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The point of sharethreads are not to request albums that you cannot find in the archive. The point of sharethreads are to share albums that maybe you might have listened to, or you want others to hear. That is not to say this is a place for viral marketing.
People are missing the point and they are thinking that this is a thread where you ask for certain albums and get a response. There are some people who post their collection or are on music sharing websites and are willing to upload some things. You can ask those people for certain albums since they are willing to upload them.

a work in progress archive some anon is created for muh ocd and muh organization - tinyurl dot com slash muarchive
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I don't care either way. Sharethreads are a nice way to avoid using torrent.

Fantômas - Delìrium Còrdia (2004) [MP3 V0]
>Dark Ambient, inspired from the scenical idea of going through a surgical operation without anesthesia
>Only 1 track in the album, 74 minutes long

DL: https://mega.co.nz/#!rdpgAQJR!aWZv6OOdV2c9sS5527HOKLOLuWZWgU6x3Fi848QH_W8
god i fucking hate sharethreads

you know, they're nice when you're a pleb. i loved going in and getting a shitload of new music. but now i've realized that they just clutter up the board. earlier there was a good punk discussion going on and it was sooooooooo inactive. must have had like 10 bumps. there is next to 0 discussion these days, at least it feels like that.

sharethreads are the kind of thing that just encourages dumping. it gets so bad that you see trips dumping the same handful of albums. annoying as fuck. i know we all love music, and when we hear something new then we want to share it (my fb is filled with songs from youtube i think are worth sharing) but it is quite out of hand here.

Sigur Ros - Hlemmur OST
>post-rock, ambient, no one knows about this
>Sigur Ros apparently made a OST to a movie, and the soundtrack was barely known.
>Most similar to () or Valtari in sound, give it a listen
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Hidden Orchestra - Night Walks
>jazz, hip-hop, fusion, similar to BBNG
On soulseek, will take requests
just share whatever you want m8
you're supposed to get people listening to what you like.
why bother posting as anonymous
i know m8
i was so surprised when i saw this at first
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Adult Jazz - Gist Is
>folk, jazz, indie pop?
>such a good album, listen to it
Mum - Summer Make Good
>electronica, subtle, qt female vocals, icelandic

also i will be using tinyurl dot com slash muarchive, an excel sheet some anon has started from organization. it could be a really good source for this.
Controlled Bleeding - Knees & Bones (1985)
>power electronics (not like Whitehouse though), noise
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Merzbow - Vibractance (1998)
>harsh noise, drone
>way better than most of his stuff imo
Storm and Stress - Under Thunder and Fluorescent Lights
>free jazz, post-rock, experimental

added to the excel sheet
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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Shahbaaz (1991)
>traditional Pakistani music
Arnold Dreyblatt - Propellers in Love (1988)
>minimalism, drone
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Dean Blunt - Black Metal (2014) [V0]
>electronic, rnb
I want to like dean blunt, but I think he sounds too much like my childhood friend's autistic brother who would yell at me whenever I was in their house.
>i loved going in and getting a shitload of new music
so do a lot of people. if you want discussion, start one. sharethreads are better than incessant shit-posting. you can scroll on, like i normally do when i see general sharethreads.

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Olivia Tremor Control - Dusk at Cubist Castle
>psychedelic rock
>not recognizing stone age pasta
still on soulseek for requests
Could someone upload some quasimode? Can't seem to find more than one of their albums in the archive.
any specific albums you want?
what bitrate, m8, v0?
Antlers - In The Attic of the Universe
Ariel Pink: Early Live Recordings
coming up
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Masstishaddhu - Shekinah (1988)
>ritual/tribal ambient, throat singing
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B Dizzle - Sick, Nasty, Thug.
>triphop, experimental hiphop, glitchhop
>is the one that names names and cites facts to denigrate the presidency as little more than "telling lies on teleprompters" to serve the "country's real masters." But on "Anywhere But Here", the trickle-down effect of corruption is felt on a more local scale. After solemnly acknowledging the police brutality and economic stratification of New York. Hardcore style, eye opening beats. Some of the best experimental hiphop around.
Anyone have Xiu Xiu Air Force? Can't find it anywhere and it's such a great album by them.
My Favorite Songs and Land of Freedom, I suppose.
i think it's 192kbps

Why do people respond to this pasta EVERY TIME?
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The Antlers - In The Attic of the Universe
>folk, lo-fi, indie
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huh, this isn't bad at all. Thanks for the share
/r/ing some good mathrock if anyone has some


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Born Gold - Bodysongs
>sporadic and glitchy electro-pop, under-30-minutes-core, one of my favorite pop albums ever

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Shit nigga
This is incredible
Solid share man, thanks
I trust this guys, I'll take the bait.
Big mistake.
Ok, cancelling download.
Anyone got Boredoms - Pop Tatari? Can't find any working links on the archive.
Heaven's Magic - This Must Be Heaven (1987) [256 CBR MP3 (Tape Rip)]
>Pop, Ballad, Soft Rock (early 80's), Christian

>Heaven's Magic is a band formed by Family International/Children of God members. The religious sex cult always used catchy tunes for their propaganda. Very good music, very sick people. More info here: http://www.xfamily.org

Sample: "Cathy Don't Go"

File: cover.jpg (213 KB, 1080x1064) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Boredoms - Pop Tatari (1992)

>experimental psychedelic noise punk stuff


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Future Islands - In Evening Air [2010] @ V0
>post-punk, new-wave
I found this album recently. fucking INCREDIBLE album for going on an actual walk at night.
This Will Destroy You - Young Mountain
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Heritage Orchestra Feat. DJ Yoda - G. Prokofiev Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra [Nonclassical] (2009) [V0]

>turntablism, orchestral music
>G. Prokofiev Concerto for Turntables is the result of the successful synthesis of strange bedfellows; hip hop and classical orchestral music, "the Concerto For Turntables & Orchestra was borne to explore the tradition of cross pollination between art music and folk/dance idioms...", much more than generic string arrangements set to dance beats, the different styles are blended interestingly with it often being difficult to determine sample/turntable from orchestra until a section of instruments are abruptly scratched, distorted, looped, or otherwise interfered with, the sounds are characterized by unique rhythmic qualities and dense, carefully arranged compositions, under 300 listeners


recing this
>that album art
Sure, why not? Just goes to show you that album art is super important.
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