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ITT: Write a rap verse off the top of your...
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ITT: Write a rap verse off the top of your head, others say how well you would do in the rap industry
>memerap track starts
>producer screaming his name in my ears
>rap man tells me I'm not ready for this one
>rap man reminds me what album I'm listening to
>rap man reminds me which year said album was recorded in
>rap man reminds me where he is in the "rap game" (at the top, of course)
>rap man tells me his name, moniker, "rap name", or all three
>rap man tells me he's "going in" before starting a verse
>rap man tells me how much money he has
>rap man says "uh... yeah"
>rap man name drops a bunch of clothing lines and automobile companies
Top of the charts, triple platinum.
look how hot this girl is

Feeling like ozzy when he bit off the bat
Crazy like a train when i get lit off of pat
Where the fuck did Monday go
I don't know
I did too much blow
Just goes to show
Don't do blow
Or you won't know
You'll find me head to toe in Kanye in the west of Italy
The check from El Chapo done bounced, so I snitched him out to the police
Puttin' bricks in Mexico like Donald Trump
This bitch got a lovely butt, I give a thump then send her to the dump
You can call me Han Solo like French Montana with no lady
Pass weight to cholos, I'm Santa with no cabbage patch babies
This whip is crazy but it ain't shit for me
Your shit is corny, clueness spitters don't know they're boring
I would pay for my bitch, wouldn't want a nickel back
Your bitch is the bitch equivalent of Nickleback
File: hqdefault.jpg (13 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 480x360
eat ma jizz and drink my wee
come on baby sit with me
im a dinosaur and you're my meal
ill ride you like a wagon wheel
Where the fuck did Monday go?
I was lookin' fo yo ass
I'm not a gansta
Man she punched me like a dude
I can't give everything away
ayy bitch hit it wit da rhyme
i'm a lime doing a lime
a coconot in the wine
now hit me wit dat ass
clap on my dick while i fuck u in the ass
File: pooinloo.png (753 KB, 1366x1372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
753 KB, 1366x1372
>wagon wheel now triggers me to think of the /int/ threads
>yo im sad because my relationship with this girl is bad
>you could even say it's unhealthy
>yeah, we fucked plenty
>okay so we didn't we only slept together once
>but we only snuggled
>didn't even kissed
>tonight im sleeping alone
>hope i'm being missed
>but she's just obviously pissed
>im literally using a meme thread on 4chan to discuss my problems as if it were a therapist
File: valiumadvert2.jpg (46 KB, 440x827) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Came to /mu/ while feelin' bad
Should be studying - fuck that I'm sad
Rapping's hard and studying's harder
Can you rap without rhyming or am I a failure?

One, two, three, four Valium
Ativan, Xanax, five, six beers
Reduce myself and forget the details
Just one night off to ease the sting
I bought the ring but she don't want the cling
i'll run up on a nigga with a gat in the hand
fuck you if you're thinking i'm a flash in the pan
kill you quick and laugh while i be stacking your bands
fuck your girl three times after trashing her man
then i killed her too because hoes gon be hoes
fuck her corpse till my dick bleed, then light up some dro
head down to the walmart and shoot up the sto'
because like bowie, i'm at my best when i stoop low
and like bowie, in the hood i'm the black star
running circles round you niggas like a motherfucking track star
in the streets you watching for a couple cold-ass black cars
we pull up in 'em, shoot, and leave you bleeding on the black tar
asshole, eat mine, then go home for tea time
swag so above yours that you can't even see mine
when i come in, niggas see the exit, make a beeline
cause life is the sentence if dopeness is the crime
the game finna change when the blame's on ya
the same flame sparked when the shame's on ya
drop the flow hoe you already know doe
im goin to the top while ya girls on my floor droppin oh so low yo
i aint a rapper but a trapper a lyrical attacker with swagger and fuck all the fags er-
hol up not to be homophobic but smokin j's in the snow with twinks makes me think u gay nigga. u gay.
Young black male, radical infidel
Fucking 47 virgins 'fore they lock me up in jail
Or toss me in the pail like most Obama voters
Nigga still made bail like I'm general motors
Now what's the quote, I ain't rapping for niggas/nickles and dimes
Bitch I'm spitting them rhymes for those committing them crimes
Nope, I ain't talking bout those fellows with melanin
Othello flow, mellow foe, truth in what I'm bellowing

ay yo

check it out


my game coconut water
all the bitches slurpin
your game olive oil
extra virgin
are you 12
My buzz is crazy in the hood, they holla my name
If it aint about the flow its bout the stones and the chain
If i was you I'd love me to and roll like a boss
911 porsche same colour as cranberry sauce
My story is lonely and thin
Bet on original sin
Ante'd and folded my nigga
Thank you I'll see you again.
Staring I'm blank in my chair
Sensory signal impaired.
Caught in a strained loop of thought
That's webbed with a string of despair.
Faded I'm jaded and cocked
Tongue on the floor with my watch
Time tastes like berries with sour hair blended into the pot
Scotch whiskey aft on the shelf
Vomit and weed is the smell
Oh fuck it's Monday I'm sorry mommy I'll clean up in hell.
Hell is the party of night
Heaven is flooded with light
I'll take my darkness with lemon
Stirred in a mixer of might
Mental, I'm hardened for hate
Crazy, I'm lying in wait
Lost in the crowd of my mind that plots to dishevel my gait
Cannot dispense all the truth
Cannot abide by belief
Sorry for hatin but niggas plottin to bury me deep
And steal every ounce of me
pouncing on every thought leafed from
arboreal consciousness that envelopes my soul
Lost all constraint and control
Roll up to this nigga's home
Break down the door and demand compliance, absorb it and go
Oh fuck he's at it again
Killing his family and friends
Burning down buildings and fucking children unwrapped with a grin
Easy I'm calm and collected
Radiant, firm and electric
Still you hate niggas but murder vengeance's a faggot incentive
Burnt is the state of my heart
Lungs all contorted and wrought
Brain's melting slowly and liver's begging for mercy oh lord
My God is myself and my own
Nigga my coffin's my Rome
and I'll burn down your Carthage just see you enflamed and alone
22 years old, 6 weeks jobless
22 cold years hoe 19 centerfold, topless
semaphore 'got this' sterile plus monotonous
wit like me and it and charismatic to boot
head from fischer to deep blue
don't jaw bout my flow my dough already do so
call me white flight and just as benign
76, ...er, bitches, always playin from behind
pills, chilled pils, backseat wit a rill rill
slow dive thru my messed up world me still thrills
I'm a rap guy
I'm rhyming along
I'm a rap guy
I'm rapping a song
I'm a rap guy
You can't even front
With these dougie fresh lyrics I got the game in check
*mic drop*
Now-now-now-now-now-now, now your girl might be sick but my girl's sicker
She rides that dick and she handles her liquor
Will knock a bitch out, annnnd fight
Comin' out swingin' like Tiger Woods' wife
Yeahhh, she could get a little hasty
Chicks better cover up they chest like pasties
Couple girlfriends and they ALL a little crazy
Comin down the street like a parade, Macy's
(Whoo!) I fill 'er up, balloons
Test her and guns get drawn like cartoons
D'oh, but I ain't talkin 'bout Homer
Chick's so bad the whole crew wanna bone her, yeah
traditional rhyme scheme but that's pretty good
File: 2035528.jpg.jpg (42 KB, 300x299) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 300x299
>wit like me and it and charismatic to boot
>head from fischer to deep blue
hooooooooooly shit



Now what, i'm on that dope shit?
Trapping and fapping to that nope shit.
Lord of the game, hell yeah
Hella lame, hell nah (yup)
Trilling up in this street
kill a nigga I meet
waiting for the man?
nah, gonna meet a fan
twenty six dollars in my hand? (yup)
nah senpai gotta go glam
on my way to the state capitol
making me spend that state capital
government money checks and bonds
nigga that shit is like salt to fawns

peace el-p
impaired sittin on my ass in a chair
tryna find meaning in life like its s'posed to be fair
like we got a reason to wake up in the morning
these empty pockets got me feelin fuckin corny
whats a purpose if 6 feet under is the only destination
invest in a nation of fools and you end up depreciated
you can try to inspire but the rhymes you write that are so fuckin' fire got people callin you liar.
acquiescence. we starving for sense. on the corner beggin for some god damn relevance
but all we got is fake times for these "great" rhymes.
The best so far
Bottle after bottle of jenkem now I inflate,
and leave my pants hanging low so the shit can escape,
with the stale pillow I now proceed to mate,
painting the bedroom white is my fate.
I inhale fermented feces and then shit on a dinner plate,
niggas don't know the peril ass fumes can initiate.

>not crap on my dick while i fuck you in the ass
Now-now-now-now-now-now, now you know I'm sicker than Elvis
getting quite contagious
peanut butter and banana outrageous
passing out (aaugh)
and getting high (yeeaah)
gotta go and slap a ho
in my tribe like navajo
splitting shins getting dough
shitting, grinning, thats a no
gonna tell you something fly
ain't gonna make you lose yo mind
about a disease, cause distress,
nigga talking IBS
irritable bowels up in here
gas so bad the room just clears
cramps aches oh my god
manure under grass is good for sod
now lawn care tips aren't quite my beef
yo girl farts out of vag thats a queef
i'm telling you son it ain't no lie
water your plants til' the day you die

peace killer mike
>Comin down the street like a parade, Macy's
>traditional rhyme scheme
For you sempai

Guilt building in the building filling til it hit the ceiling
Get real, fuck deals, I'm here to make a real killing
Your short, so is my temper, got that good, I keep it semper
Fly no lie, I keep my head tight and high
Wimper, I want a reaction, what's the stats on the action
My brats moving racks ain't new to cat snatching
Fact? Watch it happen, grab stacks while you be napping
Relapsing, in fact it's intact right in my rapping
Nigga I'm rash, while you relaxing,
I hit the lick quick til it's cashed in, leave you aghast and gasping
My shit's legit, I'm not a has been, but I has been to the spot where niggas got them gats and they blasting
Boom, blasphemy, doubting my trot to mastery
Is akin to spreading sin and is quite offending the cast and me
Catch a 22 in your crew if you be trashing me
The keef entreprenuer got more green than Master Chief

Needs work but I like it better
Look around see the enemies of the law
Smile cuz they ain't dead look at gods
Friends til they ain't fed look at they jaw
How my supposed to rest y'all
Scared I'm on self imposed house arrest y'all
I tell them meet they maker
Drink a gun bus with a bullet chaser
Figure one less is another one gone
Of they could say what they saw theyd say a wild mother fucker too ill for the law
Too I'll for the law Too I'll for the law
Go ahead and spill bitch too I'll for the law Too real for the law
All ya heard was papa don't hit me no more
Kick in the door wavin the 4 4
All I know lakutis too I'll for the law

I stole these lyrics ;^)
Killin it
File: 9386822.jpg (209 KB, 1370x902) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
209 KB, 1370x902
Born writin' lightnin tight lines, from the get go/
When dough get let low, chrome shine like Destro/
Blind like Deathstroke, a nerd with 4 eyes/
Devise a line that take crown and first prize/
The worst guys, all players throw ya hat in/
Takin all the bets from young fools yappin/
Steel gets to clappin, left the clowns bleedin/
In need of a brand new hustle, and a sense of being/
Left the mic pleadin, "The way he tear is unfair"/
Left the speakers bodied, from sounds out this atmosphere/

Keep going? Or is it trash?
Ball so hard my friends call me "Basketball,"
But it's probably because of my weight problem...
Damn niqqa. That;s hot shyit
I strike the wind like a bullet
I look like Lil Wayne with a mullet
I got a trigger mang, dont make me pull it
I eat nails for breakfast you bitch
You look like Pleakly from Stitch
I got a water gun full of piss
I bet you scared now you punk
I let my gun air out, leave you in the dumps
You are banal
I did all your ancestors in the analllllllllll
All you faggots need to get good
Like DJ Khaled, I am so good
meant to say hood not good
Flows like snow in December - I got plenty
Just remember my LP that sold for 20 G
Mass money wit mah dick boucin' off hired titties
Tippin' fitties balls deep
Da pussy look like Shaun Sheep
Sleep on silk chic with a new chick every week

Don't forget that these rhymes transcend space and time
Cyber-crimes on the side tend to amass dimes
Da Federation lookin' for me they be scanning ever sector
'Cause my legacy extends forever: RAP VECTOR
Best in the thread and still white as fuck. If you're white, write verses like a white MC. The Beastie Boys set the blueprint already for white MCs so what are you doing?
let's have one of those blood sandwiches
i need a peel, my china big
oh i know
a man gotta live and eat i say, he gotta empty the wall out on the street
i wanna kill all my baby pig
oh you want a baby
i want you to dig
i don't want to kill my baby pig
you can go to school with a little red box
and i can have my pig come with me with the box
i don't want to kill a china pig
but now i have no choice
curly toes in the inner circle of glaze
he got a floppy back and a flower fold
my china pig is quite a show
i don't want to kill it
memerap track starts, top of the charts,
boom bang triple plat, but i wish she was more, stacked,
feeling like i'm 12 again, monday disappearing and,
you'll find my head in kanye's ass, litres of semen splash,
i'm a bitch and i got punched in the face this time,
so hit me up with 3 glasses of that coconut lime,
poo in loo meme, time to go cry over a bitch and dream,
i came to /mu/ while feeling bad, stealing lines is pretty sad.
white boy on da beat, rockin gucci sneaks
all i do is win, charlie sheen
starded out in '06 and revived the scene
uh, so many mothafuckas wanna be like me
came from the lowest of lows, rose to the top with a vision
my haters talk shit while washin dishes for a livin
ive been on this rap shit since i was shittin in Pampers
climbed the ladder to the top and now im shittin on rappers

I got rhymes like hinnies, keep it real like I'm fine aight? I es the bestes. Just kidding don't test us.

Flexes, make more sexes, take your breakfast.

Late no message, take your best ish.
File: 1368419218608.jpg (50 KB, 500x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Checkered with what we checked on an upfront center
Entering with deuce shot hot top of a no-go getter
Your shit can't even warm my plate, and you think you do better?
The next base is free, try taking it away from me oh my oh my.
Big boy bitter bug nigga pull that trigga
Cheat a dead mega bled red gonna run to bed
Pull a knock knock nigga lop, chop knock rock the clock
Watch the watch the horse, my horse, gucci horse, swag farm, goat alarm, chicken farm, ain't nothin wrong
Are you talking about reviving the bug chasing scene with your aids?
thats some real ass shit dude

Anne Frank Anne Frank
Man that pussy stank
She go into hidin'
and while she slidin'
on this dick
I tell her a trick
you best keep quiet or they'll send you to camp
they'll put you on a diet and make you a tramp

Anne Frank Anne Frank
Man that pussy stank
Still in Auschwitz
cop a few tits
eat a few gritz, just kiddin' ha
before she even knew she blew it
got found
they could smell her for miles
definitely her feminine wiles

Anne Frank Anne Frank
Man that pussy stank
I've stolen the poorest orphans blanket worn his corpse an torched a faggot
I walk this planet causing havoc thoughts that traumatize the maddest
i shit on niggas that's why i rap with a diaper on
File: spagooter.png (57 KB, 150x145) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here's some retarded shit I shat from my shitter on a whim

I'm a cultured individual, my music taste's eclectic
catch me at the crib bumping Animal Collective
your pothead friend'll tell you that their songs are all 'bout drugs
but if you listen closely, man, it's really more 'bout hugs

Hugs, not drugs, kids, keep calm and toe the line
TV shows'll tell you that it's fun to do a line
But if you’re not thrifty, man, you'll wind up stuck in line
At the New Money Express, waiting to cash that check…

…because your bank account's delinquent, big shot
Flow more savage than a tide of migrants
With minds set on white lands,
Except my mental is far more incited
Towards platinum and iron
The irony is i don't mean swords
I mean beheading fuck niggas while your bitch records
And of course i've filmed more,
Shit, i've filmed more stuff in Corsica that anyone would abhor
I mean shit that would make you feel sic to the Cor
Like degloving cracked out whores,
Dumped in a glad bags out in the moors
Planting her prints on crime scenes of held up convenience stores
Of course none of this for me has any recourse
So i beg please lord, you can sow, just let me reap more.
i got beats for this man..
"I'm a deadbeat causin I hate family reunions
Fuck the church up I'm drinking at the communion
Spillin free wine now my tux is ruined
In town for a day what the fuck we doin"
Please Kanye go back to your roots
banger desu
No thanks, this verse is lit everyone knows it.
File: image.jpg (97 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 640x640
On my death bed. All I wants a little head
And a head stone that read
The realist shit I've ever said
But instead
List the meds they found in my system
And burn my body but the ashes in a cistern
If you need assistance
Spend the cash in my mattress
Donate all my assets
But one facet
Tell my momma that I loved her strawberry hair
And not that she should care
But I couldn't bare
To see her see me suffer
I don't know what's tougher
My friends don't want to see me
My girlfriend thinks I'm needy
I'm knee deep in pills
Dying is a thrill
And if you're really ill
They'll remember all your bars
And not your fancy cars

Thank my lucky stars

Oh it's hard x 3
Look at me a shard of my former self
I need some Eric dorner help
Feelin out of place like will Ferrell In the movie about the elf
Keep all my fuckin pills on the very top shelf
Codeine swimming like I'm phelps
Life preserve cuz I'm drownin
I'm scrounging around my house for Valiums and vicodins
The vs are so enticing
Opiate addiction is the icing
On the cake
I hope they don't notice that my tags are fake
If you legalize drugs you're my favorite candidate
How can you duckin hate
Addiction isn't safe
It's a state of mind
Like New York on that eastern time
>implying real friends isn't graduation tier
File: image.png (457 KB, 750x1334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Set to the Kanye west "fade" beat
List lazily on the couch
Heavy feeling in the pouch
Six triple chain never felt no pain
Blue in the form of beauty spring days
Lord slayve me now I'm just messing with the how
Trade in my sanctity, my rhymes are electrict
Let these words wrap your soul to sweet eccentricity
Left over hate spit on the name, were going insane, this isn't what was supposed to be, but ain't nothing supposed to be, keep on spending them dollas and working all them hours with baby blue could ask for nothing else it must be true
The realest humanity is survival drill these lines into my rivals keep on stylin, I hate this fucking rhyme but rather not let the thread die
Imagine bun bun, day dream about forsaking, father give a word to encourage these monstrosities

You like Bronson huh?
I walk on the street
With shoes on my feet
Thanks, I wanna rap, but I'm really afraid of becoming "That Guy" that thinks he writes amazing shit, that's really mediocre
Thread replies: 68
Thread images: 11
Thread DB ID: 421652

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