pop rock... That's about it, yeah! Hope you'll return some feedback too!
But seriously, the composition is not bad, you don't throw too many things into your tracks which is a good move I guess. The vocals are fine too, I like that you're not singing in English for one, which is distinguishable. Good move there. The mixing however... Bass is definitely squashed and muddied like all hell. The volume change before two minute mark is slightly unnecessary in my opinion. Drums are a bit muddy too and crash is way out there. Other than that I see not many problems with your track. The mixing is important! Look up for that.

>post-structualist pop



The lyrics suck and the instrumental is generic shit.

Sounds like Leo Kottke, very nice.

yo come smoke me up f a m
Super impressive composition I love this
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>Post rock
>Math rock
Sweet piano songs! Long time since i listened to this kind of music so i can't give any real feedback but i really enjoyed Lena and silver figurine! Personally my favourite pianist is chopin.
Haha not sure if im going to listen to someone who has the lines "oooooohhh i saved you, ooooo you saved me". Your stuff could be the most pretentious stuff i ever heard on 4chan.
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you clearly don't understand aesthetics
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I feel like death today so I might leave feedback later but that's only a tentative promise
I'm also working on some new stuff and it's sounding alright if I must say so myself



Also, how would you guys feel about vocals in my music? Just want to test the waters and see what the general opinion is
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meni single.jpg
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>indoe rock
ty for only reccing me when I'm non-controversial enough not to fux with your thread politics
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Sem título.jpg
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oh yea great tunes, the vocals sound cool! And about merchant ships cover... what i should say? was a fucking nice surprise, good stuff man!



>noise pop
>i was 15
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Er, what?
I've recced you before, dude
here's really good stuff!
congratulations georgie
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RAW EP - little pieces of raw data compiled into one large track

> industrial hip hop instrumentals, glitch and sample based, dirty beats, a mixture of crunchy breakbeats, aggressive and loud hip-hop beats and gross samples, samples vary from Man Bites Dog, Satyajit Ray's Apu Trilogy and James Blunt

I really enjoy these fellas' works. Will check out other links in this thread.
Damn,finally someone around here who appreciates Merchant Ships! Also,your music looks quite interesting,will listen tonight

Also here's two recs:
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one man band, every release is different

>depressive black metal, post black metal
>pop/narcotic rock
>piano based

I've reviewed most of the stuff before, so..
>Trap Shoegaze
>Music to fall asleep to

watching Bundesliga rn, will be checking out some stuff later on

>Jazz Fusion

thanks for listening
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chung king.jpg
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>new beattape i dropped last night.
>experimental hip-hop beats that follow the trends of popular artists like travis scott and kanye but use samples that give weird vibes to each track that are somewhere between industrial and psychedelic.
>winter music
>give it a listen,.it's weird, you might like it.
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>lofi, dreamy
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Just released this album late last night/early this morning.


>experimental, mixed, ambient, drone & non-drone, lo-fi, trippy

>Experimental, Various Genres

>New Release

>(I Reckon That I Should Thoroughly Apologize For My Atonal Actions)
>Ambient, Field Recordings, Folk, Lo-Fi, Outsider, Random, Sound Collage, Vaporwave.

Accompanying Visual: youtu.be/JpVORGtTfQA

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. :)
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>electronic, edm, industrial, dance, heavy butt-groovin metal-inspired beats
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I like your album
I don't mean to shamefully self-promote, but you honestly might like my album (the post right above yours). it's kinda similar to yours
also, do you listen to Ricky Eat Acid? (/julia brown/ teen suicide) Top-tier shit
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>uploaded for the first time
>experimental ambient, drone, and noise
>lofi in a way
I will gladly check this out, and yes I have listened to Ricky Eat Acid and Teen Suicide, still have yet to listen to Julia Brown. - Jacob Hutto
Julia Brown's album "an abundance of strawberries" is one of Sam Ray's best
thanks for listening
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