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>that very quiet I want wind to blow playing...
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>that very quiet I want wind to blow playing in the start of The Sun
>those drums
>them lyrics
>them vocals
>that big black death
>that choir

How isn't this the best album made?
>How isn't this the best album made?
but it is?
because i like other albums better.
Maybe it is I don't know

It's my favorite album

I'm dying for a copy of Headwaters. The booklet in which Phil went into agonizing detail to explain everything about the album conceptually and musically.

But that dunce added a fucking mix CD of a bunch of copyrighted music because the songs were direct influences to the music on the album.

So he can never sell the thing again. Like. What was he fucking thinking?

The CD had a fucking Neil Young song on it


I'll still be on the lookout for a copy I have no idea how he originally distributed it.
because Sauna exists
I honestly blow my load every time I hear this album, it's fucking amazing. I don't know why The Glow Pt. 2 is more widely considered /mu/core than this masterpiece. Love this album, definitely in the top 10. Contender for non ironic greatest album of all time
That's a huge shame. I'd love to have a copy of it, though in the meantime, you'll have to read it online. Someone's posted the whole thing in great detail on a blog site. You'll just have to search for it.
I need to get Mount Eerie parts 6 and 7. If not for the music, then for the art book included.
Because the best album ever made is being released on February 3rd you faggot
I feel like this album is super overrated by people that have just heard it and want to preach it's excellence. It's at least a 9, it is indeed amazing, but it lacks in some parts, such as the ending of the fourth track, Mount Eerie. It feels like Phil got lazy and wanted to rush the release of this album, and just decided to sing in a weird key signature over drills and an out-of-time guitar.
Same goes for the final track, it's idea as a whole is good, but it relies on the lyrics themselves, and it repeats without getting any more interesting.
Great album, and perfect in some spots, but bad planning ruined some of it.
Also, >>52816052
What's being released on the 3rd? Jenny Death?
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Sauna is going to come out and be better

Holy fucking shit this year is so great
It's funny though. I feel like the other "big" releases (Radiohead, Suffy, etc.) are going to be safe stuff. Suffy's in particular seems like it's nothing really revolutionary.

But Mount Eerie's album is just legitimately holy shit good. I remember from one of the trailers there's going to be some Reich-style marimba playing on it. Plus tons of other really interesting things that are bold choices for Phil/Mount Eerie.
Watch P4k give it like an 8.6 max though...
Yeah I've gone thru it but some parts are obscured because of the photo

you can't exactly bend a photo online
Yeah, unfortunately. Though, I just read through the whole thing and it really takes the album to a new level. To understand all of the decisions made and references and musical choices really underline the excellence of the album. I like The Glow, Pt. 2, but I think that there's too much (nothing) going on in it, while this is packed full of pure bliss. I think it stands paramount as to music being an art form.
I agree about Sufjan's new album not sounding like Adz or something super out there but it was only part of one track and could at least be Seven Swans-tier

I disagree about Radiohead, though. I feel like they're only getting more experimental as they go on. The King of Limbs and In Rainbows were two of the most interesting albums of their career sonically.

Plus there's a new Mew album which means that 4 of my top 10 artists are confirmed to have a new album coming out so I'm kinda pumped. And with Tim Hecker's history of releasing new albums he might just have another one coming out later this year. That's speculation though
no, sauna, you fucking idiot

It's got lyrics bam zanga

It's got incredible production bimp zoom

It's got perfect vocal arrangements

It's got interesting song structures and musical compositions in general zampa

It's his most varied release by far.

There are a lot of 10/10 albums in my mind but this one is super obvious to me. Few will understand it, but the ones that do are all over it.

I have a friend who's fav Phil album is It Was Hot and he doesn't totally GET Mount Eerie. And another friend who's fav is GLow Pt.2 and he doesn't GET Mount Eerie either.
Hey, I don't know stuff.
I come to /mu/ like once or twice a month.
To me Mount Eerie sounds like a moody music production made by a really moody high schooler, and is helped out with a few of his other art club friends.

I like it but some parts ("Big black cloud's gonna come") kind of shatter the mood, I don't even know what it is about that part but I bet it would sound a lot better if Phil just sang it
I can't really read your tone, I can't tell if you're being condescending? Because the moody high schooler line makes me think you're trivializing one of the greatest displays of emotion recorded to tape.

I don't know what you mean by that reply.

It's a theater-like masterpiece made by a 22 year old and 12 of his friends.
Meant to say "moody music production made by a really talented high schooler", my bad

So yeah I didn't mean to trivialize it, but just that the atmosphere kind of dissolves for me at that moment because of the way that part is sung
I know you're out there....
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