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This album just won't let up.
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This album just won't let up.

Laughing and Not being Normal - I really hate the beginning of this fucking song. Bu it does build into a nice phase in towards California. I also like the alarm setting off at the end, or whatever it is.

CaLifornia - She took Pon De Replay, removed the lyrics and Rihanna's voice. Fed it like 10 doses of acid. Then reworked it and made it her own about a fuck you to ... Pitchfork? Haha. Nice one. It's a soothing track I guess. Very pop.

Scream - I always will love this weird oddball in the tracklist. Like what are you even doing here? It's pretty insane, sexual, and enticing to my ears when Grimes screams in my brain. The noise effects here are demon-like.

Flesh Without Blood - The melody, the beat, the noises, the clashes, claps, mood, everything about this poppy sugary song will get stuck into your head if you like it or not. It's also talking to me, (through the beat) with how life is for me. Specially when high. Smoking to this album is great desu. And this song intensifies everything else from here on out. Also the video is cute. She's adorable in it and love her dancing style even though she's just going with the groove of the song and not dancing.

Belly of the Beat - It's like a bridge to an orgasm. Cute lil build up. Then it goes away &

Kill V Maim - Japanese inspiration? Video game beeps and boops? Badassary character:Grimes singing to us in an aggressive and playful way? Yep. Ending to this song is amazing.

Art Angels - Cute bop for a title track. (The layers and layers of sounds in this is incredible.)

Easily - I love the breakdown where it sounds like someone's shoes around you are squeaking due to water/wet/rain outside and they like to make teenage angst noises with shoes and floors. Also reminds me of the skating rink back in the old days.

Pin - Cute bop.
ReaLiti - I love this version, cause I never listened to the demo when she released it. I guess I'm a fail fan.

World Princess pt 2 - I use to have a boner for this but it's steadily just a song that I enjoy lightly until the demon-rapist track number 12 comes to me.

Venus fucking Fly - I fucking love this goddamn song so goddamn much. The fuckin beat, the aggressiveness, the playfulness, the violin adding only nothing but a countdown to a moment of a fight about to break down type of beat playing around your ears. Then the breakdown with the "woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" or whatever in the background giving us time to orgasm through and through.

Life in a Vivid Dream - A relaxed high type of feeling after being raped by Venus Fly. Bridge to the encore.

Butterfly - Great god damn closing to a great pop album. Her screams in the chorus 1 and 3 are brilliant.
tried like 3 times and I could not get into her. Music was pretty un-engaging for a reason that I cannot quite put my finger on; and believe me I wanted to like it
Try it high anon? Or have you?

It really opens up how fucking catchy everything is. And if you hate hooks and catchiness, just never listen to shit like this again lol.
you make the album sound pretty nice desu
you almost persuaded me to listen to it
but then
>Fuck me while I take this shit you piece of fuck.png
kinda threw me off
i think i won't listen to it now
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Yes I smoke all the time dude but I just couldn't get into it. I even saw that new video that came out yesterday or w/e and I couldn't even get past the first 45seconds of it.

It just sounded like synth wankery to me and I didn't like how in every song I listened to she used like the same bass-synth in every song
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10 doses of acid. riiiiiiiiigh
I bet you thought this was all really clever when you were writing it out because you were on drugs
Bad music, bad fanbase
in your subjective opinion
it is synth wankery pop for retards

shit taste for all involved
I really liked this album for a month or two, then it sorta just wore off. It's just bubblegum pop. Pretty good bubblegum pop, but still. Became a little cringed after a while.
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