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Bandcamp thread
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Last one is on page 10


Returning all feedback
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Released an EP like a week ago i never know what genres to write lol

>noise pop
>post punk
>sad girls

>Jazz Fusion

thanks for listening
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>new release (tonight)


great stuff as always
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>soft synth, chillwave, ambient
this is me

listened to life sux, and i really like the drum machine beat. listened to i'm yr dog and this track is very good. i adore the guitar noise on this track, i'm gonna listen to more now :)

>Alternative R&B

Here's my Bandcamp, and my new single that's on SC which I hope that you'll check out.
It's been a while since I wrote here, or uploaded music.

This new single called "Worth It" has some Toronto vibes, over "trappier" production than what I've previously done.


I return all feedback!
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>psych jam
>garage rock
>stoner rock
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>Dark ambient, Modern Classical-esque
>Using real or modulated woodwind and/or brass instruments

>Unused stuff mixed together to create a dark ambient neoclassical stuff
>Noise elements, modern classical
>A specific kind of mixtape


> vaporwave
> fake OST from a fake italian trash 80s movie starring Ezio Greggio
> if you don't know who Ezio Greggio is I'm feeling bad for you

>bedroom recordings with crap microphones and cheap gear
>black metal
>noisy shit

That's some top-tier soundscaping, man. Keep up.
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> instrumental
> psychedelic rock
> post rock
> experimental rock

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>drone metal
My debut release, I spent a long time working on this. Enjoy.
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full stop.jpg
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>Math Rock
>Indie Rock
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>post-structualist pop

I return all feedback.


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>Lively melodic electronic music
>Use of real instruments
>Some dancey stuff, some relaxed
>Progressive song structures

Kind of new to these threads. Don't be frightened by the bland description, I'd be really grateful if you gave it a listen.

Wow, didn't hear Chillin At Franks last time I listened, great. Neat bass and smooth chords. Soft sounds.

I like the chord progression in Savior, which overall has a great feel to it. Sweet solo. Also, loving Chemtrails. Sweet sounds and really fitting production.
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Anyone interested in talking production, let me know. Feedback is welcome. If you would like feedback, please ask me directly.
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>doom metal, some sort of pseudo-prog, I guess?

Title track for my upcoming album. Hope y'all enjoy . Stay gloomy.
Thanks dude, Marimbo is fucking sweet, the production is really clear and it gives off this weird kids tv show/educational video game vibe that I haven't really heard being reinvented like this before. It's also reminiscent of dolphins into the future-style faux-naturalism, but it's a lot better and more interesting. This might be the most intriguing stuff I've ever heard in one these threads, seriously, it's difficult to verbalize why I like it so much but I really do.

Thank you!
It's a bit over-compressed, but otherwise pretty damn sweet. It's overall an enjoyable listen. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

Would you mind letting me know what plugins, onboard, hardware and VI's you use?

Great job, man.

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new album out rn
>post punk
i dont know what else
just listen to it
its good
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lads rate me



check out track 3
Thanks, really means a lot!

Thank you! I'm a bit dumb, so I'm not sure what you mean by onboard. I've practically only used Cubase 7.5 stock plugins and VI's, Retrologue and Halion SE keep me satisfied. The only hardware synths I've used is Volca Keys and a Roland Juno-G. For mastering I used Ozone 5, that's probably where the compression got out of hand...
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one man band, every release is different

>depressive black metal
>narcotic rock
>piano based
Ah yes, that old horse. Man, you are doing great with what you have.

Try to keep the dynamics in the mix until the mastering stage, then follow the number one rule of mastering... don't master your own tracks. If you have a complete mix that you think is finished, you shouldn't be able to add anything through mastering. Have a bit of a read about it - none of the top producers will ever master their own stuff.

I know mastering is expensive, so why not try a swap with someone on here, where you master each other's work? A kind of trade.

If you still wish to master your own stuff (which might be best at this stage, due to constraints), try raising the ceiling on the master compression, to the highest limit. Then turn down your mix a little bit. If you think I might not know what I am talking about, have a listen to my stuff and see for yourself. If you dig what I have done with compression and mastering, let me know and maybe I can give a bit more advice.

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>experimental synthesizer
Thanks, I really appreciate the tips! Gonna listen to your stuff soon

>Experimental, Various Genres

>New Release

>(I Reckon That I Should Thoroughly Apologize For My Atonal Actions)
>Ambient, Field Recordings, Folk, Lo-Fi, Outsider, Random, Sound Collage, Vaporwave.

Accompanying Visual: youtu.be/JpVORGtTfQA

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. :)
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2 MB, 1425x1425
>post-rock, post-metal, shoegaze, black metal, ambient

We just released our full length.

comment my track, I use loops and it's pretty experimental.

Don't worry, I definitely believe you know what you're talking about. Your music sounds great, really professional. I dig the composition too (listening to the title track), even if it's not my usual style. Very powerful. I've never heard anything like the last 4 minutes, all these different parts. Beautiful, truly great.
Thank you very much for your kind words, I really appreciate that. Well, let me know if you have any questions and I am happy to help out.
Not producing so much atm, might contact you in the future :)
>Noise, Algorithmic, Glitch
>Made entirely in MATLAB
I don't know if you care but all the colours on your bandcamp page go awful together and I hate looking at it
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>IDM, Drone, Post-rock, Industrial
>2 hour, 14 track epic. Each track flows into the next seamlessly.
>For fans of Fuck Buttons & Black Dice.
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Just released this a few days ago. Southern folk influenced, drone, noise, lo-fi instrumental.


I recorded most of the songs to cassette except for the 1st and 4th track. I was wondering if it sounds cool to y'all.

Also, how do you guys get your music out there. I can't really think of anyone with whom I'd share this.

Feedback welcome.
I'm not done listening but the featured track sounds so clean it feels like it's coming from the inside of my mouth. I'll get back to you but so far it's pretty awesome.

bandcamp for a friends music + music video for their titular song

kind of 8bit electronicy ambient stuff, extremely decent to zone out to!
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>Bedroom songs
clockwork bumblebee is really bumpin

>progressive electronic, melodic emphasis, soundscapes + beats

This featured track is real interesting. I wish the melodic synths in the backround and the bass were a bit louder, as the track lacks a little punch. I like your compositional style.

This is some interesting stuff. The cello is real cool. Reminds me a little of GY!BE's first record. The spoken word is quite creepy in a good way too. The mixing overall is a bit meh, but the atmosphere is well constructed. Nice stuff.

I fucking love this.



>psych punk
>album for free download
File: album.jpg (2 MB, 2048x1940) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2048x1940

best songs

i am the electronic lobster prophet unleashed, or elpu, a crunchwave

electronic group with an intense and experimental style.

>crunchwave, you ask, what's that?

you'll find out, give it a listen, a few songs. you'll be hooked!

check out the free albums on bandcamp and the newer tracks on the


there's also an blog, website, youtube channel, religious cult! you'll

find it from the links on the soundcloud

>returning all feedback <3 enjoy the music!

check out the newest music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?

v=vq1ZP_41C-8 [Embed] [Embed]

or elpu.bandcamp.com

nub scrub
hyper specific
cis scum boys
tony chu
toilet friend

i can't get around to listening to everyone's stuff, i delve into certain

channels after finding them
by sight. post good graphics!
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>experimental hip-hop
>cloud rap

>experimental hip-hop
>11 year old rapper who we signed

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70 6s.png
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>lo-fi free guitar noise

soundtracks to a very sad movie. the reverb on the vocals is a bit overkill though

whatever instrument you're playing (guitar or mandolin?) does some really sick warped shit at times. i keep thinking you're starting to sing heheh. how do you make your noise drones?
>I fucking love this

I love what I'm hearing at your page too. Listened to your latest and Beta III right now. One of the best things I've heard in BC/SC threads. Good luck with the album and never stop with the melodic emphasis.
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>Lofi. shoegaze/dreampop, postpunk
>One of the best things I've heard in BC/SC threads
Right on dude \m/


LoFi Nostalgic Animated EP
>whatever instrument you're playing (guitar or mandolin?) does some really sick warped shit at times. i keep thinking you're starting to sing heheh. how do you make your noise drones?

on the first/ featured track I'm playing a 12 string guitar with the organ playing the bass. and on the fourth track i'm playing a mandolin, with guitar and organ. as for the drone tracks: on the 2nd track i'm playing organ and guitar, on the 8th track i'm just playing organ, and on the 3rd and 9th tracks i'm playing guitar put through a shit ton of effects and using feedback.
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