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Itt post your music listening history
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Itt post your music listening history

for me its:
0-12 oblivious
12-14 metalcore,post hardcore,nu metal and deathcore
14-19 old school death metal,black metal,post rock
19-21 enriched mind listening to everything in which i find noice

rate desu
age 0-12 musique concrete, lowercase
12-14 ornette coleman played backwards at half speed
14-19 sped up porn audio
19-21 enriched mind listening to everything i find noice
0-12 Avril Lavigne, Pink!, Pitty and probably some other ''rebel grrls''
12-14 things that weren't really emo but that I thought it was such as My Chemical Romance, Placebo, Flyleaf, Bullet for My Valentine and such
15-17 New Wave, 80's Synthpop, Post-Punk and New Romantic
17-19 Art Pop, Chamber Pop, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Slowcore
0-12 Whatever my Dad was listening to...
Mostly Pink Floyd.
13-15 Metal phase, huge poser - Slipknot, BMTH.
16-17 Hip Hop. Post-rock, Shoegaze. Lot of stuff released in the late 90s aswell as alot of modern and new releases.
18- Krautrock, Psychedelic Rock, Post-punk, Singer/songwriter, Experimental rock. Lot of 70s stuff.

>ornette coleman played backwards at half speed
I wanna know what this sounds like now.
Clueless (pop from radio lol)
>7-10 (discovered reddit)
Queen, AC/DC, Led Zepellin and the Beetles
>10-12 (discovered 4xhan)
Meme music, anything relating to memes really
>13 (current age)
enriched mind listening to everything in which i find noice
0-12: radio
12-14: anime/game music
14-16: edm/vocal trance
16-20: alt-rock
20-today: <many-values>-pop, shoegaze, idm, ambient, experimental rock, post-punk etc
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0-6 oblivious/whatever was on
7-9 pop/rap that was on
10-15 pop country
15-17 nu metal, trance
18-19 dubstep, buttrock
20 /mu/core before knowing what /mu/ was, found /mu/ & dove deeper into shit.
21-22 noise, ambient, drone, a little of everything else.
0-12 pop, progressed to an unhealthy obsession to evanescence
12-14 I was kind of all over the place with things like within temptation, metallica, slayer and pantera until about 13. Then I discovered death metal through cannibal corpse, amon amarth and so on.
14-17 black metal mostly, then blues and grunge. Discovered sludge at 15/16 and haven't bothered with other metal genres since.
19-20 kind of stopped looking for music and would shazam any song I liked while I was out and about.

Now: will listen to anything I like desu. I always go back to blues. I'll always love anything that remotely sounds like black sabbath (hence, sludge). Also into triphop, rap, indie and prog rock and some pop.
0-12 - lowercase, microsound, EAI (actually nothing really)
12-14 - house and techno, Aphex Twin
14-16 - rock, punk, pop punk
16-18 - folky stuff with a bit of techno
18-21 - new wave/shibuya kei, bitpop/picopop, prog, zeuhl
mom's 80's synthpop, Taylor Swift
Daft Punk, Queen, classic rock
Death Grips, Portishead, Radiohead
Space Rock, Prog, (hawkwin, KC, Pink Floyd, ect), Swans, Taylor Swift, 80's synthpop again.
90's and early 00's pop, Anatolian Rock.

Heavy Metal, Nu-Metal, J-pop and rap.

Power and Thrash Metal

Progressive and Technical Death Metal

Progressive Rock, instrumental hip-hop and Black Metal.

Atmospheric Black Metal

>19 (at this moment)
Neutral Milk Hotel, My Bloody Valentine, Deathspell Omega, Radiohead, David Bowie, Nujabes, Fanisk, Dir En Grey, Drudkh, Emperor and Mayhem, Death and Panopticon.
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0-8 Oblivious
8-11 Tween Bop
11-14 Classical and Score
14-18 Metal, hard rock, metalcore and dance
18-21 Electronica and Broadway
22 - fucking everything from pleb pop to dark ambient industrial soundscapes

Is eclecticism the one true way? Or should I disavow melody altogether and listen only to public restroom field recordings?
Fucking weeaboo trash.
0-12 Jazz music
12-24 Rock Music
24-36 Classical "music"
36-48 Guetton
48-60 Reguetton
60+ Hip-Pop
0-6 oblivious

6-8 immediately fell in love with Prince, Whitney Houston, Paula Abdul, everything 80's on the radio

8-12 mother noticed I was into music and took me to lots of musicals --Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, etc.

12-16 family TV got Vh1; became immediate dadrocker, took up guitar; became obsessed with blues/jazz

16-18 was sent to boarding school; took a liking to contemporary music, briefly became emo kid

19-20 got into music blogs in college, took a liking to electroclash

21-23 still into music blogs, now into primarily electronic music, but branch out into classical, rap, pop, country, etc.

24-28 law school, begin dabbling in atonal music in addition to pretty much everything I've listened to before, get really into pop, too; discover a deep abiding love of music on the cusp of prog and art rock like Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel
my dad's records mostly (sonic youth, melvins, nirvana etc.)
hardcore punk, noise, power electronics
post-punk, gothic rock, darkwave, EBM
techno, techno, techno
dadrock, some psytrance and dnb

the Doors, Pink Floyd and other psychedelic rock
the Doors, black metal, early finnish hardcore, prog metal
prog metal, post-rock, neo-psychedelia, noise rock, getting into some experimental music too
post-rock, math rock, jazz, experimental music in general
0-8 whaterever was on the radio
8-12 rap and irish folk music
12-15 Heavy Metal and The big 4 of Thrash Metal
15-16 Death Metal and Venom
17-18 Bathory and Germanic Thrash
18-19 Black Metal and Doom
19-20 Nwobhm and Speed Metal
>he doesnt know how filters work
Welcome to 4chan :3
0-15: Didn't really listen to music/whatever was on the radio/whatever my parents played
15-17: 60s and 70s rock, mainly the Beatles and Queen but
17-20: Still above but also metal like Iron Maiden, Opeth, and Ayreon. Later on black metal and stuff too.
20-now: Poppy stuff (mostly art pop if you want to use that genre description), post punk, synthpop, new wave. Listening to a little powerviolence and other offshoots of punk and hardcore too.
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Only things I remember from this time period are The Offspring-Americana, Blink 182-various albums, and Will Smith-Big Willy Style (one of the personal favorites at the time)
AFI, My Chemical Romance, still the Offspring and Blink 182
Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Daedelus, London Elektricity, later on towards 18-19 I started going on /mu/
The Antlers-Hospice, James Blake, Animal Collective, OFWGKTA for like 2 months before they got super lame
AnCo, Bowie, Blake, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, MC Ride and the Death Grips
Are we the same person??? Everything is dead on even Finnish metal, only thing missing is Rush which was a big part of my youth
<10: pop punk, actual pop, childrens music
10-13: melodic hardcore, skate punk, metalcore, thrash metal
14-16: folk punk, midwest emo, contemporary folk
17-20: noise rock, hardcore and post-hardcore punk, emocore/screamo, contemporary classical, avant-garde jazz, asian traditional folk music, free improv
21: enriched mind listening to everything in which I find noice
now: kpop and bach exclusively
damn, that's really close. nice taste anon
10 first attempt at own taste
12 get into eyeliner alternative
14 get into post-hardcore, prog and chiptune
15 get into breakcore and really good post-hardcore
16 get so much into post-rock and math rock, and noisy rocks, and electronic music more widely, and avant-teen
17 get into j-pop, hiphop and bebop; jump on the wonky train
18 get into space age pop, Kylie Minogue and powerviolence; jump on the footwork train
19 get into ethereal wave and rnb; jump on the vaportrap train
20 get into citypop, ECM jazz and soukous; jump on the grime train
21 get into delta blues, techstep and emo; jump on the deconstructionist trance train
22 I should probably get more into classical
0-19 literally don't remember
19-infinity enriched mind listening to everything in which i find noice
The Beatles, dadrock, prog (i.e. kc, yes, genesis)

More prog, frank zappa, psych rock one-off bands from the late 60s-early 70s (i.e. fuzzy duck, five day week straw people)

All the above plus jazz (i.e. post-bop, hard bop, free jazz, modal, fusion), post-rock, shoegaze, neo-psych, post-punk, hip-hop, IDM, (do I really have to get into every micro-genre) and a whole lot more I don't wanna list off, this period was an explosion of music exploration, really.

Just now getting into EAI and Onkyo, great shit so far.

Never stopped listening to any of the above either.
worst taste of all trips. Montie likes oasis and he's better than you
0-3 church hymns

4-8 church hymns, boy bands, shit like staind and breaking benjamin, Ozzy, Ac/dc

9-10 green day enthusiast. become obsessed with afi and rise against

10-11 underoath, slipknot, hawthorne heights, mcr, from first to last // a friend on MSN sends me an I Would Set Myself on Fire for You song ("MCR IS NOT EMO, DUDE")

11-14 get extremely into mathcore, screamo, emo, and post-hardcore // download pretty much everything that is considered entry to the genres (thanks megaupload) // no age introduces me to noise rock genre. start listening to math the band

14- find out about post-punk. side: start listening to maps and atlases and become interested in "double-tapping" / some guy shows me extortion, leading me to become interested in powerviolence. eventually become obsessed with the beach boys and beatles. new-wave becomes big for me also

15- skin my head, straightedge, favorite band is have heart. become extremely interested in 90's hip-hop

16- figure out what midwest emo is

17- noise pop / surfy sounding pop shit like surfer blood / still on all the stuff prior to this age / figure out who Number Girl is

18-21- still on no age and math the band / start listening to black metal and crust / return to being interested in new-wave and post-punk / number girl is favorite band / starts listening to jazz fusion
12-13: Pop Punk
14:Nu-metal/Hard rock/metalcore
15:Thrash metal/Death metal
16-17:Prog/Psychedelic Rock
18: Hip-Hop
19: Black metal
Hi montie.
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I boarded the autism train early.

When I was little I recorded music from NES games on cassette. When I got an Amiga I listened to tracker music that was on some disks. When I got a PC (age 12 or 13) I listened to more tracker music, and also MIDI files. I did listen to "real" music too, but it was completely random, no rhyme or reason to it. During my mid-teens I also listened to (and recorded) a radio program that played ambient and all kinds of unusual electronic music, even musique concrete.

I had a relatively normal period during my late teens and early twenties or so. Then I started getting into Japanese music a lot.
0-10: lewronggeneration
11-15: pop punk
16-17: progressive rock
18-19: entry-level /mu/-core, emo revival

I'm kind of a shithead
>is over 21
>posts on /mu/

0-12 radio shit & Elvis
12-14 heard Blind Guardian, Nightwish and Demon Burger somewhere, dive head-first into youtube metal, and also obscure black metal
15-17 start listening to albums, go see SLAYER live, introduce anime music
18 listen to ミドリ once, enter jazz, post-rock, noise rock

0 - 12 oblivious
12 - 14 hip hop, alt rock
14 - 17 hip hop, dream pop, chillwave, indie folk, folk, punk
17 - 19 hip hop, emo, post-punk, shoegaze
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