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What are /mu/sic festivals like guys? I was...
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What are /mu/sic festivals like guys? I was too poor to go to one in my teens and early 20s, and now that I've made it I feel as if I'm too old to really fit in there so it'd be cool if I could experience it through your stories.
>too old
oh stop making excuses and just go to one. I bet you aren't even in your 30s you big baby.
Alcohol, everywhere. Piss and mud. Bad food. But overall great vibes and happy people.
But I hate happy people
One of the best days of my life was Rolling Rock Town Fair July 2001 in PA.

>Just graduated High School
>Go with High School buddy
>His younger friend is also coming and the friend's dad is driving
>Younger friend is annoying as fuck
>Doesn't even know the bands
>Get to Rolling FUcking Rock Town Fair
>Hike 2 miles (no shit) from where we parked in some church field
>Totally run off ditching my friend and the annoying kid
>Get into the Staind pit and nearly pass out
>Choof my inhaler and am good to go
>Deftones goes on
>Jumps off the stage and goes to the side I am on
>Crowd is going fucking apeshit
>Amazing set
>Walk to the food stand and go through mud city
>Topless Qt tackles me and covers me in mud while laughing maniacally
> Still a virgin and this was the closest I had ever been to a girl (Lost my v-card a few months later in college)

Will continue in a min
I'm going to my first in May, Emissions. I plan to take a lot of psychedelics
>tfw finally rich
>tfw no cool friends :^(
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Video of Chino High as a Kite

>She picks me up
>Huge mob of mud people start running towards a group of people
>"FUCKING Beer People!" I hear one person yell
>Mud people were throwing mud while Beer People were throwing rocks
>Beer guy tackles a small dude next to me
>Topless Qt starts screaming as the beer guy starts to punch the guy
>I punch the guy in the face
>he falls back and then some security came in and tell everyone to fuck off
>Incubus is playing and they are fucking shit, nothing from S.C.I.E.N.C.E. not even shade of green
>Mud people find these big ass tubs of water that are holding the massive jumbotron screens in place
>We break them open and create Mud sauanas
>It's 100 degrees and we are the kings in our pools
>Live is the next band on and are actually really good
>I'm hungry
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>campsite is an overcrowded cesspit
>as soon as the arena opens, people go straight to the main stage
>the only headliner you really like is at 9pm. You have to get there at 11am and stay all day if you want to see/hear them properly
>existential crisis at the sight of thousands of people staring at a faraway stage
>everyone present is an irritating, moronically happy, saccharinely 'far out' wanker
>the beer is so expensive, getting drunk costs the GDP of a small country
>exhausted by the pressure of trying to have a GREAT TIME like everyone else for three days straight
>go back to tent for needed rest
>some cunt nearby plays terrible covers indie rock covers on his acoustic guitar until 4am
>wake up in the morning grumpy, tired, aching from sleeping in a tent, and ready for another day of fun
>Go to get a sandwich
>There are huge mud slides near the food stand
>Fuck this chicken sandwich is delicious
>Another Qt girl slides down the slide
>A guy runs behind her and snaps off her bathing suit top
>She PUNCHES the dude right in the face and starts grounding and pounding the poor fucker
>This was before worldstar and fight videos on the internet so this was just amazingly fun to watch
> Live get done and some dude announces that there is a missing kid
>Everyone laughs
>I run into my friend from High School
>He also had a crazy amount of awesome shit happen to him
>We both go to listen to Stone Temple Pilots headline the show
>R.I.P Scott
>Scott collapses on stage after the set is over
>Comes back out 10 minutes later totally naked and covered in an American Flag with a BullHorn
>Crowd is fucking nuclear right now. The energy was amazing
>Me and my friend go to wash off at the hose stations
>All the portapots are overflowing with shit and piss
>One kid is taking too long in the hose station and tells a bigger guy to fuck off when he asks him to hurry up
>Me and my friend's sides are in orbit
>We find the dad of the annoying kid
>Turns out he was the missing kid that they made the announcement about
> He spent the entire show in the Police trailer
> Too tired to laugh anymore
>Curl up in the back of the van - soaked in water and mud head to toe
>Get back home
>Take hour long shower
>Go to bed and realize that my life is going to start to kick ass now that high school is over.
It was a good day.
you're not too old in your mid to late 20s you dingus, just go with a bunch of friends and you'll be fine. In my experience of festivals, they can be very temperamental, you can be having an amazing time but they can easily go to shit over little things. Went to Ynot festival in 2014, had a fucking crazy time, went back in 2015 and me and girlfriend were a little funny with each other at the time and the entire thing just didnt seem to click. Also, bad weather can fuck things over
Go to a fucking festival at least once in your life. Who cares how old you are, there is nothing like them.
what the fuck emissions doesn't exist anymore

do i know you by the way?
dude there are TONS of old people at festivals. and i mean like, OLD people

remember to pace your drug intake and budget for like $150 + a day on drinks and food per person
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