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Starting off with this one.


Clare Fischer- Surging Ahead (1963)

>cool jazz, bebop, piano trio.
>Fischer has the melodic and rhythmic sensibilities of Lennie Tristano mixed with the subtlety and harmonic complexity of Bill Evans

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Miles Okazaki- Mirror (2006)

>progressive composition, experimental, improv
>This is a series of compositions by Japanese guitarist Miles Okazaki. The suite especially explores rhythmic variations, with complex time signatures, poly-rhythms and melodies all happening at once. Interpreting the music is a stellar cast including Chris Potter, David Binney, Miguel Zenon, and Dan Weiss.

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Marion Brown- Afternoon of a Georgia Faun (1970)

>avant-garde, free improvisation
>Anybody familiar with the free jazz scene of the early 70’s will be familiar with most of these names. Each side of the album is an extended improvisation piece, with the musicians contributing to the texture and shape of music, rather than taking individual solos.
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Luis Maravilla y Juanito Serrano- Genios de la Guitarra Flamenca (2012)

>traditional flamenco
>"The Art of Flamenco Guitar" is a very straightforward and traditional take on classic Spanish flamenco composers Maravilla and Serrano.
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Andrew Hill- A Beautiful Day (2002)

>avant-garde, large ensemble composition
>Recorded live in NYC, A Beautiful Day is one of Hill’s largest and most ambitious recordings. In his arrangements for big band, Hill still captures his idiosyncratic and abstract sense of melody and harmony. Despite the size of the band, Hill’s always adventurous piano work is still at the forefront of the music.

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Eddie Palmieri- La Perfecta (1962)

>conjunto, salsa, guajira
>Later in his career pianist Eddie Palmieri would go on to be one of the best at mixing traditional Latin styles with jazz harmonies and improvisation but this early record stays very traditional in the Cuban tradition of dance music. There are several styles represented here—mambo, guajira, pachanga, and cha cha cha—it’s an early example of the music that would introduce the salsa craze of the 70’s.
if you told me that is a 2013 indie album, i would've believed it
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Conrad Herwig- A Voice Through the Door (2012)

>post-bop, composition
>Virtuoso trombonist Conrad Herwig presents some very well-written original tunes played by a stellar quintet. Tenor player Ralph Bowen and pianist Orrin Evans channel the classic Coltrane/Tyner sound at several points during the album.

thanks for this!
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The Dirtbombs- Ultraglide in Black (2001)

>garage soul, rock, funk
>This rock band from Detroit plays soul and R&B covers with an energetic, punk-influenced sound. The covers span artists like Sly Stone, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and Stevie Wonder.

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Jimmy Giuffre- Tangents in Jazz (1955)

>cool jazz, third stream
>Giuffre plays a variety of woodwind instruments and brings a unique contrapuntal approach to cool jazz. The approach is similar to that of the classic Gerry Mulligan quartet, but with Giuffre switching between different woodwinds, each tune has a unique texture.

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Gabriela Montero- Bach and Beyond (2006)

>Baroque influenced thematic improvisation
>Pianist, Gabriela Montero is originally from Venezuela and became interested in classical music at a young age. Unlike most classical pianists, she has continued the tradition of improvisation that used to be required of composers and musicians. On this release she interprets Bach’s themes with her unique style of improvisation.
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Dave Holland and Barre Philips- Music from Two Basses (1971)

>free improvisation, avant-garde
>Holland and Philips are both two masters of the upright bass, both known for their willingness to experiment and excel at just about any style they play in. On this album, the two bassists perform in a duet setting and provide both a satisfying amount of contrast, and an entertaining sense of interplay.

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Bnegão & Seletores de Freqüência- Sintoniza Lá (2012)

>Brazilian hip hop, funk, ska
>A very good rap album from Brazilian artist Bnegão with really great and catchy hooks from the horn section. It mixes influence of various Latin musics with old-school funky hip hop.

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