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Itt: Times you were given control of the...
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Itt: Times you were given control of the music in a car, at a social gathering or at a party and what the results were
listen to viet cong with my hipster friends and we all thought it was shit
>Party at my friend's apartment
>Friend uses my spotify account
> I put Death Grips
>Drunk people dancing to Get Got
>The Fever comes on
>Drunk people get rowdy
>Lost Boys come on
>Drunk people smoke weed
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>"put on road trip music"
>put on road trip music
>"this isn't road trip music"
>"yes it is road trip music"
>"no it's not road trip music"
>they unplug my road trip music
>"then what is road trip music"
>"i don't know... road trip music"
>"then put on some road trip music"
>they sift through itunes on their phone, sorted by song of course
>"this is road trip music"
>music from road trip scene of shitty teen movie
I make everyone that rides in my car listen to my music with mostly good results

I got a friend of mine who is like the stereotypical southern white girl to like Death Grips and Le1f so that was fun. Also got a friend to get really into Sufjan
Brought my sound system on holiday with my friends so I could change/choose the music to whatever.
Ended up playing Exmilitary all the way through twice to a bunch of 'top 40 or bust' type people, they enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to be honest.
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>at new years party
>dance pop is playing
>get a hold of the music system
>penderecki's threnody for the victims of hiroshima
>people look confused
>"haha anon you're such a prankster you had us going haha good one dude"
>turns midnight
>go home
>eat cereal and hope no one calls me
>in car
>someone hands me the aux cord
>i put on a 2 hour house mix
>everyone enjoys it an has fun
>the end
>new years party
>I put on Naomi Punk's "The Feeling" LP for good summery fun jams
>some girls comes up
>sorry but I'm going to change this shit
>she puts on fucking Slipknot
>all the disgusting neckbeard metalheads get into it
>I go into the kitchen and sit with the keg
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If there's one thing a /mu/tant is good for it's supplying quality dance music to a party full of regularfags then sitting in the corner and watching everyone else have fun while you pray no one asks you where you found the music
File: 134397654531.jpg (80 KB, 467x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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godly trips mate
Tips fedora
Hip Hop because I enjoy it and so do most young adults.

pic unrelated?

Kill yourself.
What exactly are you implying, anon?
My life is a calvin and hobbes comic, no matter how depressing it is the last panel is happy enough to keep me going
I put that on along with Filth and Merzbow during a board game with friends.
They dug it.
>driving home just ordered Sirius radio
>turn on SiriusXMU (basically the Pitchfork Radio) in the car with GF
>it's playing Panda Bears new album
>she switches it to hair nation.
>quality dance music

see >>53202860
>at a party
>friend says I can play something
>want to play vaporwave but I know it will probably be weird for me to do that
>just play macross instead
>everyone loves it
Now everytime I go to a party I end up playing a lot of future funk since it's perfect party music
Every normalfag I've shown TNGHT to has liked it. TNGHT is tight asf dude.
File: 1412476922229s.jpg (4 KB, 124x119) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>playing meme gribs at a social gathering ever
lmfao, never change kids
>invite friend over
>he asks if he can bring a guy from portland that's staying with him
>sure why not
>the guy stomps in wearing beats around his neck
>i put on Richard D James album
actual quote:
>"dude what the fuck is this, poser dubstep? gimme"
>rips my player off the shelf, i have to catch it
>rips out cable
>plugs in ipod touch
>sorts through music, sorted by song of course
>puts on some rotten soudning edm artist called something like Xyggyrnawt or something
>me and my friend sit motionless looking deep into eachothers eyes while he leans against the shelf and bobs his ass up and down
>Party at my house
>Somebody give weed to everyone
>Everybody is or/and high af
>I put my Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon vinyl
>Everybody is happy and high :D
I love Calvin and Hobbes, and by extension I love you. Hang in there, buddy, I'm rooting for you.
I love you too, anon
I have a Death Grips mix CD that I put in my car ages ago (only has stuff up to GP) and usually people like it, even if they can't understand what MC Ride is saying
I work in a kitchen and we have a music system that is pretty much always playing music. I often get control and can play whatever i want. Though, I usually try to play stuff everyone else will dig.

A lot of my co-workers (all ages 22-27) like to play metal and deathcore and some really heavy shit, and it gets pretty distracting. I'll sometimes just play something really out-there and interesting, but it's never in-your-face like the shit they play. although every once in a while I'll play death grips or some other "weird" /mu/core. it's funny seeing their reactions.

one time, i played the diana ross song from Floral Shoppe and walked away to get a drink. When i got back, the 3 guys in the kitchen were trippin out because of the slowed-down voice, telling me to change it to something fucking normal.
I don't know if this story is true but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
two stories
>friend's 18th, know like 3/40 people
>everyone (including me) is quite sloshed
>party starts to hit it's peak
>put on a Sandstorm/Allstar banger I made
>the le meme post-ironic humor mixed with a hard kick goes down well
>everyone loses their shit

>arrive 2 hours after the party started
>friend asks me if I have my USBs on me
>by chance I do
>DJ tech house/minimal techno/dance for 4 hours
>people thought I was a god
Sadly it is true, the dude started hanging out with us a lot somehow and his favorite hobby seemed to be graphically flirting with my then-girlfriend
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>in car with a bunch of friends on the way to lunch
>we take turns playing music
>they generally tolerate my music, every now and then one of them likes it
>best friend brings his newly acquired gf along
>it's my turn to play a song
>play something pretty mainstream so she doesn't think i'm an autist
>play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSuStthQVRE
>30 seconds in she says "this song makes me scared" and she gets pouty
>have to pass aux cord to friend
the feels too real ;_;
>hey guys! I found this great tune I want to show you
>ok dude, let this song finish and we'll put it on
>song finishes
>someone else shouts a song and that goes on
>sorry dude, next one we'll play your tune!
>repeat x 6
>finally put tune on
>it clears the room
The life of a /mu/tant
people who stand at kegs are such an easy target for drunken idiots like me.

why don't awkward people stand anywhere else at all?
>get handed aux cord in some chill party
>play dean blunt black metal
>people told me they are getting depressed with my music
exactly what i wanted
welcome home friends ha ha ha
>play underworld "1992-2002"
>everybody start dancing like a motherfucker

>be my birthday
>in a friends car
>they tell me to play my weird music bcos its my birthday
>play coil
>they tell me its weird and gets them sad but they are enjoying it
>loves secret domain btw
u have ugly hands lmao
>hanging with friends and a couple qts
>passing around the aux listening to music
>sweating the whole time thinking of what to play
>cord finally gets to me
>panic and just hit shuffle on my ipod hoping nothing bad comes up
>it's Swans - The Seer
>within a few seconds everyone's faces turn to disgust and confusion
>except one of the qt's
>she smiles and says "nice pick anon, I love Swans!"
>she bites her lip a little
>ask her what her favorite Swans album is
>she giggles and says "Filth"
>in my disgust I suddenly realize she actually called me "anon"
>she turns into a computer screen
>suddenly I'm alone in my dark room posting fake stories on an anime imageboard about social situations I've never and will never be in
i didn't sit there because i was awkward i sat there because I was drinking as much beer as I could before they noticed and asked for a donation
you mean from the earlier thread?

are they 2dainty4u
>go to norm party
>put on Tommy Wright III, turn volume up
>everyone too polite to complain/turn it off
>everyone continues their conversations awkwardly, some visibly uncomfortable
>be me, 17
>go to a party and a bunch of backpack rap teenagers are there
>me and my friend got the aux cable inbetween songs and put on a mix of Trout Mask Replica, and The Money Store
>people get pissed
Fuck you you meming faggot piece of shit
>future funk
from america's got talent?
I don't understand why you guys can't understand what is acceptable in social gatherings/parties... obviously playing swans or captain beefheart isn't going to go down well

there is music that is enjoyable and also party music. mostly hip-hop but still

gorillaz, tame impala, lcd soundsystem, atmosphere, and kanye come to mind
File: 1394654384331.png (207 KB, 355x362) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sums up this board pretty well
I don't know if I should laugh or cry
>at brothers party
>he doesn't know what to play next
>asks me what I should play
>tell him to put on Death Grips - Runway H
>he does
>moshpit forms
>cringe because its a moshpit but I'm oddly satisfied.
everything went better than expected
half of 4chan is autistic m808
>If there's one thing a /mu/tant is good for it's supplying quality dance music to a party full of regularfags then sitting in the corner and watching everyone else have fun while you pray no one asks you where you found the music

How do you know me?
why r u putting yourself above other people

normalfags listen to tnght
>at show
>bunch of college girls dancing
>jam band is playing too long
>friend who is DJing the event starts playing harsh noise over their set
>eveyone looks at us
>next set is my friend and his wife
>he plays prepared guitar while she reads poetry and holds an ipad over her face
>music comes to harsh noise climax and i start breaking things and making noise as instructed
>other friend comes into the middle of the crowd and starts playing extremely loud free jazz on his saxophone while wearing a big black wig
>me and my friend sit motionless looking deep into eachothers eyes
did u guys fuck?
>pray no one asks you where you found the music
>display something you like
>afraid to talk about it
do you see how this is stupid? i mean even if you want to keep your club secret you could just lie.
>this is what 7th graders actually believe
everyone i've shown black metal to has loved it

i feel so fucking great every time i hear the first track
>>30 seconds in she says "this song makes me scared" and she gets pouty
I don't know your band but... How can someone be scared from this?
I mean...
Reading your story i was expecting some medium-weird music from a mu/tant/ whose sense of normallity is altered.
But... that's just catchy... and esaily enjoyable.
I don't understand

I did both.
I didn't understand it either
File: Gxi6bNV.jpg (36 KB, 370x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How does it make you feel to know I got these from Reddit /r/blackpeopletwitter
>years ago in high school
>going to a party with people i hardly know
>by instinct bring a CD R of crystal castles
>i never really liked the band but i made cd rs of everything, so i brought it with the intention of having something good to play
>it's just like an RV and it's cold as shit out
>get high as fuck, it's a mistake cause i was so high i was hitting on a girl by accident that was not the one i was supposed to end up with
>night goes on, have a boombox
>oh no we dont have any cds
>put it in and press play
>everyone dances
>"this is good music man!" this guy i know says
>at one point i remember there's the natural break of the song where it beeps and everyone froze, and a girl said "Im scared" and then the next song came on and everyone kept going again
>next day i left, just left the cd cause i didnt want it
In a night that was kind of weird, that part was kind of cool.
File: 1422160669822.jpg (12 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw people unironically drive cars new enough to have an aux cord
>spending money this wastefully
hahaha you're the best
>Death Grips with Bjork in 3 years
you can put a new $35 stereo in any car. also there are cassette adapters. source: my car is from 1991
aux via tape
This might be the logical conclusion of these kind of threads.
an auxiliary input is essential for me, but I just bought a new stereo instead since the old one only played tapes
File: car crash 11.jpg (48 KB, 400x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
car crash 11.jpg
48 KB, 400x251
>be sitting shotgun
>get handed aux chord
>plug into phone
>turn off phone
>everyone starts reading
>being poor
ayy man lemme borrow some cash man I'll pay you back I swear
Except that having an aux cord signifies your car is old

New cars have Bluetooth music connectivity or docks for media devices
Who the fuck posts pictures of their bank account to impress their internet buddies
File: 1377815295847.jpg (38 KB, 416x421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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People with 120 grand in fucking checking accounts so....morons that's who
what do you do?
can I have money to promote my music?
can you get me a job?
you are the best
kill yourself immediately. not even kidding
>in friends car
>Play Aesop Rock
>my friends listen to Aesop Rock now
>now I don't like Aesop Rock
it's okay i'm not a digitalfag so i have superior cds anyway
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Do you listen to Viper?

You should.
I'm not a fan of meme-rap, sorry :^)
I don't mean his music, I mean the great advice he's giving you in that image ;)
le 1+ upboat 4 u brochello B^), toppest of hilarity
nice memes

People with cash to show off so, me?

>implying that's even 10% of my liquid cash
You don't get to see the vanguard account numbers son, you ain't ready

Started a freight forwarding and customs brokerage firm with my brothers that took off, sold rights to facilities and systems to bigger international freight companies with a buyout for those lots and sales percentage in perpetuity, now do consulting work with British and Chinese firms looking to get their shit moved around Europe, Asia and the US quicker and with less thieving


I could but i won't

Stay mad while you take people's fast food orders or lift heavy things for a single digit hourly rate for the rest of your life chump

It's like I've paid you to do my samefagging for me!
why do rich people act like this? this makes me want to become rich so I can be the first cool, nice rich person
Because we're quantifiably more successful than most people on the planet and in a market economy (I.e. every city on earth that matters) being financially successful is the ultimate end game.

It makes us cocky. It would make you cocky too.
it's a decent story, admittedly

memphis always seems to make white kids a little too uncomfortable
But you still attention whore on mongolian fishing sites just like any other autist would.
lmao is this bill o'reilly
>quantifiably more successful
>ultimate end game

keep deceiving yourself, elliot rodger. you're a fucking joke.

all that money and you've learned nothing about being a respectable human being. excessive wealth only makes morons think they've somehow got it all figured out.
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>Hey anon, my iPod broke. Can you fetch me some music for this thing tonight?
>Rush to my house, grabbing my record player and my copy of trout mask replica
>Arrive at party, there's already at least 120 people there and a good portion of them are a few bottles in
>Plug record player into speakers
>Friend asks what the fuck this is
>Start stuttering and say "f-flume"
>Asks me to skip it to another song
>Tell him albums with thought put into them need to be listened from start to finish
>Kid grabs my player and chucks it at the wall, no doubt causing internal damage
>Stare at wrecked player for 7.4 minutes
File: mh3lvHo.png (397 KB, 523x515) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
397 KB, 523x515
I want to believe
I have something, so.

I don't know how to continue that thought, but I'm sincere. People can't appreciate sincerity.
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be at patrician party
>everyone's dancing to free jazz
>approach a qt patrician
>start talking
>everything's going great
>she tells me about her taste
>"ya, i'm into lowercase and musique concrete"
>"i c-could play something for you"
>take a notepad from my pocket
>take a sheet of paper
>start crumpling it up
>she smiles
>"nice cover"
>take a pen
>start making weird noises with it
>she suddenly starts laughing
>"lel, what r u doing, u r missing every note"
>"b-but it's post-ironic"
>"i didn't come here to listen to meme lowercase, anon"
>she actually says anon
>she walks away
>see her dress
>on her back are written scaruffi's best albums
>she was a pleb all along
>scaruffi's best albums
>not getting "THE" tattooed on your left arm, "FACT" tattooed on your chest, and "THAT" tattooed on your right arm
This is the kind of post where I laugh but then I realize that if a regular person tried to understand it I'd need to explain /mu/ historical meme imperatives and board culture and I'd get so embarrassed I'd kill myself

This is that real 4chan shit
lol most people here have no idea what quality dance music is

you included, obviously. i mean tnght was cool and all but it's 2015
File: 1345701519123.jpg (158 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158 KB, 600x450
>dance music
if u can't laugh at that shit unashamed u ain't down with nothing.
File: 1422220819072.jpg (58 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You guys are fags , unless the people I'm with listen to exclusively EDM and Top 40 Pop , I will always will find something that people will like , its really not that hard you just need to think what will be very accessible and uplifting .
With my close group of friends , I'm in control of music 80% of the time .
File: blackgaze.jpg (7 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 200x200
I always used to put on The Money Store at my friends old apartment when he had parties. No one said anything about it but they didn't seem to mind. People were putting on trap so I thought I'd step it up a notch.
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Thread images: 21
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