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I'd like to thank all the oceangrunge fans out there for supporting our little genre.

Feel free to discuss your favorite oceangrunge hits and be sure to support your local oceangrunge scene.
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Here's a bingo game to play.
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STORM MEMORIES by sea of dogs

track 1: 7/10
>great opening, the beats soaked in reverb are really nice. Plays with noise well, not making it too uncomfortable, but more like a fuzzy distortion. would listen again.
track 2: 6/10
> great tone but lacks anything interesting melody-wise to grab you. still a good track though, i enjoy the "tape warping" effects thrown in.
track 3: 6/10
> interesting vocal manipulation, however i feel like the song doesnt really progress much. the overall tone gives it extra points though.
track 4: 7/10
>Again, great use of noise within the tone of the music, this is definitely a stand out track for the album. similar to track 1
track 5: 5/10
>the mixing is a bit muffled in a bad way here, also not very interesting musically.
track 6: 7.5/10
>strong fade-in, really enjoyed that, goes right into a very classic swooning vocal piece.
track 7: 5/10
>has an off start, but does progress into something interesting. however a bit too generic sounding overall.
track 8: 7/10
>very triumphant start, opens into a beat oriented section. would say it works perfectly but i think the vocals are a bit too high in the mix
track 9: 5.5/10
>not the best closer to an album, the highs in the mix are a bit to high, and the vocal effects could have been toned down a bit.
overall: 6.222 / 10
>I love the tone of this record, however i feel that it wasn't used to its full capacity, overall a good listen, will be waiting to see how the next one will be.
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Light Siren by Light Siren

track 1: 7/10
>beautiful ambient work here, engaging for the listener, would have been 8 if it wasnt for bad mixing
track 2: 6/10
>also great atmosphere, but suffers from even worse mixing than track 1. love the melody though
track 3: 3/10
>somehow even worse mixing then track 2, now its getting unacceptable. the drums are not at an enjoyable volume, the whole thing is muffled. too bad because the melody is not bad.
track 4: 4/10
>same complaints as the other tracks, however this one does not contain a gripping melody.
track 5: 5/10
>fun melody, but looses a lot of points for terrible sound quality.

overall: 5/10
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I load up OCEAN DEATH. It's an album I've heard before, but here I am listening to it again with a fresh and open mind, taking it out of the context of oceangrunge completely and treating it as an individual work.

As a fan of droning ambient work, this track really pleases my ears from start to finish. The dissonant droning sounds and ethereal synths in the high end really capture the beauty and the terror of the sea simultaneously. 'ERASED' is an interesting title for this, as it seems to imply something about death when related to the album title and cover. My only qualm with the track is I feel it could have gone on for a few more minutes and it seems to end abruptly.
>rating: 9/10

>2. PAIN
The harsh atonal racket after the terrifying beauty of ERASED. PAIN is right, this track is full of horror and captures the terror of being alone at say in a cruel and viscious way. It's clattering repetition is both noise and ambient at the same time, pulsating its way into your brain and filling you with dread. A horrible track, but that's what it is supposed to be.
>rating: 7/10

Even more painful than the last track, and aptly named after the most feared creatured of the sea. This is pure noise, but kind of gets irritating after. Would work well with the album if it was cut shorter as it has some interesting layers and rich textures, but feels a bit like the artist rushed it or put it in thoughtlessly
>rating: 5/10

Another moment in the album of pure ambient noise. You can lose yourself in this. It really has a three dimensional effect, as though you are drifting towards the bottom of the ocean, staring up and watching yourself sink away into the depths of hell and there's nothing you can do to escape. I like this, but again it runs a bit too long and should have been cut in half.
>rating: 6/10
At first it feels a bit too much like WASHED AWAY, but as the track progresses the ethereal beauty of opening track ERASED returns, bringing the album full cycle. It's a fitting end for an interesting album, quite unlike anything I have ever heard before musically and conceptually.
>rating: 7/10

Aesthetically, I really enjoy the album cover and track titles and the accompanying short passage below the track titles that puts the work in context.

I wonder at first why the artist used capital letters, but then it occurs to me that it really pushes the concept of the ferocity of the ocean in your face. These tracks hit you hard from beginning to end and take you on quite a trip. Listening to this album again, I find I enjoyed it more than I remembered I did and felt the artist did a decent job on it except for the fact it felt a little rushed at times. I think there should have been maybe one moment of ease in the middle of the album, but the overall harshness here is probably what the artist was going for when he made it.

Overall I enjoyed this work and I feel it's something I may listen to again a couple of times. I wouldn't say it is essential dark ambient music (if it can even be called ambient?), but when coupled with the original concept that the artist was trying to project with his work it does create a level of interest that perhaps some dark ambient artists of a similar calibre are lacking.

>final rating: 7/10
Today's album is from the oceangrunge genre, Beneath The Burning Hands of God by Poseidon In Chains. Oceangrunge combines grunge, drone and vaporwave to create a bleak ocean aesthetic. Unlike vaporwave, it criticises society in general rather than just consumerist society, so it's similar to no-wave in a sense.

Despite the whole genre characteristics seeming a little forced (it did actually start originally as a parody genre on a /mu/ thread), this album is surprisingly good - it's almost like they've totally transposed the faux-utopian song structure from vaporwave onto a myriad of very desolate, rejective instruments. There's a lot of super-slowed down samples from presumably grunge tracks, recordings of crashing waves in the backdrop, along with drone and reverb-soaked drums that pound heavily like a storm. It's a sound that is equally disconcerting and strangely beautiful when sometimes a seagull song floats by in a track, or the noisy drone and gargantuan stretched samples die out leaving the serene frothing of waves. It's an inspired, compelling furtherance of what is essentially a joke genre template, and that is difficult to do well at all, so props.

Nonetheless, for an "oceangrunge" album it feels a little fragmented, even if the music itself is solid. I would've liked to see the Nietzsche, or godlessness, aspect of oceangrunge explored a little bit more on this thing. It's totally cool to fly free of a genre's reins, particularly newer genres, but Poseidon In Chains must remember what they are labelling their album.The bleaker, more crushing parts of this album aren't as throttling or furious as the similar deep ocean crush of Boris' Flood album or maybe Giant Squid -The Ichthyologist,it's the ambiance I'd associate with general unease rather than Nietzsche.It would've been more fulfilling overall to have heard more ground on said subject.
Overall, though, I give this a 7.0/10; definitely wasn’t expecting a record this competent and even calming.

Dark Ocean Succubus by The Meme Friends

track 1: 6/10
>great atmosphere, definitely some depth in the ambient sections, however once the other instruments come in the mixing is all over the place. lost points for that. creative though.
track 2: 7/10
>cool intro riff, would listen again, this one is good, definitely some more direct vaporwave influence here unlike a lot of other oceangrunge i hear.
track 3: 6/10
>great song structure-wise, creative, but loses a point for bad mixing
track 4: 7/10
>very blank banshee, clear production, one of the best on the record
track 5: 6.5/10
>a bit muffled, especially coming off of track 4 which has the best production on the record. decent song though.
track 6: 6/10
>great atmosphere, this would work better if the mixing was right, not too attention grabbing.
track 7: 6/10
>large volume shift here, kinda distracting, otherwise a serviceable song
track 8: 4/10
bad sound quality (and not in a good li-fi way), song doesnt really go anywhere. worst on the album
track 9: 7/10
>wildly interesting sound, gets extra points for originality. would listen again. love the dynamic sound.

overall: 6.166 / 10
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If you like genre mash-ups, you'll probably enjoy this.

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Ocnus Gonce.png
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Be sure to check out the latest release.

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>1 unique poster
>Up until I post, there is 1 guy in this fucking thread.

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its all poseidon in chains
see >>51980005
all you're doing is showing around the carcass to a dead microgenre. no matter how much you try, nothing will bring it to life. these threads only solidify how much of a joke it is.

tldr; this is a complete waste of time
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see >>51980005
i guess i'm just curious why you sit here and promote it when it's very clearly a waste of time
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It is an amazing genre that more people should hear.
that's a good answer i suppose
Dude, you know it's not. You just desperately want to bank on what vaporwave did in order to fill your teenage fantasies of being a famous musician without having to actually put in the effort of being a musician. It's not going to work. If you spent the amount of time you've spent spamming the stupid fake genre on making music, you might actually have something to show for it.
The prophecy has foretold that it will peak in 2017. We're going to make it to the mainstream.
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hey everyone, want to know who's been ruining /mu/ with this shitty meme?

just look at those posts.
>Please, continue to make oceangrunge albums and I'll try to make you a star of the scene.
from /r/aliencore
>Get on /mu/, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook and begin spreading the word right now.

this is actual certified autism.
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