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Chinese-based Bands Music Sharethread
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Hello friends, I've recently found a lot of cool labels putting out Chinese music. I don't mean music of the Chinese culture, but rather modern music of many different styles from Chinese bands. A good handful of the releases happen to be 7" singles, however, they're still quality releases deserving attention. I've got 14 albums to share.

Let's begin.

AV Okubo (AV大久保) - Heroin / Opium 7"
>Punk, Garage Rock
>Double-sided single from Chinese punk band AV Okubo, high-energy punk on the first single and more of a long rock jam with synths and really affected vocoder on the next single, second track has sort of 80's flanger with bright chinese vocals

If you guys would like samples with these shares let me know, I'll try and find some.
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Dear Eloise - Vanishing Winter 7"
>Shoegaze, Indie Rock
>Interesting double-sided single of a husband and wife shoegaze band. Both songs remind me a little of the Pixies and 90's rock with quiet noise playing pretty overtly in the first song.
Dear Eloise - Beauty in Strangers
>Previously shared in other threads but I'm sharing again so it might stay alive longer. Really cool, happy shoegaze album. Very positive sound throughout.
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Duck Fight Goose - FLOW
>Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock, Math Rock
>Highly, highly recommend. In fact, I highly recommend each of my 3 releases by Duck Fight Goose. This particular record changes styles multiple times throughout and reminds me very much of the EPs Battles released (it even has high-voice cut ins, similar to that of Tyondai Braxton). Of the 3 releases by them I'll share, this one has the most mathy sound to it.
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Duck Fight Goose - History 7"
>Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock
>Pretty cool 7" single by Duck Fight Goose which reminds me of The Flaming Lips a lot. The first track, History, is a pretty fun reverb-y anthem. The second track is similarly Flaming Lips. Overall a fun single.
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Duck Fight Goose - Sports
>Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock
>Final and most recommended release by Duck Fight Goose. Reminds me of Animal Collective through some songs yet they still retain the mathy sound of FLOW in some tracks. Very fun and jammy record.
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Li Daiguo - Music for Advertisements
>Chinese classical, beatboxing, found sounds
>Odd 7-track release by Li Daiguo which combines classical Chinese instrumentation with odd found sounds to represent different travel stops on his journey. His site says:
>Music for Advertisements sees Li presenting a series of sonic advertisements for seven locations that the 32-year-old appreciated during his six years in Chengdu, the southwestern regional hotspot, creative hub and capital of the country’s infamous Sichuan Province.
>Some track titles include Chengdu Tuberculosis Hospital and Green Ram Daoist Temple.
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Little Punk - Traveling Man
>Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic, Single
>Very cute single from Little Punk which is only her and her guitar. It's a little song about a man who says "bitch gimme your number" to her as she passes by him on his bicycle, and how beautiful she thinks it is that she'll never see him again.
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Are people interested in these shares as of right now? Just wondering for my own sake.

Pairs / God Bows to Math - Split 7"
>Punk, Noise Rock
>Funny little split 7" that includes a fun punk freakout with actually great riffs (not just chaotic, but chaotic with an emotional edge too)
>also includes a duo between electric guitar and main singer, constantly interesting because the singer sounds so desperate and defeated
>Includes the lyric "thats just the challenge of convincin someone new to wrap their mouth around your dick"
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汤姆克鲁斯和凯蒂霍尔姆斯 - 你不爱我 7"
>Rock, Noise Rock
>Interesting 7" which reminds me of Slint if Slint had a dark female vocalist. First track is that while the second track is a remix which is drone/post-rock
>Also the band name translates to Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes
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Low Wormwood - The Watcher
>Folk Rock
>Chinese Folk Rock which incorporates the members' geographic influences from the northeast of China in Lanzhou.
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The Gar - Time Cue Remix
>Indie Rock, House, Downtempo, Remix
>Single by The Gar which includes the original "Time Cue" track and 3 good remixes. The original song is a great indie rock track that has elements of jangle pop and sounds like a Captured Tracks release.
>The remixes alongside it:
>The first remix is a house remix which incorporates the original vocals and is a catchy tune
>The second remix is an ambient soundscape remix with echo and delay, relaxing and i like it
>the third remix is alright, it has a repeating bassline and syncopated samples from the original track that create an odd beat-heavy downtempo track, not the best remix
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Skip Skip Ben Ben - Sacrifice Mountain Hills
>Indie Rock
>Highly recommended. Really great sound and consistently interesting record. Reminds me of Captured Tracks artists at times and then Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 at times. Female vocals. Great release.
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Final share. It seems like there isn't much interest in what i've offered so use this thread to post any shares you have to contribute. Thanks.

Maybe Mars - Independent China in Stereo - Maybe Mars 5th Anniversary
>Label compilation of several artists from Maybe Mars, where I got some of these very releases. Use this compilation as a good way to find which artists shared here or on the Maybe Mars bandcamp you might like. Wide range of artist genres.
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listen tot queen sea big shark-hold your hand
and Hedgehog - spring's here , or wink
This is great. Do you have anymore?
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