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2014 Sharethread - Jazz Edition
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Merry Christmas, /mu/.

Now, I've noticed a fair bit of recent jazz missing from the conversation. Sure, we talk about old jazz (milescoltranethelistgoeson), but I never see jazz making it into anybody's end of year album list. I'm hoping that maybe a couple of these records might find their way in yours.

I'm not just going to dump everything, because I don't want the truly good stuff to go missing. So I've curated my top 20 jazz albums of the year and uploaded them to zippy. At the end, I'll give a list of everything that didn't make my top 20, and will upload anything requested (provided the thread stays alive long enough to do so).
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1. Ambrose Akinmusire - The Imagined Saviour is Far Easier to Paint
>modern post-bop trumpet quintet, Blue Note, my AOTY any genre

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2. Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band - Landmarks
>post-bop/folk jazz saxophone quintet

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3. Jerome Sabbagh - The Turn
>sax/guitar quartet
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4. Kenny Barron & Dave Holland - The Art of Conversation
>piano/bass duo

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5. The Cellar and Point - Ambit
>avant-garde/electric fusion septet


Taking a 10-15 minute break. Is anyone interested yet?
Grabbed a couple, might do a few 2014 jazz shares of my own one you're done.
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Sounds good. Would be cool if you have some that didn't register on my radar!

6. Otis Brown III - The Thought of You
>post-bop/gospel quartet

couldn't find one on yt, just trust me on this one
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Whoops, that's a quintet, not a quartet.

7. Chicago Underground Duo - Locus

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8. Steve Khan - Subtext
>jazz fusion, guitar

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKEFcJsZCYg (couldn't find a sample from the actual album on yt, but it's reasonably similar to this, stylistically)
Know what, OP? You rock. I've listened almost no Jazz at all this year.
I'll provide me some time and check all of these, thanks!
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9. Yelena Eckemoff Quintet - A Touch of Radiance
>modern/experimental piano quintet

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXvsrYISNK8 (again, not the same album, but similar)
cool, some I didn't know there. mind if I add them to the 2014 jazz pastebin ?

if you wanna get some more, you can look at http://pastebin.com/yEfHb3hs
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I was the same the past few years, so this year I was determined to get jazz heavily in the balance. Appreciate the kind words!

10. John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension - The Boston Record
>electric jazz rock fusion, favourite guitarist of all time so I'm biased but this album is terrific

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I didn't know of the pastebin before now (I've barely been on /mu/ all year because it's banned where I live on campus, so only come on when I'm back for the holidays). Cheers for linking.

11. The Souljazz Orchestra - Inner Fire

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12. Helen Sung - Anthem for a New Day
>piano quintet

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13. Wil Blades - Field Notes
>funky organ trio

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14. Nir Felder - Golden Age
>contemporary guitar quartet

What's a good album for someone with very little experience with Jazz?
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15. Chat Noir - Elec3cities

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What kind of music do you normally enjoy? If you can tell me that, I might be able to point you towards jazz that captures a similar expression.

16. Tohpati - Tribal Dance
>avant-garde/jazz-rock fusion, guitar

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17. The Daniel Rosenboom Quintet - Fire Keeper
>fusion between contemporary post-bop jazz and experimental rock influences

I usually listen to Nujabes, A Tribe Called Quest, The Beach Boys if that's of any help
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>contemporary trio with fusion and hip hop influences. Long-time darling of /mu/

How do I even into jazz?

Where do I start if I want the essentials and some guitar players thrown in as well?
you start with Kind of Blue, Moanin, and Time Out.
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Nujabes is a great springboard. Maybe start with some of the more electronic selections in here (7, 15, as well as 18 for obvious reasons)

19. Ben Sidran - Blue Camus
>blues/funk flavours

This question has been already asked approximatively 1,111,012,015 times, just look in the archive
don't forget black saint & the sinner lady

that seems to get a lot of people into jazz
Thank you so much. Currently downloading
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Essentials: Louis Armstrong and everyone who worked with him, Dizzy Gillespie and everyone who worked with him, and Miles Davis and everyone who worked with him. Guitar players you'll find along the way, but my personal favourites: John McLaughlin, Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell. There are a bunch of guitar guys in this thread too.

Last one, then I'll post my leftovers list.

20. Ginger Baker - Why?
>post-bop, highly percussive

Can anyone post a working link to A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi Trio? checked the archive and there arn't any that work
It might be too abrasive for people not familiar with that kind of music
>old jazz
I'll be checking the pastebin in a second, but here are my jazz albums that didn't make it into the top 20:

The Bad Plus - The Rite of Spring
Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Piano Nights
Stanley Clarke Band - Up
Nels Cline & Julian Lage - Room
Jamie Cullum - Interlude
Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe - New Ammo
Fletcher, Brice, Joswiak - Nick of Time
Bebel Gilberto - Tudo
Dobet Gnahore - Na Dre
Pamela Hines Trio - Thrive!
Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden - Last Dance
Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp - Cosmic Lider: The Darkseid Recital
Ryan Keberle & Catharsis - Into the Zone
Kid Millions & Jim Sauter - Fountain
Steve Lehman Octet - Mise En Amibe
Carmen Lundy - Soul to Soul
Nick Malcolm Quartet - Beyond These Voices
Pat Metheny - KIN
The Microscopic Septet - Manhattan Moonrise
Joe Morris Quartet - Balance
The Ed Palermo Big Band - Oh No! Not Jazz!
Danilo Perez - Panama 500
Pharoah & The Underground - Spiritual Mercury
Dylan Ryan / Sand - Circa
Louis Sclavis - Silk and Salt Melodies
Matthew Shipp Trio - Root of Things
Thumbscrew - Thumbscrew
Trio 3 & Vijay Iyer - Wiring
Mark Turner Quartet - Lathe of Heaven
Norma Winstone - Dance Without Answer

I have to go to bed soon, but if there a couple people are particularly interested in and can't find elsewhere, I'd be happy to upload.
Old compared to 2014, not compared to Jelly Roll and Bix.
Do the latter make it into the /mu/ conversation?
I encourage you to do so. Obviously they haven't released albums in 2014 so they didn't make it into my list.

I could do a pre-1940s top 20 thread in January if you like.
>I could do a pre-1940s top 20 thread in January if you like.
Not him, but I woiuld love it, Especially if the focus is on dixieland.
I'll do my best. I don't actually have any in my library I just realised. But I do still have all my lecture notes/readings from when I took a university course in early jazz history, so unless someone more knowledgable wants to step up, I'll dl as much as I can, sort the wheat from the chaff, and get something up in a few weeks.
I'm shamefully not into jazz yet I just know the timeline because of my old man. I only seem to see middle period and contemporary jazz here that's why I asked. But I don't follow the threads generally.
A bump for this thread, OP is nice.
Does anyone have anything that sounds kinda like this or something that has a similar feel?
Obviously there's other stuff by Angelo Baldalamenti, but as a score composer his work is vary inconsistent in sound and only a certain fraction of his work has this kind of feeling.
I've heard echos of this sound in certain ECM stuff, but it's usually not so atmospheric.
My favorite jazz record is idle moments by grant green. If you love jazz guitar you will love that record.
Where's the criss cross jazz?
Hey, OP- You're a good guy
Indie Jazz band Karate
Some pretty damn good shit, here's a link to their discog, A Bed In The Ocean is my fav


requesting some recent years free jazz albums
Have you listened to John Zorn's Masada? If not, I'll try and upload some later.
Cool thrread I miss out on current jazz releases pretty often
Earl Sweatshirt
nice dubs and hey, great record! one of my favorites of all time.
it's too bad that most of /mu/ dismiss grant ..
i think that in itself is pretty indicative of the low level of understanding that people here have of this music.
there's a reason why so many people chose mr green to be on their records.

happy holidays anon!
>Indie Jazz band
please die in a fire
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