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"There have been several reports about my alleged inappropriate behavior which deserve a response. I am deeply sorry for those who I have offended by my actions and how I have made certain women feel. If I crossed the line of decency or respectfulness in situations when I was drunk and under the influence, there is no excuse of course. To be clear, while my conduct may have been inappropriate, I have never drugged anyone or engaged in that type of behavior. Nevertheless, I do not want to be the type of person who would let drugs or alcohol take command of his life and compromise how he treats people. Yet I have been this person and it’s time to put a stop to all of this. Create a world with one less inappropriate man.
"I have been fighting a losing battle against drugs and alcohol for many years and will be checking into a rehabilitation facility in the hope that I can improve my chances of winning that fight. A year ago, I was confronted by a peer and began to try to clean up and make things right with therapy and with an eye towards quitting the addiction. The shame and sadness feels as strong now as it did then and I am making an immediate change.
"In no way do these allegations reflect on Life or Death PR, its staff, or anyone associated with the company. These are my issues, not theirs. I could not be more proud of the company and what it stands for. That being said I have stepped down as the CEO and [am] relinquishing all responsibility to the current president, Nick Dierl. The company shouldn't have to deal with this distraction and I want Nick and the rest of the team to continue to do their good work while I take care of myself."

"I can make your band famous bb . . .. oh shit did you bitches just go all cosby on me. Fuck that. ahhemmm. REHAB ME BB"
About as classy as a statement like this gets.
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Dude wait like 5-10 minutes before you bump
do you really think i give a fuck?
mods pls
do you know who amber coffman lost her virginity to? or when she gets her period? or the name of someone who stole from her or called her a derogatory name in the past? no.

so why reveal this on social media? why not just go to the police privately?

amber coffman is using this guy to make political hay. make no mistake about this. she's not a shy quirky polly-anna indie girl. she is a shrewd business person who has worked in the music business for years. she hasn't gone public about the things i mentioned, and hundreds of other issues and incidents, because there's nothing to be gained from those.

i don't know the specific reason. maybe she has a personal problem with this guy. maybe she just saw an opportunity to get more attention for herself (a female) from female music fans. but this is a very deliberate and calculated move for social capital. not a desperate plea for help or relief. if the latter were the case, she would just go to the actual police. not tumblr.

>inb4 "what about the other victims."

it's the same principle. especially the ones who hung out with him repeatedly. if somebody pulled a knife on you when you hung out with them once, you're not going to fucking go have a drink with them again. i don't buy the outrage. maybe it was creepy. but the problem isn't some "misogynistic code of bro silence" or whatever the fuck. all you had to do was go the police. or threaten to. period.
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>I have never drugged anyone
>Is a junkie
>Gropes women
>feminism has ruined the music industry

This guy did nothing wrong but the court of public opinion has found their latest victim.

No crimes were committed and these dumb cunts know that. If a real crime was committed they would have gone to the police in the year that these incidents supposedly occurred . These cunts want to be rock stars and drink and party and get wild but if at anytime (almost ten years later) they can just decide to change their mind and say "i think i was raped". Or "that guy is creepy" because i don't like him anymore.

Fucking witch hunt bullshit. I'm sorry but getting your ass grabbed for a millisecond isn't rape. I'm not saying it's cool to just grab random ass but it's not rape. And the public hanging they gave this guy over meaningless shit, and the fake pity party and proud victimhood, is disrespectful and trivializes real rape victims.

Grow up you fucking whores, a drunk guy grabbed your ass while intoxicated in a public place. Man the fuck up and quit your bitching about your privileged 1st world indiestar womyn problems. There are real rape victims and abuse victims that you are stealing attention away from because being a womyn victim is fashionable.
>key bump 4 my nigga heathcliff
I mean this dude is in a powerful position to make or break their careers, so yeah I think she had a valid point.
and they say womemes aren't powerful

now can we have a new Dirty Projectors LP?
guy is an idiot who gets off by demeaning women. could have just gotten a hooker or some legit girl with daddy issues. but no the guy has to get his thrills off the hard way and now he's fucked

feminism has nothing to do with this.
Thank you @Amber_Coffman in 2009 he grabbed my ass and then held me down onto my couch as he unzipped his pants &forced my hand on his dick.
why is a nigger in charge of hipster white rock
not sure if you're being serious or not, but i'll take it like you were...

here's the problems with it:
1) "alleged" inappropriate behavior - he's not really even admitting it
2) "sorry if i offended you" - sorry if you're weak and whiny
3) hey, at least i didn't drug anyone, right? i'm not that bad!
4) it was all the drugs and alcohols fault!
5) don't blame the other people in my company - would be a classy move except he still owns the place and he's still going to be making the money

and keep in mind that he's a PR guy, his whole job is to try to spin shit like this
reminder dean blunt is one of their artist
“What’s wrong”
“I got issues”
“We all got issues”
“…yeah,but mine are so fucking cliche”

– Dean Blunt
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Thread replies: 27
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