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/mu/sic feels thread
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>another week come and gone
How have you been, /mu/? Gotten better?

What have you listened to to make the hours more bearable?
no one wants to hear you underage faggots complaining about some 'qt' not noticing you in class
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>tfw friend jumped from her apartment
>tfw she is in a coma
>tfw everything is so blured right now,for me and my squad
>tfw a feel that i never had before

Music for this feel?
I might wake up and she's gone
i cried a fucking river
please /mu/

>be in the mountains
>phone runs out of battery
>no music to listen to on the trip back to the city

i feel like i want to punch a hole in a fucking wall
you can pretend that wall is my face bro
>tfw you did nothing this year
>turning 21 next week(I think)
>no friends
I just can't get out of this horrible loop of depression.
>tfw it's cold outside which means constant atmospheric/ambient/depressive black metal
Well, there's nothing that anyone can do about that. You're the only one m8.

You know what you have to do. Just do it.
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>tfw you think maybe you have a chance but when you think about it, it seems impossible.
>the loneliness won't go away
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>Have friend
>He was my way in to a lot of social gatherings and events
>Gets GF, making him the last person besides me in our group of friends without a woma
>Doesn't want to invite me to anything anymore
>Forced to hang out with a girl I'm utterly disgusted by to make it seem like I'm doing okay
>Recently discovered Texas is the Reason
thanks m8
thanks man
>last one in friend group without gf
more recs please
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apologies if my recs are shit, i dont know that feel so im just reccing albums that have that kind of vibe

i hope everythings gonna be alright anon
here you go anon
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>tfw 4.0 incoming for the fall semester
>tfw no gf

By the way I finally decided to listen to Faust.
Thanks man,i see that you are trying to help. Thanks very much and i will check out those.
I hope that she gets better, fuck i will cry again. Shit's hard anon,everything looks so gray. I don't know what to do.
Will checkout anon,thanks
you gotta reach out anon. You gotta find somebody, anybody, and let them know what you're going through. You can do it
>girlfriend and i decided we're "temporarily breaking up"
>not sure if i like being free or if i miss her
>want to get back, but being in a committed relationship causes my anxiety to go crazy because i feel like i can never trust my partner
>also feel like she suggested the "break" just to hook up with all of her guy friends
>giant vocal performance coming up that im not ready for

been listening to this a lot after i read about the narrative of the album, which somehow made it a lot more interesting to me

any recs?
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medicinal dummy.jpg
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Breaks really don't work. Sorry, anon, but you gotta move on, bro. If it's been fizzlin', let it die out for the best. But yeah, here's my go-to feels song.


May as well post my schtick too if I'm at it.

>been out of a string of relationships for the first time since high school
>legitimately single since march
>get to hookup with/fuck with several people along the way
>each one feels more and more vapid
>haven't "made love" during any of those excursions
>starting to feel empty, man
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>meet person on /mu/, become internet friends
>eventually become very close, text every day
>all of a sudden the frequency of the messages slow
>now i'm lucky if we talk once a week
>the conversations always stop abruptly; they disappear without saying anything leaving me wondering where they went
>I'm schizophrenic so when it happens I question whether they're real in the first place and have half a panic attack

I'm a fucking mess
I'm afraid, I've become a pussy ;_;
same feel man.......u might actually be him??
They don't trip
"temporary break ups" are fucking shit.
i did crack for the first time tonight (shot it up) & i dont know how to feel about the experience it's just another plain of drug use away from party drugs, weed etc i feel like the human body almost shouldnt feel that good.

was listening to pic related the entire night
>no gf for over a year
>no self-esteem
>live in a house, but not friends with anyone else who lives here
>constantly hearing housemates having a good time, laughing, having sex
>constantly overwhelmed with schoolwork to the point where I can't hang out with my friends without the feeling that I should be working on stuff
>currently don't have any weed, but don't really want it to become a crutch anyway

I don't know, I sound really pathetic when I read that back. I think I need to talk to someone.
iktf, only it was skype, and I fear that it was partially my fault since I easily get scared that I'm boring people, which makes me talk to them less because I don't want them to feel obligated to respond.

You're speaking to someone who's been at that stage for over a year now. No one's going to pick you up or take you by the hand and help you. You've got to just stop being so passive, find something that you enjoy and work to build up your confidence... Sitting back hoping things will solve themselves won't change anything.

You've got to put yourself in situations you're not comfortable in if you want to fix this.
My gf is pregnant
What do now?
>tfw INFJ
music for this feel?
Is your shit together? If not, get it together, it'll need to be together. Otherwise, just be a good father.
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Feeling like I'm not in control of my life.
>unmotivated to do anything when alone
>overly motivated to please/impress people in public
It's like I'm two different fucking people and it's fucking frustrating as fuck. But Sadjan Stevens knows my pain. I listen to Michigan every night of every day.
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>tfw my gf told me she loved me earlier
>tfw i said nothing back
>tfw i don't know if i love her
what should i be listening 2 with these feels
Whoa. I've been feeling the exact same man, for at least the past year or so...

Like in class or just sitting around my college I can't stop thinking of how much I'm going to do when I get some time alone, but then the moment I'm alone I'm here or doing things much worse.

I don't know what to say other than I can empathize and it's terrible.
Joyce Manor - self-titled
i know, but its only supposed to be for a little while. i don't want to just throw 14 months of memories away, but at the same time i feel like we're not really going anywhere
why are we so fucking broken?
have you improved ???
I went cocoon mode and now I'm afraid of even going out.
it's not going to work. she's probably out right now, fucking someone else.
>having people who love you
Wow, that must suck man.
this is good thanks
she is my first gf and its a strange feeling
>but its only supposed to be for a little while

It won't be, anon, seriously. If you have the suspicion that your gf suggested this because she wants to hang around with other people, then she more than likely is.

And that's OK if that's how she feels. Keeping you on a line with the whole "it'll just be for a little bit, OK?" card? That's not.

She's probably scared, too, to an extent. She feels like she wants something else right now, but she's afraid of leaving those 14 months of memories to fade out as well. It's totally normal that both of you guys are worried about detachment. Because, you know, after pouring yourself into someone for any prolonged period of time, ending it is a weird.

I mean, how old are you, anon? If you're still relatively young and you don't see it going anywhere, why fight that? Space will be good both for you and her, even if you two become intimately involved with other people.

If it's meant to happen, you'll run into each other someday completely on accident and catch-up. But for now, just look at it as a chance to start something anew.
this. words of wisdom.
>anon, 2014.
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I am fantastic

Just had my first date with the qt I met at work and it went really great, we both want to start dating.

Listening to pic related
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No answer for that man.
No I didn't improve. I cocooned, same as you, and I got the same result.
Thanks man
>in serious danger of having to do a fifth year of high school
>have a hard time feeling like it's actual trouble due to antidepressants
>tfw no idea what to do
I still think about her.

I try to avoid this feel by listening to tons of ska.
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Thread images: 18
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