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old one blah blah blah
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>industrial, electronic, rock
>not noise drone
>sounds like1993
>sounds like NIN
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just reissued my record on my label. this time the tapes are blood red to signify death and hell and shit

>bedroom pop
>dream shit
>latter part of the record is more rock-oriented
>limited to 25 tapes

Formerly beach weather
New Ep!!

>dreamy, lofi
>ffo teen suicide, elvis depressedly
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>sound collage
File: sintesia 2.png (1 MB, 2944x2920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sintesia 2.png
1 MB, 2944x2920

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mørk musvåk.jpg
2 MB, 3000x3000

>Dark Trap
>Black Metal influenced rap
>lo-fi basement rap
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>ambient, piano, experimental
>available on Spotify

Mesmerizing, lovely sounds. I love lo-fi music like this. The latter part is not as lofi as the rest, but is also very, very nice.

Also, reccing >>61769723 and >>61769649 - great stuff!


>demo folder

>phase1.0 (give me a rating between 1 and 10)

>song i'm working on

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just released my fourth album, featuring vocals for the first time.
>variety pop

>Alternative R&B

Here's my Bandcamp, and my new single that's on SC which I hope that you'll check out.
It's been a while since I wrote here, or uploaded music.

This new single called "Worth It" has some Toronto vibes, over "trappier" production than what I've previously done.


I return all feedback!

>post-structualist pop

I was expecting absolute garbage but I must say I was very pleasantly surprised, it's actually really beautiful at times, I got mad goosebumps when the acoustic guitar came in on hell and I appreciate how it actually sounds like a song instead of just a combination of muddy lofi sounds slighly resembling a song like a lot of people within the lofi sad bedroom pop genre try to write off as actual music.

You suck.

Decent concept but the production is terrible and the rapping is really bad too.

I don't like this at all but I guess others do considering the amount of supporters it has.

Even though it might not be very groundbreaking it's still a very well put together industrial rock EP and I really feel like you understand the essence of the genre and what makes people want to listen to it, so I can definitely appreciate it for what it is.

I appreciate the Derek Bailey style noodling but the porn samples are (ironically) a huge turn-off for me.

Very beautiful airplane relaxation music, it's very soothing and the use of very non-organic digital sounds really enchance that vibe.

Now this is really, really good, the heartbeat kick on impulser is gorgeous and I love the fuzzy ASMR style percussion and the crisp synths that are all over this thing.
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>electronic synthesizer based
na u
fuck sound collages
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>I was very pleasantly surprised, it's actually really beautiful at times
>I don't like this at all
na u
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>Post rock, instrumental rock, math rock
Haha, how often does something "groundbreaking" get posted here? Thanks for the listen though, it's taken a while, it still feels unfinished, but I had to get it done with.
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My recs for now


heh. y'know, originally the whole track was gonna be just porn samples but while i was making it i thought "this sounds like shit" so i decided to add the other things
"I don't like this at all" was meant for >>61769542

Keep doing your thing.
so you don't like the orgasm samples? whay leave them there then?
My stuff is groundbreaking, but yeah I know everyone can't be as good as me.
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>>61770145 (savior)
first off, thank you for the feedback, i really do appreciate it. second, "savior" was a really enjoyable track.

the singing was great, it was catchy as all hell, and the synths sounded nice (although the bass could've been an octave lower), and that guitar solo was great.

there are two big issues with the song though. the mixing needs a lot of tweaking, it really lacks punch. another thing that it really needed was verses. it was just chorus, solo, chorus, and i really wanted more from it.

overall though, i enjoyed the track anyways.
jesus dude
anyway, i do like the way they play with the rest of the song, what i tought sounded like shit was the song ONLY with the orgasms
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>instrumental (mostly)
>tfw no drummer
are drum presets frowned upon, i might be looking at that option as a last resort.
really like these two, checking out more.


our first record is more pop i guess, the second is more psych-ish. i guess it's all just garage.

i think it depends on how they sound in the mix.
Say that i tweaked the preset and it fits well into the song. Would it still be considered a phony thing to do
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>Jazz Fusion

thanks for listening

somebody else would probably say so, but i think it can sound good depending on how you use it.

you can also use 90's hip-hop/trip-hop drum samples, but the same rules apply.
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> instrumental
> psychedelic rock
> post rock
> experimental rock

also check out these guys
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one man band, every release is different

>depressive black metal
>narcotic rock
>piano based

roast me
Thanks so much man. I'm at work at the moment but I saved your bandcamp and will definitely check it out tonight.
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>psychedelic electronic, dance-y stuff, ambient/drone, progressive song structures, some post-rock influence, focus on melodies

I just released my new record today. Ouroboros is a record inspired by the echoing of ideas and symbols through time. What ancient pondered, so does modern man. What they dreamed, we have dreamed as well. The songs on this record represent a myriad of concepts. Liminal transition. Sacred geometry. The unconscious. Meditation.

my dudes over here. Love their stuff. Check it out you wont be disappointed. Excellent guitar playing and song writing.

I dig this a lot. Nice atmosphere and retro aesthetic. The chord progressions are pretty standard, but they work. I wish some of these track were more fleshed out tho. Especially ones like l-quid are over too quickly. The production is tight as well. Nice work.

This is excellent. Fantastically produced. Playing is on point. I wish the different sections of the songs transitioned a bit better, but the flow works nonetheless. I like the direction of the song. Very uplifting.

Nice vocal melodies. Its a bit repetitive tho. You've got a cool synth solo on the featured track tho (I'm always a sucker for solos). Chemtrails is a cool interlude, lovin the vibes on there and the random percussion samples. Theres a lot of variety on this release. Real strange stuff. I dig it.

other reccs
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nameless 2.png
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>mostly experimental

>Experimental, Various Genres

>New Release

>(I Reckon That I Should Thoroughly Apologize For My Atonal Actions)
>Ambient, Field Recordings, Folk, Lo-Fi, Outsider, Random, Sound Collage, Vaporwave.

Accompanying Visual: youtu.be/JpVORGtTfQA

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. :)
thank you


thank you, I listened to Darkest Green and you're obviously a very skilled producer, all the sounds mesh nicely and it has a nice and full stereo spread, and that bell sounds really really nice.

Thanks man! Haha I'm glad you liked the bell synth...you have no idea how long it took to get the perfect tone for that one
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>Album Released Dic 2015

>Post-Bop, Prog, Experimental Trio

>From Tijuana Mexico

Any feedback is appreciated guys!
Please make a whole album of songs like Savior... not a real big fan of the rest of the songs t/b/h
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GAMSU V2.jpg
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>>cheel wavy electronic / beats
>>samples + synths

TBL forever
YES finally some tight musicianship. I feel like in driving some really sick car in the mountains. I LOVE traffic signs,real cool rhythm on that track. Keep it up!!!
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full stop.jpg
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>Math Rock
>Indie Rock
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>sludgy, doomy metal
https://annaphorra.bandcamp.com/track/billy-the-kid-vs-self-doubt emo/post hardcore
> Drone
Definitely has that NIN 93' feel to it. Keep up the style you're going for, it's really working so far and I think you can do great things.
As I've said, extremely clean and well put together production.
Twinkly and fun for the ears.
>stream-of-concious hip hop
>horrorcore surrealism
>lo-fi meme rap
Mixtape finally dropping, famalamdindong. Get on it. This shit's gonna blow up like my dick when my dad touches it, so don't sleep on it, like I sleep on your mom's ass pillows.

Homeslice you're so far up your own sphincter you could lick the spincter that links yer stomach to your small intestine.


---Trip Hop / Dark Ambient / Surrealism / Horror / Melancholy / Sadness ---

Inspired by one of the best franchise in survival horror games, this album is a tribute and a personal perspective of this recurring place, following the style of my previous works with sounds that takes you to abandoned but occupied places full of memories and dark influences, from ambient to industrial themes.

>Literary references

I wrote this song about Farewell to Arms and Hamlet, if that helps.
File: Flyer 2016 Cover.jpg (218 KB, 1425x1425) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Flyer 2016 Cover.jpg
218 KB, 1425x1425


Returning all feedback
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reposting and reccing this kid from last night.
File: a1230709961_10.jpg (221 KB, 1200x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>progressive melodic hardcore
>math & post-rock influenced

Stay at Home, Dad
>sad white boi power pop/punk
>post-dad rock

its a split with my buddies band, you can get to his project "Weller" from there or http://wellerpa.bandcamp.com/

>indie emo/punk-ish
>into it over it core
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Afbeelding 026.jpg
139 KB, 640x480

Try to find a bad song on this one, i dare you!

bandcamp is in the discription
Nice! Voice has somthing "Bowie"about it...good!
not too bad. I wish the vocals weren't so monotone though.

i enjoyed Narcotic Euphoria. question; what did you use for the drums in the album; were they presets from a program or did you actually play the drums?
Something similar

Origami JP - Trains EP
Japanese, Math rock, Post rock, Instrumental

File: dawcio1socio1sas.jpg (1 MB, 1200x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1200x1200


Solo project. Recorded a couple of albums last year.
these are great <3

hey y'all <3

i haven't been here in quite sometime because i've been focused on work+school

but if any of you have been keeping up with me or even interested; my ep 'moonside' will be coming out this year via AMDISCS! (amdiscs.com)

i'm going to prepare tapes for this release and it will be super tight B)

just waiting on beautifully hand drawn cover art by my homie Russel [(dyinggiants.com) pic related]

here's my soundcloud:

and if you'd like to download some older material for free please do so from my bandcamp:
>>dreampop// downtempo
File: LP1 500.jpg (274 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
LP1 500.jpg
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>drone metal
My debut release, I spent a long time working on this. Enjoy.
Maybe, right now I'm working on a grime project under a different name and after that I'll probably make an artpop album.

Thanks man, I like the tambura on the drone thing you linked to.

Shut up dummy.
>Black metal
>Doom metal
2 demos released so far. Aggressive yet atmospheric. Inspired by Kvist, Burzum, LLN, etc.
Latest demo, Plaguelord, focuses on the plague.
CDs available for cheap, and tape copies available on Burn Ward Records

I recommend:
Gonna be honest, man, the concept seems really thought-out and that's rad, but musically, it doesn't seem like a long time was spent on this. Production isn't bad (and I'm far from being one to judge) but compositionally, so many of the riffs are recycled and everything's in the exact same key. A good 75% of this album feels like the same song. I feel like you have really ambitious ideas but a variation in your repertoire of riffs and scales could really do some more justice to what's going on in your head. Not a terrible release or even a bad one, just rather underwhelming.

also reccin' ya back, love the straightforward doom approach you have and I love your side projects.
This is dope as fuuuuuuuck
I played an electronic drumkit while using ez drummer samples.
Have you found a bad song on it? I guess not because there is not a single bad song on it.Fuckrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
File: 2yWf9qr.jpg (166 KB, 1080x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>noise, dark ambient

got invited to go on tour with crowhurst and wreckage in 2 months that i'm really hyped for

actually this is great, if you want someone to do production on any of your upcoming stuff hmu
'the legend of the pittsburgh kid' is great, i like the fuzzy guitar.

this is so abstract man, calm down, give to your samples more seconds. 5/10.


>noise pop
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